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Donna and I have just come from seeing Aimee this morning and I can report that over the past 48 hours, Aimee has had the most difficult pain she’s experienced through her entire ordeal.


Just to be clear: in my previous post I mentioned that Aimee refused pain medication during dressing changes. The surgery Aimee had on Friday is far more severe than any dressing change imaginable. Aimee is now taking pain medication in as liberal a dose as can be prescribed. If she even dared to refuse taking it, which she wouldn’t, then the doctors would most certainly administer it in an IV drip. Even so, the allowable doses of Morphine, Fentanyl and Lyrica are often inadequate to deal with the pain that Aimee is now experiencing. Please believe me when I say that Aimee’s refusal to use pain medication has ceased following her most recent surgery. She is now requesting it ahead of schedule.


Until now, Aimee’s pain has been focused on her amputation sites, the wound on her left side and, most recently, the her right thigh (the skin donor site). She now has two new pain centers: her abdomen and her groin. During the most recent skin graft, her surgeons were forced to take muscle from Aimee’s abdomen to create a flap over the iliac artery in her groin. She occasionally cries from the pain, but she stops because crying hurts her stomach. She says that she feels like a patchwork quilt, because her body is a collection of skin grafts and bandages.


We have to be careful what we say to her. It hurts her to talk, so she doesn’t want any questions. She doesn’t want to have to think about making decisions or attempt to conjure up a response. She wants and needs a quiet surrounding, but she also wants us to remain in the room with her. Much of our time together is spent simply waiting by her side until she expresses a need, which is not a problem for us. That is one of the many roles we have as her parents. Whatever Aimee needs, her mother and I will be there by her side to provide.


Sometimes she just needs to sleep. This morning we found her resting comfortably for the first time in hours, so we left, drove to Cracker Barrel and had breakfast while she slept. She had the nurse call us while we were there to tell us that she wanted to see us. Parenting on demand. You have to love that.


When we arrived back at the hospital she was visibly suffering from the pain of her surgery. We patiently tended to her, careful to be close by her side and provide her needs, but doing so with tender care. She said she was hungry, but she hasn’t been able to eat for over 24 hours now. She ate after her surgery on Friday, but she had trouble digesting solids and she wound up vomiting up everything during the night. She was concerned that she popped a stitch in her abdomen while heaving, but the doctors assured her that her stitches were intact. Amazingly, although she is suffering immensely, Aimee’s presence of mind is sharp.


She looked at me with sad, raised eyebrows and whispered softly, “Daddy?”


“Yes honey?” I answered.


“Happy Father’s Day,” she said as her sadness withered into a faint smile.


I wanted to hug her, but to even touch her sends a shockwave of pain through her body. I could only smile and nod.


“Thank you Aimee, I love you.”


“I love you too Daddy.”


Sometimes being a parent is not easy and this is one of those times. I would much rather be the one in that bed. If I could take that pain away from her I would do it in a heartbeat. If I could give her my hands and legs, I would gladly do so. If she needs anymore “muscle flaps”, I am going to demand that they take it from me. I so much want her to move past this stage of her illness. I so much want to see her resume her normalcy of life. Whatever you call what she is going through now, it is not normal.


We have to take the bad with the good. We have had many good times with Aimee over the past twenty four years. Sure, we’ve had our share of challenges with her, mainly because she has always been very strong willed. All I can say is that Aimee takes after her father in that regard. The fact that she is a lot like me makes it much easier for me to understand Aimee. Regardless, Donna and I understand that parenting requires discipline and grace. Strong, consistent and patient nurturing, that is the key. Children need to have the freedom to make mistakes, but a parent needs to be there to pick them up when they fall.


Donna and I have always believed in providing a firm and disciplined environment for our daughters while simultaneously giving them the freedom to make their own choices. A good example of that was a few years back when we took Aimee and Paige with us to the now closed Daufuskie Island Resort on an Edward Jones business trip. Each family was assigned a golf cart to use on the island and the girls asked us if they could drive the cart around the island. Donna and I discussed this and then laid down the rules of golf cart usage: stay on the cart paths, watch for traffic, don’t try any wild stunts, be respectful of others, etc.


Later that night Donna and I walked to the big group dinner at the restaurant pavilion. Paige and Aimee were nowhere to be seen. Halfway through dinner, big sister Paige showed up while Aimee appeared to be hiding behind her.


“Daddy?” Paige said.


That word can be said at least ten ways and the mere expression of the word can mean ten different things. This time the sound of it was something along the lines of “we screwed up”.


“What  happened?” I knew right away that something was wrong.


“About the golf cart…”


Aimee stood behind Paige, willing to let her big sister bear the brunt of my response. I think my response surprised them. To make a long story short, Aimee decided to off-road the golf cart onto the beach and she hit a big rock and broke the steering mechanism. The cart was towed back to the island sundry store where it remained parked with pigeon-toed front wheels and the name plate “COPELAND” on the front to announce our family’s indignity. One of the financial advisors took a picture of that golf cart and every year we get together, he shows the picture so that we can relive our indignity with a chuckle.


Her mother and I handled that event with stern grace. What can you do? Basically, we all did the same thing – we walked. When Paige and Aimee complained about walking, we reminded them that we could be riding. We all suffered the consequences, but we all learned from it and we all became better for it because we suffered together.


Today we suffer together again, but that’s okay. It’s better to suffer and learn than to not suffer and learn nothing. One thing we will not do is suffer alone.


I thank you all for supporting us through this difficult time in our lives and I truly appreciate your continued prayers. Please know that although our suffering is great, there is One who suffered more than any of us will ever know. Jesus Christ bore our sins on the cross so that we could come directly to God with our fears and pains. It is through His blood that we have hope. It is through His love that we have faith. In acknowledging His suffering we can understand what love truly is. This is one factor that makes me the father I am today.


I have to add that my father, Sam Copeland, is the man who led me to Christ so that I could gain a clear picture of how to live my own life. Paige and Aimee affectionately refer to him as “Sampa” and it is he that gave me a clear example of how to raise my family. When I was growing up, Sampa allowed me to make my own mistakes and he and my mother were there to pick me up when I fell.  Their firm hand and disciplined approach in raising me has helped me become the man I am today. I am quite fortunate to have enjoyed a great luxury that many men have never known.


Thank you Sampa, I love you and I hope you have a blessed Father’s Day.


To all those other fathers out there, hug your children and savor them. Help them to grow into fine examples of humanity for everyone around them. Encourage them to have compassion for others and show them how to love by showering love and adoration on your wife. Be firm and resolute, but demonstrate grace in the process. You will make mistakes as we all do, but be willing to acknowledge your own mistakes and learn from them. We are all human and demonstrating your frailties will only make your own message stronger. Most of all, lead your family along a Godly path so that they will be able to find their way back to the path when they stray.


God bless you all and have a happy Father’s Day!


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  1. 6-17-2012

    Happy Father’s Day to you! What an amazing dad you are!

    • 6-17-2012

      Please give Aimee a message for me. Holistic healing is a great way to go, a good place to start healing. When the extremes in life happen, sometimes we need to go to extremes to deal with our situations. Please don’t deny yourself pain meds for relief. This is an extreme situation of extreme pain. It is okay to hold your beliefs and still get pain treatment. This does not negate what you believe in, and does not make you a hipocrite. Let me explain. I can’t use my real name. I’m a recovering addict and I know a lot of recovering people. Our program tells us that we can not use narcotics EVER! But there is a problem. Most of us will run into a situation of having to deal with illness, injury, surgery, short-term or chronic pain. Just because we are recovering addicts does not mean we have to suffer! People like me must take precautions, but if I have to get surgery (or dental work) I will agree to be put under anestheia and will not deny myself pain meds if I really need them. All medications have side effects. To help me decide whether I want to take meds I will ask myself: Do the good effects of this medication outweigh the side effects? I have some extreme health conditions and usually the side effects of what I take aren’t nearly as bad as the disease itself. Consider the side effects (groginess, hallucinations). It is always up to you and is always your decision of what you do and don’t want to take. The truth is, I hate to see anyone suffer!! Give yourself a break and don’t be so hard on yourself. You deserve the best of care! If you like inspiring music, the radio station K-love plays “alternative Christian rock”. If it’s not good for now, you might enjoy it later. Your parents might like it, too! Love and blessings (and MIRACLES!) Gil W.

      • 6-18-2012

        I have to agree with Gil on everything above. It was so well put. Extreme circumstances that would interrupt your regular system of beliefs does not make you a hypocrite. While it is true that doctors often prescribe medication for problems that could be holistically healed, this does not seem to be one of those circumstances. This is extreme. Jesus is the ultimate Healer there is, but He also gave us doctors and He can provide resources in many ways. Don’t put a limit on God and please don’t beat yourself up about using meds. God looks at the heart and that’s all that matters. You are truly a beautiful person! Many prayers from CT.

      • 6-18-2012

        Gil W, thank your mentioning alternative therapies I am dealing with a challenge that happened in 2006 or sooner, I can say that colloidal silver, the new silver solution and ACS 200 has been a God send for me. When I heard about Aimee the first thought that came to my mind was hyperbaric oxygen tank. I hope someone at least looks into alternative therapies for this sweet Angle.

      • 6-19-2012

        Hi Aimee.. You and your family are in my thoughts and I hopr you get better soon. I know that you believe in holistic medicine, but there is no shame in asking for narcotic pain relievers when you need them. Somerimes refusing these medications will halt your healing because the stress of pain is unbearable. I like Gill am also an addict, however my recovery is much different, I am on Methadone Maintenance and I understand how you may be afraid you will become dependent, but now is not the time to worry about that. you need to stay as comfortable and stress free as you can and if that means you need to be on medication that is ok..I hope you get my message. I dont pray but I do have a big heart, and I will be thinking good thoughts for you everyday. I cant even imagine the pain you are in so I refuse to say I know how you are feeling. I am just here to say get better and I am glad that so many other people care about you..If you ever want to write me, please do…

        With love and good thoughts
        Patrice Bedrosian-Nagel

      • 6-19-2012

        Dear Aimee and Family,
        I have been a holistic advocate since age thirty. In the month of my 50th birthday, I was diagnosed with systemic lupus. I came to the ER because of an excruciating pain at my right side waistline. It turned out to be a large blood clot in the renal vein. After the usual required ER tests to rule out a virus, signs of infection, etc., they said I was going to be in the hospital a long time. The doctor ordered a morphine injection within minutes of me being seen. I objected even though I was thinking I was going to die from the pain alone forget the lifethreatening illness. It sounds like you are one strong young lady but one thing I was told while I was in the hospital was that without relieving the pain, my body was going to have a difficult recovering and healing. I had to give it a timeout from the pain, and that I would sleep which was also very important. They told me to ask for the iv shot of morphine as soon as the pain crept back in. And I did, and when the blood clot in my renal vein was dissolved and the pain lessened, my body didn’t need the morphine and it told me so by making me throw-up after an iv injection weeks into my hospital stay.It was the last iv I needed for pain. I didn’t go through withdrawal, my body seemed relaxed and stronger than I thought it would be after being bedbound and not being able to eat during the 6 weeks before the turn around point. I know that your pain is far worse than what I experienced but I want you to know that you need to give your body a chance to fight back and not be exhausted and debilitated by the pain. And sweetheart, you need to let your mind rest as well. My doctors allowed me to use all my holistic vitamins, minerals, tinctures,and progesterone cream and visualization. They even let the head of nursing do hands on healing which she had been practicing for years (but not in the hospital which was a first). Let go and receive all the help our Creator brings to you. I had to learn to accept help which is my life lesson, and trust that my body knows how to be healthy. God bless you in this intense challenge. There is no shame in receiving. It is as important as giving otherwise we would be way out of balance. Love to you and your family. Warmly, aannah k

      • 6-21-2012

        This woman is amazing, I never felt so much admiration for one person that when I heard what happened to her then heard how she handled the ordeal I was stunned without words to see a woman that is so pretty,sweet and intelligent that she also holds the courage and bravery to stand up to a event like that is the measure of true character. I only could donate $100 but if I were rich I would give her a million dollars, no problem. I love this girl and will have her in prayer every day. Robert Villani

    • 6-17-2012

      My husband and I check the blog each day for Aimee’s updates. My husband is a survivor of NF of 11 months. We spoke with Donna a few weeks ago when he was there for surgery. Prayers for Aimee and the entire family because we are one of the few that knows how you feel. God Bless.

    • 6-17-2012

      I am so blessed to hear you speak Boldly of Jesus Christ.I am sorry for the suffering you have all gone through.I have known some degree of suffering as I have had 3 brain surgeries and I can honestly say that while I have been a Christian my whole life that Jesus was so much nearer to me the sicker that I was.i can say that in my “Valley of the shadow of death” that I had such a degree of peace…God bless you and your family..

      • 6-19-2012

        All of this talk about God is just NUTTY. Let’s see: God didn’t see fit to help Aimee steer clear of that zip line, but now you want to give him all kinds of credit for helping her heal. If I won’t give you a nickel, am I going to give you a dime? Prob’ly not, and that is what you are giving God credit for. There is no God, and if there were, he would have Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome. Look it up!

      • 6-20-2012

        I’m sorry Elizabeth…God has a plan for us all and it was obviously in Aimee’s plan that this happened. What we go through is God’s doing and there is a lesson learned with every good and bad situation in life. If you have a problem with their beliefs than keep it to yourself, now is not the time for them to be hearing from Negative Nancys.

        Kristi – Stay strong and God bless you! 🙂

        My prayers are with you Aimee and your family! 🙂

      • 6-27-2012

        Elizabeth – What is “nutty” is you advertising your neurosis on a blog dedicated to a beautiful, strong young woman recovering from five failed organs and several amputations. As an atheist myself, I can assure you that your take on religion is no more sane than anyone else’s. Personally, I see a father who has coped well with a difficult situation and with amazing grace – thanks, in large part, to the comfort he finds in his faith. Surely, you must have one friend that is willing to listen to your psychobabble, so you don’t have to harass and insult people you don’t know online.

    • 6-17-2012

      Amiee has been in my prayers from the first moment that I read about her accident. I pray for you and your family that your love for her will give her all the strength to help her through this. God bless you all.

      • 6-19-2012

        “This too, shall pass”.

      • 6-23-2012

        Elizabeth, Please keep those awful negative remarks to your self.. If you have nothing nice to say, DON’T SAY ANYTHING!!!!!!

    • 6-18-2012

      I have been following your story since it happened and always look forward to see how Aimee and the family are doing..I am so sorry to hear that Aimee is having such difficulties with the pain, she has been so strong so far, I pray for you and your family that this will pass soon. I did cry to today reading your post regarding her pain and it being Fathers day…With the grace of god, this is more than I could imagine for you and your family to bear and watch your daughter go thru this painful ordeal…I pray for you and your family and Aimee that God keeps giving you the strength to be strong…Your in my prayers nightly…I wish everyone could have a Father so loving as you have showed the world that you are a WONDERFUL MAN….GOD BLESS YOU

    • 6-18-2012

      I agree sometimes pain meds are needed so that the body can relax and heal. Aimee is a hero and an inspiration to so many. She is in my prayers for a complete healing. Is there a charitable foundation set up in her name for checks / donantions to be made out to her

    • 6-18-2012

      Prayers for Aimee and each family member and friend — A young member of my husband’s family passed away years ago due to a misdiagnosis of NF – by the time the small town hospital realized that they needed the help of a larger facility to treat this fast acting bacteria, she was not strong enough to fight the grafts. I am so thankful that doctors were quick to act – and I admire Aimee’s spirit. During painful moments make sure her favorite music is quietly playing – or a sound machine like those with the ocean / seagulls- etc … That helps the moments to pass by with less tension – and will aid in sleep. Praying that she is soon able to return to life with all of those who love her!!! XO

    • 6-18-2012

      I feel an extra closeness to Aimee and your family. I too am a survivor of necrotizing fasciitis. I got the disease in 2009. I was told it was a very rare disease, but I am hearing more people getting it lately?? I can absolutely relate to the feeling of confusion and pain that Aimee is experiencing. My family and doctors were just amazed at my recovery. I still have a lot of flashbacks and do get mental counseling, but am doing very well. I pray everyday for Aimee and the entire family, because it is a disease that affects the whole family. Love and prayers to you all!

    • 6-18-2012

      I totally agree with you about your Dad. He taught me to be a a member of ” the compliment club” when I was young. I’m sure your Mom and Dad have, both, been strong support for both you and your family during these last few months. Can you give me an address for Aimee so we can send her a card. Would you mind if I send the address our to some of my FB friends? Jimmy

    • 6-18-2012

      I just want to say how sorry I am for the pain and suffering you are going through and how much I admire and respect your immeasurable love, strength and grace which you are displaying through this horrific ordeal. I cannot imagine and am even afraid to try to imagine what you must be going through and even worse, what Aimee is going through. Being a mother of a 21 and 19 year old daughter and son, I do understand how you want to take Aimee’s place and relieve her of her pain and take it yourself. It is wonderful, the gift of Faith that you have, which I pray will help you and your family endure. I want to thank you for sharing your experience, emotions and beliefs. In this current society of ours with all the superficial materialistic matters that bombard our daily lives, the gift of your sharing helps to remind me of the purpose of mankind’s existence on this earth. May God Bless you all!

    • 6-18-2012


      As others have already noted… you are truly an amazing writer, bringing it to us in FULL Color. Thank you for sharing with us. It makes my daily pains not even comparable to Aimee’s. Prayers are being sent for you and your family.

      Thank you for pronouncing GOD and not being shameful to admit his glory.

    • 6-18-2012

      God bless you, Aimee and family. Never, EVER feel guilty for the need to take painkillers. God allowed their creation for just such a situation as yours, as well as for chronic and terminal illness. Never apologize, either. The medical need for them is obvious. Just imagine what a blessing pain meds are, compared to long ago days when there was nothing.You are wished a speedy recovery, and a long and happy life.

      • 6-20-2012

        I pray for Aimee too, and for her pain needs and healing. I will say that a cannabis ointment will give pain relief when the opiates and synthetic stuff gives out. I’m keeping you all in my prayers.

        If I can help in any way, please let me know.

    • 6-18-2012

      Aimee, I love you…..

    • 6-18-2012

      Mr. Copeland, I had NF in March of 2006 and almost died, fortunatly I did not loose limbs, but went thru numerous painfull surgerys to replace skin on several parts of my body. Ive been following your daughters ordeal and am hoping that she will return to her normal self, it will be a long road but she sounds very strong and will get thru it as I did. Pain meds were the only way to cope with the incredibal pain I went thru, sometime they didnt work but its not worth not taking them. Best of luck to you and your family and god bless

    • 6-18-2012

      My Prayers are with you Aimee. God has a plan for all of us and I pray that God is always there with you. You’re in my Heart.

      God Bless

    • 6-18-2012

      Aimee and family my prayers and with you all and my heart goes out to your all!! I ask of you to keep the faith and request all prayers, becasue you will get threw this. I know what you are feeling and went throught a similar situation with my father 67 yrs old in Oct. 31, 2011 a day before my birthday.

      Oct. 11 2012 was hit by a city bus and degloved his right arm and not other injuries. No broken bones was amazing, but still very painful and dramatic. He was in the hospital for 3 wks and then moved to a nursing home to recover. One day before being released from the nursing/ care home, he had fell down, throwing up and aditional sypmtons casuing him to go back to the emergency where he was originally seen at. The hospital knew he had some type of infection, but thinking it was generating his right arm. Well, we notice a blister on the left elbow and never really address until 2 days later when it pooped and white in color. The diease and arm specialist knew exactly what is was and down hill from there. We were still able to communicate with my father to some degree with a shake of the head yes or no. We told him of his arm and he was sure he still wanted, which was not an option and still no garuantee’s. It was life threatening and went from bad to worse within days. We never thought we would make this type of decision nor fighting for his life. He is a country man and loves his horse and the open country. Well, that all changed now coping with one arm and doing great. We are very thing the Good Lord spared his Life and i have to say i have FAITH in Aimee… She sounds like a fighter and i know she will do well whatever she does. It is a long road, but think my father at 67 yrs old can do it, she can do it 10x faster… 🙂 Praying for you and wishing you the best.

      Hugs, AZ angels 0: )

      • 6-18-2012


        and yes, it was the same necrotizing fasciitis that my father had. 🙁

    • 6-19-2012

      God love you and your family. If there was any way that I could take away the pain from her I would, I’ve had 2 back surgeries and need a neck surgery but I’d rather be in her shoes because I know that her pain will soon be gone long before mine will buts that’s OK.

      You are a very gracious man and a very loving father to be doing what you are doing by keeping everyone informed on your Daughters progress,what ever happens, the whole US is behind you and we will be until the end.

      We love you Aimee but you don’t need to fight anymore, your getting to week and sick and God bless everyone that’s standing beside your family.

    • 6-19-2012

      He is one of the best FATHERS on earth, sorry,but where’s MOM???????

      • 6-20-2012

        I am sure she is right where Aimee needs her. her bedside!!! God bless this family!

      • 6-23-2012

        Robin, Her mom is right there, the father is the one who writes the blog to keep us updated…

    • 6-19-2012

      God Bless You, strenghten you, and always keep you.

    • 6-19-2012

      I just want to extend my thoughts and prayers to Aimee and her family!!!I feel so bad that such a wonderful person has to go through so much pain!!!Aimee will get through this awful time in her life and that stunning and beautiful smile of hers will be there always.Everytime I see a picture of her I’m amazed at how her smile is brighter than the sun on the sunniest of days.Anyway,Aimee is as beautiful now as before and just know if I could trade places with that girl I would,it’s just not fair for that sweetie pie to be in such pain!!! 🙁

    • 6-19-2012

      Jesus Christ will help us through the trials and tribulations! Amy is a very loveing person and I can see that she is also a fighter! My prayers and thoughts are with you all!! May peace and healing surround Amy!! I read through this everyday!! Please tell her I love her.
      P clark oklahoma

    • 6-19-2012

      I think about you guys often and pray for strength and peace for your family. The challenges you have endured so far have been unimaginable. Keep positive and keep your family and friends close. The challenges will continue but you will get through this! God speed…

    • 6-19-2012

      What a brave and beautiful woman you are Aimee! my prayers and thoughts of your healing and having some peace while you do are going to be continuous. I too am an avid environmentalist and PEACE crusader and Lord knows we need you back in the game! But no worries, we will all work a little harder to keep up your end! I had a near death experience in 2010 and know how life can change in an instant. But with all the love you have given to the world you will get this back for your healing. Rest easy and heal my young friend. Love, Donna

    • 6-19-2012

      I dont have any money to donate. I wish I did.However,Aimee,you & your family are in my thoughts and prayers. You are truly a strong young woman. I can only sympathize with your pain as my mom went through skin grafts on her leg & wrist. There is a saying that GOD only gives us what HE knows we can handle. I just wish sometimes He’d ask our opinion before giving it to us(lol). I wish I knew why things happen the way they do,but,I do have faith and I know that you are a remarkable,strong,incredible woman and you will,with the love of your family,friends,and others,as well as GOD will get through this. I will always pray for you.

    • 6-19-2012

      Wednesday 6-19

      You tell Aimee that giving in to take the painkillers is a sign of her strength and self-confidence to beat this!!! Her body needs rest and the painkillers will help her muscles and whole body relax and aid in healing. All our prayers are with you all. From Wendy in PA

    • 6-19-2012

      I have been keeping up on how Aimee is doing. Please know she will be in my prayers. And her family also. The best thing is having so much faith. Prayers to you and your family.

    • 6-19-2012

      My wife and I say a prayer each night for Aimee! We love her!!!!! God bless and keep you all!

    • 6-19-2012

      All I can say is God bless you all and my prayers are with you. Thank you for testifying to your faith in Christ and sharing your witness with us. We can do all things in Christ who stregthens us.

    • 6-20-2012

      Prayers go out to Aimee and her family! I check her blog everyday! It’s so sad:( I love you guys dearly. God bless?

    • 6-23-2012

      The phantom pain may be help by what is known as mirror effect.It help me.I had this happen to Dec.of last year. Anyway I can help let me know. Love to talk to her. If not please let her know she is in my prayers. I know she is in pain beyond words.I also have a daughter.She has a good father.

    • 6-24-2012

      Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family Aimee. Best wishes that it only gets better from here. You must be amazingly strong and you are an inspiration worldwide.

      A Mother
      Canberra,A.C.T, Australia

    • 6-26-2012

      Dear Andy,

      I’ve learned a lot from your blog about how to be a parent to an adult child. Your care-giving is Christ-like. Clearly, love transcends suffering, and through the parent’s love, the child can transubstantiate her suffering. Such love invites her to commend her suffering, to transform it into the body of the parent. That is what can happen when we love our children; we can take away their pain.

      Thank you.

  2. 6-17-2012

    God bless you, Sir, and God bless your family. I’ve been praying for Amy and for you from the start. I don’t know what God’s purpose may be in all this but we must believe there is one and we have to fulfill it.

    • 6-17-2012

      The God we know off has nothing to do with it. She is surrounded with Godly people, her father, the rest of her family, the doctors, nurses and the staff. They will do the right thing for her.

      • 6-18-2012

        Well, the idea that a God who didn’t see fit to help Aimee avoid that zip line is now helping her heal makes him someone who has Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome. It’s like saying someone who refused you a nickel is now giving you a dime–or a hundred-dollar bill. God always gets all of the credit for the good and takes none of the responsibility for the bad, and that, my friends, is what 12-step programs are all about. In any case, Aimee is a remarkable and inspiring young lady, but no–there is no God. And if there is, he needs to be slapped.

      • 6-18-2012

        Joe Fattal……OH REALLY……is that what you think…well good luck to you in your life….with no god

  3. 6-17-2012

    Continued prayers for your entire family. Your strength and grace at this moment is such a testiment to your faith. While Amiee has become the face of that faith, yours is the foundation. Stay strong, prayer warriors are with you.

