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Monday, July 2, marked the 59th day of Aimee’s recovery. It also marked 59 days of intense and focused prayer; 59 days of topsy-turvy prognoses; 59 days of extreme trial and tribulation, and most of all, 59 consecutive days of God’s blessings.


Many people do not understand how we can profess to be blessed. Those who do not understand may never understand. They remain tossed about as a wave in the sea (James 1:6)  because they simply lack faith. How do people like that survive? We have seen technological advancements over the past two thousand years, but technology doesn’t change who we are inside, it only changes the way we interact with the rest of the world. Our souls hunger for more than what technology can offer, but some people falsely place all their trust in the microprocessor. That trust might work fine until someone cuts the power supply. After that you are stuck with a hunk of worthless plastic and metal.


Others claim to have “faith in nature”. That statement confuses me. You can love nature, but how can you have faith in something that stands before you? I have always heard faith defined as believing in something that you cannot see. When I think of nature, I think of the beauty of a forest. I have seen many beautiful trees, but I have also seen many beautiful trees fall to lightning, disease, parasites and the woodsman’s axe. When the tree falls, does your faith fall with it?


As a believer, you know exactly what I am saying and you are most certainly agreeing with me. Nonbelievers will never understand and any attempt to persuade them is a worthless effort.

“Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”  Matthew 7:6


I never argue with nonbelievers. When Jesus shared the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13: 1-23), He made it quite clear that some people are incapable of receiving the message of God’s kingdom. We believers should focus on spreading seeds among the fertile plains. There are many who are hungry for God’s word and they are begging for His love. Perhaps they are uncertain of their own beliefs, but they need encouragement and a simple kind word. They need to understand that God’s message is not one of threat and judgment, but one of love. After all, “The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” (1 John 4:8) When we spread God’s love to those who are hungry to receive it, they will embrace His love and reach out to spread that love onward. Their fruit will be borne and God’s love and His blessings will be multiplied. Love conquers all.


As I have mentioned before, Aimee’s miraculous story of survival is a story of love, hope and faith. Our family’s story is a testimonial of the power of prayer. I believe that you, the readers who have followed this blog and prayed for Aimee, have been very instrumental in her recovery. Your faith, your hope and your love have interceded on Aimee’s behalf and helped give her the gift of life. For that I am truly thankful.


Your love has been demonstrated in many ways. Many of you have given blood. Blood drives have been held in Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Carrollton, Charleston, Columbia, Snellville, and Spartanburg. I have received emails from people all over the USA who have donated blood in Aimee’s honor. These gifts have helped to serve many in need. Red Cross donations have not only benefitted Americans here at home, but also American soldiers serving abroad. When you gave blood for Aimee, we all emerged victorious.


The love and support demonstrated through your generous donations and your participation at many fund raising benefits has been incredible. Concerts were held in Snellville, Athens, Madison and Carrollton in Aimee’s honor. A 5k run in Augusta was staged for Aimee’s benefit. Many of you have donated money to the PayPal account on this website. Others have mailed donations to the United Community Bank account. These donations will ensure that Aimee will have the best medical care without having to live with the weight of unpaid medical bills. For that we thank you more than you will ever know.


We now progress through the maze of rehabilitation, not knowing exactly what the cost of Aimee’s prosthetics will be. We have come to realize that $150,000 for prosthetics may have been a conservative estimate. Aimee will require a set of body-powered limbs and a set of myo-electric limbs. She will also require ongoing fittings for the ever-changing condition of her amputated limbs, which is required for continued comfort. I have pleaded with our insurance company to extend the coverage of prosthetics beyond the stingy annual sum of $50,000 that is allowed under our medical plan. Surely they realize that there are not a plethora of quad-amputees in existence and that Aimee’s extraordinary condition requires extraordinary care and coverage.


At this point we continue to trust in God that He will provide the answers we seek. He has been faithful to us in every way possible and we know that He will never abandon us. Unlike human insurance plans, our God does not have a limit to His days or the extent of His coverage. He operates on a different time schedule than we do. He is not a 59-day God; His power is infinite and absolute and we will continue to trust in His perfect will.


We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and we pray that  God will bless you and keep you in the palm of His loving hand.


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  1. 7-7-2012

    You’re always in my prayers and in my heart!!! I love you all!!!

    • 7-8-2012

      God bless Aime …. Do not give up and keep fighting!!!
      You will be in my thoughts constantly… God will keep an eye
      on you and hope I will meet you all one day

    • 7-8-2012

      God Bless You Aimee!!!!! I Am Praying For You!!!!!!!! 🙂

      • 7-18-2012

        If there was a god, he would never let this happen..what kind of a “god”would do this to a smart, loving,caring, and beautiful person? He must be sick and cruel……

    • 7-9-2012

      Dear Aimee & family-you are all in my prayers during this difficult time, especially you, Aimee! Right before your accident I had a similar infection of MRSA & had to have extensive surgery on my lower abdomen to remove as much of the infection as the Dr. could. Weeks of painful dressing changes & antibiotics followed, but this was nothing compared to what you have been through & continue to go through. I am sure that your strength & courage are a direct result of such loving parents & a devotion to God. You are an excellent example how strong the human spirit can be. God bless you, I will keep you & your caregivers & family in my prayers.

    • 7-9-2012

      Aimee you are a true testament to the human spirit and an inspiration. Words cannot express how extraordinary you are. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

    • 7-28-2012

      Aimee, I wish I was a millionaire, I’d give the money to you. I hope and pray, people with the means and money will contribute as much as God touches their hearts for…and make your life a very functioning, happy life!

  2. 7-7-2012

    God bless you, dear Aimee!

  3. 7-7-2012

    I am praying for her this evening. Such good news! I can’t wait to meet her some time!

  4. 7-7-2012

    Amazing progress! Truly a miracle, God bless you all, and He will provide.

  5. 7-7-2012

    I hope your insurance company opens there eyes. god bless the whole family I fell that everything will workout

  6. 7-7-2012

    I thank you for sharing Aimee’s story with us! I continue to keep her in my prayers!

    • 8-28-2012

      Be strong….continue to trust Him. He will never leaves you.

  7. 7-7-2012

    Amy (and family):

    I just want you to know how much your story and your strength have touched my heart. I pray for you daily and nightly. You have such courage and strength and I want you to know that I have been able to draw off of it in my own life since I started following your story. What a wonderful young woman (and family) you are!!! God has certainly been showing out with you young lady—and you are helping many of us without even realizing it. With much love and gratitude to you for the strength you have shown……..our prayers are with your from Woodstock, GA!!! You hang in there girl—-because GOD has a huge PURPOSE for your life—-HE is helping you to help others!!!!!!!

  8. 7-7-2012

    thanks for the great update. God will provide through so many! Failure is no option and I see great things ahead!! Thanks again Andy for sharing!!

  9. 7-7-2012

    Amazing story of love, faith, and the power of prayers. I’m so thankful and blessed to be able to keep up with your journey to recovery. God has bigger and better things for you! God bless you and your family.

  10. 7-7-2012

    Just beautiful. Your words are beautiful in every way. Congratulations on this huge milestone. I’m very happy to have been part of the prayers that have helped Aimee and your family through this life event. Watching what you have been through helps me to remember the power of prayer and faith. Bless you all and I hope to hear an update every once in awhile.

  11. 7-7-2012

    Praise God for Aimee! Praise God for your Beautiful Words of Truth!
    Praise God that Aimee is loved and that God shows us his power through all that have held Aimee up in the power of Prayer.

    Blessings to you and your beautiful family! I will keep praying:)

    Hugs to you all!!


  12. 7-7-2012

    What a testimony. To God be the glory!
    You laid the Truth out there beautifully. I will pray that hearts will be softened to receive it. One day Aimee will have a new body as will all of us. What a wonderful day that will be.
    Until we meet in the clouds, continued blessings to all of you.

  13. 7-7-2012

    I am so happy that you feel blessed along with your whole family. Such a trying ordeal. Life is so precious and not guaranteed nor are our conditions. I have a fourteen year old boy who was born at 25 weeks gestation. To say the least, things were not good. It was touch and go for months after birth. He is alive and well today and my husband and I are incredibly fortunate that we have him with us at all. I am not a believer, but I too feel incredibly fortunate for what I do have. I know all to well what could have been, as my line of work is working with premature babies and mothers and full term newborns as well. I think that to just look around and see what I have, makes me so very humbled and fortunate. I don’t know how the planets align except for scientific facts, but I do know that what binds us all is our strength and love for one another as human beings. That is aside from religion. I do ache for you and for the trials and tribulations you face with your daughter and family, but I do understand that love will carry you. Whether it is for God, or family, or both, love is there for all. I think of you often and wish only the best for your family.

    With Love,

    • 7-9-2012

      Hello Ran,

      God is Love… that is where true love comes from. Think about this, love is the most talked about, sung about, desired thing in the world… It is free to you and to me… A man, 2000 years ago, died for us… Christ’s love gives us eternal salvation. God sent us his son, Jesus, to be an example, to live purely and love us unconditionally, like you love your son… Yet Jesus knew what he was meant to do… he diedfor you because he loved you so very much. Love connects you to this situation/blog for what you went through… we never understand God’s will in our lives… only he knows the future… maybe you went thru your situation to feel the connection with the Copeland’s situation… Maybe God is tugging at your heartstrings to become closer to him… Pray to Him… just ask him into your heart. Let him know that you love him… as he loves you… you have nothing to lose… and yet so much to gain. It is amazing when you trust God. Let him in your heart and allow him to show you His love for you.

  14. 7-7-2012

    Congratulations Aimee and your family,
    All of you have been in my prayers as I continue my own rehab from necrotizing fasciitis from 2011. God is great and merciful, He will see you through this. One day at a time, one victory at a time, and one God forever. Remember Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

  15. 7-7-2012

    Beautifully written…I am a stranger to y’all in Southern California and am following this most incredible story…God Bless you all!

  16. 7-7-2012

    Blessings to the beauty of Faith, Family, Friends and Healing…
    Aimee must feel so good to be brushing her teeth ..the simple pleasures of a healthy life …
    Keep writing, we are praying, and so completely touched in Faith and Love …that is all there is.


  17. 7-7-2012

    I am so sorry that the mental and physical pain of all this now has to be topped with the financial burden on top of everything else. This is the pure example of why this country needs all people to have health insurance and not only should the rich get the best care. This could of happen to anyone of us in another form of an accident and we should not have to go bankrupt just to try to stay alive. May god be with you and your family while you continue on this expected journey for Aimee. God Bless you…

  18. 7-7-2012

    Keep on fighting aimee! Happy to hear you’re doing better. Just remember, “One day at a time!” (A slogan from “AA,” but it works for other things too!) Remember, the “man upstairs” is watching over you…..unless you think God is a Woman! 🙂 Then it’s “She’s” watching over you. Continue to press-on; and don’t get discouraged by any set-backs!

  19. 7-7-2012

    The only thing I can say, is that I am a believer, and perfectly understand what you talk about here and what you share…But this amazing story and Aimee courage..brings me to another level of faith. God Keep Blessing you!!

  20. 7-7-2012

    I’m simply AMAZED every time I read a post from your father, Aimee. You have so much love around you! There are lots of great things ahead for you, girl. Keep it up. You and God can do it!!

  21. 7-7-2012

    I completely understand why you feel blessed. When I got sick with cancer I swore I could never thank God for letting this happen to me, never! Then a few years later God put a beautiful 6 year old girl dying from cancer in my path. The reality of it all hit me hard and I went home and thanked God for giving me cancer and not any of my own children. It’s hard to thank God for the tough times in our lives but when we can we are made so much stronger. Continuing to pray daily for Aimee and all of you as well. We are all so much stronger than we know.

  22. 7-7-2012

    I came across Aimee’s story completely by accident and then curiousity and utter horror lead me to your blog. Let me tell you this…I am completely and utterly amazed by your faith and undying love in jesus christ our lord. I am a mother and I have followed Aimee’s story from the beginning, FEELING the pain and devestation a parent feels when their child…their very “being” is in pain and knowing there is nothing you can do to remove that pain. Aimee is a special human…there is no two ways about that. She outshines even the brightest star. She has a purpose in this world and we should pay close attention to what she has to show us. YOU…the parents that were blessed with her presence in this world are beyond special too…and I am so grateful to know there are folks like you in this world. Thank you sharing your pain and your happy moments with us…know this…you all are in my prayers…always.

  23. 7-7-2012

    hug ….. then long hug 😉 wishing all the best that can be to you life changing events … I’ve had more than one of them a lot the process hurts but hope…. well… I’m still here….. ;=) wishing peace and love 2 you from b keith vipperman

  24. 7-7-2012

    My prayers are with you and your family.
    I would like to pass some information to you regarding insurance claim appeals, that I learned. My husband was in hosp. For over 112 days . In icu for 4weeks. I learned how to get claims paid. Thought you might want to know what I learned. Sandy

  25. 7-7-2012

    Aimee and family: Keep on remaining strong! Your family is amazing and your Dad’s words are so inspiring and true. Aimee, you have a good family watching over you– still thinking about you and praying for you from Seattle. You are an inspiration to countless people going through their own trials and tribulations. Your heart, your courage, and your positive energy is incredible!! You touch so many lives. You are amazing, Aimee Copeland!

    • 7-7-2012

      I am adding your daughter Aimee and your family to my prayer list. I am so sorry for this tragedy your family is facing and so blessed to see Gods hand at work right in the middle of it! Thank you for sharing your source of healing and strength in Jesus! May He tenderly care for every single one of Aimee’s needs always. May He surround and protect each of you with His healing power and love. May He continue to bless you with eyes of faith. I ask all this in Jesus mighty name. “I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Psalm 27:13 PS Joni Erikson Tada has a wonderful ministry that may be able to help and encourage you and your family .

  26. 7-7-2012

    It doesn’t matter which religion anyone has and it doesn’t matter, who does and does not understand your religion!
    The most important thing is that Amy is recovering. You believe that god and prayers are helping, I believe that her will power and your loving care is helping. Maybe we are both right, maybe not.
    Amys recovery is a miracle either way and anyone, of any religion
    will be happy for this.
    I am truely happy for your family and while I cannot pray for you, I will surely think of you and hope the very best!

    • 7-8-2012

      I appreciate that you put into words what I was feeling, too! I am also sending positive thoughts Aimee’s way. Prayer, God, will power, loving care – whatever works to benefit Aimee’s recovery.

    • 9-14-2012

      Remember there is power in prayer,Jesus prayed and he is a good example to follow.God wants us to talk with him.I Thank God for Aimee’s miracle,and it would not of happen without prayer.Jesus Loves You Too.