  4. 6-17-2012

    Aimee will continually be in our prayers – Happy Father’s Day to you.

  5. 6-17-2012

    Twelve years ago yesterday my little girl was in a motor vehicle accident. Long story short, the doctors told me to call her family in to say goodbye. I watched as her four siblings went into her room one at a time to say “I love you, sis.” My husband was distraught. By the Grace of God she is still with us and has given us two healthy grandsons. I remember the agony of her crying out in pain while I felt helpless. Many people were praying. Some of whom I will never see their faces on this side of Heaven. You, Donna, Aimee and Paige will continue to be in my prayers.

    • 6-19-2012

      I lost my left hand in a horrible accident several years ago. I had nine surgeries to try and save my hand. I had 3 skin grafts and after each one I prayed that they would work so I wouldn’t have to have any more. I know the pain that she is going through and the pain and heartache that she will face everyday. I’am praying for you all everyday. I wish that I could help her. My God bless you all!

  6. 6-17-2012

    I admire your strength and faith. God bless you and your family! I could never be as strong as you! Amazing!

  7. 6-17-2012

    Beautiful post. Your family is an incredible inspiration. I pray for pain relief for Aimee and I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for her life. She is certainly going to have a special purpose. May God continue to bless your family.

    • 6-18-2012

      What “the Lord” had in store for her was to NOT help her avoid that zip line. What, you think there’s something so rare and valuable that she can only learn it by losing her freaking leg, hands, and other foot—all courtesy of the God who just didn’t see fit to cause her to miss out on that Zip line entirely? Are you an idiot?

      • 6-22-2012

        God loves even you Elizabeth. God’s plans are never for us to know about. I do not believe anyone is an idiot. Things happen. God is the one who allows us choices… we can either chose to follow him or chose not to. I chose to follow Him. You chose not to. Aimee chose to ride the zip line… clearly, do you know what will happen in your future? You could be involved in a small fender bender tomorrow. Did you know it would happen? No. How you react during and after the accident is your choice. Take Bethany Hamilton for example. At 13 or 14 years old she lost her arm in a shark attack. Did she chose to sulk, never surf again, and think that life sucked? No, she got back up on her board and shared her story with others. She focused on sharing the Good News with others of Jesus Christ. Did her life change? You bet. But her focus was spot on. Heck, what about Nick Vujicic? Same thing? Both individuals, didn’t dwell on the negative. They thought of the opportunity to use their disability as a platform to share the Gospel of Jesus. Jesus weeps for your heart. He desires to have a personal relationship even with you Elizabeth. What has made your heart so hard? If so many people are writing similar messages on this site, have you not once thought why don’t I try it? Why don’t I see what it’s about? Sure, focus on what you think…your perception, but maybe, just maybe your perception of what you think Jesus to be may be wrong. Have you ever tried just talking to Him? Yes. Try it… Maybe you would have a peaceful heart and life. Maybe through this blog, maybe through AIMEE, you will learn to love, truly love the way Jesus does. Can’t knock it if you don’t try it…right? So maybe your life sucks too…in reality so to speak…why does it suck? Why is your heart heavy? Why are you hurting deep inside? Why are you filled with so much anxiety? Just cry out to God, ask Him to show you what it is youre missing in life…and I am positive the doors will open and others will close. Rid yourself of the what’s negative… God is so good. Look at pics of Bethany…she’s happy. Look at pics of Nick…he’s happy. Why? They have the joy of the Lord as their strengh…you can have the same… just ask God for it. Then see who the idiots are…but if you haven’t done this for YOURSELF…then I can only pity the choice you made.


      • 6-24-2012

        Some thoughts are better left unspoken, or left for a more appropiate time. Regardless of your beliefs & God. Have you consindered what this family is goin through, hard times and pain. Maybe the last thing they need to her is you bagging out on their religous beliefs.

      • 6-24-2012

        I agree with you! It’s amazing how these Godly people see things, isn’t it??? If God was watching out for Aimee, God would have told her, “Don’t ride the faulty zip line!!”

      • 6-27-2012

        You are the worst, most embarrassing kind of Atheist, Elizabeth. No one is hurting you by believing in something that you reject. Your insults indicate you have some serious insecurities to get over….elsewhere.

      • 7-3-2012

        This life isn’t forever. Maybe God is using Aimee to get your attention about a relationship with God before it’s too late. Our lives are short here on earth. We all need to fix our relationship with God while there’s time. This loving God cared for Aimee, and all of us, enough to die for us and give us an opportunity for an eternal relationship with him but it’s our choice. Jesus said, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.” Jesus suffered way beyond what anyone has suffered in order for our relationship with him to be restored. He’s knocking on your heart right now; accept the invitation. Psalm 34:8 says, “taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!” We can take refuge in him. I would like to also challenge you to do the same. It’s the best decision you can ever make. I pray you do.

  8. 6-17-2012

    You faith is strong and you have a family who maintains that faith. Aimee is in my prayers, as you all are. She has shown amazing courage and endurance through all of this and I pray her pain subsides quickly. God bless you all!!

  9. 6-17-2012

    There are no words for such a lovely, heart-wrenching post like that – except thank you and may God continue to give you the grace that you are living out loud.

  10. 6-17-2012

    I have been praying for Aimee since I first heard of her awful circumstance. I was so touched by your article today. I wish there was something more we could say than platitudes and cliche’s, but you know God has a much larger plan than we are ever able to see in the midst of the storm.

    Continuing to pray for your precious daughter and the rest of your family as you walk this journey together.

  11. 6-17-2012

    Wow, Andy, you are a beautiful writer. I came to this blog initially out of compassion for Aimee. I read this today and wanted to let you know several things I gained from it. I certainly gained insight and empathy into what your family is going through. I connected to you all through this story today and sent my healing thoughts to you. Secondly, I am not religious. I almost consider myself atheist, though I do allow for a spiritual realm beyond our current understanding. I do not identify with any of man’s religions what so ever. Having said that, all my life I have heard the statement, “Jesus died for your sins” and thought it was so hollow and empty and void of clarity and meaning. I found it irritating and those that “used” it seemed to hide behind it. You, however, made the statement differently and in a combination of words I have never heard used before. “Jesus Christ bore our sins on the cross so that we could come directly to God with our fears and pains.” You lose me a little after that, but I want to credit you with saying something I have heard for years in a way that made sense to me and actually resonated. I will be giving that more thought and contemplation.

    I still wish for your family healing and health and too wish that I could take Aimee’s pain from her.


    • 6-17-2012

      WOW, Wow, Wow! NEVER have I been so moved to comment on a blog post as I am today. It took me a minute because I couldn’t stop crying. Mr. Copeland – Happy Father’s Day, Sir. You are an awesome man of God. God is surely using you mightily. As I scrolled down to read the others comments the one from Lorena, the “atheist”, is what took me over, and I’m a Believer! I must agree with Lorena on how you wrote that Rhema word. The fact alone that Lorena stated “that word made sense to her and resonated enough to cause more thought and contemplation…” wow, I just started to weep. Keep watering (1 Cor. 3:7) Mr. Copeland and being a living example of the Word. God will surely bring the increase and much fruit will abound to your account (Phil. 4:17). God bless you, and again Happy Father’s Day. My thoughts and prayers are continually toward you and your beautiful family. The day will surely come that you will be able to hug Aimee and it will not hurt, in Jesus’ Name.

      • 6-17-2012

        …and Lorena, thank you for your words. You touched my heart.

    • 6-17-2012

      amend he is a great writer. i cry when i read to my husband every time happy father day to you

    • 6-18-2012

      I think Andy your profound words,speak volumes. God does have a special purpose for Aimee. And I can see it already in this blog. It is through your family’s trial, and your belief in Jesus Christ that you share so eloquently with others that God is already bringing non-believers to want to know him. I too learned something from your blog, about suffering together with our loved ones. I will be sharing your post with my husband and daughters. No matter what our trials may be we will go through them together. Thank you for sharing your hearts, continued prayers for Gods healing, peace, and comfort. Draw from his strength, in Him, all things are possible.

  12. 6-17-2012

    Thank You so much for sharing all that you have and will. I have prayed for your daughter and family. And I am truly blessed by the things shared on this site. As I know others will be also. I am amazed at how AWESOME Aimee is. God Bless her and you. He is so good. And teaching his children is sometimes so hard. I pray you have a wonderful father’s day. You are a blessed man.

  13. 6-17-2012

    From the bottom of my heart I’m so sorry Aimee has had to go thru this. I admire all of your courage. You knowing what she truly needs and providing those things during her tough battle is what keeps her going. Although I don’t have a father your story warms my heart. Your family has a strong bond, and I pray for a quick recovery. Aimee you are a inspiration to me. Your family is amazing and together you all will make it thru this tragedy. God is good and he only gives us what we can handle. I look forward to hearing that you have accomplished medical school. If you ever need a pen pal I would be honored. Lots of love and soft hugs, shawna

    • 6-18-2012

      Shawna, you do have a FATHER…OUR GOD is the only FATHER you need. BE BLESSED in Jesus Name…

  14. 6-17-2012

    Aimee is an amazing woman….truly amazing. She is so blessed to have a family that is caring with you through this nightmare. You are all wonderful!!

    Be care??

  15. 6-17-2012

    “Please know that although our suffering is great, there is One who suffered more than any of us will ever know. Jesus Christ bore our sins on the cross so that we could come directly to God with our fears and pains. It is through His blood that we have hope. It is through His love that we have faith. In acknowledging His suffering we can understand what love truly is.” Amen to that. I am reminded of Paul’s writing to the Romans “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us”. God has a plan and purpose for your daughter’s suffering and I pray that her pain will be alleviated but through it all God, our Father, will guide her steps for His future glory.

    God bless you this father’s day.
    Francine Roback

  16. 6-17-2012

    Your words are an inspiration for me and I thank you for that.

    I am praying for your family and especially Aimee.

  17. 6-17-2012

    I’m sorry for Aimee’s pain today. I pray blessings for you and your family. Thanks for sharing your story’s with us. Every time i read about Aimee, i cry, it overwhelms to hear you share with us about Aimee.

  18. 6-17-2012

    I am so sorry to hear this, all I can do is pray for her and of course both of you as parents. I cant imagine the pain you feel when she is in pain. God Bless your family…….and air kisses to Aimee.

    • 6-19-2012

      I just have to make another comment. Reading the posts from others here is just so touching. We are lifting one another up – we are one body in Christ. It’s such a positive forum!

  19. 6-17-2012

    I look forward to every update about Aimee, and you Mr. Copeland are truly a great example of what a Christain should be. I know we all fall short, but you are a great inspiration to me. My father was a Baptist minister and was the only pastor I ever had. When he passed away I lost my dad, my pastor and a good friend who was always there for me no matter what. I know Aimee will be okay with God, and her family on her side. I lost a son in a car accident when he was twenty and I would have taken his place in a heartbeat. I will continue praying for Aimee and your family. Please keep updating us on Aimee’s condition. You all seem like family now. May God Bless and keep you. Your sister in Christ… Jan Johnson.

  20. 6-17-2012

    What you are sharing with the world; your families struggles, and pain as well as good times is surely changing many lives… Mine included. your demonstration of what being a father is will be an inspiration to many fathers and fathers to be. You are a blessing to your family. I keep your family and Aimee in my prayers every day.
    Have a blessed Father’s Day

  21. 6-17-2012

    Thank you Aimee, Andy, Donna and Paige. These updates mean so much to all of us! Y’all are such an inspiration to everyone. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you always.! It was wonderful to see you this weekned, Andy and Paige! Take care and please let us know what we can do to help! We love you guys!

  22. 6-17-2012

    Andy, the first thing I had said to you was I believed that Our Father was reminding us of the importance of fathers. I know for sure now He is fully teaching us that now through you. Prayers are redoubled for Aimee’s relief and healing and that God keeps His hand on your family. Happy Fathers Day.

  23. 6-17-2012

    Dear Aimee and Copeland family,
    I have been praying for Aimee and hope you have received my packets of encouragement. I feel very deeply for you all spiritually because I know only God can see us all through the hard times. I have lived with chronic pain for about 9 years now and would not attempt to say I know how Aimee feels. I know what some suffering is, but nothing to the extent Aimee is going through. I pray the precious Holy Ghost will fill all of your hearts and minds with peace and comfort as only He can give. I know the road ahead for Aimee will not be easy, but I truly believe God has a special plan for her life! I believe God will give her all the strength and resouces she needs to make it through to a God used and fulfilling life. With God – all things are possible! Aimee is blessed to have a father, mother, and sister that love her dearly and fully support her. I greatly admire the love and support you provide Aimee and your bold profession of Christian faith that sustains you! Praise the Lord for a Heavenly Father that loves Aimee even more than you can and I can tell by your writings, that you all love her so very much. May God’s blessings and strength surround Aimee and you all. I will be sending more encouragements. Love in Christ,
    Patsy Bowman
    May everyday be better and brighter for you all as you move forward.

  24. 6-17-2012

    As I sit here and read your blog I shake my head, no,no,no. The reason, because your daughter should not be in pain. I went through this ordeal 3 years ago, even though I did not end up having anything amputated,I was as close as it could come, but this isn’t about my story, I want to express some thoughts for Aimee and you both, her parents. The two things I know that she needs now for her recovery are sleep and proteins for the healing process and the skin graphs. I understand the not being a fan of drugs to ease the pain, but your daughter must understand that she needs rest , comfortable rest for her body to continue to repair itself, and she needs to eat lots and lots of proteins for the skin graphs and the tissues to continue to grow and manufacture new cells within her body.I, myself, couldn’t stand a lot of foods but found that eggs with cheese tasted the best and stayed down! To say the least, I ate a lot but it was ok since it was all about the proteins plus they supplemented it with those dietary protein shakes.

    As far as pain medication, instead of morphine, have you inquired about Fentanyl? they come in a transdermal patch you might ask about those, I know I was never in any pain since I had that on and they also used that during the dressing changes and the wound vac changes as well.

    I know Aimee believes in meditation, but she needs to realize this will help ease the tension, help her sleep restfully, and let her rejuvenate…

    Still watching her progression as you post the updates:

  25. 6-17-2012

    Beautiful…simply beautiful.

  26. 6-17-2012

    I’m so sorry to hear that Aimee’s latest surgery has caused her such immense pain. To be so close to this stage’s finish line and encounter this bump in the road has to be incredibly frustrating in addition to the physical pain. We continue to think of you all and pray for you constantly. I know I speak for everyone when I say I anxiously await the day this stage is over and you can all move past Augusta. We love you!

  27. 6-17-2012

    I am speechless. So glad you have religious direction. My son also had N.F. Aimee is loved. That golf cart was part of her history, and everyone is in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

  28. 6-17-2012

    I am sorry she is having such a rough day. The amazing thing about you all is that you continue looking upward rather than going over the past that is what it is. Looking upward, God is allowed to take you continually to something new and needed. What an amazing quality you are showing us. What an example.

    Happy Father’s Day! We will continue to pray.

  29. 6-17-2012

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your Family ! We will Pray for Aimee’s Quick Recovery ! Hope is on its Way . Happy Fathers Day ! God Bless

  30. 6-17-2012

    Hi Andy, Donna, Paige and Aimee,

    Andy, thank you for sharing your families moments with all of us. I have been one that has been following your words about Aimee and your family from the beginning of Aimee’s trials. Your sharing with us what you and your family is going through is so kind of you. I do know the feeling that you were talking about that you would take on the pain of your child if you were able to. I have felt that way for not only my daughter, but my granddaughter as well. You and your family have become a part of my daily prayers and will continue on through time. Thank you again for your update to us, it is so much appreciated. May God Bless you and your family now and always! Many prayers are sent you and your families way! Blessings! Karen Clark, New Haven, Indiana

  31. 6-17-2012

    As always, Andy, your words are profound. You have truly exemplified all a father should be in your words and actions. I am so very sorry Aimee is suffering. I pray that Aimee’s pain is relieved, and if she has pain, is able to get through it with as much grace as she can muster. Aimee is truly an extraordinary young woman!

    As a parent myself, I know there is nothing I would not do for my child. Of course, unlike Jesus, we are unable to substitute ourselves for our child(ren)no matter how much we are willing to do so. I pray for you, Donna and Paige as you continue this journey with Aimee. You all are amazing beacons of hope as you share that journey with others. How wonderful you continue to praise God from whom all blessings flow in the midst of all. I pray God will bless you as you bless others through your witness.

    By the way, my former pastor and dear friend is your father’s pastor. (I can’t think of the name Sam without thinking of Sam West, my cousin and Donna’s cousin.)Sampa gave you a tremendous spiritual base which obviously took root early on. Through you and Sampa, we are all recipient’s of Sampa’s faith in Jesus Christ…to God be the glory!

    Blessings ~

    Debra Patterson Baker
    Greenville, SC

  32. 6-17-2012

    Well said big brother. Happy Father’s Day to you! Paige and Aimee are blessed to have two wonderful parents.

  33. 6-17-2012

    You’re one of the best dads ever. Can you believe that some dads don’t even want to talk to their children? I’m lucky that my dad tries his best, despite some bumps in our relationship. Aimee is even luckier to have a dad like you.

  34. 6-17-2012

    Thank you so much for sharing your sweet daughter’s progress with us..I don’t have any words to share that will change anything.. But I know that God is being glorified through your testimony..And that is our sole purpose..To bring Glory to HIM.. Each of you are being prayed for by thousands of people…And the “prayer’s of a righteous man avails much”…When God gives “MUCH” you can rest assured, no one can compete..And aren’t we thankful that HE loves and cares..

    Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Copeland…You are a wonderful DAD…

    In Christ,


  35. 6-17-2012

    Keep the faith! Give Aimee the strength to get Well. All Hope & Love from Sidsel, Denmark.

  36. 6-17-2012

    Happy Father’s day Andy, my family will pray for your daughter. I almost cried when she whispered happy father’s day.

    God bless

  37. 6-17-2012

    Thanks for sharing Aimee’s pain and suffering with the world. You are definitely touching millions of hearts right now. I pray for your family to find comfort during this horrible time of healing for Aimee. She is here a big purpose and only God knows why she has survived. But like the guy who lost his legs in motorcycle crash said: You still have Aimee heart and soul and beautiful person on the inside. It is limbs she lost and not her spirit. God bless your family on the journey of Aimee’s road to recovery. I hope next month when you are updating that she is just progressing at an incredible speed and feeling good,eating good,and all the others great things that are yet to come. God bless your family.

  38. 6-17-2012

    My thoughts and prayers are for Aimee, you, and your family. Andy you are a strong man of faith and a great father that some only dream of having. I know that God has purpose that will be manifested even when life does not make sense. His words says in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Just know that you and your family are never alone in this. All of America is standing behind you and praying for you and your family during this difficult time.

  39. 6-17-2012

    Your long days and continued hope will bear fruit. Rest will be granted and that which is hoped for realized. God’s plan unfolds and while the desired end may not clearly appear, in time it will be known and all will be whole. Clearly, you are able to face adversity. Stay strong, comfort one another, do not forget Christ the Savior died, and was resurrected..the first of many to follow.

  40. 6-17-2012

    God Bless.

  41. 6-17-2012

    Our hearts go out to you. You are certainly in our prayers. We received a call today, on Father’s Day, that our son was injured in Afghanistan. He will be fine, but I was sickened by the original call. So I can sort of feel your pain as a parent. I am so glad that your family knows the Great Physician. God is good and faithful. Blessings to all of you, especially Aimee.

  42. 6-17-2012

    You and your family have been an inspiration to us all! I will continue to lift all of you up in prayer! Happy Father’s Day!

  43. 6-17-2012

    Andy, May you continue to be blessed and especially on Father’s Day. Every time I pray for you and your family the Lord quickens my Spirit and reminds me that our Father’s ways are not our ways and neither are his thoughts, our thoughts. I can’t even fathom what you feel nor what you see but, what I can tell you is this, this entire situation is much bigger than we can imagine. God never ever allows his children to go through anything that’s not for our good but, for his ultimate glory.

    The Bible says, “when man exalts the Lord, God will draw all men to him”. This is what I believe is happening. In this day, the world needs to see more about grace and love then anything else. God could not of allowed a more perfect example of grace and love than your family.

    Thank you for the calling to all Father’s to return back to the creator and to cherish their wives and children that God has trusted them with. Thank you for your divine Faith in our heavenly Father. Thank you for being courageous enough to share this love story with the entire world.

    If, I may, let me encourage you with Psalms 1:1-3 “Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly nor sit in the seat of the scornful but, whose delight is in the law of the Lord and who meditates on it day and night. That man is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields it fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither- whatever he does will prosper.”

    Luke 12:8 “I tell you, whoever publicly acknowledges me before others, the Son of Man will also acknowledge before the angels of God.”

    My final word to you would be Philemon 1:4 & 7 “I always thank my God as I remember you and your family in my prayers, because I hear about your love for all of his holy people and your faith in the Lord Jesus. Verse 7 “Your love has given the entire world great joy and encouragement because you brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people.” To God be the Glory.

    Aimee is being made whole in body, soul and spirit. May the peace of God continue to rest upon you all.

  44. 6-17-2012

    Bless your family for the strength you give us each day. As parents being strong for your child. Aimee for what she has taught me about strength as she daily helps me as a parent to hopefully know how to handle any situations my UWG child may encounter.

  45. 6-17-2012

    My daughter (who is a student of biochemistry and pharmacology) asked me anxiously why my eyes were so wet all the time while sitting in front of my pc since more than two weeks now. So I told her about Aimee’s dangerous condition and gave her the link to this homepage, so that she could read the details for herself. It didn’t really take longer than 2 minutes, and I had to console my daughter who now in turn was crying and sobbing. After she had calmed down a little she took the firm resolution to become a good scientist and medical researcher. She now hopes to meet Aimee own day after graduation and to be able to help her and also the other people suffering under similar conditions. – As you can see: Aimee’s story has become an inspiration for my daughter, too!
    Anyway, we both will pray for her and the entire family Copeland!

  46. 6-17-2012

    The use of pain killers is not a sign of weakness or an insult to God. They’ll provide the rest her body needs at this time. This might be a hard thing to realize, but maybe…just maybe, in her pain she isn’t thinking right. Decisions will have to be made for her. Yes, I know that’s tough thinking, but practical.
    Sorry, dad, but you’ll have to make those tough calls. Power of Attorney for Health matters should be looked into. I can’t walk in your shoes or pretend to know what you’re going through, but being a mom or dad never ends, no matter how old your child is.
    Your tough and your faith will get you through this. It’s said, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Your daughter has strong survivor instinct, but there’s no need to suffer if there’s help out there. God bless you and your family through these stressful days.

  47. 6-17-2012

    The honestly and sensitivity that you show in your writings is humbling. The strength that Aimee has shown in this life-altering situation is awe-inspiring. I hope that the bond your family has will only grow stronger to help Aimee through this terrible ordeal. I wish you all the best. My prayers are with your family.
    Happy Father’s Day!

  48. 6-17-2012

    Happy Father’s Day

    There are many of us Dads out here that follow your story and picture ourselves in your situation and pray for you and yours daily.

    You paid good attention to “Sampa”

    ~ Jeff Herring

  49. 6-17-2012

    I continue to remember Aimee daily in my prayers. Keep up the faith. You ARE making a difference around the world.

  50. 6-17-2012

    You sir are an idiot, Aimee has more faith, trust and love in her body than you could ever have. I will pray that God touches you and clears your head. Aimee, Andy, Paige and Donna may God bless you all and grant you peace and healing, you will touch many and help them to reach out to God. God bless you, you are and have been in my prayers also. Gloria Waite

    • 6-17-2012

      Gloria – I am with you and will continue to pray not only for the copelands but people such as Ed who clearly do not understand what is going on.
      My best friend went thru the same painful journey as Aimee, only she was in a coma for months and came out of it as a triple amputee. Her first words to her husband and two young daughters were that she was glad she was here at all cost. That her family and doctors knew her enough to know that she wanted to live above anything else. Seven years later we just celebrated our 50th birthdays and look forward to many more happy occassions. There is no needless suffering here. God has a plan for Aimee and I pray she finds her purpose through all of this.

    • 6-18-2012

      Gloria, Thank you for responding, graciously.
      Andy, I have not been able to write anything in the past months since Aimee’s accident, due to how overwhelmed I feel for her, giving thanks for my own limbs! I know Aimee from Athens and look forward to seeing her well, knowing somehow all the love your family is focusing with her is more powerful than how tragic this is. I humbly bow down to your love and devotion as a family. I apologize for not having the right words or humbleness to express and appreciate your postings so much!

  51. 6-17-2012

    Happy Father’s day. This has been a terrible ordeal for all of you, and I wish you best. However, reading this today, I have to wonder about the decision to take no pain medication. I know she is against it, but I also have read that people can recover better with it when it is needed. It is so hard on the body to be in that much pain– there is no way to rest. I hope she’ll rethink that. Having had some surgeries, I know there are times when it really helps. It sounds like she’s really, really having a rough time. My best wishes to all of you.

  52. 6-17-2012

    Happy Daddy Day!! My thoughts and prayers are with Aimee and your family.

  53. 6-17-2012

    Edward Skwira — you are the idiot.

    • 6-17-2012

      I agree he is an idiott!!

  54. 6-17-2012

    You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers. As a Clinical Pharmacist who specializes in supportive care and pain control for cancer patients, it concerns me a great deal to hear that Amiee is refusing Morphine for pain control because of side effects. My recommendation would be an INTRANASAL SPRAY of FENTANYL (Lazanda) for her episodes of breakthrough pain. Amazing drug which will give her control. Hopefully as her friends and family could be her advocates to see that her surgeons get her access to this drug. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that I may be able to answer in my professional capacity.