  27. 7-7-2012

    May spare us nd grant us good faith to withness is glory nd his covenant on us. Happy aniversary

  28. 7-7-2012

    Thank you, Andy, for sharing your living faith with those who read your blog. I thank the Lord for His goodness and continue to pray for you, Aimee and the rest of your family. I know the pain and the struggle are not yet over–and yet, like you said, our God’s grace and loving kindness is not over either. May Jesus Christ continue to bless you and those you have influenced. Elizabeth

  29. 7-7-2012

    We got you Aimee.
    Please everybody, donate. Even if it’s 5 dollars. Every little bit helps and adds up.
    Aimee keep up your good spirits. You are very loved by all of us out here. Look up Katy Hayes. She’s an inspiration much like you.
    I put you in my daily prayer of thanks to the Lord with Katy and my usual requests. You have a great family. I wish I had a father like yours.

    With Love,

  30. 7-7-2012

    I am so taken by your perseverance. All I can suggest is that skiing aids greatly in the rehabilitation process. So, all I can offer, is a few days of learning how to ski! With limited range and motion! Or full motion! Whatever suits? But is it one of the most independent, freeing, situations you could add to rehab. And, you get to stand on top of the world, aka, mountain, before you go down!

  31. 7-7-2012

    Andy, you are truly not only an inspiration for Aimee and your family, but, for all! May God continue to use you and bless you brother.

  32. 7-7-2012

    I just wanted u and your family and most of all Aimee to know that my family and I pray for u all every day and night.Not only for her strength and for her to get well but for the mental strength that u all seem to have. We too are believers and the Lord is wonderful. He will see you through this. Tell Aimee our family will contiue to pray for her and your family. Best wishs and God Bless

  33. 7-7-2012

    PTL for Amie’s continuing blessings… Prayers are being sent from Glenwood,Ga. GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU!!

  34. 7-7-2012

    she really touched my heart about how brave and determined she was & still is. i too had an accident back in nov. 2010, i crushed my leg under a truck & trailer truck while working. doctors wanted to amputate. but i found a courageous doctor who was willing and determined to fight to save my leg & that he did. i havent walked since then, therapist dont know if i will, because my foot is what is called a drop foot and i cant move my ankle at all, but i had to be airlifted, my life was spared & im here with husband & son. we already had lost so much, i had twins & lost his twin sister in a house fire while working when they were 3yrs old. GOD HAS BEEN WITH ME, & IS STILL WITH ME!!! i am trying to stay so happy & cheerful for them, so Aimee you are definitely an inspiration to me how u 2 have struggled & fought 2 stay with ur family. i am really sorry u had lost ur limbs & all, but u have been a blessing 2 me, i would follow ur story on the news & read it to my husband & all. GOD BLESS YOU & UR FAMILY….

  35. 7-7-2012

    Yes… the “Power of Prayer” is amazing. Recently I have seen many healing miracles, my son is also a miracle today because of prayers all across the country for him. GOD is up to something and I am glad to be a part of this. I am honored to be a family chosen by GOD to show the faith and belief i have in Jesus Christ, that nothing is impossible for HiM! NOTHING! When men say it can’t be done, I will believe and call on the name of Jesus! Prayers for Aimeel and your family. Thank you for sharing your story and wonderful testimony.

  36. 7-7-2012

    Nothing I can say that hasn’t been said. I am touched and I am awed and I am lifted by your faith. There is a deep calling and need for souls of the down trodden and broken to be lifted and reminded of God’s grace and goodness. Bad, terrible and devastating things will and do happen. This is life, and as christians we are not exempt from this, and for that matter often endure more because of it – such as your beautiful family. To be reminded that the “bad” is not what’s of the Lord, but the goodness among the chaos, the small miracle placed perfectly in God’s timing between sometime’s what we feel in unbearable stress, and the LOVE, the pure, simple and perfect love of God is what get’s us through the trials and storms of this life. Thank you for reminding me of this. It’s worth is immeasurable and humbling.

  37. 7-7-2012

    Aimee, I have three books that I would love to send you-each with a message of hope and tenacity reinforcing your own powerful spirit.
    Please visit my website! One book is about my nearly 20-year correspondence with the father of Anne Frank. Otto Frank also had a choice to either implode and become bitter when his entire family was killed in the Holocaust or change his perspective and become a loving father figure to the world’s children. I was just one of them who he guided in extraordinary ways. My book, Nature Teachers, is about the lessons I am learning about gaining strength, patience, flexibility, etc. from a rock, a spider, the river, etc. Nature is a powerful Teacher every moment, every day. My most recent book features many of those who have faced or are facing tremendous challenges and, like you, haven’t given up. They’re growing from their “manuretia” and planting new perspectives of hope just like you. I would love to interview you some day for a blog on my site. You are amazing and are already transforming people’s lives just by the fact that you haven’t thrown in the towel. I salute and celebrate you! Keep on keepin’ on, Aimee!!!
    Love and Light,

  38. 7-7-2012

    I work at an all-girls’ Catholic school in California. Aimee is the kind of young woman we hope all of our girls grow-up to emulate. Her story of faith and perseverance is a powerful reminder of the grace of God. What can we do to help?

  39. 7-7-2012

    Continuing to pray. Thanks for your updates.

  40. 7-7-2012


    I read your post and I just want to say that your family is amazing. I look at my own life unemployed, recovering from a broken leg, possible knee surgery and another surgery the end of this month. I have lost my apartment and live with my grandmother. But I hear this and I know that I am blessed through it all. Me and my daughter have a roof over our heads and food and a car so I can look for work after the surgery. That if Aimee (your aimee) can be this positive on her outlook on life with all that she is dealing with then surely me (Aimee the southside Atlanta version) can do the same. Please give her my best and let her know that this Aimee knows that God makes know mistakes and that she is a blessing to this Aimee and many others.

    Aimee Brittain

  41. 7-7-2012

    I continue to pray for Aimee and for your family. May God continue to pour out his blessings and grace upon you and affirm His Word in fresh and amazing ways.

  42. 7-7-2012

    It is not easy for me to respond when I am silenced with awe for the greatness that walks among us in the man Andy Copeland. We need someone this good and strong for a presidential candidate. The Copeland family is now one of the world’s premier heroic contributors and I will always remember their examples. Please keep us updated and know there are probably thousands like me who benefit to learn from Andy, and there are perhaps millions who follow the progress of Aimee. I realized in my forties that I should have been a surgeon. There are many young people with innovating minds who need a chance to live some degree of really helping others recover and triumph over setback, to realize the great worth in such service. If you read this and you want to be highly useful in a career, consider that good surgeons are needed. Consider that good therapists and various engineers are needed and you need to see yourself do some real good right now so you see it is very complimenting of your innate abilities. Put yourself in a position to really help others so you can decide which career you will be useful in. I missed it completely, for lack of an informative opportunity. Oops, I should have been a surgeon. If you play a musical instrument, do art, etc., just think: your hands and mind are great gifts and there are decades awaiting you to make a BIG difference here on Earth. You can do both, but consider what you might have not realized yet. You have a great talent, you will perform well under pressure. You will save people’s futures. Seek informative opportunity. Get yourself involved and stick to perfecting your talents and strengths.

  43. 7-7-2012

    Thank you God for the gift of faith

    • 7-10-2012


      Aimee, you have been a constant on my heart and in my mind. Having children your age, I can’t even imagine. But, following your progress, I am truly inspired by you and your family and what stong faith can do. Continued prayers for you. You have already touched so many.

  44. 7-7-2012

    My prayers have been with you,your family, and the medical team through all of this and will continue to be. Thank you so much for the updates on Aimee’s condition. I appreciate so much, the privilege of uniting with others in agreement in prayer. Thanks to you all for being such wonderful witnesses and disciples. I will join you now in praying for the financial part of all of this and for decisions regarding insurance to be favorable. May God continue to bless and heal. Have a blessed day and a closer walk. Nancy G. Chandler

  45. 7-7-2012

    Andy, the focus of your blog seem to not so much about Aimee’s recovery but more about your proselytizing.