    • 6-17-2012

      Previous typo: my contact is

      • 6-24-2012

        preposterous of you to even THINK the Copeland family would take your recommendation, considering you are not even part of Aimee’s medical team. Not only that, you sound like a fool. Whose to say you’re not a nut job delivering idiotic prescriptions in a case you’re not involved with? Also, how presumptuous of you to even think Mr. Copeland would email you. Whatever, dude.

  55. 6-17-2012

    I lost my Dad five years ago, he was only 57. I loved him so much. He was the one person in my life who I knew was always there for me no matter what. Little girls sure love their Daddies. Happy Fathers day Mr. Copeland. I keep you and your family in my prayers.

  56. 6-17-2012

    Aimee sounds like a strong young girl and I pray she can pull through this. Sending healing prayers to her.

  57. 6-17-2012

    Happy Father’s Day to you Mr. Copeland. Prayers for your family and Aimee during this chapter of your lives.

  58. 6-17-2012

    Dear Andy,
    You truly are an amazing husband and Dad, your love of God and family is evident thru your postings,my prayers are sent up to the one we can count on and knows all things. As a parent of 3 and grandmother of 9 at times I’m terrified when one of my kids or their children embark on new adventures, it is instilled in us to want to hover and keep them safe, but we also know there comes a time when we just have to let go and trust them in the care of the LORD. I cry for Aimee to think of her being in so much pain but also admire her for the strength she is showing, I can’t say I know how you feel as I have never delt with such a testing or trial in my life and to be honest pray I never have to. By what your family is going thru is setting an example for the rest of us if the unexpected would happen,all of us on here are behind you as the battle rages on…Father’s Day is truly a Day for all the daddys like you.

  59. 6-17-2012

    When I saw a picture of your daughter, I thought, that this was so sad because she was such a beauty. That all American girl next door that we love so much. The injuries Aimee has sustained are tragic and her brave fight with pain and her conviction to deal with it HER way is an inspiration. They say ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’ Aimee has a type of beauty that far exceeds superficial looks. She radiates, strength, certainty, courage and determination. That beauty does not fade with time. Your daughter Aimee, has shown us what true beauty truly is. When I read updates on her I cry. Sometimes I cry because of her situation, and I also cry because here is a girl that is showing us the best of what we can be. She has some heart! She has become america’s sweetheart. Happy Father’s day and let Aimee know that people out here in Los Angeles are on her side in this fight. One I know she will win!

  60. 6-17-2012

    I would be more than happy to send Aimee some pain management mp3’s, as well as some other healing programs. Just contact me. I’m an RN, Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist, working in the field of pain management for several decades. Of course, it goes without saying, that anything I can do to help Aimee is simply a gift from the Spirit that moves me in my work.

  61. 6-17-2012

    Goldenseal herb.

    • 6-24-2012

      oh, please.

  62. 6-17-2012

    I thank you for keeping everybody updated on Aimee’s health. I have prayed from the first day I heard about her. I am not a parent, but I do have a younger sister, so I think about Paige and how she must be hurting. When my Mama died the last thing she told me was to take care of the baby. The baby was 50 years old! I have tried to take care of her and pray a lot of extra prayers for her the last five years. I always hurt when she hurts, it doesn’t matter if she is having kidney stones or if one of her pets dies I feel her pain. So I look at this through Paige’s eyes. I pray for her to find peace in the Lord. I’ve learned to love this family and it breaks my heart that Aimee is having to go through this. God will have a special job for her to do one day. I hope you keep writing this blog and we will know what her job on the earth will be. She and the faith your family have, has already touched thousands of people that would never have known about the Lord. I continue to pray for your family.

  63. 6-17-2012

    I pray for you and your family daily .What a strong family Aimee has supporting her……..She will pull thru……

  64. 6-17-2012

    I am praying for your family and believing for the miraculous. Thank you for sharing your story.

  65. 6-17-2012

    Dear Andy,

    I have just read your story and my heart is thorn. I am thinking of you and your family.

    It is not the will of our God what she goes through this, He is love. It wouldnt make sense that He would put us to such a horrible trial. But our Father has a way to allow us to make the best out of the bad that happens. Your loving way of supporting your family through this is how He has victory. And the way Aimee is fighting with her hopes high, that is amazing, and is the work of our Father. I pray that every person in the way of Aimee that can, will help and be an instrument of God so that she can heal and be an inspiration to others going through this.

    This is going to be of great blessing to you, please listen to it when you have a chance.

    Listen to “If God Is So Good” sermon from

    With much love,


  66. 6-17-2012

    I am very sorry about what happened to Aimee. I understand why she doesn’t want pain medication. I don’t like them either. I hope you have a happy father’s day.

  67. 6-17-2012

    Your daughters are so very blessed to have the parents that you are to them. There is no greater gift. Although
    Aimee wants you there at all times, do not forget to be there for one another, be sure to not lose sight what is also extremely important right now….each other.
    No matter how old our children get…they still need us just as much as when they were younger, keep that in mind for the sake of Paige also. God BlessYour Family. Although you may never know why…Everything is for a reason.
    HE makes no mistakes!

    • 6-17-2012

      Happy fathers day!!

  68. 6-17-2012

    Please urge her to reconsider pain medication for pain management. She’ll have plenty of time once her wounds have all healed to refuse narcotic pain meds. I am all for holistic meds but sometimes you have to do more. A good friend of mine suffers greatly from horrible back pain for 20 some years (that surgeries and other treatments have not helped). He is able to get relief from pain meds. Yes some of them he could not take due to side effects but there are others that gave him relief (the Fentanyl patch mentioned by a previous poster was one of them) and helped him to be able to function in his daily life. Aimee needs to rest. If her pain is so bad that your touching her sends shockwaves of pain through her body then she should be receiving pain management medication. I realize she is a legal adult and perhaps you cannot insist she receive pain medication. I don’t usually take much in the line of pain meds but after my c-section I sure took the Dilaudid they offered. This does not make her less of a person, or less strong, or have others think less of her. God gave humans the brains and technology to create pain relieving meds and many of the narcotics are plant-derived (just like holistic meds).
    Praying for Aimee,

  69. 6-17-2012

    Happy Fathers Day Andy!
    I just wanted to let you know that your posts have ministered to me as they have to so many others. I have been thinking of your family and praying for Gods will in your lives since I read about Aimee. I have three children and can’t imagine what it would be like to endure an experience like this with them. But, I have found that God indeed gives you what you have to have when you have to have it. Which, of course, makes sense as He is the God of the right now. I have found that His Grace truly is sufficient.
    As a former Marine I admire Aimees spirit very much! I really appreciate the conversations that you have shared that show her drive and toughness. They leave the rest of us without excuse. She has motivated me from right there in her hospital bed! Thank you Aimee! She will accomplish so much and her testimony will impact so many (certainly it already has) through this!
    I am reminded of James 1:2-4, which I am sure that you are all so familiar with, “My brethren count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be complete, lacking nothing.” I believe that God has a special relationship to the believers who are chosen by Him to endure the more extreme difficulties. There is a Spiritual intimacy there that many will never know. I believe the Bible demonstrates the Lords being near to the suffering in a special way. This concept can be a difficult one for the non-Christian to grasp. I am glad that you are working with Aimee to respect and honor her treatment desires. I am sure that you have some inspired and wonderful healthcare professionals that are involved in her care.
    God Bless you and your family Andy! Many of us are pulling for you to have an amazing and successful outcome! God is being glorified in this and many are being ministered to. I will continue to pray for comfort, healing, and the contiued strength and patience to endure whatever is next with an inexplicable joy and longsuffering that reflects His lovingkindness. Again, Happy Fathers Day Andy!

  70. 6-17-2012


  71. 6-17-2012

    Jesus will be on her side tonight.

  72. 6-17-2012

    Happy father’s day to you, I am soo glad to hear Aimee is improving, what a couragous young lady she is. I will keep you guys in my prays.

  73. 6-17-2012

    Dear Mr. Copeland:

    While you continue to share the triumphs, tribulations, and pain of Aimee’s ordeal, your FAITH bolsters my faith and many others. Happy Father’s Day to you sir. Each day, I am one of the many thousands who search for any new update about Aimee’s progress, and also to check in on you and your family. My prayers join the thousands of other prayers. You are not alone — as you so aptly point out. God bless us all!

  74. 6-17-2012

    Happy Father’s Day to you. You are all in my prayers and you sir are the most inspirational dad in the world

  75. 6-17-2012

    Another day. What a Godly gift! Prayed intensly yesterday. Praying again today for Aimee and your family.

  76. 6-17-2012

    Bless your hearts. You are an incredible family and I am amazed at Aimee’s resilence, strength and courage. I keep up with the news about Aimee and live outside of Houston, Texas. I will give blood this week in her name. I pray for your family and for precious Aimee. Lisa

  77. 6-17-2012

    Dear Mr. Copeland and Family:

    Happy Father’s Day to an incredible man who exemplifies warrior strength and courage – we need more men like you in this world. You, your daughter and your family are heroes for your bravery and perseverance. My heart goes out to all of you, and I have been praying for you since I heard your story. No words can truly express comfort for what you are enduring nor can we ever understand why. If it be that enduring suffering and hardship reveal true glory, then Aimee shines brighter than the sun and your family wears a crown few could possess. May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, give you the peace that passes all understanding and may His incredible grace — power, strength and love — lift you up. The Lord bless you and keep, make His face shine upon you and give you peace. Shalom. Blessings in Jesus Christ, Celeste

  78. 6-17-2012

    To Aimee and her family. Yes Aimee you are amazing and I feel guilty that I am just reading about your story. Your strength astounds me and I am so thankful that you have a supported family that knows how to do what families are designed for. I am an Occupational Therapist and my husband is a Physical Therapist and although we live in Louisiana I am willing to help you anyway that I can. Please know that my family has started praying for you today and I will follow your updates on your daily recovery. Please know that I am only an email away if you need anything, Sincerely, Sherri and George Bunch

  79. 6-17-2012

    I am humbled to read all the love and support you have given Aimee and also have given each other as a family. I have always read that God does not give you more than you can handle, so he must have looked down on your family after Aimee suffered this horrible accident and knew as a family that you would survive. May God bless you and keep you and I will keep praying for you all.

    God Bless and Happy Father’s Day!

  80. 6-17-2012

    Truly inspirational. Although I’ve never had children, you’re the type of father I always hoped I could be! If there’s anything I can do, please ask. God bless you all.

  81. 6-17-2012

    Wishing you a very happy father’s day…Aimee is lucky to have such a wonderful father in her life and I wish her all of the best continued recovery!

  82. 6-17-2012

    What a beautiful, brave, girl…. I thought I had a tough time when I fell off my roof 7-years ago — fractured my hip, neck vertebrae, pinched my spinal cord in half at the neck, and ruptured the disks in my lower back. (Thought I would never leave my house again, but started working again 2-years ago,and live without pain medication. Handle the pain with meditation, yoga, and walking 3 times a day for an hour at a time — helps for some reason.)

    Aimee’s injuries make mine seem like a skinned knee that needed a band-aid. The fact that Aimee sticks with her beliefs that she can go through these procedures without morphine says so much about her spirit and drive.

    Things are still tight for me financially, but at least I can donate $100 now, and if things continue to be tough financially on the family, I can repeat the $100 every month as long as is necessary.

    I wish all the best for this brave woman and her loving family.

    Michael Kennedy
    Hermosa Beach, CA

  83. 6-17-2012

    Happy Father’s Day to you, Mr. Copeland. God will richly reward you for your good example to others, and especially for the love you give your children.
    Aimee will recover from this. Time is the factor. The day will come when you will all reminisce about this time as a painful one, but full of growth for all of you. Thank God Aimee is alive. The rest will work out.
    Jesus will help you.

  84. 6-17-2012

    Your situation is heart rendering, and I can only pray that God would help Aimee and you family find solace, and bless you with whatever is needed.Take care.

  85. 6-17-2012

    I cannot tell you how reading about Alimee has effected me. I am in tears writting about you and your family. You are behond strenth. Is there a website I can go to to donate? I feel so helpless.

  86. 6-17-2012

    Today I read the story of your unfortunate accident. I learned about the type of person you are: kind, caring, a true friend. Before today, I had never heard of you.I spent 20 years in the US Army Special Forces, much of that time spent in combat, retiring in 2010. I want you to know that you are among bravest people I have ever known or even heard of. I truly wish you a speedy recovery, as well as the best the world has to offer in the future for you, your friends, and your family.
    With utmost respect and admiration,
    SFC. Bo Wynne, USSF,Retired

  87. 6-17-2012

    Dear Andy and Aimee, You and your family’s love of life, each other, and God is truely an insperation. I, as of today, have absolutly no problems. Aimee, I love your, Love vs. Power, poster. Timeless sentaments. You should have been a 60’s flower child !!

  88. 6-17-2012

    Happy Father’s Day. This is the first time I have read your blog. It has been through aol news that I have followed the story of your daughter, Aimee. I feel so far removed from your situation. How often we read or see the news and tears flow for the victims of abuse or accidents then we move onward in our own lives. I hope you know that as self consumed as I sometimes…. ashamedly admit I am…your daughter’s story, fight and life is an inspiration to me. God most certainly has a special plan for each of you and I will make an effort to remember your family in my prayers and will share your story with my six children. There is beauty for ashes here and for Aimee, you , your wife; all of you will and are bringing great glory to your Father and the kingdom of heaven through your faith and perseverence. Press on Brother! Ginger S.

  89. 6-17-2012

    God bless your family and Happy Father’s Day to you. I understand wanting to take your child’s pain from her. In 1999 our 23 year old daughter was killed in an automobile accident. I would give anything to have taken her place. Yet, I know she would not have wanted that from me. As, I amm sure Amy would not from you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. There is no pain in life like suffering for your child. Yet, Go undertands that pain above all others, as he to had to suffer for his child, upon the cross. Please give our love to you wife and daughter.

  90. 6-17-2012

    I can only imagine your pain and will be praying for your family. Your suffering has reminded me of what is really important in life and how important it is to keep our faith. I am not a parent yet understand how difficult this may be for you and your wife, yet as a daughter i feel as well and i see some of my self in your daughter and i admire her for her strength. I wanted to maybe share some information and hope it helps in some way. I know of a OZONE WATER GENERATOR and the use and outcome of it has been very beneficial for my health. What it basically does it infuses water with ozone that is safe to drink although IMPORTANT NOT TO INHALE it is best to generate in a well ventilated area having a glass of ice and water to full level and then generate. Drinking this ozone water will provide immune system with a great boost or applied to infected areas to sanitize the area of any bacteria virus or fungus. You might want to check out this website for a detailed information at I hope you find it useful, God Bless You. Alma B.

  91. 6-17-2012

    Please do us all a favor and just go away. You think your doing good but in reality all your doing is making a situation worse. Actually much worse with your HATEFUL words. I truly will be praying for you tonight, i truly feel sorry for you because you are so lose.

  92. 6-17-2012

    Thank you for being who you are, and sharing your wisdom. I feel privaged to have read your Father’s
    Day message. My prayers are with your wonderful family.

  93. 6-17-2012

    what a great dad u are . happy fathers day .. your family is in our thoughts and prayers .

  94. 6-17-2012

    I’m not sure where your reference to antibiotics came from. Please elaborate on that for me. I don’t recall mentioning antibiotics in my blog.

    Just to be clear, I have never advised Aimee to withhold pain medication. Withholding medication was and is purely her decision, not mine.

    Secondly, Aimee has only refused medication during dressing changes, not during post-op recovery. Since Friday’s surgery, she has been taking all the pain medication she can get, including Fentanyl and Morphine in as liberal a dose as can be prescribed. Her post-op condition is far more severe than undergoing a dressing change. I just left Aimee’s side and she was requesting her pain meds ahead of schedule. Trust me, there are some pains that are impossible to meditate through.

    I hope this clears up any misunderstanding about Aimee’s use of pain meds.

    • 6-18-2012

      she much pain will affect her need to stress vital organs.when she can deal with the pain shell let you all know this andy dont feed into the bull.hope and pray.

  95. 6-17-2012

    to ANDY &DONNA,i think of you guys an AIMEE all the time now. just pray for herbest in all that will be offered to her in life to come. i am her 3rd cousin thru the west side of the family. we had the WEST REUNION a few weeks ago, you all were in our thoughts. i wore my AIMEE TEE SHIRT an still do now when i can. i have been stopped an ask what’s it for an i tell your story. your family will always be all our thoughts an hearts. best to aimee for the comin months

  96. 6-17-2012

    God Bless you and your family during these times. Remain strong, and keep providing comfort to your beautiful daughter. Our family member suffered a year-long unexpected and tragic illness, everyday, we sat by her side, provided the comfort we all needed. I’ve shared your pain. Thinking of Aimee everyday. Happy Fathers Day!

  97. 6-17-2012

    Happy Father’s Day Andy. Your daughter’s story continues to show all of us what faith and family are all about. I will keep your daughter, Aimee, you, your wife and your daughter Paige in my daily prayers. I hope that Aimee’s pain subsides and that she continues to improve. May our Lord comfort you all and give you strength to get through this difficult time in your lives.
    Your Friend in Christ in Brookfield, WI
    Terri McGregor

  98. 6-17-2012


    This post is so heart wrenching! I feel so bad for dear Aimee suffering. Please encourage her to utilize the pain meds. She is not a traitor to her convictions for doing so…This is some serious pain she is in and while I greatly admire her for working through the pain, my opinion is now is not the time for that. She still has so much ahead of her to use her meditation. I just think now is not the time. I’m surprised the health care staff isn’t really encouraging the use of the pain meds. You can heal faster when you’re not in pain is what I’ve been told. The thought of her suffering just makes me so sad. Please encourage her to use the pain medication. She will be able to rest and heal. God love her! I’m so sorry this happened to her. She is in my prayers.

  99. 6-17-2012

    I have followed Aimee’s story since the accident and my prayer for you and your family have and will always be that the lord will continue to walk with you during these trying times. What a wonderful father you are and many young men in today’s time need to take a few more lessons from you. I lost an uncle not much older than Aimee due to this same type of bacteria. I will continue to pray for Aimee’s recovery and for the lord to continue to bless your family with the strength to endure. May God bless you on this father’s day!!!!!

  100. 6-17-2012

    Hang in there Aimee, I could never understand the full impact of what you are going through. Nevertheless, take things in strive as much as possible and take everything one day at a time……Tomorrow is a whole new day………..

  101. 6-17-2012

    Everyday I’m so blessed to see God’s love and hearing your story is one of the greatest examples of love that I have seen. Aimee will forever be in my prayers along with the rest of your family. Have a blessed Father’s Day & remember that no storm last forever & after every storm is the most rainbows….

  102. 6-17-2012

    I am going through a very difficult trial with my health right now. I spend most days very sick and in pain, and doctors aren’t sure what is wrong. When I read your blog about Aimee, it made me feel like I wasn’t alone. I know that what she is going through is no doubt thousands of times worse than what I am facing, but I am encouraged by her fighting spirit. Above all, I was blessed to read your words about our Lord Jesus – knowing that your family and Aimee are believers comforted and encouraged my heart. I will be praying for her, and for your family. The Lord is our stronghold!

  103. 6-17-2012

    Hi, This is very sad and may god be with you and help your daughter heal. I lost my mom 6 yrs agofrom a drunk driver and my dad is injured for life over it and it was the hardest thing I ever did in my life was bury my mom/bestfriend at 25. I wish you all the best and yall are in my prayers. God bless

  104. 6-17-2012

    Hi, Mr. Andy

    I just read the story of your daughter on a Brazilian website, I am from Brazil and I did zip line so many times, It’s terrible what happened to her… unfortunately accidents happen…If you want You can tell Aimee that me and so many Brazilians wish She recovers as soon as possible.

    Sending healing prayers to Aimee, may god protect you and help you recover…

    Mauricio Coura
    Sao Paulo, Brazil

  105. 6-17-2012

    I am saying a silent prayer for you and your family. i cried just reading your blog entry from today. No one deserves to be in that much pain, and no parent should have to endure what you are enduring. God Bless you and your family.

  106. 6-17-2012

    Praying for you and your family!

  107. 6-17-2012

    Dear Mr. Copeland, Your story moved my heart! The strength that Aimee, you, Mrs. Copeland, and the family have can only come from our Heavenly Father. Your faith and prayers moves the heart of God. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective (James 5:16). God hears your prayers and every tear you and your family have shed is a prayer unto His presence. Be encouraged for God has great plans in Aimee’s life and the Copelands. Aimee is the epitome of strength, honor, dedication, and courage! Your Sampa has taught you all well. Spreading the Word of God and believing in it will give birth to God’s blessings. May God soothe Aimee’s pain; may He place a hedge of protection around her; may His glory shine upon her; may He bring healing to Aimee in Jesus’ Name! May God Almighty pour out of His Spirit upon you and your family; may you all receive the strength needed each day to face the storm. May you all be reminded of God’s unconditional love, grace, and mercies. You will all be in my prayers daily! God bless you and your precious family!

    • 6-20-2012

      Your post was simply beautiful and I would be honored to stand in agreement with you. You are a precious woman and I could certainly tell that by your post. Please be encouraged with Numbers 6:24-26.

  108. 6-17-2012

    Dear Aimee and Family, I will keep you in my prayers and ask God for his blessing on Aimee to allow her body to heal completely and take her pain away. God Bless, M

  109. 6-17-2012

    God bless you and your family…..I think of you all often.

  110. 6-17-2012

    i am all prayers for your family in this ordeal and marvel at your faith in GOD .
    i know AIMIE will be healed and strong and be a source of joy for you.


  111. 6-17-2012

    You sir, are a knucklehead.

  112. 6-17-2012

    What an insprational family. I am from Pendleton, Indiana where we have an inspring story like that for a neighbor that was crushed in the state fair stage collapse last August and our town has rallied around Andrea and she is becoming stronger everyday and is finally home after about 9 mos in hospital. The power of prayer is an awesome healing and our God is an awesome God. Power of prayer to your family thru this all.

  113. 6-17-2012

    Aimee must be a treasure to have in your life, she sounds like a beautiful soul. I am keeping her & your family in my prayers and tried to post a link to the donation site onto my facebook wall to further get the word out. God bless.

  114. 6-17-2012

    Aimee is being given pain medication. No one wants her to be in pain or to suffer.
    We need to help people through their pain, to the other side. It is very hard to know that someone is suffering and not be able to alleviate their physical pain. Thank God Aimee is in the very best of hands and her suffering will not be permanent.

  115. 6-17-2012

    No one wants Aimee to suffer. Of course, it’s obvious you don’t want her to suffer either.

  116. 6-17-2012

    Andy, Your paragraph beginning, “Just to be clear” was added later, after your initial post regarding Aimee’s suffering after surgery. That is why so many of us reading your blog thought sweet Aimee was trying to meditate through this horrific pain. I am so glad to hear she is using the pain meds. I was sick at the thought of her needless suffering when she really needs so much rest to heal. Again, God love her! Such a wonderful girl, I can tell. I
    certainly wish her the very best. She will do great things in this world. Yes she will. Bless her heart.

    • 6-18-2012

      Yes Ann – I revised my post and added that paragraph because many readers deducted that Aimee’s refusal to use pain meds extended to her post-op condition, but that has not been the case. Aimee is receiving full dosages of all her pain meds at regular intervals. Some of the meds, like the Fentanyl pop, cause excessive itching in her mucus membranes (eyes and nose), which only adds to her discomfort. Still, itching, no matter how maddening it is, compares naught to the pain Aimee is experiencing.

  117. 6-17-2012

    When you are in the middle of H*ll keep on moving.

  118. 6-17-2012

    Dear Andy,
    Happy father’s day to you. You are a good Dad! Does Aimee need any blood donations? I am O- and CMV- ,a universal donor, and would gladly donate as much blood or blood parts that would be needed by her. I am a regular donor and father as well. If there is a need or a need arises, please let me know. Please let her know that I hope she heals very soon and will be praying for a speedy recovery. As I wrote this I found information about the need for donations. So I will contact the Red Cross tomorrow here in Orlando to see if they can set something up to take the blood here and send it there. If you are reading this and a member of the community, please donate blood. This can be critical to saving lives and the need is always there in good times or bad.

    Best wishes,
    Matthew Lazin

  119. 6-17-2012

    I have no words to comfort you; but I cry out to the Lord. that He will comfort you all. My God, my God in whom I trust.

  120. 6-17-2012

    God is with your family right now. Please keep your hopes and strengths up like Aimee is. She is such a strong personal and so inspirational to everyone. God Bless Aimee and the Copeland family, along with friends alike. You are all in my prayers.

  121. 6-17-2012

    I was feeling so sorry for myself and going through a major depression. I was actually hoarding my sleeping pills just in case I needed them. Reading Aimee’s story has helped me. I don’t know why. I look for your posts every day and am inspired by Aimee’s will to live. I’ve gone through some horrible experiences in the past year. I went to a counselor and she even said a lot of people would consider killing themselves if they were me. I felt like she was giving me permission which I’m sure is not what she intended. Anyway, I’m still very down and am trying to develop an attitude more like Aimee’s. I would like to inspire people rather than have them feel sorry for me. I’m sorry she’s in pain and hope that it gets better soon. I have 2 children and I know how hard it is to see them in pain. Take care, and know that your family is teaching people how to endure hardship with grace and dignity. Thanks for listening.

    • 6-18-2012

      Life is the most precious thing on earth. No amount of money can replace the life of a human being. I beg you to reach out beyond a counselor and search out a faith-based group to share your pain with. Many others have experienced what you are experiencing, but they have found joy and a reason for living through God’s Holy Word. As Proverbs 15:22 says, “There is wisdom in the counsel of many”, I would advise you not to put your trust in the words of one counselor, but to seek out others, preferably through a local church. Please get into a support group with others who are suffering as you are. Also search out others who can offer you the love and compassion that you deserve. You are one of God’s treasures and you should think no less of yourself. God bless you!

  122. 6-17-2012

    My god, keep helping her and the whole family!! God knew aimee would be safe in your hands, and he gave her to you. He picked you as the parents, that’s a wonderful thing! I admire Aimee so much and will keep my prayers going on, for strength for her and you too. Happy father’s day! you are a great father. I’m also glad she’s in pain medication now, what a super girl you have!! she just wants to try her best, she’s full of confidence and faith. Hugs to all of you!

  123. 6-17-2012

    How dare you say such a thing edward. Have you no shame in posting hurtful and untrue statements?Her Dad is right by her side, and so is her family.

  124. 6-17-2012

    Praying for you and your family from Alabama. We are so sorry this has happened and that Aimee is going through this!!

  125. 6-17-2012

    Thank you for another inspirational post. My thoughts and prayers go out to Aimee and your family.

  126. 6-17-2012

    Karma is coming your way buddy!! Why dont you leave these people along and go find something better to do!!

  127. 6-17-2012

    I have been following Aimee’s miraculous story for the past several weeks and I have been praying for her and your entire family continuously.

    I know what it is like to experience excruciating pain like Aimee is feeling. 

    I am also 24 and I suffer from a rare neurological pain disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). 

    An experimental ‘ketamine coma’ treatment saved my life. And I truly believe ketamine infusions could be a saving grace for reversing the pain Aimee is experiencing.

    Through my experience,  opioids are very poor at eliminating neuropathic pain… But ketamine has been proven to be a very effective alternative.

    I feel lead by God to share my story with you in the hopes that Aimee might also be able to recieve some type of ketamine infusions to help  give her much needed relief and the best chance for recovery as possible.

    This is my story- 
    “Southwest Florida woman credits ‘miracle coma’ for saving her life”

    We serve a God of miracles. He is still in the miracle business today and Aimee and I are both blessed to be Living proof of that!

    All my prayers and love to you and your family. Please contact me if you have any questions.

    God bless!


  128. 6-17-2012

    Happy Father’s Day Mr. Copeland! You are truly one of the most amazing men I have ever read about. Aimee’s story brings tears to my eyes. You are all so fortunate to have one another. I am so sorry for what your family has had to endure but your faith in God and Jesus Christ is truly remarkable. There are people in the world, possibly even myself, who might crumble under the circumstances that you have all had to face. It is so reassuring to me and gives me so much hope that if my family were to face a situation such as yours that I could face it with the same determination and faith that you have all so clearly shown. I have two daughters also, one is 6 and one is 2, everyday when I look into their beautiful faces I wish a life that is free of all the craziness that can happen in our world. Unfortunately, we only have to much control. Life is in God’s hands and I am praying for your family and mostly for Aimee. God bless you all!!!

  129. 6-17-2012

    As a father of a daughter Aimee’s age, I can only imagine the challenges you face. I was inspired by your faith and dedication as parents, and my prayers and the prayers of my church family are with you. As a pastor, I admit it is sometimes difficult to explain the “whys” of our sufferings, but I can say that God’s strength is manifested in our weakness; and that His grace is sufficient to carry you through this trying time.

  130. 6-17-2012

    I’ve been reading about Aimee’s ordeal from the time it was first reported… heart is full and I had tears in reading the blog. But, they are tears of happiness to read about her fighting spirit. As parents, I’m sure it’s emotional and hard to watch at times all that she is going through. How blessed you both are to have each other in your lives…..please know we are still praying for Aimee’s recover, and for God to continue to give you strength for the road ahead. XOXO

  131. 6-17-2012

    Thank you so much for your update about your precious daughter Aimee. Aimee is in my thoughts every day. I knew that she was going to have to use pain medication; even if it makes her feel groggy. I do pray that Aimee’s doctors’s will figure out a way so that she can feel peace and get rest; pain is caused by a chemical in our bodies called “substance P.” I learned this is Anatomy & Physiology II. Substance P is a chemical just like the pain medication that Aimee is taking; the neuron, I believe, takes up the pain medication rather than substance P. Andy, is there a more effective medicine that the doctors’s are trying to find to help Aimee?? I would imagine they are. Or a more effective way in applying the pain medication? Aimee is going to go through a lot of medical procedures for a long time; perhaps this is the beginning of a process to find “what works” for your lovely, loved daughter, Aimee. I pray for you and your wife and your entire family. I wish pain and suffering were not normal experiences in life but they seem to be and I am so sad that right now Aimee is experiencing much more than a person should be expected to experience. This pain will not be permanent though because you will find what works to help Aimee. This is the best from my heart. Love, me.

  132. 6-17-2012

    I couldnt help crying while reading your fathers day post. I to have a daughter 19 yrs old in april. Last month she was battling as well after losing her baby at 6 months pregnant. She developed a multi antibiotic resistant infection and strugled for 3 weeks in the hospital before they found an antibiotic that it was reseptive to. I remember the pain seeing her suffer wishing I could take her place. And the uncertanty if my daughter would survive was more than I thought I could bear. I would like to express my deepest condolances to you and you family. The most important thing at this time is she is alive and fighting. I will continue to pray for you family.

  133. 6-17-2012

    Andy, Thank you for the updates on your beautiful daughter. Thoughts and prayers are with you, her and your whole family.

  134. 6-17-2012

    I’m humbled to see God at work in the lives of your family. He continues to show His awesome power and grace through the healing process of your daughter. It brings tears to my eyes to hear you acknowledge all He is doing in your daughter, and in your heart. I’m SO touched to see you acknowledge Him through this ordeal. You are a great witness, and an incredible blessing to the Lord and everyone who is following this story. EVERY time you give praise to God for your daughter’s healing, along with the sacrifice He made when He sent His son to die for us, you plant seeds in the hearts of those unsaved. Thank you so much for giving to the Lord! It’s wonderful to hear of a grateful heart, when the Enemy wants it hardened!

  135. 6-17-2012

    Desde bogota, colombia pedimos que dios ilumine con su gracia a toda su famila y les de fuerza, valor y amor; que aimee se recupere muy pronto. Dios los bendiga.

  136. 6-17-2012

    I heard about this accident when it first happened. This bacterial infection is one of the more insidious ones that can attack a human being. A constant person I communicate with in a chat room developed this bacterial infection from an improper usage of antiseptics in a hospital. My prayers and thoughts go out to you and your family,Andy.
    I wish there was something I could do to help you in this time of need, but all I am able to do is pray that Aimee makes it through this ordeal.
    As far as that one person in the thread of comments that seems to have a negative observation of this situation, there will always be people like him out there that type in these blogs just to see how much they can disturb or disrupt people who deeply care and have true feelings towards situations like this. I like to think of them as antagonistic egotistical morons.
    And with that , I wish you all the powers of healing that can come your way and that HE will watch over Aimee in this hour of need.
    Sometimes we ask why. It would be great if HE told us sometimes.
    God Bless you and May Aimee’s Guardian Angel be watching over her.

  137. 6-17-2012

    Since Aimee seems committed to complementary and alternative healing therapies, I ,as a Reiki Master would like to offer distance (healing) to help facilitate pain relief and enhance her own healing abilities. It is traditional, and respectful to receive permission for this. Under these circumstance I will presume such is granted. (CAM is often adjunctive and does not need to stand alone). Reva

  138. 6-17-2012

    Aimee, may god watch over you & your family & guide the doctors as you progress towards your journey of healing. My thoughts & prayers are with you. Barb – Rochester,MN

  139. 6-17-2012

    Praying every day for you and your family. God is good and will be with all of you! You have the support, prayers, and well wishes from so many. Keep strong in your faith and keep your heads held high.
    Isaiah 12:2
    Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The LORD, the LORD himself, is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation
    Much love from Michigan

  140. 6-17-2012

    Sir, you are the idiot…if you go back and look at your earlier post, Andy responded and explained what happened. None of those medications he mentioned were antibiotics. I pray that her pain eases and she can rest comfortably. Andy, I have been keeping up with Aimee and her situation since Day 1 and I say that she is a brave and courageous woman.

  141. 6-17-2012

    Reading your post brings tears to my eyes and makes me cry. I have a 19 year old daughter whom I love very dearly and when I read of Aimee’s pain, it touches me deep within my heart as though she were my own daughter, moving me intercede in prayer for her and for the Copeland family.

    Although I have never met any of you, I have kept up with your blog to check on Aimee’s progress and so that I can pray precisely for each need that she has. I even wake up sometimes at night and pray for her. I cannot get her off of my mind and as I do simple tasks throughout the day, I think of Aimee and the things she can no longer do. I realize how that even the simplest things should not be taken for granted.

    I was thinking of these song lyrics and how that they apply to Aimee’s situation:
    His strength is perfect when our strength is gone;
    He’ll carry us when we can’t carry on.
    Raised in His power, the weak become strong;
    His strength is perfect, His strength is perfect.

    Aimee is truly a beautiful young lady in every aspect and her story has touched so many people. I pray that the Copeland family will continue to find strength and hope as she faces each new day. I pray that she will soon find relief from the suffering and pain. Just as you are blessed to have Aimee in your life, she is blessed to have such a loving, caring family to nurture and support her during this time.

    Mr Andy,on this Father’s Day, you are truly a great example of what a father should be.

  142. 6-17-2012

    Its clear that Aimee has amazing role models in her life and the strength, faith and support that you and your wife are offering her is going to get your family through this rough time. Your daughter is a beautiful girl and has many people praying for her. May God heal her and relieve her of the pain she’s in. Happy Fathers Day to you!

  143. 6-17-2012

    Praying for Aimee as she heals from this surgery…I know she is in good hands there at Doctor’s Hospital…I am from Augusta and it was the hospital that I chose when I needed to.

  144. 6-17-2012

    Dear Mr. Copeland and Family,
    There is so much that has been expressed by so many incredibly wonderful people, so what else cold I possibly say?

    I am sorry……Yes I am and I am so saddened that with so much that has been developed in the medical field, the case of your beautiful Aimee is so heartbreaking.
    I am very sad for her suffering and for how much sadness you have in your heart.

    I have been asking myself what could I possibly do in order to feel useful to others, during my lifetime.
    What could I possibly do that would bring smile and joy to Aimee.
    There is so much I would learn just by talking to her…

    I do not have my parents anymore but I miss them in such a devastating way.
    When I think of them, I feel so terribly lonely.

    You are such an incredible person and your strength cannot be describe through words.

    There is so much that you are doing together with your family; There is so much that so many people are doing and I feel, I do not have much to offer.

    I am a musician, a concert pianist. I am Italian, living in Albany, NY

    Please know that if there is a possibility of finding an auditorium in a school, high school or anywhere, I would be honored to perform a fundraising public concert for your daughter and of course your family, and I would be extremely honored to offer the proceeds for anything is necessary.

    You can find me very easily through my website, where I can be easily contacted.

    My sincere regards to you and your beautiful family and all my thoughts to your beautiful daughter Aimee.
    I pray that God may bring peace and serenity in your heart and that He may Illuminate and help all of you with His Everlasting Love.
    Please, bring my humble prayers and love to your daughter Aimee.

    Thank you,
    Gioacchino Longobardi

    • 6-18-2012

      Thank you for your offer Mr. Longobardi. I will investigate the availability of a venue and see if God opens any doors. God bless you!

  145. 6-17-2012

    Truly moved and grateful that you would stop to share such a hard earned bit of wisdom with us. My prayers are with you and your family. Happy Father’s Day.

  146. 6-17-2012


    God Bless all of you guys. Andy, you inspire all of us fathers everywhere. We’re praying for all the Copelands, especially Aimee.

    Jack, Lisa and Jake

  147. 6-17-2012

    Have you lost your everlovin mind saying such a thing? That man would lay there and suffer gladly for her if he could. Would you?

  148. 6-17-2012

    Happy Father’s Day. Prayers to Aimee.

  149. 6-17-2012

    Please remove edward skwira remarks from this blog. In his ignorance, he obviously stumbled onto this site, continues to be uneducated, and misinformed. May God have mercy on him. Rest well Aimee, Mr Copeland, and family. You have many intercessors throughout the world.

  150. 6-18-2012

    We hear about you and Aimee. HOW IS YOUR WIFE AND PAIGE. As a nurse, I am worried about the whole. And yes – if you can contribute to the next skin graft, good idea. She has had far too much psychological and physical pain – your sweetheart daughter needs help if possible with a donor.

    • 6-18-2012

      that is great – but this HORRIFIC pain – beyond what anyone can imagine.

      • 6-18-2012

        I am referring to Elizabeth Bohorquez’s comment

  151. 6-18-2012

    Happy Father’s Day! You are a true example of what God made men for. To be the husband, father, and man that you are is as it should be. Thank you for sharing this story. I am so thankful to be able to receive its blessing. Thank you Laura Bowers for sharing with your WW family. We love you so! May God’s love surround this sweet family giving them the continued strength to simply carry on each day. What a lesson it is giving me.

  152. 6-18-2012

    Andy, your a compassionate man and a Hero to all of us Dad’s on a day such as today. Keep your strength as difficult as it is to do. Cry silently and together as this is a shared experience for all. Tell Aimee there is no reason and no purpose why this happened. There is no plan other than to overcome and to get on with life. When Aimee overcomes this, and she will, she will join a club that only a few are members. None of us can offer up anything or even be worthy of comment to this wonderful strong soul of your lovely daughter and to your great courage as a father. I wish you a long life filled with eventual joy. Aimee will have a life, a family and joy and keep that as her focus.

    All the best,


  153. 6-18-2012

    HI Andy, so sorry to hear of Aimee’s pain level! I hurts my heart for her soooo much. I pray in the name of Jesus, that her pain is short lived. He didn’t promise that the Cross would not be heavy, and the hill would not be hard to climb, Just HOLD ON, the Lord will show up and take you Through The Fire Again. Tell Aimee to “HOLD ON”. Happy Father’s Day, and Love and Prayers to you and your family. God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. 6-18-2012

    You Edward are the idiot. Do you not comprehend what you read?? Mr. Copeland has stated twice that his daughter is receiving pain medicine in ample doses and is asking for it before it is time for her to receive
    the next dose. I can’t imagine the pain this man is going through having
    to watch a child suffer so much and unable to do anything about it. He certainly doesn’t need to be bashed by a simpleton. God be with Aimee and
    her family.

  155. 6-18-2012

    Edward Skwira, are you serious?????? do you really think your post is appropriate????? please go away and never come back. you are not a nice person – actually, you are inhumane. go away low life.

  156. 6-18-2012

    I have been reading about Aimee and your fammily and although I know all to well that there is really nothing anyone can say to make your families pain go away I want you to know that our family is praying for you all and hope the VERY best for Aimee. My father past away after suffering from lung cancer, I wanted to take care of him at home so thats what we did. I wish that on nobody to have to watch a loved one suffer like that knowing that there is nothing you can do to help their pain or take it away from them. My father went from the strongest man i will ever know to being like a baby again. We had to do everything for him after awhile he was not able to move at all and that was so very hard for me because he was my hero, well actually he will always be my hero and i would do anything in the world just to hear him tell me I love you or to feel his touch again. He passed away and three months later i lost my mother to a stroke. She just couldn’t bare being without him either. She passed away seven hours after his birthday, I think in my heart that God took her at that time so they could be together again. She also meant the world to me, and it has been VERY hard for me to deal with their lose. I still struggle everyday with it but after reading some of the things you say help me greatly and i thank you for that… I will always be praying for you and your family and wish you all the best… Happy Fathers Day… Tell Aimee she is wonderful and we love her..

  157. 6-18-2012

    Thank you Mr. Copeland for keeping all of us up to date on Aimee. What an amazing young lady she is – what a fighter! May God continue to bless your family as this story continues to bless those of us watching and listening from the sidelines. ^i^

    Penny (In God We Trust) New Mexico

  158. 6-18-2012

    Aimee is a very courageous girl! She is in my prayers, as well as you and your family. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain she is going through or that of you and your family. God bless all of you!

  159. 6-18-2012

    Hello Copelands! How I have missed your updates–thank you. My prayers continue for Aimee and your family. Thank you for reminding me of the ultimate sacrifice given by Jesus. Words are difficult, your suffering is great. Our time on this earth is a blink compared to the joy that awaits us. Wishing reality to go away doesn’t change what is happening. Aimee’s journey is with me every day. Thank you and God bless you this coming week. Love from Fran

  160. 6-18-2012

    God Bless you all. Keep your faith strong and your family around you. Always listen to each other. Yay god.

  161. 6-18-2012

    Mr. Copeland,

    You, Aimee, Donna and Paige are in our prayers. Thank you for your continued posts and updates. I’ve been following this story since the beginning. My heart aches for what you must be going through. And yet you inspire me as a parent. Aimee too is STRONG. She’s an inspiration to all. This story helps me to strive to be a better person and parent.

    In your post today, you said “parenting requires discipline and grace. Strong, consistent and patient nurturing, that is the key.” You epitomize this in every single post. Thank you for your gift in these updates. Aimee is in my thoughts and prayers often. I’m sending her vibrations of strength to peacefully make it through these painful days. And much love to you, Donna and Paige for the strength to endure watching her in such pain.
    Sending you much much hope and strength,
    R. Seeley

  162. 6-18-2012

    Our heart goes out to you and your family. Aimee is an inspiration to the whole world and I am praying for god to comfort her and your family. This is a terrible ordeal for your family and I hope some good may come out of this for Aimee in the future. She is so strong and valiant and a real fighter. Our prayers are with you to keep leaning on God and you will make it through.

  163. 6-18-2012

    Mr. Copeland, You have an amazing family and should be so proud! -As I read your post, I was thinking of the awful pain Amy is having to endure with dressing and post op. I wondered if an epidural (like they use for pregnancy vaginal and cesarean deliveries ). It seems like that might block her pain. I am not a physician and I know that hearing all these opinions is overwhelming butt kind of thought this might allow Aimee to have a clear mind in order to meditate. Praying for your family daily. I have dealt with this infection before with my mom. I lost mom after 7 days due to septic shock. I look forward to reading your updates about Aimee’s fight. Prayers and positive thoughts continue.

    • 6-18-2012

      *(deliveries) might work*

      *but* not butt

      -stupid phone… –

  164. 6-18-2012

    Edward Skwira you are a horrible person to get on this site and speak the way you do,,,This family is going thru HELL~!!!! leave them alone you idiot…..This family is suffering enough, take your anger somewhere else please… and get some help for yourself.

    • 6-20-2012

      The man has apologized several times. People make mistakes and don’t always choose the right words. Doesn’t GOD want us to forgive?

  165. 6-18-2012

    Ed your sick……

  166. 6-18-2012

    I can pray, I do pray, and Aimee will forever be in them. At night, in the day, whenever I remember it, in them.

  167. 6-18-2012

    Edward Swira – You’re a jerk. Why would you post such a negative comment while this family is struggling? They have accomplished so much and here you are posting ridiculous comments! I hope the! administrator of this site blocks.

  168. 6-18-2012

    God Bless you and your family.Our thoughts and prayers are with you.May God give give you strength to carry you through this. I know we don’t know you but as we read your blog, we feel a connection.Just know that we care……..

  169. 6-18-2012

    Mr. Copeland,

    Happy Father’s Day to you. You are the father that many can only dream of having. Your girl’s are very fortunate to have you. Thank you for sharing with us. I, like many, have been following Aimee’s story. I hate to hear that she is in such agonizing pain. As parents, we feel like we should always be able to rescue our children and make everything okay. It sounds like Aimee is one tough cookie and she is going to get through this. Her story has been such an inspiration. Sometimes we lose sight of what is important in our lives, what really matters. Thank you for bringing things back into perspective for us. Your love for Jesus Christ and leading your family down that Godly path, it is just truly inspiring. I will continue to pray for Aimee’s path to recovery and that the pain she is enduring will get better. She is one brave young lady! Lots of love and prayers being sent your way from Texas. God Bless!!

  170. 6-18-2012

    It’s obvious Edward that you are the enemy!

  171. 6-18-2012

    In a book authored by Max Lucado, he writes: “God didn’t promise that the journey would be easy, but that the arrival would be worth everything”.

  172. 6-18-2012

    Hey Eddy, do you know how to spell idiot??
    Here, let me help you:

    E D W A R D E D W A R D E D W A R D

    I thought about sending you some pain medication, but no amount of meds
    could possibly penitrate your thick, hard head!

    • 6-18-2012

      Well, It looks like Eds bad comments (horrible) were removed…..Thank you!!!

  173. 6-18-2012

    Aimee, when you are overwhelmed with pain and affliction that is beyond comprehension, you are the inspiration- the awe-factor -that assures believers (and those who are uncertain of their faith…) that you have been prepared spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically for such a time as THIS. He equipped you and you have attained world wide recognition through which your fine character and integrity have touched the hearts of millions. The solid faith of your family has spoken volumes in supernatural strength and vulnerability. You’ve already been a supernatural testament of faith and healing. You’re not a “15 minutes of fame” phenomenon, Aimee, but a focal point for faith. Fight the good fight, Aimee. Prayers are being sent to strengthen you and hold you up. NEVER underestimate the impact God is making through your life and spirit to touch the multitudes who are floundering or lost… What a remarkably high honor to be able to serve All Mighty God in such a profound way… and what a remarkably brave and testifying example you’ve been in serving God directly. Thank you, Aimee, for fighting the good fight and making such a lasting impression on the lives of so many around the world. May you be strengthened with His Love, His direction and wisdom, and the assurance of His ever present Love with you at all times. In Jesus Name. Amen. God’s Peace always, Susan Driskell

  174. 6-18-2012

    Fight, loose, win, god, bless, lord, prayer, faith…have not much to do with what this young woman is going through. She needs privacy and a great deal of calm around her…

  175. 6-18-2012

    Andy, I have come to love darling Aimee through your heartfelt sharing about all of what is happening to her and how she is managing. It is clear that we all care so deeply for Aimee. I noticed a few of the comments were critical about the pain management decisions. I think those were stemming from a sense of panic from some of the readers about Aimee bearing more pain. I care very deeply and was comforted by your update that Aimee is choosing pain meds. Please tell Aimee that Jenny from Boise Idaho loves her, believes in her, and cares about her and what she is going through. I hope to meet her one day.

  176. 6-18-2012

    Hi, I’m sorry what I read about Aimee’s misfortune. I can almost bet anything I know that the “specialists” never recommended Colloidal Silver for her condition. I am too studying for the medical field and stumbled across some interesting findings that a lot of doctor facilities does not want the public to know. Google search “Colloidal Silver”. That most likely will rid Aimee’s problems and have her go on with her life.
    I really do hope you do the research on that “first antibiotic” known to man. Kills all single cell microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungus).
    My prayers go out to her and her family.
    Happy Fathers Day btw..

  177. 6-18-2012


  178. 6-18-2012

    Such a beautiful story of love and faith. A Danish tabloid newspaper reported a few days ago how Aimee is making progress and refuses to take painkillers. You have worldwide support for your love and dedication. With are with you. With much love to the entire Copeland family for what you are doing … BY SHOWING AND TEACHING TO THE WORLD!!!
    Anna in Denmark

  179. 6-18-2012

    Dear Mr. Copeland, my heart and prayers go to Aimee and your family.
    May I sugesst you give Aimee pure honey, this honey is usually imported from Yemen, it’s a special honey that comes from mountains.
    God said it has pure for people and I believe him. I may sound crazy but try it, what will you lose?.
    My best wishes to Aimee for recovery.

  180. 6-18-2012

    Dear Aimee (and family)

    I have been following your struggle from day one. I am so happy Aimee day came and that you are so blessed with a wonderful family who does everything they are able to in this situation. I think you are a very courageus young woman and I can relate a lot to you because I too am a student of psyhology here in Denmark. I am also writing my master thesis at the moment. I wish for you that you will be able to finish yours when the time is right. In my master thesis I am writing about grief, bereavement and the silent sorrow sorrounding infant death. I have had my share of struggle in my young life (I am 28), as I lost my little daughter as an infant. I have used this whole experience in my work as a volounteer, and I know I can use my experience to become a better psychologist. I can feel that you will do the same. You may have lost a lot from your illness and it may be an uphill battle at the moment, but I really know that some day you will feel that you’ve learned a lot and have gained a different perspective on so many things. I really know that you will succeed! The whole world is praying for you. Even though I don’t believe in God you are still in my prayers. I have my angel girl whom I send my prayers to <3

    Lots of love – Helene

  181. 6-18-2012

    God Bless You Sweetheart. We are ALL praying for you. (((hugs)))

    from a small town in Mexico, New York

  182. 6-18-2012

    You are truly a loving Dad and have done all of the right things. I wept through your blog as I have tried to raise my family the same way, and can’t even imagine what all of you, especially Aimee is going through. I will keep all of you in my prayers.

  183. 6-18-2012

    Amen to all you said Andy. You sound like a goods and Godly father. We continue to pray for amen and your entire family.

  184. 6-18-2012

    Happy late fathers day. I admire you so much as a parent.

  185. 6-18-2012

    Andy, I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going thru as a daddy. I got to your blog after seeing a “news story” that just wouldn’t go away… I say that because reporters seem to need to give titles with as much shock value as possible to stories of suffering… which is why I usually try to avoid encouraging them to continue with a click thru.

    I did, however, finally click thru just this past week… and have been moved and inspired by your blog. I, too, am returning frequently to find out Aimee’s progress and to see how you are handling it as a dad. I have a 5 year old daughter who is my world. I read your blog, and I fast forward my life with her by 18 years… I empathize with the father’s pain you so brilliantly write about.

    You are obviously a man of prayer, and know the comforting father heart of our God. My prayer for your family today is peace… that you would experience the smile of THE Father today… that Aimee would begin to make miraculous leaps of recovery… that your family would experience the JOY and COMFORT of the Holy Spirit.