    • 7-7-2012

      I stand guilty as charged. 🙂

      Aimee’s recovery is all about the amazing power of prayer and the omnipotence of God the father, His son Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. I will never apologize for declaring His name. I am an imperfect soul, but His grace is sufficient for me. The fact that we can declare our imperfections to His glory is one of the greatest gifts mankind has ever received. For that, I will never apologize.

      • 7-7-2012

        Andy, You have nothing for which to apologize. You are so right. God is the reason for everything and to Him we owe it all. I pray that He continues to shower you and your precious family with healing and blessings and love and words, that you may always and forever give Him praise. Christ above all, dear warrior.

      • 7-7-2012

        Andy, The Lord has put you up to this task and you have answered the call under incomprehensible circumstances. The reason so many have rallied around Aimee is because of the word of your testimony. Standing boldly for the Lord inspires all the believers you have reached, and has woken up those with ears to hear. I will pray for your continued strength.

      • 7-9-2012

        Thank-you Andy for standing up for Christ. I am a Holy Ghost filled believer and would not live my life any other way. Aimee’s recovery and saved life are no accident. They are planned and carried out by our amazing God. You, Aimee, and your family are being used by God in a great way to reach the world..for lost souls, encouragement, and inspiration! I pray that Aimee’s healing continues and she improves in every area. Only GOD can give you all the healing, comfort, and help you need…spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. God can make a way with insurance companies. GOD closes doors that no man can open and GOD opens doors that no man can close! You bless us all with your courage and faith. I am thrilled Aimee can do some things for herself. She is truly a fighter and God will continue to see her through the battles to victory. Love in Christ !

      • 7-10-2012

        As a fairly new believer (3 years) I’m so encouraged by your faith that you convey so well. I pray that I can be so emboldened to share my faith with others as you do. This is what it’s all about–keeping the faith and giving God the glory for the amazing work He’s doing through you, Aimee and the rest of your family. What a testimony! Thank you so much for your uplifting words, Andy.

      • 7-11-2012

        Andy, I’ve been following Aimee’s story from the beginning and sending my best wishes. It’s very hurtful to know you see me as some kind of dog/pig who’s not worthy of your respect because I am of a different faith. This will be my last visit to your blog, but I continue to wish Aimee the best.

      • 9-14-2012

        Don,t ever apologize for doing God,s work, you and your family has a great testimony to share to this dark and dying world.For that God will get all the GLORY,he has sent the comforter (Holy Spirit)to help us along our way,to make it some day to live with him for ever and ever.Andy you are where you are cause thats where God wants you to be.To share his love with others and to lift up his great name,so keep up the good work and tell Aimee to stay strong,and hang in there.My church family will continue to pray for Aimee.There is a song by The Casting Crowns,I Will Praise You In The Storm, and you are doing that through your testamony.Thanks for being a blessing to me..From MO.

  46. 7-7-2012

    I truly thank you for sharing your experience and love of Jesus with me and all the other readers. It is so inspiring and encouraging and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. So glad to hear that your baby girl is alive and thriving… she in intending to be.
    God Bless~Elizabeth Taylor

  47. 7-7-2012

    …. continued prayers … and blessings …. love and virtual hugs

  48. 7-7-2012


  49. 7-7-2012

    I will continue to pray for you and your family. I will say God Bless you, even though I know…he already has and does.

  50. 7-7-2012

    God Bless!! My family and myself have been praying for Aimee and the entire family!! Love to you all!

  51. 7-7-2012

    Just wanted to say your faith and courage is an inspiration to me as a Christian. I have been praying for Aimee and all the family. This is such a hard situation, but your family is a shining light in the face of dificulties. I will continue to uphold Aimee and the family in prayer. Thanking God so much for Aimee’s progress so far!!

  52. 7-7-2012

    May God Bless his child!

  53. 7-7-2012

    Aimee…our thoughts and prayers are with you & your family. You are amazing with your strength. You are an inspiration to everyone. You are loved much by so many. Sincerely, Robt. & Erika

  54. 7-7-2012

    Andy, I have been blessed again this morning by reading your words of faith that you and your family have in our LORD JESUS!
    Wow!Aimee is doing so well in rehab! Hug her for me! She is so precious! I LOOK Forward to the day I can hug her myself. Through the years the stories you have told of your girls have made me smile. I am so thankful I have heard you speak of your strong faith in Jesus and how you trusted HIM to raise your girls. Now this is showing up so STRONG in Aimee!!! Thanks for sharing your story. I continue to pray for all of you each day with my love. Eleanor

    • 7-7-2012

      WOW! So happy Aimee is doing so well in rehab. Her STRONG FAITH in Jesus that she was taught from her Mom and Dad is makin her so STRONG now. REJOICING with you all today on Aimee’s progress.

  55. 7-7-2012

    May the good Lord continue to bless your family.

  56. 7-7-2012

    My ongoing prayer for Aimee, her family & friends:

    Numbers 6:24-26

    24 “‘“The Lord bless you
    and keep you;
    25 the Lord make his face shine on you
    and be gracious to you;
    26 the Lord turn his face toward you
    and give you peace. ”’
    Aimee’s strength as well as that of your family is an inspiration; I don’t know why God allowed this to happen but I trust that much good will come from it & that one day you will see that good & be comforted. David

  57. 7-7-2012

    Wow!!! The same God in the valley is the same God on the mountaintop. What a testament to your faith. May the lives of MANY be touched by your faith and Aimee’s miraculous story. Continued prayers going up. God is SO GOOD……ALL OF THE TIME. You should write …….you have a way of putting your thoughts onto paper that captivated me and moved me. Maybe the Lord would allow that door to open.

  58. 7-7-2012

    This is the first entry that was not heart warming to me . . . and for that I am amazed.

    Please remember that some of the people you call dogs and swine are the very same loving and caring individuals who have donated blood and money. We also spread your wonderful story to others to expand Aimee’s support.

    I hope you will be more accepting. Why is this becoming a debate over faith? I can appreciate your faith without being belittled.

    And I would like to personnally thank you for sharing your family with the world. I will support Aimee forever!

    • 7-7-2012

      I have called no one a dog, nor have I called anyone a swine. I am not worthy to judge anyone. Those words came from the lips of Jesus Christ and they are words of great wisdom.

      It is not my intent to start a debate on religiosity, but I will continue to give credit where credit is due. For that I stand guilty as charged.

  59. 7-7-2012

    I believe Amiee has progressed not just through prayers..which is not to be downplayed but by the enormous fortitude and support given to her by you….her dad, mother and sister. People must have a desire to fight and move forward….her family gave her that desire and encouragment. Love can do many things…but in this case …it saved a life. I respect and admire all that your family have been through and done…I am sure there are days when it is difficult to put one foot in front of the other but you never stopped. My love thoughts and prayers continue for all of you.

  60. 7-7-2012


  61. 7-7-2012

    I have been praying for Aimee since this all started.What an amazing young lady see is with such courage.I have never heard of anything like this before and I have been praying so hard for her. God is good and I truely BELIEVE in the power of prayer.My prayers will continue for Aimee. God Bless you all. With much LOVE and PRAYERS and HUGS. Mary from Pa.