    Know that your words on this blog are having an eternal impact on the readers, and also stirring prayer warriors to stand with your family in this fight for Aimee’s life.

    Grace, peace & strength to you, my brother.

  186. 6-18-2012

    My prayers and thoughts are with you all.
    I was so touched and filled with tears after reading your blog.
    You and your wife sound like amazing parents and Aimee is lucky to have you both.
    This is one of those times in life that you can say it is very Challenging. Turn to your faith and let it help and guide you through.

  187. 6-18-2012

    I cannot imagine how difficult this is for all of you. I send each of you loving support & strength.

  188. 6-18-2012

    My family and I are praying for Aimee <3 she is such a strong human being.

  189. 6-18-2012

    God Bless you and Happy Fathers Day. Although we do not know Aimee we all love and pray for her. My heart goes out to her and to your family.

  190. 6-18-2012

    Hi Aimee and Mr. Copeland, you don’t know me, but I commend the strength of your discipline and spirit to fight this battle you are going through. I praise you for your strength and courage and I praise your family for supporting your decisions and fighting beside you all the way. While you are resting and fighting the good fight, I would like to offer you some information to consider in light of the bacteria that is attacking you. I am no doctor, I am no medical student, but if you want to or if your doctors can advise you better than I, I have heard that maggots (yes, disgusting, I agree) ingest dead material, leaving only healthy tissues intact and from what I have heard is that they are painless. I don’t know if they might also be able to affect the bacteria, but I believe it is worth bringing up to your doctors. I lost my father 7 years ago to lung cancer, and everyday I am thankful that he was my family for as long as we were able to have him. I know cancer is not the same condition, but I know any positive encouragement is always good medicine. Mr. Copeland, you are a model for all fathers who give daughters inner strength. Aimee, you are already a winner and will still be a beautiful woman once this challenge is done. God bless you both and may healing come on the swift wings of His angles to you.

    Samantha T.

  191. 6-18-2012

    My, my, my Andy and Donna…..what a tragic and majestic situation you three are in. First I wish you and your daughter the VERY BEST in the future. I truly hope she gets to live as normal a life as possible. I typed tragic and majestic situation because after reading your last post I was both very sad and very happy. I leave you with a quote from Dr. Cornel West. Best Wishes

    “the lives of everyday people, is shot thru the sense of the majestic and the tragic and problamatic, which means it has value.”

  192. 6-18-2012

    May God surround your precious daughter and family with His healing, comfort, and peace. Aimee’s strength and courage have touched many lives. You will all continue to be in my heart and prayers.

  193. 6-18-2012

    What a true inspiration your family is, God is certainly being visible in your family’s life. Thank you for your willingness to share Aimee’s and your feelings. With every blog I read I think God certainly has a ‘big plan’ for Aimee, Paige and you as parents. None of us know what it is, but I know that God would not allow Aimee to suffer if he didn’t have a great plan for her.

    Thank you for sharing your lives with us, you are such a role model.


  194. 6-18-2012

    I am a father of three, and… well I just can’t imagine. I will pray for Aimee and your family often. May God give you strength and comfort. The Anderson family loves you all!

  195. 6-18-2012

    Dear Mr. Copeland,
    I’m a recent survivor of flesh eating bacteria[contracted on 2-3-12]. I’m 49 years old and beat it. I know your daughter can do the same . Positive attitude is essential,from both Aimee and everyone around her . God does exist,so keep the faith.

    Bruce Derosier

  196. 6-18-2012

    Mr. Copeland, you truly are an inspiration. I will pray for your beautiful daughter Aimee and your family. May God bless all of you!

    Love & Peace from NY

  197. 6-18-2012

    I live in NJ and I came across Aimee’s story on CNN and she is on my mind every single day. What an amazing strong girl. My thoughts and prayers go out to Aimee, her family and countless friends I’m sure she has.

  198. 6-18-2012

    I also in 2005 experienced a situation as of Aimee’s. In the hospital I experienced 4 very long months of the infection which got into my blood stream and spread radically throughout my body. All of treatments along with the Vacuum were very important to get my body ready for the grating. I had lost over 75% of my skin down to the muscle. But one thing that Aimee should remember is that as long as the morphine is being used for pain, she will not become addicted to it. The morphine has its purpose as tool to her recovery. It allows her body and mind to work together. She will have a very long recovery and this is the time for her to allow her mind and body to relax and work together, even if she is feeling groggy from the morphine her body is working to recover.Trust me, and tell Aimee I have been through all of that she is experiencing and am now in the process of having all of the reconstruction surgery done. We are taking tissue expanders and placing them under my good skin and strenghting the skin to cover my grafting areas. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  199. 6-18-2012

    Is there any contact information that I can get to contact Amy Copeland and encourage her to take her meds? Please e-mail me at

  200. 6-18-2012

    GODs grace is sufficient for US. HIS strength is made perfect in OUR weakness…continuing to pray, hope and believe in GODs GRACE and MERCY through this journey.

  201. 6-18-2012

    best of luck to you all. Have you read the Bobby Rice story? not sure if it applies to Aimee, but something to possibly look into.

  202. 6-18-2012

    May the Great Physician give His wisdom to those caring for you and see to your healing. You will have a story of His mercy to share one day soon! Keeping you in my prayers, Aimee and family.

  203. 6-18-2012

    Happy Fathers Day Sir! Aimee is in my thoughts every day. I hope her pain subsides.

  204. 6-18-2012

    Andy, Aimee is definefly in my daily prayers. 3 yrs ago last week I went through some severe problems with both my feet. I signed consent forms 3 different times for amputation. To go through skin grafting is more painful than anyone could ever imagine unless it has been experienced. I ended up having 10 reconstructive with skin graft surgeries. The pain she is going through is tremendous and unable to explain how bad it really does hurt. And when you put where the tissue comes from and then the surgery of where it goes is so painful,

    Aimeee needs you and your wife by her side. I will be happy donate skin or other tissue she may need. Also, lyrica did not work for me, Neurontin is the same type of drug that helps the nerve pain. If she continues to have the unbearable pain maybe ask the about if she could try it. But, she will still need to take the morphine untill things heal much better. If I can be of any help. Please do not hesitate to call me day or night.. My number is 770-401-1534 I live in the West GA area of Villa Rica.
    I often have wondered and even asked my doctor Why Me? But he asked me Why not You??? God definitely has a plan for me and for Aimee!!!! My prayer is that through all I went through being on the vent and all the surgeries that God will use me as a vessel of him for others. My continued prayers are with Aimee and you, her mom, family and doctors ash they take care of AImee. I pray she doesn’t have to I through anymore unbearable days. Please give me a call if I can even began to helped. It will take me about 3 hours to get there..But, I will definitely come and help.

    Rita Henry
    Villa Rica, GA

    • 6-18-2012

      Andy, After all my surgeries and skin grafts. They also had to move muscles and blood supply into my feet to save them. I still have problems with my subtalar joint rolling daily out of place and still on oxygen to help with my healing even though I had my last surgery Sept 2009. Due to the ventilator I have problems with pneumonia evey few months. I said all this to say someone at the University of MS where I was when my blood sugar dropped to 15. It was 30+ hours before I was found. One patient that recovering from a bone infection also shared her motto with me. I have lived with this since and in Aimee’s case it is already sooooooo true. “If God brought it to me. He will bring me through it”!!!! There was and still are a lot of prayers for me daily. But, it’s those prayers and encouragement that has gotten me through my own grafts. Again, I will be happy to at least attempt go give my tissue and skin so that she does not have to endure the removal of that part of the grafting process. My Prayers are with you and your family for strength to help Aimee with this journey. And, my Prayers that Aimee will continue to improve. It’s not always a week to week, day by day process. Sometimes it’s hour by hour and moment by moment, She is my hero for even attempting the dressing changes without the pain meds. They do cause very hard side effects. I pray she will be comforted and will rest in God’s hands nightly as he watches over us all. My Prayers are with you All.

  205. 6-18-2012

    Praise Jesus for your testimony. This is my first visit to your site. I had read the headline about Aimee on Aol News and followed the link. As I read through your Father’s Day post with tears all I could think was – please Lord let this family know you. When I got to the paragraph where you gave glory to our Father – well I just praise and thank Him for letting your story be lifted up. I cannot imagine what you are going through but the glory, and testimony you are bringing to our God, well Americans just dont get to hear how real Christians walk through real battles anymore. We either hear, failures, falls or whining. In a world where people dont believe Jesus can see you through even the toughest times I am so grateful that your testimony is being heard. I pray the Lord draw innumerable souls to Himself through this tragedy. I pray that Aimee is able to get through this painful season quickly and rebound with a priceless life that will be filled with beauty, joy and all of the Father’s blessings and glory. I pray strength for you, your wife, family and friends and you minister to Aimee, keep her strong and that you yourselves are continually filled and refreshed by the Lord’s Spirit. With healing hands I plead the blood of Jesus wash over Aimee today, relieving her pain, fortifying her spirit and brining her peace and recovery today.

  206. 6-18-2012

    A day late, but Happy Father’s day Mr. Copeland. Aimee is very lucky to have such a wonderful father. Thank you so much for your continued updates and insights. Your daughter’s strength, through your generous communication, have touched a nation. Your blog is bookmarked on my desktop. You, Aimee, and your family are truly an inspiration to us all. God Bless.

  207. 6-18-2012


    You are so strong. If I had a daughter, I would want her to be like you.


    Sherwood Page

  208. 6-18-2012

    I just wanted to say I am sending positive thoughts to Aimee and her family. It is very hard to imagine anyone having to go through so much! I am proud to be from Georgia and see how our great community is rallying around her and her whole family! I wish there were more we could do! I too have broken into tears as I keep up with the blogs and the ups and downs of such an accident. Just know my family will keep all of you in our thoughts and hope to hear she is getting better with each day! You are a wonderful example of great strenght for her and she is very lucky to be able to call you DADDY!

  209. 6-18-2012

    Dear Copeland family,

    I and my family now pray for you daily. You WILL get through this, as God has obviously chosen those of extraordinary grace to bear this burden. I hope that your stress and anguish will be mitigated somewhat in the knowledge that you are filling a gargantuan well of strength to draw from in the future. I pray that the pain medications allow Aimee’s body the relief and rest she needs to fight back. God bless you!

  210. 6-18-2012

    Your post touched me deeply. Praying for you and your family.

  211. 6-18-2012

    Thank you for sharing your daughter’s story, Mr. Copeland. We pray for her complete recovery. Other people who need pain medicine will benefit from your message that Aimee came to realize these medicines will speed up her healing, and bring her comfort.

  212. 6-18-2012

    Please read Your Own Perfect Medicine and The Water of Life. Glad I did, saved my life and foot when bit by brown recluse spider. Silver water and activated charcoal powder use that too, otherwise doctors kill you. Dyna-chi machine too cleans you out. As soon as your daughter drinks her own urine she will start to heal. Don’t listen to me, I’m 58 and should be dead already. My grand father invented plastic, so I didn’t come from a long line of idiots. The Bible says “Drink from your own cistern of life.”

  213. 6-18-2012

    Your Faith and strength individually and collectivley as a family strengthens me and my family daily. Words cannot express the love,compassion, and empathy we have for you and your beautiful family! I know sometimes it seems like He gives us more than we can handle,but He has a plan, a powerful plan for your family. You are amazingly strong parents who have amazingly strong children. Our prayers are with you always.

  214. 6-18-2012

    You are a shining example of what parenting with grace is all about! I am also extremely glad to hear about Aimee’s progress and believe with all my heart that she will be a great influencer and a role
    model to one and all. When she fully recovers, I strongly believe that she will also be blessed with many Christian and secular speaking engagements worldwide and many from all walks of life will be touched and lives will be transformed and supernaturally lifted as well as a result of her sharing.I forsee a great future ahead of her, so please continue to keep her well for the world. When she is ready, my church in Penang, Malaysia would like to host you and family and through Aimee’s sharing, many would come to know Christ as their lord and savior, without a shadow of doubt at all as well. Aimee has also been a source of
    inspiration to me personally as well. Last Sunday in church we celebrated Father’s day and we thanked our daddy father up in heaven on his abundant grace and bountiful blessings showered on us. As a father’s day gift, we were each given a torch light symbolizing a beacon of hope to a world full of darkness. I know and realize that the predicament Aimee is in now is only to prepare her for greatness later to touch the world with her torchlight of hope, resilience and persistence! She is indeed destined for greatness. Our god is definitely a good god with plans to prosper us and not to harm us as well. Indeed,the sufferings of Job was a classic example exhibiting how great our god is!!! As known, the whole incident ended with god’s bountiful blessings and grace. Truly our god is in control of every situation in our lives. This is true in Aimee’s situation as well. God makes all things beautiful in his time and yes, with Christ in the vessel we can smile at the storm. My two children, Bryan age 12 and Rachel age 9 sends their love greetings and they have both mentioned Aimee in their daily prayers as well. Happy Father’s Andy, god bless and keep strong always. Indeed, Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

  215. 6-18-2012

    My son’s name is Andy, his bday is May 27, and he is 25 years old. He has been through some tough times, but he is one of the most compassionate kids you would ever want to meet. We are with you!!!!Please continue the blog. clare

  216. 6-18-2012

    Mr. Copeland,
    My family and I are praying for your daughter! I really hope that she get better soon! I will keep her in my prayers!

  217. 6-18-2012

    I read with sadness about the severe pain that Aimee is experiencing. As an RN, I would ask her doctors if she may benefit from anxiolytic medications (anti-anxiety medication). Often times, if pain is severe enough, opiates such as morphine, fentanyl, demerol will not be effective if a patient is highly anxious. This anxiety doesn’t have to be obvious, but results in the release of chemicals that will prevent pain relief. Anti-anxiety medication will quell the anxiety and improve pain medication effectiveness. I pray that her pain is relieved adequately and she will confirm the same. God Bless Aimee and her family.

  218. 6-18-2012

    my apology my main concern as a parent was to provoke a discussion that Aimee needn’t suffer to prove something to any one.I am not an idiot and wish no one to suffer.I don’t believe anyone that has gone through what she has is in the state of mind to worry about holistic approaches.It bothers me when someone removed from the situation jumps on the bandwagon to try to influence an un conventional approach.I have born the title of idiot before I just didn’t want to see her suffer for someone elses cause and I am sorry to have upset you.

  219. 6-18-2012

    Blessings to you, Dear Family, for caring so deeply and tenderly for Aimee in this most difficult time of need. May the Lord grant healing and peace for all involved in Aimee’s care, and ultimately for Aimee. May He use her for His glory all of her days.

  220. 6-18-2012

    As a parent I feel your pain. Tell Aimee when she is able to hear others’ comments that we here in Gadsden, Alabama are praying for her…and we stand with her in this battle in spirit and in mind. Tell that her life is not over and she will persevere and be of good joy and cheer and happy. We have a son with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair and are one with you in caring for our children. Josh is very smart and works at the petting zoo on Nocculula Mountain. He has all his smarts but lacks balance to walk. His smile is contagious. Tell Aimee she will smile again…until then we will smile for her. Give her an air hug for us , won’t you please?

  221. 6-18-2012

    First off, please know Aimee and your entire family are in my prayers. I recall a surgery of my own where I tried to refuse drugs and then ended up begging for anything to stop the pain. My heart aches for Aimee and I am blown away by her remarkable strength. My son had some aches and pains this morning he was complaining about and I shared her story with him. He stopped immediately. We are all praying for her and want you to know you are in our thoughts. Take care of yourselves and that beautiful girl.

    Lisa Randolph

  222. 6-18-2012

    Saying I am sorry that Aimee is going through this type of hell on earth- does not change her circumstances. So pleased she has such a strong family to aid her. Sounds like the Copeland family is rooted it its faith and also have faith in the medical people who are tying to help Aimee heal.
    Please know there are many of us who are rooting for Aimee and thanking God for your support of this dear young person.

  223. 6-18-2012

    this is a perfect example of why i consider jesus to be a fraud
    and will no longer follow him.

  224. 6-18-2012

    Hi, I m hoping for relief for here I would never want to see my kids int hat kind of pain. So sorry for all of you. Have you ever looked in to H2o2 Therapy? or Ozone Therapy? I am not associated with any of these in any business form just one parent providing some hopefully useful information. Best of Luck Michele D

  225. 6-18-2012

    God Bless Aimee and your family. I will pray for her and pray for the strength you need. Jesus is with you every step of the way!

  226. 6-18-2012

    Dear Aimee and family,
    My prayers are with you. So many people are praying for you, and I know you will recover. I will also pray/meditate that your body will heal and your pain will be removed. Make sure you write a book about your life because I know they will make a movie about you oneday. You are a Star! Hang in there and stay positive!

    Sending Love and Light, David

  227. 6-18-2012

    Hello Family
    I just wanted to say I’m so sorry for all the pain Amiee has to endure and I can feel her pain. I have had a toatl Of 16 surgeries to replace my vein in 1 leg and have scares on every limb as a result. I understand the meaning of “Patchwork” all to well as I was told there would only be a small dimple in my leg which was not the case. I would love to meet Amiee someday and let her know no matter what we look like on the outside we will always be the same on the inside. She seems to be very sweet and caring and I want to wish her the very best in life and her recovery.

  228. 6-18-2012

    Aimee and family- you can fight this thing! how do I know? In 1985, I spent 4 months in the hospital after contracting NF following a C- section. The painkillers will help your body heal and allow your mind to concentrate on the battle to recover. Keep up the good fight! there will be a time when the pain is gone and life will slowly return to a new normal for all of you. Your perspective on life will change and you will never question your strength again. My family’s thoughts are with you.

  229. 6-18-2012

    Sending lots of prayers and healing wishes to Aimee and to your whole family. Keeping Aimee in our thoughts and hoping for a smooth recovery for her. She is blessed to have wonderfu, loving parents like you and your wife.

  230. 6-18-2012

    I have wanted to write so many times, but haven’t taken the time until now. I am praying for you all. I am so moved by your strength. I, too, am a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ. John 10:10 stands true for all of us as long as we are alive on this earth. God carried us through the unexpected loss of our 51/2 year-old daughter ten years ago. He is able… Aimee’s story reminds me of Joni E. Tada’s (“Joni and Friends”) May you be continually encouraged as you keep your eyes on Jesus, grounded in His Word, renewing your minds, believing, hoping. May the Body of Christ minister to you greatly. We are victorious in Jesus……………. One day at a time, one moment at a time…………. press on, it will be worth it all when we see Him face to face. I will continue praying for you. In His love that binds, Tricia Bailey, for family

  231. 6-18-2012

    Hi Andy and Aimee:

    Hope you get enough painkillers to dull the pain. I hope you are able to sleep at night aimee.

  232. 6-18-2012

    Aimee, terrible, unwanted things happen to us during this mortal period of life that we must all pass through, but I have been moved to post for the first-time in any forum.

    As I read your Loving Father’s blog, I realize that you are an extremely special person. The trial that you and your family are experiencing seems so unexplicable and tragic. This seems like a contradiction to logic and reason as to how such a trying event such as this can happen to such a vibrant and beautiful young person, but this is where our rationalizing events that occur fall short of our limited understanding and fall into the realm of a Mighty and Holy God.

    There are many who will not understand this and who will say how can a Loving and Holy God allow such a terrible thing to befall such a wonderful young person, but that is where man’s limited understanding is demonstrated and the Lord’s awesome ways are manifest. For reasons that are far beyond my and our understanding, the Lord God has seen you as worthy to partake of such a difficult trial that is now impacting the hearts of thousands, if not millions of souls throughout the world.

    This event, beyond your control and not of your choosing, has given you and your family an avenue from which your faith and ordeal are being proclaimed throughout the world. Aimee, few of us ever experience what you are going through and I honestly cannot say that I fully appreicate your pain and suffering – but I have to say that You and your Dad have moved me today.

    Aimee offer this ordeal as a holy sacrifice of Faith and Love to the Lord that we may continue to be amazed at you and your family’s Courage and Fatih!!! I know that you are in pain and that without a doubt that it would be better if this had never happened – but it did.

    Aimee, YOU ARE SPECIAL and have been found WORTHY to endure this trial – my prayer is that the Lord Jesus Christ will continue to give you strength and courage to press on to the mark giving Him praise and glory in the midst of this tremendous trial. Young Sister, be of Good Couarage and Fear Not, for you ARE NOT ALONE, but have the eyes and prayers of many interceding on your behalf and on the behalf of the thousands and millions who are being touched by you. A humble brother in Christ.

    • 6-20-2012

      Thank you for such a beautiful post. It was so uplifting to read it. I stand in agreement with you. AND, your post inspired me.

  233. 6-18-2012

    You can do this Aimee! Take all the pain meds you need, you don’t get a trophy going without. Get your rest and build your strength for what’s next. You are inspiring us all to do better, to be stronger and to be a better version of ourselves.

    To the Copeland Family – thank you for sharing. You’re wonderful!

  234. 6-18-2012

    Dear Copeland family,

    Nothing is worse than having your child in pain. As a mother, I weep for your family and pray for Aime that she will experience a swift and complete healing of her body and that G-d will comfort your whole family.

  235. 6-18-2012

    Wishing you strength in your battle Aimee. Hard for an outsider to even begin to understand what you are going through. Be strong you are not alone. You will find a way to put a lesson in this for all of us. Strength & Joy

  236. 6-18-2012

    JAMES 5:14 KJV Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, ANOINTING him with oil in the name of the Lord:

    It is not the oil, but the obedience to do things as God says in His Word that God loves. Any Christian can anoint with olive oil of our people, cast out evil in the Name of Jesus, and ask Father for healing in Jesus’ Name.

    Also, have you investigated colloidal silver? God holds the patent, so drug manufacturers don’t promote it a lot. has some more information

    Aimee and all who love her are in prayers here for healing for Father’s glory.

  237. 6-18-2012

    I have been keeping an eye on your daughter’s recovery from the fox news website. Thought you might find the following of interest. A friend of mine some years ago was in terrible pain with terminal cancer. The only relief he got was from a spoonful of straight vit c powder mixed into a glass of water and obviously taken very quickly. The vit C powder has to be pure high quality, not cut with fillers or anything. I only mention this because my friend’s pain relief from taking this mixture was immediate and obvious. Maybe it could help Aimee.

  238. 6-18-2012

    Dear Copelands,
    I will continue to pray for your wonderful Aimee. About holistic healing and pain management. I urge you to check out PEMF therapy. (Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy). You will be amazed on how it helps control pain and helps the body heal itself. I am involved with the company (device made in Germany). I have watched countless people heal in record time with their pain subsiding to levels they can tolerate. I will find you a device in your area if you are interested. I live in San Diego. Please use me email if you would like my help.

  239. 6-18-2012

    Look at all of these comments! I’m reading through them myself and I can feel the presence of God. Your tragedy is bringing people together, showing their most beautiful qualities, wanting to give of themselves and their time for a family they’ve never met. In sharing your story, you are teaching random readers what it is to be a good man, husband and father. You are spreading the message that we are not alone in our journey. There are many ways you could be handling this difficult situation, but you are choosing to include all of us, and in turn you are inspiring us all to be better individuals. Thank you and thanks to Aimee for sharing your story and allowing us to be a part of your lives. Many blessings to all of you – although I know you are already incredibly blessed.

    • 6-20-2012


      Amen, Amen and Amen. All glory and honor belong to the Lord!

  240. 6-18-2012

    I am a mother and I can not imagine something like that happening to my son. I don’t think there are any words that could make you feel better or help your pain go away. I hope Aimee has enough strength to deal with the infection. Your everyday updates make me realize how important family is. I will be praying for you. I hope Aimeee is pain free soon. HANG IN THERE AIMEE!!! You have a great family that will always be by your side!!!

  241. 6-18-2012

    I feel for you and your family and I hope that somehow you can make your way to this message. I’ll make it short and to the point. The impact that ‘organic unrefined coconut oil’ has had on people is immeasurable. Among many of its healing qualities, coconut oil is anti-bacterial. Please google people’s own testimonies, including those testimonies of doctors. Good luck and may God bless you and your family.

  242. 6-18-2012

    Loved reading your Father’s Day update. You are a wonderful father. God bless you and Aimee and your whole family, and be assured of my prayers for Aimee’s continued recovery. –from Greenville, SC

  243. 6-18-2012

    I feel that I need to comment as I have walked a mile in these shoes. My husband, Gary Denig was diagnosed with flesh eating bacteria in 1998 and suffered with it through 2001. 25 debreedments, 2.1 million in medical bills and much pain and suffering. Praise God he is alive, working and doing more than anyone told me he would do! His right arm was infected and because the infection was relaitively unknown then, we traveled to the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic,Mt. Carmel in Columbus, only to be told that our local medical center, St. Rita’s in Lima, OH was taking care of him as well as they could. My reason for the post is to let you know that the pain medicine is necessary for recovery. If she can get her pain managed, then she will heal faster. The double edge of this sword is that it will be a difficult road when she comes off the pain meds. No one prepared me for this. They shut my husband’s off cold turkey and for 5 days and 5 nights he paced the house and slept not at all. It was like watching something on TV. I had no idea what to do and the Dr. said it was the only way. It was very hard on all of us. But again, the pain medicine is needed for her recovery. She will feel so much “ghost pain” and nerve endings that will feel on fire. Then there is the area of the skin grafts. There is no other way to say it, they look, feel and resemble a burn. You all have a long journey to go that will be full of tears. However, God will carry you and keep you strong. He still works misracles and can take our sorrow and make something beautiful of it. Know that I am here if you have any questions and my husband can talk to her if you wish for him to. Know that we are praying for the Drs. as well as all of you. God Bless you all!

  244. 6-18-2012

    I just wanted to share my story with you about this flesh eating disease in our family – So glad to hear that your daughter is doing so well in these early stages. I just wanted to share with you that my 32 year old step daughter contracted this flesh eating disease before your daughter did and she lives in Illinois. What appeared to be a boil turned into this flesh disease, thank goodness for my step daughter the Dr’s knew exactly what she had when they 1st saw her sore and she was then ambulanced to Evansville Indiana for immediate surgery. Her sore was on the lower middle of her back. She had to go through 2 surgeries 2 days in a row but thankfully they caught it in time and she is almost healed 100%. Its very scary to have this happen and now there are so many stories of people contracting this flesh eating disease, most cases have been in Georgia which is strange. I’m so glad that your daughter is doing much better and I hope she continues to heal and can get through this difficult time. I know its hard for her losing her limbs. Praying for a speedy recovery for all of you!! God Bless

  245. 6-18-2012

    Hi! Andy: I just read about your daughter’s story and situation from the ABC News by Katie Moisse on pleading for painkillers. We may be able to help her in her pain management and rehabilitation through Taiji Neigong relaxation exercise and meditation and immune modulating antiviral and antibacterial herbal nutrition dietary supplement products. Please respond through the e-mail if interested for more details. You can yahoo search my name to know more about us as my daughter has done. Sincerely, Dr. Shie-Ming Hwang, Ph.D.

  246. 6-18-2012

    Please stay strong Aimee!! What a strong corageous young woman you are. My son is a zipline operator working the season in DuckTown, Tn. He graduated college and was looking for a summer adventure. I called him to say please be safe. God bless your family. I have four daughters/one son and can imagine how as a father and parent the emotions. Battle on young lady!!

  247. 6-18-2012

    I am praying for your daughter but I am also praying for you and your wife. We are going through a period of turmoil with our beloved daughter and I found inspiration from your words today. We love our children but ultimately, they do make their own choices. We, like you, are here to pick her up when she will need it.

    Please know that God is able and we can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us! We, both you and I, are living testament to that!

    May God continue to bless you and your wife as you stand by your daughter as she heals. May God heal her now…by His stripes we are healed!

    In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen!
    With love in Christ,
    Deborah W.

  248. 6-18-2012

    Hi! Andy: I just read about your daughter’s story and situation from the ABC News by Katie Moisse pleading for painkillers. We may be able to help in her pain management and rehabilitation through Taiji Neigong relaxation exercise and meditation and immune modulating antiviral and antibacterial herbal nutrition dietary supplement products. Please respond through the e-mail for more details. You can yahoo search my name to know more about us as my daughter has done. Sincerely, Dr. Shie-Ming Hwang, Ph.D.

  249. 6-18-2012

    I can’t believe some of the bickering on these comments. I’ll spare you any more pain and just say this:

    Andy and Donna, I’m so sorry and comparing tradgedies in life is hard, I’ve had my own but nothing that compares to what you guys are going through. I just want to offer my prayers and tell Aimee that Jonnie Grund from WI is praying for her. I hope you continue to get good news small or big and that your daughter comes out of this as healthy as possible. Sometimes we ask why?, Sometimes we have to roll with the punches and maybe you figure out the why later. My Dad was murdered 20 years ago and I have dealt with that ever since. Like I said though, tradgedies arent’t to be compared I think and that each is unique with it’s own pain, and people from all over are with you in this and I hope that provides the least bit of comfort.. Keep fighting Aimee and family and never lose hope.

  250. 6-18-2012

    A short note to let you know a stranger on Wisconsin is quietly, patiently, and compassionately “sitting beside you” through this also, via your blog. I’m hopeful that somehow sharing the suffering and blessings will be helpful, and strengthen all of us with the love of Christ.
    Good thoughts and heartfelt prayers will continually be sent for you, Aimee, and your family.

  251. 6-18-2012

    Please be positive here. Many people in pain have posted here drawn by the light of Aimee’s story as told Andy’s words and been comforted, uplifted. There are many kinds of pain in our lives, who knows what kind of pain causes someone to lash out as Edward (and Mike in another post) have? Please add him to your prayers and stay positive!

  252. 6-18-2012

    Mr. Copeland – You are such a strong man! I only wish one day to be half as strong. What an extra special Fathers Day it must’ve been for you. Aimee is an inspiration to us all! Happy belated Fathers Day to you!

  253. 6-18-2012

    I knew before finding and reading this that you were/are a Christian family – very obvious in Aimee’s online picture. I know this is heart rendering and that you find peace in Jesus Christ to go through this difficulty which He did not cause.

    I am praying for you and your family. I know you are a strong Christian and you know to NOT blame God for this. His heart is breaking too seeing all of you suffer.

  254. 6-18-2012

    I knew once viewing Aimee’s picture and even before reading this blog that you and your family were/are Christians. Your faith and belief in a Savior are what keeps you going.

    By being a strong Christian, you are aware that God didn’t cause this and His heart is breaking too.

    Praying for you and your family.

    Your friend,

  255. 6-18-2012

    God bless you today and everyday. I pray for Aimee and the entire Copeland family every night. God is working through you to reach everyone of us. I feel His presense more and more every time I read your words. Thank you for such beautiful words.

    • 6-18-2012

      Oh my. My comments have nothing to do with this Edward person. I prefer not to even acknowledge anyone except those who say nice things about Andy, Aimee or any of the Copelands. And if anyone says anything unholy they should leave this site.

  256. 6-18-2012

    I am a 21 year old professional dancer from Canada. I had parts of my right leg removed from my experience with NF. Tell Amiee that she is not alone, and that watching the Sound of Music helps!

    • 6-18-2012

      My dad spent fathers day in the ICU ward when I had NF too.

  257. 6-18-2012

    I seem to be the most dispised man on planet but thankfully Aimee is receiving pain medicine.She deserves the best care possible and I wish the best to her.I did not wish her family ill will but wanted them to make sure she not suffer pain needlessly.I apologize to her dad.I did not want the press of her refusing pain medicine to be an issue.My goal was not to have her suffer.

  258. 6-18-2012

    What an awesome family you are! I can’t even begin to grasp what Aimee is going thru. But I do know when the stomach muscles are cut the pain is horrendous. May I politely suggest Aimee switch demerol for the morphine? The morphine is yucky and makes many people sick. The nausea or vomiting is way too painful on top of what she already feels. I found the demerol more helpful with the pain as well as eliminating the nausea. Blessings to you all!

  259. 6-18-2012

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Aimee and her family. I hope it helps her to know that people all over the world are with her in spirit as she struggles to recover.

  260. 6-18-2012

    Sweet Aimee, what a warrior you are. I am so impressed and inspired by your story. I want to thank you for allowing your caregivers to give you pain medications for this difficult time. It is no doubt giving your parents and loved ones some much needed relief to know that you have some help to get through these very painful experiences. Many thousands of people are rooting for you and following your story, and no one wants to think of you in such pain. Use the miracles of modern medicine as a tool and a partner, along with your strengh of mind, breathing, and beautiful meditation. You will get through this. You are powerful!

  261. 6-18-2012

    I sit here w/tears in my eyes praying for her to heal and God to take the pain away from such a beautiful girl.Look up to the skies and pray to God for her to heal are a tough family to go through with what you are and I love you for the power you have I have a 16 yr.old and I don’t know how I would deal w/it God bless and she and you all are in my prayers

  262. 6-18-2012

    I have been keeping up with Aimee’s story and am amazed and humbled with her strong will. I found this quote that reminded me of Aimee and wanted to share.

    “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles”

    Keeping the Copeland family in positive thoughts always.

  263. 6-18-2012

    Aimee is the bravest girl one can imagine, all my positive thoughts are with her, she is very brave, so is her family, I hope she gets well very soon.
    I want to help you a lot, I don’t have paypal but I’ll try to open an account in order to help you as I am from Portugal and I don’t know how transfers for the USA work.
    I had heard of this bacteria but never really heard of anyone who had gone through this, for your family to go through such a strong experience and keep fighting with all your strength, I’m just moved by all of this and admiring you deeply.
    Many of us do take things for granted, Aimee is the living example that we shouldn’t, we should all be thankful for everyday and every breath we take.
    Thank you, and I’m wishing you all the best.

  264. 6-18-2012

    Thank you Mr. Copeland for being the wonderful example of a “Real Man, Father and Husband” I am so lucky to read your updates when you post. I pray for Aimee’s speedy recovery. She is an amazing woman.
    In his service,
    Kristy D.

  265. 6-18-2012

    No one can begin to understand what you, and your loved ones, have gone through, and what you so bravely face each day. Just please believe that your desire to live, your willingness to be fully alive each day, is profoundly inspiring to me. I have a disability, and there are times when I get discouraged. But when I read about you, I put down my own fears, and because of your courage, I feel like I can be fully alive each day, too. Thank you. God bless you and your family in all miraculous ways. You are all in my prayers.

  266. 6-18-2012

    I can’t begin to imagine what you’re going through, but as a parent, I know it must be heartbreaking to watch your daughter suffer. I’m keeping your family and especially Aimee in my thoughts and prayers.

  267. 6-18-2012

    My heart goes out to you, Copeland Family. I will most certainly have you all in my prayers. I pray for God’s mercy to be upon Aimee this very moment and I thank Him for her healing. May your Faith in God continue to show the rest of us how never to give up, how never to lose your Faith; may He strengthen you all and always remember He has a plan for each of us. As an earlier blogger wrote, I too cannot wait to see/hear about the amazing one (plan) He has for Aimee. God bless.

  268. 6-18-2012

    Again what a great demonstration of hope and grace from you and Donna. It’s amazing. I feel like i’m on this journey with and try to feel your pain. I just can’t imagine what a minute by minute battle you guys are experiencing… Thank you so much for you inspiration. It is in our weakness the His power is made perfect. I love that verse. It comforts me. I’ll keep reading and praying.

  269. 6-18-2012

    Mr. Copeland,

    You write so beautiful. It is very difficult for me to read what you write because my heart breaks for your daughter and your family. I am beyond touched by your words and your beautiful caring family. I feel so ashamed when I sit on the pity pot and worry myself sick, when my problems are nothing compared to what your beautiful child is going through.

    Sometimes I wonder if I am reading this for the morbid curiosity and then get so caught up in your words. I pray for Aimee and your family everyday since she had this accident.

    I am very happy to read that Aimee is taking her pain medication. Sometimes you have to. Such severe pain can cause more problems and Aimee needs to be able to rest. She should not suffer unnecessary pain.

    I ask God to lift some of Aimee’s pain even if it is for just an hour. Please may this beautiful woman rest and continue to get well.

    With deepest respect to you and your family.
    Helaine Rochelle

  270. 6-18-2012

    As a nurse, I am so glad that Aimee is taking as mucn pain medication as possible. The body heals much more quickly when it is not in stress due to pain. Holistic pain therapy is also still a very important part of the healing process. Meditation, breathing, music, prayer…can all help when added to the medication process. As a side note, I have had patients who do not want to take strong pain medication because they are afraid of becoming addicted. Let me assure you that the body will not become addicted to pain medication when it is in pain. The addiction occurs when pain medications are used after the pain is gone, i.e. the drug is “abused”.

    As a mother, I don’t know how I would be able to deal with seeing my child in so much pain. I’m sure it takes great fortitude. Our prayers are with you for the day to quickly come when this is but a distant memory. I know that Aimee will be able to use this experience to help so many others. God Bless You.

  271. 6-18-2012

    Building skin from within…I am a rheumatoid arthritic with a suppressed immune system and thus subject to inability to heal wounds. Until I started taking BIOTIN (5000 mg daily). Used to strengthen nails, hair and skin, this vitamin has eliminated bruising, open wounds, not to mention weak nails and thin hair due to medications. Can’t hurt…will definitely help. Blessings….

  272. 6-18-2012

    Dear Mr. Copeland, I read last week about Aimee refusing pain medication and how “brave” she was being. I have followed Aimee’s story from the beginning and this bit of info concerned me on several levels. First, because of the pain & suffering I knew she would needlessly endure. Second, because the are many studies showing a direct link between good pain control & faster healing. Yes, pain medication does more than treat pain – it speeds healing. There are also studies linking the severity of PTSD with delayed morphine administration – in other words, soldiers who got pain medication soon after combat injury had less incidence of PTSD. I respect Amiee’s convictions about pain management and I am glad she is now using medication but please tell she is NOT “selling out” by accepting help. We all do what we have to and their is no need to suffer if it can be avoided. As a clinical pharmacist in the mental health field I see a lot of needless suffering. Please tell Aimee to hang in there, we are all praying for her. And you are welcome to contact me if you want info or have questions.

  273. 6-18-2012

    You are an amazing person Aimee. We have been at your side praying and pulling for you since day one.Today I wish that your pain goes away inside and out.Hang in there sweetie.Your are bless and the world pulling for your recovery.To the father of Aimee,Thank you for updating us, and I know its really hard for the family. We feel that Aimee had become our family too.THANK YOU AGAIN.

  274. 6-18-2012

    I am a double below knee amputee as a result of an accident, my lower legs were cut off, and can relate to the pain your daughter is having. My nerves were servered in the open position of the pain resepticales and I have not been a day with out it, pain, and what has helped get me through the days is using my brain to help with the pain. While I was in the hospital, i would rely on a simple pain reliver to get me through the wound care and the skin grafes. the mind is a great pain deturant and i was Blessed enough to learn that from a book a nurse gave me while i was there in the hospital. if there is anything i can do to help, please feel free to ask! talking about my accident, pain, and healing have helped me in surviving.

  275. 6-18-2012

    What an amazing family,Amii is such a inspiration please tell her she has touched so many people. I follow her story in hope that she heals quickly without pain. Your story is so touching , I think of her often. and thank you to you ger daddy for sharing a devasting experience.

    • 6-18-2012


  276. 6-18-2012

    Your posts leave me speechless……I cry through them and then I begin to find this quiet place in my mind and I begin Praying for Aimee with all my might …each day I’m sending you strength to endure,much love to all the Copeland’s and hope for an easier healing processes….you can do it Aimee!!!!!!!

  277. 6-18-2012

    I’m so sorry for all the unimaginable you are going through, and I continue to pray. I hope this will help you all when the time is right: “I never lost faith in the end of the story, I never doubted not only that I would get out, but also that I would prevail in the end and turn the experience into the defining event of my life, which, in retrospect, I would not trade…. You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end–which you can never afford to lose–with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.” — Jim Stockdale, Vietnam POW, regarding faith in God that his story would turn out well

  278. 6-18-2012

    Copeland family, please know that you are not alone in this journey. You have touched the lives of so many. This situation brings me to tears with each update, some of joy and some of sorrow. My heart goes out to you all. Aimee, sweetie, keep fighting, and when you are in pain, just know that we all are hurting with you. Your suffering will earn a future strength that only God understands right now. But I promise, your rewards are coming soon. God WILL bless you. Please, please feel the love that I am sending, and know that even though we may never meet, you have touched my life more than you will ever know. Thank you for being you. Hang in there, Aimee. The pain, though severe right now, will only last a while. This too shall pass. But you already know that, don’t you? God Bless!!!!!

  279. 6-18-2012

    you are a GREAT dad! some of the comments on aol could be hurtful,so take them as they are.she needs to do what she needs to do to get to a dealible point with this.if her mind is clear go by her wishes…God didnt get her this far without a reason.You mark my words you all will get through this. Drew

  280. 6-18-2012

    I am keeping up-to-date with your beautiful daughter’s story and it has touched my heart and impacted my life in so many ways. I have prayed for her and will continue to do so until she gets a breakthrough–until Good grants you all a miracle. May God continue to strengthen, keep and iuphold you during this this time. Much love and prayers.

  281. 6-18-2012

    Has anyone besides me ever worried or fretted over a problem without needing to? If we could only leave
    things in His strong hand to start with…things would be so much easier!    In Him,  Karen I.
    He Says “Peace Be Still”
    He says “Peace be still” even when your storm is brewing,
    He knows each step you take, & everything you are doing;
    You may be fretting over things you don’t understand,
    But it only needs to be placed in His strong hand!
    He says “Peace be still’ when turmoil is in your heart,
    And the stress within is making you fall apart;
    All the worry you’ve done has been of no use,
    For God’s hand is so able to take care of you!
    He says “Peace be still” when situations take place,
    All He needs to do is pour out His matchless grace;
    He’ll lead you in righteous ways by His own Holy Spirit,
    Seek His face, listen for His small voice, & hear it!
                                                                          He says “Peace be still” & calms life’s raging storm,
    There’s nothing God’s word can’t…..This poem comes from wonderful Christian at my Church. God has given her the talent to be able to help others like me and Aimee and the Copeland Family with wonderful poems. I pray this is of comfort to you all.

  282. 6-18-2012

    Although I didn’t see Edwards posts, stop wasting time replying to him as that is what he is looking for. People like that guy live a life of hate and should be pitied. Andy you are a great guy, I can’t wait for Aimee to get past these grueling days. I am cheering her on even though I know times are real tough on her right now. Hard to plan your next move when you are in mortal pain. I hope she one day realizes she has an army of people who are behind her. Heck this is rare, I have read many blogs like this one but never have I seen the outpouring of this many people praying and wanting to help a stranger like these fine people here are doing for Aimee. It is her spirit that brings me here, just looking at how she lived her life before the accident, inspires me. I have not lived the life I wanted, it has been rough on me at times mentally and physically. I am my own worst enemy. But I want nothing but good for Aimee. She is 100000 times smarter then I ever was or will be. I think she will come out of this and prove to the world that no bacteria is going to ruin her spirit.

  283. 6-18-2012

    My heart goes out to your family. Especially Aimee. I survived Stage III Cancer and I can say that my dad felt the same way you are. He would have done anything to take away the suffering. God’s timing is perfect in every respect. I am encouraged by the family’s faith, Aimee’s bravery and the support of this online family. Praying for a deep sense of healing. I still don’t know why God had me go through what I did but I do remember saying that if one person’s life has changed by their accepting Christ as their Savior then YAY GOD. I know Jesus is right by her side. He is holding her hand and calming her spirit. Love is extended to you all from us here in Denver.

  284. 6-18-2012

    Thank you… For taking the time to keep us all posted, for being such a great example of what God’s love can create within a person, for being a great dad who teaches daughters to only accept good men. This post was so wonderfully written. I’ll be praying for you all! As a Mommy of 3 daughters, I cannot imagine watching them suffer. May God give her healing and you and her mom strong, courageous hearts and minds.

  285. 6-18-2012

    Mr. and Mrs. Copeland,

    Blessings to Aimee and your entire family. Several years ago I had a bout with MRSA, but it was absolutely nothing in comparison with what Aimee is going through.

    I found this online and thought I would share it with you. I sincerely hope it helps. If you like, please check out The McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, an affiliate of the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences, which has something called The Skin Gun. It’s inventor is Jorg C. Gerlach. Featured in their video, it uses the patient’s own stem cells which are isolated, then sprayed on the patient with REMARKABLE, results in skin regeneration. Their website mentions a wide variety of innovative methods to heal conditions that have traditionally not been considered heal-able.

    Again, I am hoping at some point this may be helpful to Aimee. If it isn’t, please accept my sincere apologies for even mentioning it. God be with you all.


    These phone numbers are listed for the University’s McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine:
    Wound Healing: 412-648-3167
    Heart and Blood Vessels, Liver, Nervous System: 800-533-8762

  286. 6-18-2012

    It is truly amazing to read the progress of Aimee. I am also amazed at your openness of speaking of our great savior, our heavenly father. Not many Christians are on fire enough for the lord to openly proclaim his greatness and I appreciate the ones who are, like yourselves. I pray for the Copeland family that God may bring precious Aimee strength and comfort during this journey and for peace and comfort for you and all the rest of the family. You guys can overcome this. Through Christ, all things are possible. Thank you for sharing the love of our father, thank you…

  287. 6-18-2012

    Aimee (and the entire Copeland family)is such a couragous example of the strength of the human spirit! I can appreciate her beliefs in holistic healing as I too am a holistic healer. However, I also believe it is as much a mistake to foresake allopathic medicine for holistic as it is to discount holistic for allopathic. Instead, I prescribe to the concept refered to in Greek philosophy as the “golden mean” (also a term in sacred geometry) which describes the perfect balance between two extremes. The secret is to incorporate the best of both worlds. Aimee will find that balance. Please encourage her to not give up on her meditation practice and whatever else she is doing as a part of her holistic beliefs. At the same time, encourage her to take all the drugs they will give her for the pain. In time, she will find that her holistic efforts will lessen the need for the medications…and much sooner than her medical team might expect. I could give countless examples where this has proven to be the case. But this is not about me or them. This is about Aimee. She has done so much so far that she is living proof that miracles do exist.
    As Aimee knows, there is such a thing as distant healing. There is a circle of healers here in North Carolina that would be honored to hold a healing circle for Aimee. However, as she also knows, her permission is required before we can do such a thing. Until we receive such permission, please know that Aimee and your entire family are in our prayers.

  288. 6-18-2012


  289. 6-18-2012

    Mr. and Mrs. Copeland,
    I know of your daughter through my sister. Her son Kevin has gone through the Masters program with Aimee. Kevin has spoken very highly of Aimee, as well as her family. I can see why. Your strong faith and strong framily values radiate from your writing. Even during the most difficult times you seem to be able to reach into “your bag of strength” and pull out, one more prayer, one more special family moment, one more day of hope. I commend you for this, and feel this is every reason why Aimee is so strong and has been able to forge through the most difficult of times.
    I began reading Aimee’s blog because of my knowledge of her through my nephew. I continue to read Aimee’s blog because she is the bravest young lady I have ever known. I am an RN, I have been an RN for 24years. I have seen people suffer. I have seen families pace the halls, sleep in waiting rooms, and cry over the pain of their loved ones. Having seen this, I feel in my heart, your “bag of strength” is what is going to get you all through this. I think of Aimee often; I heard her pain (and felt your anguish over this) in your writing, I am asking the Lord to please lift this pain from her and help her to release the physical healing to you Lord, so that she can concentrate on her meditation, prayer, and family support during her spiritual and mental healing. I pray for each of you for continued strengh; at times when you think there is nothing else you can do, I pray God will lead you in grace, patience and give you a healing tender touch. I have always said…there is nothing that can calm me, sooth my fears, or fill me with Love more than my parents touch, hug, or presence. It doesn’t matter how old you get, it is that gentle touch of a parent that can heal the most tender of wounds….inside and out. I have been blessed with wonderful parents, as Aimeee has. We have all been blessed with our Father in Heaven, may his tenderness sooth your fears, calm you, fill you with Love, and most of all heal the wounds that are hurting each of us in this world. Amen
    My sincere prayers to you all,
    Lee Ann

  290. 6-18-2012

    You sir are an inspiration, and Aimee is very lucky to have a family like yours. It is more than unfortunate that any of you have to go through such an awful, random, and tragic experience. In such great times of unknown, it is always reassuring to have such great people around you.

    I hope Aimee’s physical pain is close to behind her, and real healing can begin. Nothing will ever be the same for her anymore, except for the peace that is having a loving family like yours.

  291. 6-19-2012

    Mr. Copeland you’re truly a man of God and there’s a special place in heaven for you and your beautiful daughter! I pray everyday that Aimee’s pain goes away! My heart aches for her! Please know that your testimony is bringing people to GOD! God bless you all!!!!!!!!!

  292. 6-19-2012


  293. 6-19-2012

    Dear Andy,

    Two things that may of assistance: When undergoing a few operations recently without anesthesia, I was given Diluadid which is ten times more powerful than morphine–because the morphine wasn’t working for me at all (fentanyl). Obviously, your daughter is experiencing infinitely greater pain and distress than I did, but this Dilaudid stuff is quite effective, and works almost immediately. Given the circumstances, I’m sure it’s been considered. The second thing I want to do is quote a John Milton line: “They also serve who only stand and wait.” Your Father’s Day entry pretty much sums that wisdom up. You and yours are warriors. With such pain, there isn’t a whole of thinking to do except to get the right drugs for that pain to cease. Hopefully very soon the physical torment will be calmed.

  294. 6-19-2012

    Bless this girl’s heart. I am so glad she has now accepted pain medications. She is the bravest girl in the world, I think, and I appreciate that she tried to do the right thing according to her beliefs for so long, but there comes a time when you have to take those nasty medicines to keep yourself going. I am in that place with heart meds right now. But I have never been in the place Aimee is in right now with such a devastating illness and insult to my body. I think of her and pray for her every day and know she will conquer this and come shining through in the end. God bless all of you with peace and some good sleep and for Aimee release from pain.

  295. 6-19-2012

    Asking Jesus to be on her side last night might have worked and helped her to make the right decision to ask for her pain medications. Jesus suffer for all of us on the cross but why she has to suffer needlessly. She is going to make it. My best regards to her and her family.

  296. 6-19-2012

    Please know that your beautiful daughter is in my prayers as you are.

  297. 6-19-2012

    Mr Copeland:

    You do not know me but like many others I have followed your daughter’s incredible story. She is a beautiful girl who I know will continue to fight and improve. As father, I find myself admiring you as a father who has shown incredible fortitude and your daughter for her utmost courage during her ordeal. My prayers are with you, your daughter and your family. I will help Aimee and continue to follow her path to recovery. Maybe I will have opportunity to meet both of you in the future.
    God bless Aimee, you and your family.

  298. 6-19-2012

    Found this on another post of Aimee. >>>I wonder if the deep sea cold salt water at Natural Energy Lab of Hawaii on the island of Hawaii in Kona can help her. I understand that Dr. John Craven was bitten and infected by a flesh eating bacteria on his leg. He decided to dunk his leg in the cold water. Within a couple of weeks he started to heal.<<<
    Just passing this along to you and hoping this will help.

    God Bless, Lisa

  299. 6-19-2012

    I am keeping Aimee and your family in my prayers. I am also a survivor of NF – 3 years ago – so I know some of what Aimee is going through. Your beautiful family and your faith in our God will sustain you.