  62. 7-7-2012

    So happy for Aimee’s awesome progreess! She and all your family are a true inspiration to me and I am sure thousands more!!! God bless you! My prayers are unending for this miracle young lady!<3

  63. 7-7-2012

    so happy to hear amy is getting stronger everyday!!!!i will keep praying for her everyday!!!!such an amazing daughter you have!!!love reading about her progress!!!

  64. 7-7-2012

    May G-d be with you.
    We have prayed for the miracle and Aimee’s will to survive and complete what she started out to do in her Masters. She has proven that she is right about mind over medication, which has brought her through the past 59 days, one day at a time.
    Aimee’s determination and belief and prayers, have proven to herself and those watching, what people are really capable of over coming. 2013 will bring Aimee with her Master’ degree to touring as a very sought after and lucrative motivational speaker. Lucrative in dollars and in satisfaction of accomplishment. Enough said. We love you and continue to pray for you. Go forward and heal.

  65. 7-7-2012

    I just finished hearing Alistair Begg’s latest sermon, “Suffering in the Believer’s Life” and all I could think about was not me, but Aimee.

    I will keep Aimee and your family in my prayers. As the days turn into weeks, and the weeks into months, and the months into years, our Lord’s promises will never change. He will not leave you or forsake you.

  66. 7-7-2012

    Thank-you for taking the time to write an update. I will continue to pray for Aimee & the rest of your family. You all are an amazing family!!!

  67. 7-7-2012

    I had no doubt that Aimee would excel in rehab!!!! Aimee is always in my thoughts,my prayers and I am so glad that you keep us informed. I feel like she is part of my family. God bless her and your family!!!

  68. 7-7-2012

    Thank you for your witness! Your faith and trust in God are inspiring. I have been praying for Aimee from day one and will continue to do so with a joyful heart. The Lord has and will provide!

  69. 7-7-2012

    Your families faith and courage in the face of adversity strengthens my own faith and love of God as each day ya’ll go about your affairs with the love of Christ in your hearts.

  70. 7-7-2012

    Beautiful words. Your daughter is an amazing strong, faithful servant. I hope she continues to heal and looks to God for answers in her life. You as parents are doing an amazing job taking care of her. May all your days be filled with continued healing and trust in the Lord!

  71. 7-7-2012

    Mr. Copeland, you may try contacting the Jordan Thomas foundation for assistance with Aimee’s prosthetics. I know he primarily benefits children, but certainly may consider your case considering the extraordinary circumstances. Jordan is a remarkable young man and has been a wonderful friend and mentor to many of my patients who are amputees. Be blessed and know that we continue to pray throughout Aimee’s rehabilitation journey.

  72. 7-7-2012

    I pray for her daily…I am a speech pathologist and I see tradjedy often but not like Aimees! I am encouraged and inspired by Aimee’s story daily! I will continue to pray!

  73. 7-7-2012

    Continued prayers are being sent your way…

  74. 7-7-2012

    I was so blessed to read your blog…Aimee is not the only hero…THe testamony of your faith as a family in wholeness will reach many unbelievers..a true picture of revival to heal not only Aimee but our nation, our world as a whole thanks for sharing!

  75. 7-7-2012

    Thank you for updating your blog. Aimee’s story continues to provide inspiration and is truly a testament to God’s presence and love.

  76. 7-7-2012

    Thanks so much for your posts. The faith and thoughts expressed about God in light of your experiences is amazing. It is refreshing to see how God is given credit and glory. Despite circumstances many would allow to drive them to self centeredness and despair, I believe you have grown closer to God. May He continue to hold you in His faithful care and rich blessings.

  77. 7-7-2012

    My prayers are with you, Aimee. I am so small before a courageous person like you. You are an inspiration to the whole world. The embodiment of human spirit.

  78. 7-7-2012

    My prayers and thoughts will be with Aimee and your family. She is so beautiful and her personality shows through in her pictures posted. It is truly amazing the strength she is showing. I will pray each day for Aimee’s recovery. I also pray that your insurance company will have a heart and do what is right.
    Bless you all.

  79. 7-7-2012

    The best of luck for Aimee’s continued recovery.

  80. 7-7-2012

    my thoughts and prayers are with the entire family. Aimee you are a very blessed young women to have a loving support throughout the world. Please check into social security for benefits for medical care and organizations that will help with the prostetics. Love and prayers continue

  81. 7-7-2012

    It truly amazes me, but I first hand know God’s Faithfulness and his miracles. So keep on keeping on my friend. We will continue to love and support your family. The prayers will continue without ceasing…..God be with you and your wonderful family.

  82. 7-7-2012

    I always read the blog.
    Aimee is strong and soon she’ll be home.
    The Brazil sends good luck!

  83. 7-7-2012

    Your story and your words are amazing! I am a believer myself in the power of Gods healing hands. Recently my two year Old son was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer. His current treatment is not working and I have put my trust in God alone. Some days are frustrating and down right depressing, hearing stories like yours gives me hope. I am thankful that God gives us exactly what we need to hear, and your story was one I needed to hear today! Thank you for sharing with the world because you are helping others with your story. We continue to pray for Aimee. I am actually a resident of LOganville, but I grew up in Snellville. We pray that Aimee’s rehabilitation goes well and she returns home soon.

  84. 7-7-2012

    Your faith is inspirational.

  85. 7-7-2012

    Hi Andy, Donna, Paige and Sweet and very strong Aimee!!!

    Thank you Andy for keeping all of us updated! I look so forward to hearing how all of you are doing. My prayers continue to include all of you, especially strength for Aimee. I have something to send to Aimee, but I need to know where the best place would be to send it. If I do not hear from you with an address I will try to reach Debra Sherbert to see if I can send it to her to give to you. I just love my Aimee t-shirt and wear it every where!
    Andy, you are so correct about your message concerning those who want to hear more about our God. Anyone who hears or reads about Aimee would have to know only God could have brought Aimee as far as she has come and given all of you the strength you have and continue to gain!
    God’s Blessings continue to be with all of you! My prayers will continue to be there for all of you now and always!
    Take care Copeland Family! I look forward to your next blog Andy!

    Your families friend in New Haven, Indiana!
    Karen Clark

  86. 7-7-2012

    I check back on your blog everyday to see what you will write next. I was so excited to see the picture of Aimee, you and your wife leaving the hospital. Praise God that she is alive and the beautiful angel spirit that she is. Aimee is a remarkable young woman and I am so privileged to read your blog and learn from it. I am a Christian woman with a 19 year old daughter. My heart goes out to you watching your 24 year old daughter go through so many trials daily. My father has not been the strong man that I have been able to look up to my whole life, so I CLING to every word you write. Your words are uplifting and amazing for me to read. I want you to know that you, Mr. Copeland have also helped me understand more and more. When God is bringing me turbulence, I understand more now that he wants me to learn. I am trying harder and harder each time to Praise his name as per your example. I think and pray for your family all of the time and share your incredible story. All of you are an inspiration and we are very lucky that you are sharing your story with the world. God Bless The Copland Family Love, KristyD.

  87. 7-7-2012

    More info on Aimee??
    This is just a religious post.

    • 7-7-2012

      God + Aimee = Miracle


  88. 7-7-2012

    I heard about Aimee’s accident shortly after it happened and have been regularly praying for her complete recovery…physically, spiritually, emotionally & mentally. I will continue to pray for Aimee & your entire family! God bless you all! Love in Christ – Nancy V.

  89. 7-7-2012

    There is no question in my mind but that this incident in the life of your family has been…and will continue to be…a powerful testimony to those who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and at the same time, a powerful affirmation to Christians. Thank you for holding the torch high! It’s such a blessing to see someone hold onto their faith and have it highlighted in the press!