  300. 6-19-2012

    PLEASE tell your brave, inspiring daughter not to feel she has failed for needing the pain medication. I have been a chronic pain patient for many years and I have always taken the meds but they don’t get all the pain and my psychiatrist says he thinks I self-hypnotize to help with the rest. I am in the worst pain in years now b/c the only pain management practice in this Co. that takes medicaid was just bought out and won’t take it anymore. My PCP won’t give me my meds b/c most are off label use ( they are seisure drugs and one blood pressure drug that work for my kind of patn.) Drs. are afraid of the people that monitor their scripts for pain drugs. I hope your daughter can get through this time and get off the drugs and back to wholistic medicine. It will be better for her and not so many people standing there saying “no, you can’t!”

  301. 6-19-2012

    I just finished reading through all of the blog posts, and I can’t say that I know exactly how you feel, as much as I’d like to. A little over two years ago, my younger sister was in the ICU with a broken neck, and reading through this blog really reminded me how blessed we were to have her recover as completely as she did. A few of these posts even made me tear up a little bit remembering what it was like to get that good news, to hear that she had made it through some challenge and to know that she still had a fighting chance. It’s the best feeling, and to have Aimee have come so far in the past few weeks, I can only imagine how amazing it must be to hear good news.

    I wish the best for you and your family, and especially for Aimee. But from what I’ve read, as long as you all still have breath in you, you’ll keep up the good fight. I truly hope that things will turn out alright in the end, and a happy belated Father’s Day to you as well!

  302. 6-19-2012

    As the tears flow my heart beats stronger with each word I read. What an amazing Faith and what an important time to show it. I am so moved it is if I am there too. I am a mom and my husband and I cannot imagine what it must be like for all of you. It is good that you have each other and of course that you have Christ in you to carry you through. It is true His sacrifice can release such strength just when we don’t want to be where we are the most. I am sure He is so pleased with your strength and most of all your Faith in God’s never broken promises. I pray for Aimee everyday as she is on my desktop and never far from my thoughts. I pray that Aimee receives comfort, healing and peace from Him. You are the nations daughter and we love you and know you have what it takes to make it. The golf cart story lets us all know that Aimee is a pioneer and a leader. She has guts and she will have the glory of all that He is and all that He will give her. God Bless you Aimee. We are praying for you each and every day.
    with love and blessings,
    <3 Magdalena and Scott Bianchi <3

  303. 6-19-2012

    Mr. Copeland,
    I am so inspired by your thoughtful, spiritual and intelligent posts. You are such a wonderful, loving Father and my heart goes out to you and your family. I pray that Aimee’s ordeal with surgery and pain will be over sooner than expected. She is such a remarkable young woman and deserves all the blessings of heaven. My children and I will be praying for her recovery! God Bless you….
    Caroline, Utah

  304. 6-19-2012

    Hid blood does make the difference.. keep the faith…

  305. 6-19-2012

    This is always about Aimee….

    I’m in the medical field Andy and I’m very mixed on holistic healing but respect all thoughts. I’m glad she is taking medications and hope that she can rest in comfort. She’s doing nothing wrong and I’m glad for the updates in her recovery.

    Our thoughts and prayers are always with you and your family. Dont’ get too high or too low; take moments to unwind and to just take a break sometimes. Hang in there and know so many are with Aimee and your family.

  306. 6-19-2012

    Dear Andy, Donna, and of course Aimee,

    My heart weeps for you at your current suffering…I can only imagine. I hope and pray the pain will diminish in time. I hope there is something that can help take the edge off Aimee’s pain, whether injection nerve blocks or nerve block medications. I know pain meds don’t always touch that kind of pain..I had a small taste when I developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after a surgery 4 months ago. And after having a leg run over by a bus. God led me to a great physical therapist and I trust he will do the same for Aimee. I pray that the rehab can soon begin..I know how horribly frustrating it must be for an active, motivated girl like her to have to suffer through this phase of recovery when she so wants to move on. God somehow gives us the strength to survive incredible hardships…as it pained Him watching his son suffer on the cross, so it must pain you to watch your dear daughter go through this. But I know that in future, God will use this for his eternal purposes and give meaning to that which now seems to make little sense. I am in awe of your faith, and of your daughter’s fighter spirit. I know it will take all she has inside to endure this. Rooting for all of you!

  307. 6-19-2012

    I have no words of my own that would even approach understanding how much pain and suffering your daughter is suffering, but I feel confident after reading your fathers day message, that you will know the source of the words I want to remind you of.

    Psalm 91 KJV
    1 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
    Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
    2 I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress;
    My God, in Him I will trust.”
    3 Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler
    And from the perilous pestilence.
    4 He shall cover you with His feathers,
    And under His wings you shall take refuge;
    His truth shall be your shield and buckler.
    5 You shall not be afraid of the terror by night,
    Nor of the arrow that flies by day,
    6 Nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness,
    Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday.
    7 A thousand may fall at your side,
    And ten thousand at your right hand;
    But it shall not come near you.
    8 Only with your eyes shall you look,
    And see the reward of the wicked.
    9 Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge,
    Even the Most High, your dwelling place,
    10 No evil shall befall you,
    Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling;
    11 For He shall give His angels charge over you,
    To keep you in all your ways.
    12 In their hands they shall bear you up,
    Lest you dash your foot against a stone.
    13 You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra,
    The young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot.
    14 “Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him;
    I will set him on high, because he has known My name.
    15 He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him;
    I will be with him in trouble;
    I will deliver him and honor him.
    16 With long life I will satisfy him,
    And show him My salvation.”

    My humble prayers are with you sir, not only for your daughter, but for you and your wife as well. May the God of heaven rain down his abundant grace in all of your lives, and may the healing power of our risen Savior Christ Jesus be poured out among your family. I pray this in the name of Jesus, whom through ALL things are possible.

    Sincerely in His Mercy,
    A. Pybus

  308. 6-19-2012

    I continue to pray for Aimee and all who have been touched by this amazing young woman’s inner and outer strength. Aimee, you have unified so many in your courageous fight to overcome what so many have never or will ever confront. God be with you and yours. Love to you!

  309. 6-19-2012

    MUCH LOVE to Aimee and your family during this difficult time!! You are in our hearts and minds and we are sending you lots of positive energy for a strong recovery from all of us here in Wisconsin…:)

  310. 6-19-2012

    Please check for an illness called LEICHMANIASIS, flesh-eating illness from sand-flies, horses and ticks in rural areas. Medication for this disease (named tropicaL) exists. Check with NIH, institutes of health in Brazil, Mexico and other tropical and sub-tropical latitudes. Also known to exist in the US. International cooperation is exchanged between many universities and hospitals. One cannot leave any possibility unexplored! Good luck with your beautiful daughter. My prayers to you.

  311. 6-19-2012

    Dear Aimee Parents, we don’t have the words to express you about this situation.
    My Father (RIP) on Jan 23, 2001 after a series of complications due to burns of 3rd degree, hands, face, arms and trachea when he inhale gas from the water heater he was fixing at home.
    He was a great dad, served in the WW II Army, where he was wounded, but overpass that situation.
    He retired after having a 4 bypass hart surgery, years later he fell down and broke his hip, and after that was the burn, that I saw the pain for the skin grafts and at the end, when we all Mom, 3 brothers and 3 sisters saw him in December 2000 to baptize our second daughter Sara.
    I felt so much pain when we help him to change the bands of the skin graft and somehow he also was kind of refusal to take medication. We plead the doctor to help him and put them in the IV, just to see him relax and enjoy (if it can be said in that word) the company of my Mother and all of us.
    At the end, i got a call from my young brother to tell me that he passed away 10 minutes before the call. His hart couldn’t handle anymore. He is our Hero, as Aimee is to you.
    God, thru Jesus Christ (We are Catholics) called him in the right moment after the baptize of my daughter. Know a days, after all this time, I still miss him so much, but I know that he is in a place, where there is no pain or sadness. He overlooks for us and I thank God for having Dad that after the WWII, all the health problems, he died happy, preparing my Moms breakfast. Afterwards, we knew that he cover up my Moms Alzheimer. I try to go to Mexico City to see her at any opportunity, even that she is in a phase that is difficult for her to know who am I. But God acts in so many different ways that I don’t get mad about, i THANK GOD TO GAVE US A GREAT PATHER AND MOTHER THAT ALWAYS LLOK FOR US, PAY US ALL EDUCATION AND COLLEGE, BUT ALSO TO DO NOT GET ANGRY WITH GOD, BUT TO THANK GOD FOR LETTING HAVE MY FATHER IN MY 11th YEAR SOBER AND HUG HIM LIKE WHEN I WAS A KID.
    PLEASE, ask God to help you and Aimee understand his way of dealing and to give to the rest of the family a infinite reward. She is a great daughter to you and you always will have an Angel looking for you and all your family, great things will happen, God is taking care of her and He will come to take her in the right moment. OUR BLESSINGS, NO MATTER RELIGION OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT, AIMEE AND YOU GUYS ARE FULL IN SPIRIT, SO WOULD HAVE AIMEE ANGEL TO LOOK FOR ALL OF YOU.

  312. 6-19-2012

    Hello wanted to say your a good man to stand by your little girl and I wish her luck. And about the pain meds. Just a little bit of pain day in and day out will cause a person to go crazy. It sounds that she is in alot of pain so you can’t blame her. I am on pain meds. I got to tell you watch what she takes. They work good for a few week then months but they never work as good as when you first start taking them. So it is hard for a person and takes a strong person to not what to take another pill today and make it up tomorrow. Pills don’t work that away if you take 2 pills today then try to take 3 pills tomorrow then it is hard very hard to take 2 pills the next day and if your in pain you will hurt like 10 time more then you hurt the day you first took 2. I wish they will make pot legal (I promise I don’t take it) but I heard it works better for long term pain. Pain Med they just have to every 6month or so incease you meds for you to get any real releaf. Hold this helps Real Deal

  313. 6-19-2012

    god bless u sweetheart im praying for u.what strength u have.brings tears to my eyes to see johns heartless message.fuck u john go kill yourself.

    • 6-20-2012


      How in the word can you bless such a sweet young woman as Aimee and then use the same mouth to go tell someone what you did? You are speaking out of both sides of your mouth. Stop. Have some respect. “The Bible say’s that a double minded man is unstable in his ways.”

      I will pray for you, Jason.

  314. 6-19-2012

    First, I hope that Aimee, you and your family are motivated to keep going every day despite the extreme hardships you face.
    In two weeks I will lose my left hand due to cancer. For thirteen years, starting at 17 years old, I have been battling illness and I know what it is like to have large amounts of skin removed. In my case, because of the disease I have called scleroderma, I was unable to receive skin graphs. I healed the old fashioned way. Twice. Your daughter is SOOOOOO TOUGH only a select few really know it.
    I just spoke to a man who is very similar to your daughter in that he lost 3 limbs and almost lost his fourth limb but was able to save one palm and a thumb. He lost his limbs due to sepsis. I have soooo much respect and empathy for your daughter. For you and your family,Sir, I can say that strength will come when you really need it. Good luck and if you ever want to talk, please feel free to contact me.

  315. 6-19-2012

    I’ve been trying to keep up with current info on your daughters recovery. It sincerely breaks my heart to imagine the pain your whole family is going through and how unfortunate this is. I hope and pray that things will get better for her. You have my deepest condolences.


  316. 6-19-2012

    not a doctor but have a few things for u to investigate. there is something out there called REAVO, not sure of scientific name. they use it in some california hospitals fot grafting without actually grafting.i will keep looking for name. also research olive leaf extract, it seems that most studies says it kills almost all bacteria, microbes and prayers and thoughts to you.

  317. 6-19-2012

    What an amazing young women with extraordinary strength !! The unconditional love and outpour of support from family, friends and strangers, but above all the faith in the one who is in complete control at all times, will carry you and your loving family through this very difficult time. There are moments when we look at our own situation and may feel a little overwhelmed (as we have a 3 yr old battling cerebal palsy) but when we look at our neighbor, I can’t even begin to imagine what a very difficult time this is for your daughter and family. I have posted Aimee’s website as a status on my facebook page and hope that my friends will take the time to visit and learn about Aimee, but most importantly, start a circle of prayer. I too believe in the power of prayer !! I will pray daily and I know that he is carrying her in his arms this very moment. May God bless your loving family.

  318. 6-19-2012

    Have you or the team of doctors discussed use of Hyperbaric Chamber therapy?

  319. 6-19-2012

    No parent should need go through your trial… In 2003 my wife slipped into a coma on my daughters 6th birthday… 4 years later she died and went onto the Lord. Without the trial I wouldn’t have learned the lessons God intended…. One thing I did learn.. is that.. in the midst of the journey you may be tempted more than once to ask “why’?… I found the better question to ask is…”Lord show me how to glorify and trust you in all of this”…. Our prayers are with Aimee and your family

    Jeff Russell
    Pastor, Selinsgrove, Pa

  320. 6-19-2012

    Aimee, though I have no idea the degree of pain you are dealing with I do understand pain and how sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be an end to it. Understand that pain medication is made for good, to help you manage the pain you can. It doesn’t change your values as a human being, if nothing else it makes you stronger.
    Dad, you are an amazing parent. I wonder if I could be that strong for my girls in such a situation. You and Aimee are in my prayers. For her to continue fighting and for you to continue being the rock she needs to see the end of this horrible disease. God Bless you and your family.

  321. 6-19-2012

    We are very sorry to hear of your misfortune..sometimes life seems so unfair..we are all thinking about you guys…we sure wish we could do something…you will be in our strong…larry lisa savanna and troy

  322. 6-19-2012

    I am moved beyond words. Love, prayers, strength, positive, healing energy, faith, and all that is good, I send to Aimee and all of you. Praise be to Him for Aimee being able to wish you a happy fathers day! I am a total stranger to you all, but we are ALL part of God’s family. Aimee reminds me so much of my own daughter. Her zest for life, love of nature, and her peaceful, positive spirit! I am so sorry that you all have to endure this at all and that Aimee has to suffer as she does. As you said, there is one who suffered more and your faith in Him is inspiring! Thank you for sharing this with us, may you all find some sort of comfort knowing that so many feel close to you all and are right along with you, if not in person, with love, hope, compassion, and prayers!

  323. 6-19-2012

    You are all so very brave. I continue to pray for your family asking for strength, courage, grace and healing. I am SO happy Aimee allowed the pain medications to ease her suffering. I recently had several surgeries and resulting skin graft, the first in a series of reconstructions still to come. The prior surgeries were nothing compared to the pain from the skin grafts. I, too, tried to avoid the heavy duty pain medications. It was not a good decision causing me initial terrible suffering. The pain medications are essential. I learned.

    I was so concerned when Aimee was adhering to her philosophy of no pain mediation given my own experience. It is simply too hard on the mind, body and soul to endure that much pain while trying to heal. Aimee is incredibly strong. I admire her convictions but am just so happy she is now more comfortable. Its easier on the parents and medical staff, too, to know she is not suffering quite as much. I love all of you as do so many around the world. Faith, hope and love, and above all the strongest is love. So much love is sent to all of you each moment of each day. I pray you feel comforted.
    The Lord be with you.

  324. 6-19-2012

    Its so heartbreaking to see someone that openly celebrated life having to live the rest of their life with such a severe consequence. I’ve seen videos of people that have had successful arm and leg transplants. I hope that Aimee is able to someday be given this opportunity to live her life fully once again. She has been such a trooper throughout this whole ordeal, its so sad that she has to live like this.

  325. 6-19-2012


    I just learned of this story this morning and as I type this message I can hardly compose myself and stop the tears. I am a father of two girls, 9 and 6, and I can’t begin to imagine how you must feel and my heart goes to you and of course Aimee. Nobody should have to endure what she is going through! You are an inspiration for all father’s out there and I will keep you and Aimee in my prayers.

    With love,

  326. 6-19-2012

    Good Morning Amy & Family,
    Sending prayers your way and will continue to keep you in my prayers. If you were my daughter I would be treating your wounds with liquid minerals, SILVER and ZINC and would give you large doses of vitamin C too.
    I know of a woman who went through similar surgeries and the Silver and Zinc are what saved her leg and any further surgery. The SILVER, ZINC combo eliminated the bacteria in her.
    Prayers from Vermont, Mary

  327. 6-19-2012

    My husband and I talk often about Aimee amd your family. This is just a strong young lady and obviously looks to the future with decisions she has made. Aimees story is obviously reaching as well as touching people everywhere. God as a way of taking care os his own and the difficult situations that we face in this life. Lets all rally together and pray for this family.

  328. 6-19-2012

    I just ran across the story of your daughter. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. My husband Mike and I know the pain of losing children. Although your daughter has some major battles up ahead. You have been a good steward of your children’s lives and taught them how to be prayer warriors and survivors.

    My husband Mike lost his wife and 9 month old baby daughter in a motor vehicle accident where they were hit by a drunk driver. He spent one year in the hospital and had many surgeries to put his broken body back together. Since that time in 1973 he married again and had three more children and one step son. Our daughter Michelle was 24 when she took her own life. She suffered from depression. We spent one week in an ICU in Minnesota waiting to find out if she was brain dead. She was an organ donor so consequently a lot of people where given life. I am now a psychiatric nurse and a prayer warrior. I strive to encourage my patients to not give up on life. I encourage the parents that as long as there is life, there is hope….. and for those who do go home to be with the Lord. NO ONE goes home without permission. God is the one who decides when and where his children go home to be with him.
    I am adding your family to my prayer list. Love lifted me, Love Lifted me…. May love always lift you. M.Nelson

  329. 6-19-2012

    I have been following Aimee story since it aired on T.V. I thought I was going through a tough time in my life with complications after having a 17cm tumor removed (Colorectal Cancer Stage III), 2-Bowel Obstructions, illeostomy and contanstly in-and-out of the hospital. I know all to well about being in constant pain and having to take Morphine, Diludid, Fentanyl and tones of anti-nausea medication. My love and Prayer’s are with your family! “GOD BLESS YOU’LL!” “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!”

  330. 6-19-2012

    I see the pain medication is not enough to maintain Aimee’s comfort level. Have any natural alternatives been explored? If you would like to explore some natural options in conjunction with your current protocol, please contact me.

  331. 6-19-2012


  332. 6-19-2012

    I can’t imagine the horror you all are going through! You and Aimmee are incredibly strong. I will keep you in my prayers!!!

  333. 6-19-2012

    You are the kind of dad any child would love to have I can see that Aimee is in good hands with our Father in Heaven and you. I will be praying for God’s comfort for your whole family at this time.

  334. 6-19-2012

    idea: stop talking about what idiots say/do. it only perpetuates the harm they caused.

  335. 6-19-2012

    I am a Pediatric Nurse at the Kentucky Childrens Hospital. We had a patient a couple of weeks ago who suffered from a farm accident that his leg was ran over while working with his family. He to requried skin grafts,surgerys, and endured much pain. Nothing worked for his pain at all he did not improve until his own family friend came in and was allowed to use their treatment plan. They were mininights. Once they used there pain regimen he immediatley started to improve, they performed dressing changes at the bedside, he was alert, awake, off oxygen, up in wheelchair, and discharged from the hospital much sooner then expected. His doctors where very willing, open minded, and learned from the experience and gladly incorprated into the patients hospital recovery.
    What the family friend used was
    Burdock leaves and
    B&W cream
    they used them together I think twice a day
    I hope this is helpful. I will continue to pray for Aimee and family.

  336. 6-19-2012

    she is a miracle in the works, there was a reason she was chosen to go through this. Her mind, is strong and as long as she has her mind she will always have that power. I can not imagine what she is going through…It stop me dead on my tracks when i first saw it on tv…to see the pictures of what she stood for…God has a better plan the she will see…to see the signs she held up and her personal belief before all this happen he can only chose her to get her message out to the world, through this way though? only god knows….but one thing i do know is she has that strong mind that god needed to use her…she is a gift god put on this earth with a purpose….we can only pray…god has her in the palm of his hand

  337. 6-19-2012

    We, too, are Christians (Baptist). I posted Aimee’s recent news story on my Facebook page, stating that she needs our prayers. It is such a blessing that you have our Lord in your life during this terrible, difficult time. Yvonne

  338. 6-19-2012

    I wake up thinking of Aimee and pray for her before I go to bed at night.
    My daughter died in 2010 and I donated her skin. They didn’t use all of it of course, but took large pieces for grating.
    many are praying and loving AImee right now. XO

  339. 6-19-2012

    Many years ago, my father had to have a large section of the inside of his mouth removed due to cancer. The Drs took a section of skin from his leg and grafted it into his mouth. At the time, he couldn’t talk so he scribbled on a piece of paper. “I don’t think I’m going to make it.” Later we found out from him it was the leg that bothered him more than his mouth. He was a tough guy so I know Aimee must be suffering with so many skin grafts. She is in my thoughts and prayers.

  340. 6-19-2012

    My heart aches for Aimee and your entire family. Add one more person (me) to your list of prayer warriors.

  341. 6-19-2012

    Hello Aimee:

    I have been following this story for a while now. I don’t know what to say to you. I am just so sad to see what you have been going through. You happen to be a very STRONG and FEARLESS woman, for that I commend you. I am a 48 year old man who, most likely, would have given up.
    Please stay strong as you have made the public eye very proud of your courage.

    Please hang in there…….You are truly an inspiration to us all!!!

    Gary Goldberg
    South Florida

  342. 6-19-2012

    Words are never adequate to express matters of the heart . . .
    But, our thoughts and prayers are with Aimee and your family. By His Spirit, we are one in Him . . . thus, in love, and by His grace, we are there with you. As you love on your precious One, we love and share with you. Praying now for this moment. Love . . .

  343. 6-19-2012

    God has shown you and Aimee gracious favor in sparing her life through extreme trauma! It is a wonderful thing to be gently held in the hollow of His mighty hand. Nestle into that precious hollow and feel surrounded with His peace.

    Please know that there is a large amputee community in the Atlanta area that can be a system of support as you deal with the impact of sudden limb loss. Aimee’s extensive recovery and rehabilitation process will spawn ‘new normals’ for her daily living. The experience of others, as shared in a support group setting led by a peer advocate, has proven to be beneficial through my 2x limb loss. Only those who have experienced phantom pain know what it is like! The nearest group to both of us meets monthly on the campus of Gwinnett Medical Center. If you want to take my email from the registration here, I will happy to provide details if you think it might be helpful down the road.

    Take heart in knowing that with technologically-engineered body parts we are more ‘superabled’ than ‘disabled’. Olympic sprinters with carbon feet/legs have a distinct advantage over those with human body parts!

  344. 6-19-2012

    A friend of mine on Facebook, posted your link, stating that she just read your most recent blog and stated, “I just read the latest post on Andy’s blog. Absolutely heartbreaking. I want to ask everyone out there who prays, to please pray for this beautiful young woman and her family. What a nightmare” Ginny is a good friend so I knew this wasn’t the sometimes hoax or misleading “stuff” you see on FB. So I read Aimee’s Story, Aimee’s Accident, and your Father’s Day blog. As I was reading your words, I was thinking in my head, “I wonder if this man is a Christian and how will he feel when I talk about Jesus’ healing.” And then there it was; Your wonderful statement about Christ. I don’t know why God allows the things that he does. His ways are not our ways. I just know that there is a perfect reason. Your family is in my prayers, as well as everyone who has a hand in her care. I pray that Jesus immediately removes her pain and heals her to the wonderful woman that she appears to be. God bless you all.

  345. 6-19-2012

    Maybe you’ve answered this question already but does Aimee know that you blog about her recovery?

  346. 6-19-2012

    May God bless you and your family. Your story has brought me tears. I will keep Aimee in my prayers.

  347. 6-19-2012

    We pray for to get well and feel less pain every day.

  348. 6-19-2012

    Sending Prayer and Love to the Copeland family. May God be merciful.

  349. 6-19-2012

    I had a similar rash on my back the year of 1996.

    I used heated towels on the effected area and it stopped the pain instantly.

    Make sure you keep the area dry and covered when you put the heat on.

    Worked wonders for me, I hope it give you some relief.

    Stay strong

  350. 6-19-2012

    Happy Belated Father’s Day. Your daughter’s courage is so impressive, obviously bourne from the strength of your family. We continue with our prayers.

  351. 6-19-2012

    I just wanted to say….my heart goes out to the Copeland’s and especially to Aimee. My husband battled necrotizing fasciitis last year. By the grace of God, he did not have to have anything amputated, but he did have to endure several reconstructive surgeries – including skin grafts. He was in ICU for 4 days and remained in the hospital for a month only to return 3 times for subsequent surgeries. Aimee has had to endure so much more and my heart aches for her. Your family is in our prayers. Nothing can prepare you for something like this. Sending lots of love, encouragement and prayers your way.

  352. 6-19-2012

    You are a gifted writer. Thank your for providing updates and sharing the truth of Christ. Praying for Aimee that she will live a blessed life.

  353. 6-19-2012

    Aimee’s pain is my pain. It’s OUR pain. I wish I could do more than just send donations.

  354. 6-19-2012

    Dear The Copelands,
    Your family is so incredible and reading your posts brings back many memories for me. 20 months ago my left leg was amputated below the knee from NF. I suffered many, many complications afterwards and spent 40 days in a hospital in Atlanta, GA. Through all the pain and suffering I have endured – I have to say my life has been full of more blessings than I ever thought possible. I, as Aimee, have the most supportive family and friends and would not be where I am today without their support. I just want each of you to know we are here for you and will do anything to help you along this journey. My parents, sister and best friends were by my side everyday in the hospital – we are ready and willing to do anything to help you!! We are praying for each of you!!
    With Love, Janelle Tuck Hansberger – Charlotte, NC

  355. 6-19-2012

    Your daughter has an unbelievably tough road ahead. However from her actions and beliefs she proves her soul to be beyond strong. This proves she will persevere in life despite the devastating hand she has been dealt. You still have her and she still has you both.
    Keep your faith and soul strong. God bless you all.