  90. 7-7-2012

    Dear Andy, thanks for this update. Truly, it has been an amazing 59 days not only for Aimee but i trust and believe also for you and family? Our god is a good god and you are spot-on with your analogy on the subject of god’s love.Perfect love will definitely cast out all our fears. Again i am reminded of the fact contained in the scriptural verse appearing in Hebrews 13:8 which states that our lord Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! Aimee’s recovery process has definitely commenced. Aimee’s speedy road to full recovery will therefore also be supported by prayers and practical fellowship from everyone from all walks of life. She is also now somewhat of a brand ambassador for Christ with her unfolding life story and her incredible journey of hope, patience, grace, and longsuffering plus the unique challenges her medical predicament had presented itself to her and that she, in her own words had said that not many would have been blessed with a chance to undergo such an ordeal. I for one had learnt a lot from Aimee with her positive mental attitude as well. She is such unifying force and this has caused the world to rally around her. She is truly a rare breed. Presumably, Aimee is now back home recuperating and i know that god has plans to prosper her. Our god makes all things beautiful in his time. Aimee has also taught me to give thanks with a grateful heart. I see Aimee sharing the gospel through her life story in the likes of Joni Ericsson Tada if i may say so. I look forward to future and forthcoming praise reports as well. Thank you Andy for being such a great father, husband and brother in christ as well as your willingness to share Aimee with the world!!!

  91. 7-7-2012

    I have been reading your blog since Aimee’s accident, and at the same time following another fellow, United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills of the 82nd Airborne. On his third tour of duty in Afghanistan, he was critically injured on April 10th by an IED (improvised explosive device) while on patrol, losing portions of both legs and both arms. He is only the fourth quadruple amputee, from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to survive his injuries. I think you will find him to be a huge inspiration as well. After reading about both of their wonderful personalities and strong will, I think he and Aimee would benefit from just knowing about each other. His website, run by his wife, is:

    • 7-8-2012

      Thanks Sue.

      I have actually been in contact with quite a few amputees, which is an amazing community of tight-knit, inspirational people. Aimee has met with one very nice lady who shares a very similar story and I know she will meet many, many more in due time. There is a lady who is a quadruple amputee in Atlanta who I want Aimee to meet. We will be reaching out to her soon.

  92. 7-7-2012

    Andy I am a believer in faith! I wish insurance companies could see what is needed for aAimee and others like her but unfortunately as you know they only see the bottom line. Maybe with the help of Aimee, you can change their minds!
    Good luck Aimee, We are praying for your family here in California!

    • 7-8-2012

      Hey Lucy <---my cousin 🙂 We'll see how the insurance situation works out. The chances of someone becoming a quadruple amputee are very remote, but it appears that Aimee "won the lottery". I hope the insurance company realizes this and makes an exception in her case. They have the power to do this and a touch of goodwill for Aimee can go a long way to improving her condition. Thanks for your prayers Lucy!

  93. 7-7-2012

    Aimee, I pray for your fast recovery from this horrible bacteria. I am around your age and feel for you and your sufferage! I dont have any money to donate but I have the power of prayer and positive thinking to donate in your name! I wish you the ever lasting courage to get through this, the will power to live/move on from this chapter and all the happiness in the world as you continue on your life journey! Thank you for inspiring me and making me more grateful to simply walk or shake someones hand.. XO best wishes

  94. 7-7-2012

    Thank you for sharing Aimee’s story with us! Your entire family is a source of inspiration to me. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers daily. I’m amazed at Aimee’s strength and the faith of your family, but I know it comes from your love of Christ because through Him ALL things are possible. Thank you for your testimony! Much love to you and your family.

  95. 7-7-2012

    Continuing to pray for the Copeland family and for God to use this financial obstacle as a way to let everyone who is following this story that He is the great provider.

    Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart. -Hebrews 12:1-3

    Thank you for ‘running’ with perseverance, fixing your eyes on Jesus, and allowing us the honor or following Amy’s journey….praying that God strengthens, protects, and encourages greatly in these next days!

  96. 7-7-2012

    Absolutely a miracle and evidence of God’s grace! So very happy to hear she was able to do a few things on her own! Hooray! Continuing to follow (albeit loosely) your beautiful family and can not wait to see how God uses the four of you to reach others for Him.

  97. 7-7-2012

    Olá somos brasileiros e nos interessamos neste caso.Desejamos melhoras a Aimee que De tudo certo .Um beijão a Aimee Copeland que Deus ilumine-a…

  98. 7-7-2012

    I am excited and happy that you have allowed me (and others) to witness Aimee’s growth. I will pray about the insurance company difficulty. I will see what I can do to add some money to Aimee’s account. I know that the brain operates in patterns of activity and that Aimee will “get good” at the new patterns of movement and will excell. I am in your corner. Love, from me. God Bless your entire family.

  99. 7-7-2012

    So happy to hear that Aimee is doing well and recovering more fully at home. But I must say that your words in this post struck a nerve. I know many (too many) God-loving, faithful to the core families that prayed so hard that it hurt to let their child live. Prayers from all over the world were abundant just like they were for Aimee. But those prayers went unanswered. Their children are in Heaven, along with my little boy. And while I am beyond thrilled that your precious daughter is home, it’s hard to hear that it is because of the power of prayer. It stings for those of us that weren’t so fortunate. Just something to think about. Again, I wish absolutely nothing but the best for all of you, especially Aimee. She has a long road ahead and it will no doubt be a difficult journey. My thoughts and ”prayers” will certainly be with you all.

    • 7-8-2012

      Hello, I too lost a son that went to heaven when he was 10 months old but do not give up hope! It does not mean your prayers were not answered! It just means that God had a different plan! Trust God in all things! When my dad passed away, God gave me a dream and showed me my dad and my son who would have been around 15 at the time of the dream walking hand in hand and I heard,,”do not worry about them, they will be here when you get here”…trust God in all things! I also had another son who survived cancer by a miracle from God. We may not understand why pain and suffering has to happen and why God chooses to take some to heaven but we must trust God always. Love to you.

      • 7-10-2012

        My prayers were answered actually. I begged God to ‘make the decision for me.’ What I mean by that is I was faced with the choice to terminate a very wanted pregnancy at a late stage, knowing my son would not survive or continue the pregnancy knowing that on the off chance he would survive, he would have zero quality of life. Zero. I have never been so confused, terrified, heartbroken, and devastated in my life. How could I make that choice. When I decided to allow my son to decide when he would leave this earth, I believe God stepped in and took him. That lessened my suffering, as well as my son’s. But what about those families who have healthy children that get cancer, or some other terminal illness? They have to watch those poor babies suffer and fight up until their last breath. I know one such family enduring that very thing as we speak. I dont see how that child’s suffering (and I do mean suffering) is part of God’s plan.

  100. 7-7-2012

    Your daughter Aimee is a blessing from God his self. I have been praying for her and ur family every day since I found out what had happened. She has courage n strength for what she has been thru. I am about ur daughter age and it just saddens my heart bout about ur daughter but God is a good God and he never gives us something we can’t handle. Just no ill always b praying for Aimee and ur family.

    Melissa from Oklahoma

  101. 7-7-2012

    Aimee, you are an inspiration to me. You and your family are also a prompt to others to live their faith and deepen their relationship with Jesus. The initiative and perspective your dad, Andy, is taking in sharing your story with all of us is much appreciated. God Bless You!

  102. 7-7-2012

    Way too religious… Why did god not protect Aimee?

    Good luck… good to have the science and medicine

    An Atheist.

  103. 7-8-2012

    What a blessing! She gets to go home! WOW! I know when my son was in a coma and he came out of the coma and life support was disconnected I asked them to let him go outside just for a few minutes and that meant so much to him!! PRAISE BE TO GOD! I hope you can check out my website that tells about his miracle from God surviving Leukemia and being in a coma for 30 days and the doctors giving up hope wanting to disconnect the life support and right before they told me this, the very night before, God gave me a dream showing me my son home well and happy. He is now in Alaska doing well.

  104. 7-8-2012

    I understand fees and insurance all to well! I’d gotten insurance with a high deductable because my company kept dragging their feet. I found out shortly after the I had cancer! After all the chemos, hospital stays, etc. I now owe over 30K in hospital bills. Life goes on and it’s hard! I’m praying for your daughter through her fight! Remember there is nothing she can’t do with God.. Sir, some people have angel wings in their hearts and at times you can’t see them. I see your and hers as it’s easy! I’ll be praying for you all! God bless

  105. 7-8-2012

    I have followed your blog on a regular basis, and am so happy for Aimee and your family that she is doing so well. By all accounts, she is an amazing women who will be able to go on and lead a full life. I am not a Christian, but consider myself spiritual and have respect for those of all faiths. I feel that it is almost cruel to assume that those that are not a follower of Jesus, are somehow denied good things. What about those that are Muslim, Jewish,Unitarian, etc….. In my eyes,none of us have the right to dtermine the criteria for being a good person. I totally respect your deep faith and how it has gotten you and your family through this so far. But please don’t leave out or pity those who have a different path. I feel that is one of the big pitfalls of Christianity. This deep seated beief of either being “in or out”.

  106. 7-8-2012

    Dear Aimee,

    You are a ray of sunshine on my soul. Thank you. May God continue to bless you and your family.


  107. 7-8-2012

    Your blogs are a reminder to me of the infinite power of God in our lives. Thank you for sharing. God Bess.

  108. 7-8-2012

    I’ve been following this story and this blog since day one, thank you for giving us a small window into your lives and allowing us to experience the miraculous recovery of Aimee. She has been an inspiration to so many and I believe she will continue to be for every one who meets her. I think her mission changed the day of her accident, it changed her life, and from this will be blessings untold to others. I once heard a story about someone who died and came back to life and what he said at the very end after going through his experience was life changing for me, he said, if you are a believer you aren’t guaranteed luck in life, but you sure are guaranteed to be blessed. As you so eloquently said, you feel blessed and I believe Aimee will be as well and in ways yet to be revealed to her or to her family. I will continue to pray for her and her family and for medical needs to be covered. God bless your family, Aimee, and all those caring for her as you continue on this journey.

  109. 7-8-2012

    I have been following your story from day one. I have two daughters myself. One of them is the same age as Aimee. I cannot even imagine what your family and Aimee have been through. I can only say Praise God and I am so very happy for you all.

  110. 7-8-2012

    Reading your progress from your father’s viewpoint is so very touching. I am a mother too who loves her daughters the way your parents love you. Aimee stay in the moment with your thoughts. Don’t get too far in the future with your worries. I tell my girls when they have a lot to do..”just do the next thing.” Just keep doing the “next thing” and before you know it you’ll be there!!! God Bless you and your parents. Your in my daily prayers! Linda

  111. 7-8-2012

    I know you likely don’t have time to set it up but maybe the church could do some fundraising? If you advertise I bet you will get some help.

    So many people know her story and would probably love to help. She is so amazing!

  112. 7-8-2012

    What a testimony. Thank you – I am learning.

  113. 7-9-2012

    Hi, I am not much older than Aimee and have been following your posts since day one. I just completed my Master’s degree in social work and, like Aimee, I strongly believe in the power of love. I consider myself to be Agnostic, but I do know what it means to have faith. I might not believe in God, but I promise you I’m not a monster.

    There is no denying that your family’s faith in God has significantly impacted the outcome of Aimee’s story. I respect your beliefs and have truly enjoyed reading about how your faith has given (and continues to give) you purpose and perspective in what is otherwise an unfathomable tragedy. Sometimes the topic of your posts will linger on my mind for an entire day. You recently wrote about your parenting style and how you believe in being firm while still allowing your daughters to have the freedom to make their own choices. I’m getting married next year, and that particular post sparked a conversation with my fiance about what our own parenting style might be like. I’ve even found comfort in several of the bible verses you’ve quoted in some of your posts.

    Mr. Copeland, I have found this blog and Aimee’s story to be so inspiring. I am not a Christian, but I’m not much different than you. I don’t place all my trust in science and technology, and I try my best to be positive, genuine, and tolerant of others. With all due respect, please don’t isolate “non believers” like myself who regularly visit this blog with only the best intentions and utmost support for Aimee.

    • 7-10-2012

      If you understand Aimee’s statement about feeling blessed, then my post does not apply to you. Muslims, Buddhists and other non-Christians are able to grasp the concept of being blessed even when surrounded by unfortunate circumstances. This shared belief makes us very similar in many ways.

      If you know what it means to have faith and you are at peace with the world around you, and if you grasp what Aimee says about being blessed, then you needn’t worry about what I wrote. However, if your heart remains unsettled, then you should explore within yourself for the reason why.

      As for the Bible, it is a font of wisdom and the source of my salvation which provides me continued comfort. There are many valuable life lessons taught there that cannot be learned in the span of a single human lifetime. I am glad that some of the scripture I have quoted has provided you comfort and it is my hope and prayer that you will seek it out further to unveil the truth that lies within.

      God bless you.

  114. 7-9-2012

    I’m sorry that there are people out there who believe that it is your job to keep them informed about specifics regarding Aimee’s condition. You owe no one anything. Reading what you choose to share regarding Aimee’s progress has proven to be a humbling experience. Her courage is beyond words. Your expressions of faith are an inspiration. Would I be so steadfast in my faith if faced with such as your family is facing? I truly don’t know.
    It pains me to see you respond to criticisms from the self entitled. It is unnecessary. Your message of resolute faith, and seizing the hope and joy to be found everyday, is a profound message indeed.
    thank you for sharing your story with me.

  115. 7-9-2012

    I understand that you must feel exhausted in explaining and retelling the story of your daughter’s healing. I also understand how you feel frustrated in how others receive your explanation. I hope that your family will not lose heart. I am reminded of the man that Jesus healed of blindness. He was drug all over the place, people wanting to hear his story. The religious leaders wanted to accuse Jesus so they kept questioning this poor man. The blind man’s response was “Whether He is a sinner, I do not know; one thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.” (John 9:25)

    The saints overcome by the word of their testimony. Aimee’s testimony is powerful enough, no arguments needed. Continuing to pray for you all.

  116. 7-9-2012


    Please let us all know the name of the insurance company. We’ll bombard them with e-mails! This is the very reason we need healthcare FOR ALL.
    How absurd in America that we place a $$$ limit on care!! Shame on you insurance companies.

    • 7-10-2012

      We just spoke to the insurance company yesterday. It appears that Aimee will receive coverage for whatever prosthetics she needs as long as a doctor prescribes them for her. I suppose that must be a fine print item we missed, but it is definitely the answer to our prayers. 🙂

      • 7-10-2012

        Now this is just SUPER news. Your prayers have been heard answered!
        Love to you all from Anna in Copenhagen, Denmark

  117. 7-9-2012

    Andy: I have been following Amiee’s story from day one and I read your blog every time you post. I do have to say that I was a little taken back by what you wrote. Just because someone doesn’t understand doesn’t mean that they lack faith in GOD. Each one has their own cross to bear and the saying goes that GOD doesn’t give us more than he feels that we can handle. Maybe Amiee and your family are going through this because GOD felt that you could handle it and show the world that although this horrible thing that happened that your love for each other and your love and faith in GOD cannot be shaken. GOD says that we should not judge each other so maybe you shouldn’t judge people who can’t totally grasp how you are getting through such a difficult time.