  356. 6-19-2012

    I’m praying for you honey!

  357. 6-19-2012

    I am inspired by Aimee’s strength and your family’s devoted love for one another. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers and thank you for sharing your amazing daughter with us. God Bless you, Susan Cowan

  358. 6-19-2012

    What a touching post. I cried all the way through it. I hate that your beloved daughter has to suffer. It’s not fair. What is fair in life? I pray that each day will get better.

    Ringgold, GA

  359. 6-19-2012

    thank you for letting us be a part of your daily lives and struggles as well as your perseverance, resolution, and healing. you are an amazing, loving, and hero of a father and we are all comforted knowing she has such a special family to support her. my thoughts, prayers, and love will always be with you and yours. Amy has an army of guardian angels on her side, as well as worldwide fans that have fallen in love with your family, and together we will celebrate her recovery one day soon!! she is so much stronger than she knows, and everyday it becomes more evident to us. God Bless

  360. 6-19-2012

    For Aimee & The Copeland Family
    Remember the Lord puts us through obstacles & phases in our life for reasons that we may not at the moment know why. But please never give up on him, because he never gave up on us. I’ve been praying for you , and i know for a fact that a lot of other people have been too. We may not know each other but you are my sister in Christ, and God says to Love everyone, and do our best to be more and more like him. I cant even begin to imagine your pain, but mine and everyone elses prayers can out do your pain we just got to keep believing. i love you girl & im praying for you & your family.

  361. 6-19-2012

    I guess it’s not a good thing to believe all what the media reports. I’m so glad to read here that your daughter is receiving pain meds. She’s beautiful in and out. A tough gal with a big heart and faithful soul. We pray for her and your family.

  362. 6-19-2012

    Mr. Copeland.. i know you have alot to read.. I check on Aimee every day.. I had two “treats” when i was in the hospital.. my daddy would be there right at 6:00am to eat breakfast (which i could not do with my trach), and him and my mom dressed up for halloween and visited me in my physical re-hab, along with everyone on my hall… keep up the good work, and being so positive.. it helped me move through my pain as well as my sorrow and helplessness.. !!! i think about you guys every day.. i graduated from South, so i have some special thoughts about you guys. your baby girl is strong with the help of our Lord and your family’s strength … big hugs, christi

  363. 6-19-2012

    I remember first hearing about this accident while surfing through Yahoo News at work. The story itself immediately caught my attention because it brought me back to when I was 17 years old(now 21) and through a bug bite contracted a similar kind of infection, definitely NOT as severe as Aimee’s. The week before when I got bit, I totally disregarded the fact that 3 areas where I was bitten started to swell and hurt as the swelling progressed. Long story short, I waited a week to confess to my parents how much pain I was in and im sure they could tell by how I was walking (not being able to stand up straight). Luckily for me, had I waited another week, surgery wouldve been my only way out. When I think back on that experience and how much it hurt me and how I cried to my mom & dad thinking that the infection could spread, I also remember how much I prayed and how much more my mom prayed. …Prayer? Yeah,.. it definitely put my mind at ease. Ill be sure to talk to my mom about Aimee and make sure that I have everyone pray for her and her happiness & of course her loving family. Im truly inspired. I know how many comments she recieves but i really hope at some point she gets to read mine. 🙂 Sending love and hugs and kisses and hope and many many prayers from Connecticut. <3 Krys

  364. 6-19-2012

    God bless you aimee and your family life sometimes seems to be so unfair at times that hope is the one truth we have left never ever lose hope keep fiath and hope and love foremost in your heart above all. It has been said better by many men better than I Father I humbly ask that you please lift the burden on aimee and those of us in pain not of our understanding with your almighty power please cool the burning fire that consumes us with the breath of your live Help us heal lord by your grace and mercy Hold us close father when the pain takes our very breath from our bodies, and please grant us lord the power and wisdom to be strong as we face our fears each and every day. In Jesus name amen,

  365. 6-19-2012

    Our family is praying for sweet Aimee. May your trust and rest be found in the one true Healer, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May His peace be with both you and your daughter. We are a local family here in Augusta and would love a chance to pray over your family during this time and to provide you with a home cooked meal. Please let me know how we can serve you during this time.

  366. 6-19-2012

    I find your daughter to be amazing… I survived necrotizing faciitis in 2009 when I was 19 and I came very close to having my arm amputated. I was very lucky I went to the hospital at the time I did. I cut myself shaving and got the infection that way… It spreads so quickly and I am so grateful that Aimee is alive. It was the most excruciating months of my life and my parents and our hearts go out to your family as we’ve been there and know how long and hard the road to recovery is. I think Aimee is very brave for holding off of pain medication and into her beliefs as long as she had but am also glad she is taking pain medication. The pain was almost unbearable after debriedment surgeries.

    Every time I hear of this horrible disease it brings back memories and I am just so happy to know that although she is hurting, she’s alive and things will get better. It’s been two years and I’ve been doing therapy and have regained the use of my arm and have started working as a nurse. Things WILL get better, and our family is thinking of yours.

    • 6-19-2012

      And if when she’s ready, Aimee would like to talk to someone who’s been in the same boat? She can definatley email me and we can talk. Just an offer.

  367. 6-19-2012

    My father sustained a crush injury March 19 2012. His entire body was trapped and crushed under an 8 ton concrete piling. He has been in trauma/burn ICU ever since. He has undergone many of the same surgeries- debridement, muscle flaps, skin grafts… that Aimee has. There are good days and terrible days. Our family is praying for yours and Aimee’s full and purpose-filled future!
    Wayne, Anne, Holly, Christy, and David Grant
    Kenton, Tennessee

  368. 6-20-2012

    Hello Aimee and Copeland family,

    I have been following Aimee’s journey and blog and am inspired by your family’s courage, strength, faith, abiding love, and grace. This is what will allow you and your family to rise above any and all challenges that you face and will face… I continue to send my love, healing light and prayers to you, sweet Aimee (and your beautiful family!!)

    I also wanted to mention a valuable tool that I have used for many years for pain management, peace of mind, calmness and relaxation. Healing Touch energy work is VERY effective for managing pain especially phantom pain. The physical body still “energetically” believes the limb to be there. So working at clearing the disrupted energy field of that limb and you will notice immediate results and lessening of pain… Regular sessions would be helpful in also speeding up the process of healing, wound closure and overall feeling peace of mind and a calm state. Please
    research HEALING TOUCH and Healing Touch practitioners in your area 🙂 Often, volunteers offer sessions in hospices, hospitals etc…
    If I lived in your area, I would would be at Aimee’s side and volunteer my loving touch in a heartbeat!!

    Blessings, continued prayers and love sent your way!

    If you have any questions about Healing Touch or want more information please feel free to email me at

    Much love and light from Sandra Hirota 🙂

  369. 6-20-2012

    I am one more person out here adding Aimee and all of you Copelands to my prayers. I wish Aimee courage and peace. You are an extraordinary family. I am a twin and am especially touched by your description of Paige’s support of Aimee – what a wonderful sister. God bless you.

  370. 6-20-2012

    Just want you to know I read this, very touched about Aimee’s pain, and I’m praying for her and all of you every time I think about it,

  371. 6-20-2012

    Mr. Copeland – you are such a beautiful person and father. Thank you so much for writing and telling us about Aimee’s progress as she recovers from this painful ordeal. We really do appreciate it. I love your writing style but more importantly, I think of your family and Aimee everyday throughout the day.

    In love for your family & prayers for all of you and Aimee’s recovery,

    Juliet in Alpharetta, GA

  372. 6-20-2012

    Oh, I’d like to know, if it’s possible, how many pints of blood have been donated in Aimee’s honor? Please don’t take this the wrong way, but a lot of positives things has come out of this tragedy.

  373. 6-20-2012

    It is through our struggles that we find our faith. Keep looking for those miracles!

  374. 6-20-2012

    Andy, Thank you for keeping everyone updated. I pray for you, Donna, Aimee, and Paige daily. What a sweetheart to wish her daddy “Happy Father’s Day” in the midst of her most difficult pain! Please know that I am here for you all if you need anything.

  375. 6-20-2012

    Prayers always for Aimee and her family. My heart just hurts for her as she continues to undergo treatment and recovery.

  376. 6-20-2012

    Hi aimee!! I’m from France and i wish you the best and at your family too . Me and my little girl Clara 5 years old …

  377. 6-20-2012

    PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my name is jasmine gentry and i’m and undergraduate student at georgia state university studying neuroscience and biology.I also posted this as a message to the facebook page for aimee. I want to offer my condolences about this tragedy, and i want to give you information that can greatly help aimee. I am not a researcher nor am i a doctor but i have learned of some of the recent advances in medicine that has been able to grow back limbs. Please do no view this as spam as i am seriously trying to help in any way possible and would like to see a successful treatment option for Aimee at no cost to her and her family. Once again i am not trying to push any research forward rather tell you about an amazing discovery that i have learned. Please respond back as soon as possible i would like to talk to someone inn her family prefereably her parents so that i can contact this research facility on her behalf.
    This is my email address

    and my phone number

    if you are to call me please call after 6 during the week due to work and anytime on the weeked.
    Thank you
    Jasmine Gentry

  378. 6-20-2012

    I have been following Aimee’s journey and I can’t imagine what she is going through, as well as her family and friends. I will continue to pray and keep you in my thoughts. May God Bless you all.

  379. 6-20-2012

    Dear Copeland Family,

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family! As the mother of a seven year old princess, I look at her every day and thank the Lord that she is so healthy, funny, happy, and beautiful! I cannot imagine her hurting or being in a place where I am not able to hug, tickle, or to help her as a parent wants to.
    Aimee sounds like an incredibly strong woman and this will just be the beginning for her! When this is all over, and it will end someday, the Lord will send her in a direction in her life that will help, encourage, and change other people’s lives!

    Love to your entire family as you endure this difficult battle and continue to love each other!

    Your friend,

    Allison 🙂

  380. 6-20-2012

    Thinking of Aimee and very moved by your family’s spiritual insights, I came across this beautiful interview on “Eye to Eye,” a Scottish television interview series presented by Catherine Deveney with guests who have dealt with difficult circumstances or extraordinary careers.

    You can skip the advertisements before the video itself. 🙂

    In this episode, quadruple amputee Olivia Giles, an elegant, thoughtful woman, speaks of how she dealt with illness and got her life back on track. I thought this this candid, tender interview might be of interest to Aimee as she moves forward in her life. Already, the way she and your family are handling, and sharing, this challenging experience has uplifted thousands of people, me among them. Blessings.

  381. 6-20-2012

    Aimee I will be praying that the pain subsides.

  382. 6-20-2012

    Andy you’re fine man. You’re words are a healing balm to many. I admire you in this as God has a purpose for this, though we’re all not clear on what.

    Aimee you are in my prayers every day. I’m praying for healing mentally, emotionally, spiritually and of course physically. God allows thing to happen to us, for His glory, I know you must be an incredible person to handle this. I pray His peace to you all.

  383. 6-20-2012

    To Aimee, Andy and the whole Copeland Family,

    I am new to your story, however the expressions of LOVE, COMPASSION,& CARING in these comments have inspired me to turn to HIM and plead with all my strength for a speedy recovery.

    I wish with ALL my being that I could reverse time and heal Aimee. I wish I could adequately express how much I desperately want your pain to go away. I know ALL prayers are answered when heartfelt and pure so I will join your prayer warrior list. May the Glory of GOD be revealed to you through this suffering. And may you be mightily Blessed by our King, JESUS

  384. 6-20-2012

    Peace and love to you Aimee. I am so sorry you and your family have to go through this. I have followed your story and you are an incredibly strong lady. Blessings.

  385. 6-20-2012

    Dear, Aimee Copelands Dad. After ready all this, All I can do is cry. I’m 22 years old, and I’m in Medical School. And researching and reading all what Aimee is going threw. Is so hard to even talk about it. And even think about it. Veiwing all of your family pictures does make me think twice of my life. What we do, eat, say…ect. I don’t have kids myself, but I think If one of my daughters or sosnd were going threw this, I would literally go crazy! I wanted to know, or If I can have your permission of doing a fundraiser for Aimee Copeland? I would sale whatever! In order to help you guys. And If I do get your permission, I would gather ALL my friends and we will do whatever it takes to save Aimees LIFE! I live in Atlanta, Georgia, Cobb County, in Powder Springs, thats were I stay. Please, PLEASE! contact me ASAP!!! these are my e-mails: (or) How is her progress? Please keep us updated. I know you don’t know me, but I have FAITH in Aimee. And If she has faith as well… Everything is just going to be alright. 🙂 IN THE NAME OF jESUS OUR LORD SAVIOR! YOU GUYS ARE ON MY PRAYERS! PLEASE TELL AIMEE TO JUST TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART! AND EVERYTHINGS GONNA BE ALRIGHT. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME PLEASE PLEASE PALEASE! I WOULD LOVE TO DONATE BLOOD, BUT ITS JUST SO FAR FROM WERE I STAY. AND I WILL FIND OUT IF I CAN DO IT SOMEWHERE ELSE, WELLSTAR, OR ANY HOSPITAL. TELL AIME TO NOT! GIVE UP! SHES A STONG! GOEGEOUS! BEAUTIFUL! YOUNG LADY! AND TO BELIEVE IN HER SELF.

  386. 6-20-2012

    Your amazing spirit and tenacity have inspired me since I first learned of your daunting struggle. Your extraordinary response to your infections, surgeries and excruciating pain has helped me gain a new perspective on my my own life and trials. Your example has helped make me a better and stronger person. I have no idea why you have been the one to be stricken with this suffering. But, I DO know that your way of dealing with this has touched and encouraged so many others in their own struggles, that you can be assured that you have not endured this in vain.

    That being said, I hope you will not see your setting of such an amazing example to others as an additional burden to bear. I am sure that we all want you to accept as much rest and pain relief as is available to you. And we know that you are facing more challenges ahead and will have good days and days when you would like to just pitch a fit! Go ahead! You have earned all that and more. You will still be a fine example of a true hero in my book!
    I will continue to keep you, and your supportive and loving family, in my prayers as you continue on your road to recovery. Vicki

  387. 6-20-2012

    Hi Aimee,

    Please enjoy your medication as much as you can. We work hard to bring safe and effective medicines to people who need them. Take care and much love.

  388. 6-21-2012

    I have been following Aimee’s story since the day it happened. I’m wondering if an induced coma might help her to bypass a lot of the pain as she goes through this nightmare of events. Also, had it ever been a consideration to have frozen the amputated limbs and reattache at a later date? This, no doubt is the most heartbreaking situation anyone can imagin. Complete strangers to Aimee, such as myslf are crying for her,losing sleep over her horrific ordeal. I think, had this been me, I would have wanted my family to “Let ME GO,” rather than the drastic measures that are being taken. I mean NO offense when I say this and I pray I will be proven wrong and that some time down the road there will be a “Happy To Be Alive,” Aimee,… well and comfortable and living a productive life.I will be following her days and continue to keep her in my prayers. With love and affection, Nannette

  389. 6-21-2012

    Aimee, you have been in my thoughts and prayers every since I read your story when it first broke. I just wanted you to know that people all over America are praying and pulling for you. You are such an inspiration! I pray for healing of your body and for peace when everything feels overwhelming. It seems like you have an incredible family. Thank God for what he has done and will continue to do with your life. Maybe being a motivational speaker is in your future? My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you.

  390. 6-21-2012

    You are quite obviously an outstanding father, gifted writer, and very Godly man. Aimee is very blessed to have you in her corner. Thank you for writing this blog! It has been an amazing inspiration every time I read it and I’m sure changing the lives of even more than you know!

  391. 6-21-2012

    I weep reading about what beautiful Aimee and her family are going through. Thank you for the blog entries and keeping those who have been touched by Aimee and her situation up to date. All the best.

  392. 6-21-2012

    I read through the press and this blog that Aimee finally asked for pain medication and I applaud her courage for trying to do it through meditation and prayer, but sometimes the body goes beyond the powers of concentration and pain is pain. If we endure pain it makes our healing go much slower and I was once told by a loving and knowledgeable nurse while I was going through my trials that denying pain medication was causing my body to take longer to heal. Pain is debilitating and it often can and does interfere with the healing process the body must go through to get past the things that are happening to it. She has to realize that the body is only a vessel, that it does not mean she is hurting her soul by taking something that can relieve some of her suffering. At the very least the Lord has provided her with good doctors and nurses who have the knowledge to help her through some of the difficult things she is having to go through and pain medication is there to help her to alleviate some of the worst pain there is on this earth. She has to believe that this too is a God given benefit we have for living in a civilized world. I hope and keep praying for easier days ahead for her and most especially for relief from the suffering she has had to endure that many of us would have not been able to handle. Her faith along with her family’s and friend’s will be a true testament to God’s love for us all.

  393. 6-21-2012

    I don’t generally discuss my own medical conditions, but perhaps my experience could help Aimee. I read she did not want to take morphine or similar medications due to the side effects…I can relate. I am 27 years old and have multiple severe pain conditions and I too did not like heavier narcotics as they made me groggy and gave an out of body experience.

    There is a new medication called tapentadol (brand name Nucynta). Many doctors know nothing about it as it is so new. Clinical trials has shown it to have pain relief on a scale of oxycodone and morphine sulfate in terms of pain relief, by a very low side effect profile with side effects more mild than codeine. Discontinuation due to side effects in some clinical trials was actually lower than placebo. Best of all, for many people, it does not have the psychological side effects of other medications in its class of effectiveness. It’s been life saving for me as years of Oxy Contin and MS Contin hit a point in which I couldn’t go on like that.

    It may not be the miracle drug for you that it was for me, but I felt it was worth mentioning as it is a possible morphine alternative. Hope all is well and you feel better soon Aimee!

  394. 6-21-2012

    I just want to tell you how amazed I am at Christ’s strength revealed in each of you. You are wonderful examples of what Christians should be — authentic, full of faith, comforted in Christ, and focused on Him in the midst of challenge. Aimee and the rest of the family, you are all an inspiration! Praying for God’s leading, and hand to continue to give peace, healing, assurance, and everything you need Him to be.

  395. 6-21-2012

    Have you thought about a morphine spinal drip? Takes away all the pain and leaves no side effects.

  396. 6-21-2012

    It must be so difficult as parents to watch your child going through this. I am sure you are just as much in need of Gods grace and comfort as Aimee herself. Though non-believers would not understand, God does everything well according to His purpose, even though we do not understand why or see the purpose in it. All we can do is trust Him by faith and look to Him for strength and courage to press forward. May you truly know that peace which passes understanding. Randy NC

  397. 6-21-2012

    In 2004, my 17 year old son was diagnosed with NF. We were blessed with two doctors who took swift action, and aside from two huge scars from his knee to his ankle (where the opened his leg up on both sides) and the psychological scars that go along with this horrific diesease, he made it. We were truly blessesd, as it could have easily ended differently. I cry each time I read your blog as I know what it feels like to watch your child go through such excruciating pain that is so far worse than anything anyone can possibly fathom. His screams when they came to change his dressing still resonate in my head. My heart goes out to you and your family..hang tough…a lot of people are praying for you….I’m so sorry and hope that through the outpouring of love and support from people who care, you can gain the strength to make it through this horrible situation. You, your daughter and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  398. 6-21-2012

    We need all the prayers we can get for Aimee– what if you had “Pray for the Patchwork Girl” bumperstickers printed up and sold them on ebay…. and started a campaign to bring awareness that everyone who believes in God and Jesus could pray for this girl…. there is a book or show by the name Patchwork Girl….perhaps they could help to heal the real one, Aimee………..what a beautiful girl she is and always will be.


  399. 6-21-2012

    Love to see you give glory to God…even though it is so much easier to question at this time…I will be thinking about you and praying for your family…From one “questioning” believer to another…michelle
    PS I don’t question God’s sovereingty…just sometimes don’t understand….

  400. 6-21-2012

    Andy Happy Father’s Day!

    I have thought about this a lot and I wanted to share it with you and your family. If only one family could be chosen on earth to illustrate what a family should be in all areas..unconditional love, unwaivering faith, courage and strength that cannot be would be your family without any doubt.

    I continue to pray for Aimee and your family many times a day and look forward to your posting of when Aimme is able to go home. Until that day and many days after, my family will continue to pray for all of you.

    May God Bless all of you,

  401. 6-21-2012

    Aimee and Her Awesome Family,

    I am so glad to hear that Aimee has decided to take the pain meds that are being made available to her. There is plenty of time…The rest of your life…to practice your beliefs and how you feel about pain meds and how they should be handled on a personal level.
    You, my dear, are a very fragile young woman and God in his infinite ways would not want you to suffer beyond human limits. Your strength is awesome and I am blown away by your courage as you continue to show your spirit and more to all of us who continue to follow your path to regaining your health and the full life that is ahead of you.

  402. 6-21-2012

    Mr. Copeland,

    You tell your beautiful daughter Aimee to keep her chin up, that she is an inspiration to so many of us, and that the world is watching and praying and cheering her on. Our hearts cry for the pain that she is enduring, but her strength and courage has inspired us all to reach beyond our own limitations towards limitless possibilities. I do not know Aimee, but what little that I have learned about her makes me want to be a better person. As a previous blogger said, if I had a daughter, I would want her to be just like Aimee. The world needs more souls like Aimee – someone who can inspire us to look beyond ourselves. I have no doubt that Aimee will survive this ordeal and will go on to inspire others. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift that is Aimee Copeland. You are in my heart and prayers. God bless.


  403. 6-22-2012

    Aimee, stay strong!!!! I’m praying for your EVERY night, and a bunch in between!!! My Granny recently died, and I wish I had gotten the chance to ask her to pray for you, but now she’s in Heaven, watching over the both of us! Beleive me, miracles do happen!!!! A few years ago, my Grandpa had a brain bleed. The doctor pretty much told us he was probably going to die. We had an entire town (not a big one, but it’s still a town!) praying for him, and he was better in time to teach history class at my school! He works in his two acre garden every day to! He just had a town praying for him, and you’ve got the whole world!!! Imagine how good you’ll feel in a couple weeks!!! Keep your chin up Sis!!!! I’m praying for you and your family!!!!

    LOL (Lot’s of Love!),
    Maddie =) =) =)

  404. 6-22-2012

    I hope you will be better soon.
    If you need pain relief you can get it in few minutes with life wave nano patches. You know after 5 minutes. You can reach 100% relief. I know. My best wishes !
    Jesper / Svend

  405. 6-22-2012

    It’s amazing how strong you are.
    She is really lucky to have such wonderful human beings as parents.

    Sending positive energy and love your way!
    Stay strong.

    All my best to your family and to Aimee!

  406. 6-22-2012

    checkout full catastrophe living. it’s a book filled with healing, and may be a source of inspiration.

  407. 6-22-2012

    My heart breaks reading these blogs and there is nothing I can say or do to help you. The only thing I can do is just pray for absolute strength and comfort for your daughter and for your whole family.

  408. 6-22-2012

    My heart breaks as I read this. As a parent I know that there is nothing more helpless than watching your child hurt and that you would give yourself to take all of that without a second thought. Oh wow… I am weeping for all of you right now.

    As a pain patient, I understand her earlier refusals, especially studying various methods of pain management. In a strange way, as someone who suffers from multiple things that are are often treated with pain management, and who didn’t “give in” until the constant pain was at levels that made my body sick – pallor, sweating, etc. – I hope in a way that this experience will make her one of the best pain management people out there – someone who understands that holistic requires everything when necessary and that it does not make her weak to accept what she needs to survive.

    Poor girl… She is now in my prayers, and I will be checking for updates from time to time.

  409. 6-22-2012

    Dear Andy,

    We have never met and almost certainly never will however, regardless of that fact, I hold you in high esteem as a father and person to emulate. I am a United States infantry Marine from Marietta, GA. I have had my share of adversity in many places, but never anything like this at all. I cannot and hopefully never will understand what you and your family are going through, though I can definitely say, without a fraction of doubt, that I admire you and your family for your strength and commitment to each other. So instead of a belated Happy Father’s Day, I say to you Happy Family Day. I can tell you are joyful for what you have been blessed with and your love for your family shows greatly in your messages to the world. I do not pray that you and your family will pull through this because that is an obvious certainty given your bond to each other. No, instead I pray that someday I will be able to exemplify the perfect father that I see in you to a child of my own and maybe have a chance to raise an individual who is even half as strong as your daughter Aimee. Thank you for showing the world what the word “family” truly means. God bless you and keep on keepin’ on….

  410. 6-23-2012

    Something to look forward to in the coming years. God doesn’t give you anything he knows you can’t handle <3 Lots of positive thoughts and hopes for a strong and steady recovery!!!

  411. 6-23-2012

    I am so sorry for Aimees suffering. I do not understand it. I saw my son suffer with Cancer and I didn’t understand. I probably will never understand why suffering has to happen. I know one thing,God will be glorified! Much love to you and Aimee.

    • 6-24-2012

      What don’t you understand? You are born, you live, and you die. Of course, none of this is easy.

  412. 6-23-2012

    Mr. Copeland,

    In your words I can see the delivery that cries in the depths of soul by the desire to give your life for the hope and happiness of Aimee, the infinite love of delivery… I feel that you reminds me of my father; he and I were very close and I wish he were with me now, but life decided other way and I still miss him very much, despite the years that have passed.

    Dearest Aimee,

    You have a beautiful family and loving parents. Be strong, continues to live with all the passion of the promise of life, nurturing your beautiful soul, breathing every minute of this wonderful Universe with strength and will of spirit. Live every second the love next to your loved ones, and firmly believes in the morning.

    I send you all my strength and des