    I do believe in GOD and I do find it amazing that Amiee and your family are getting through such a horrible incident with such grace and poise. Just because I don’t totally understand doesn’t make me less of a follower. The saying you don’t know until you’ve walked a mile in someone else shoes.

    I have a handicapped sibling. Everyone tells me to put her in a group home because I need to live my life. I won’t just throw my sibling to the side so that I may have the perfect life. I don’t judge the people that suggest that I realize that they are not in the situation and cannot see it the way that I do. They do not feel the love and commitment that I have for her. They only see it from their prespective, but if they walked in my shoes they might feel differently.

    Anyway, I do pray for Amiee and your family every day. I will continue to pray for you. You are an amazing family and I ONLY wish the best in her recovery.

  118. 7-10-2012

    In the middle of an incredible tragedy, the strength of the words of the Bible, of God’s love, and the power of faith, prayer and love. It is difficult to find words that can adequately express what we all feel. Andy: You express yourself so beautifully and with great subtlety that you really ought to write a book about this experience.
    Anna in Copenhagen, Denmark

  119. 7-10-2012

    To the Copeland Family: The Danish tabloid, just reported that Aimee has left hospital after her long ordeal. It shows a radiant Aimee in her hospital bed. Here is the link:

    The link translates as follows:lost-arms-and-legs-to flesheating-bacteria-now-she-leaves-the hospital.

    Anna in Copenhagen, Denmark

  120. 7-10-2012

    Our God is an awesome God! <3

  121. 7-10-2012

    unbelievable!! what a great family and the faith you have. I highly doubt i could ever be that strong. Here I am with a failed business, and no money and i feel depressed!! How selfish of me!! i read about aimees story and I feel ashamed of myself. Thanks for giving me a renewed faith. May GOd bless you and keep you all.

  122. 7-10-2012

    Aimee–I have been praying for you for several weeks. You are an amazing and precious young woman. The love of God shines forth right through your eyes. Praying that you will keep your mind stayed on Christ, because with that He will keep your mind at perfect peace (Isa.). You are honestly an inspiration to me and because of you, I keep “things” in better perspective now and strive to be even a better mommy then before to my 3 and 5 y/o daughters. They know of you too. My 5 y/o (Julia) is a little prayer warrior! I will be donating to help you this week. Your dad reminds me of my daddy. So blessed!!! Much love to you. In Christ–Jennifer (Rom 8:28)

  123. 7-12-2012

    some glimmers of hope seem so small and yet there is hope… some some wishes and prayers go unheard but they are said… But even the smallest amount Love is always felt… For You Aimee Your family and friends Love is Abundant and will see You thru … Love will find a way … Healing Prayers to You … Sincerely Bridget (Mom of 2 daughters and much compassion)

  124. 7-12-2012

    I was having a crudy day and crying out to the Lord, when on a break at my desk I found your blog in my favorites. Once again your words and Aimee’s beautiful story have put things in perspective for me. God is good and capable of way more than I could ever ask. Your wonderful insight into our glorious Lord has shown me how wonderful our God is. They have ignited a flame in my heart that was dying out. Thank you. To God be all the glory, amen.

  125. 7-12-2012

    Hi Aimee,

    I would like to know more about your studies. You seem very interesting and people need true spiritual leaders these days more than ever. If you would write I would like to read. I hope and know you are feeling better. Me too!

  126. 7-15-2012

    God bless you Aimee. I have been going through a great medical difficulty for the last three months, and you have been a great shining light for hope and strength and love. May you continue to recover and do well. A friend in Virginia always…….
    Mary Ellen

  127. 7-16-2012

    I have been following Aimee’s progress through your blog, and praying for you all. What prompted me to comment today is your gift for writing. When you write about your family’s faith, it’s so much more than sincere, it feels “God-breathed.” He is truly using you, Aimee, your situation to touch people for Him. Thank you for being a vessel and I think you should be writing books.

    Love and prayers to all of you!

  128. 7-25-2012

    I guess there’s not much room for too much negativity over here.

  129. 7-31-2012

    Thank you for sharing this blog with us. This entry really put things in perspective for me and renewed my faith in the Lord. I am praying for Aimee and your family.

  130. 8-5-2012

    Why can’t this hapen to bad people like people in jail or bad people instead of those that have a head on their shoulders like us. I had the same thing happen to me out in vegas. It’s just a shame sometimes. I didn’t wake up for three months though

  131. 8-22-2012


    Words cannot express how much you have touched my life. Your strength gives me strength every day. Trivial issues in my own life have become just that – trivial. I am embarrassed that I have allowed little things in life bring me down and how many things I have taken for granted. God has a purpose for everyone and clearly this was the path he wanted for you and your family. You have touched so many people and I know you will continue to inspire me and others. Thank you for allowing your story to be shared. You are nothing short of AMAZING. Sending love, prayers and a big hug

  132. 8-25-2012

    To discount those that do not believe the same as you is true ignorance. People suffer every day and may not believe the way you do. My brother hung himself and 9 months later my daughter was born and I am a Celtic Pagan. I hope the best for Aimee but because of your blind religious ignorance I wont visit this website again.

  133. 9-11-2012

    just sitting here watching the new tv show KATIE and hearing your story for the first time. god bless you will always be in my prayers.

  134. 9-11-2012

    Hi Aimee,

    We are glad to hear that you are recovering well. We would like to get an interview from you because your story fits in well with what we talk about on the show.

    Would you be interested in this? Thank you so much.

  135. 9-12-2012

    What a beautiful girl, both inside and out. I foresee her inspiring many young women to celebrate their own unique beauty and to be all that they were meant to be. Aimee was loved by many before her accident and she will go on to be loved by millions.

  136. 9-15-2012

    You seem like a very Lucky person..
    We alll grow in many ways for many reasons..After going to Hurricane Katrina I read this every morning “Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.” JAMES 4:14
    Remember this

    “perhaps our eyes need to be waashed by our
    tears once in a wile,so that we can see life with a
    cleareer view again…”
    alex tan

  137. 10-11-2012

    Aimee, I was a flight attendant for Delta and am now retired. I just saw you were at Delta and wish I had known…would loved to have met you in person!! I have prayed often for you!! Aimee, I believe God is going to use you to show the world a miracle…I won’t write here what I believe He is going to do, but I have shared it with several friends. We are praying in agreement that God would move mightily on your behalf….may He overwhelm you with His love!!

  138. 12-15-2012

    God Bless You. Dear Aimee

  139. 1-12-2014

    God bless you! We all seem to take for granted, the “small” blessings in life. You, however, know how to be thankful for ALL blessings! You are an inspiration. I have a friend, a brother in Christ, who is suffering with the same type of thing you have been through. After nearly dying a few weeks ago, God chose to leave him here with his family but he now faces loosing both legs tomorrow and within a week most of both hands. He is a great man of God, missionary who has helped build churches all over the world and he now struggles with what he is facing. If you could send a kind word of encouragement (email me & i will give you info) or just say a prayer for Lee it would be appreciated. We never know why we go through the trials we have, but we know God has a reason. God bless you and prayers for you.

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