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It’s been a very busy week for Aimee and the Copeland family. On Monday Aimee had her first successful skin graft. The area of her wound, which I saw for the first time on Sunday during a dressing change, is massive. Aimee has been looking at the wound area for quite some time now, so she shelved her modesty and encouraged me to examine it. I didn’t fully examine the wound the way a doctor would, rather,  I respected Aimee’s dignity and examined it the way a father would. Aimee is actually very proud of the progress she has made toward the healing of the wound and she should be.


Please allow me to elucidate a bit about the wound and the nature of necrotizing fasciitis. You might have to understand a little bit about the human anatomy to appreciate the depth and scope of the trauma that Aimee’s body has been through. Beneath our skin lies a layer of fascia, a layer of connective tissue that holds the skin to our muscle. When a person contracts aeromonas hydraphila (the bacteria that causes necrotizing fasciitis) through an open wound, the bacteria doesn’t actually “eat” the flesh, it releases a toxin that destroys skin, fascia and muscle. The surgeons who acted to save Aimee’s life were forced to remove the surface layer of Aimee’s skin and fascia layer to prevent the spread of the toxin to the muscle beneath. Unfortunately, Aimee’s leg was too far gone to save when she arrived at Doctor’s Hospital, but the quick removal of the skin and fascia on her abdomen, side and hip was a timely, life-saving exercise. It also left the massive open wound area that I mentioned.


When I saw the wound I was surprised at how clean it looked. I was concerned that I would see a grayish surface color, which would mean that the exposed muscle was not healing properly, but what I saw looked healthy and red, which was a good sign. The redness meant that the blood vessels had finally worked their way to the top of the muscle layer. When this happens, a skin graft surgery is possible, Simply put, those blood vessels near the surface provide the glue that holds the skin in place. Because of the improved condition of the affected area, the skin graft was allowed to commence on Monday.


Before I continue, I think it is important to note that Aimee despises the use of morphine in her treatment. Although that drug effectively blocks most of the pain associated with her condition, it makes her groggy and confused and it gives her unpleasant hallucinatory episodes. During the dressing change I mentioned above, Aimee refused pain medication and instead opted to meditate through the change. Part of her master’s thesis is focused on holistic pain management techniques and Aimee told me that she feels she is a traitor to her convictions when she uses pharmacological pain management. Incidentally, morphine does nothing to control the phantom sensations in her extremities, in fact, the disorientation she gets from morphine seems to make her meditations less effective, perhaps because her concentration is negatively impacted.


The nurse who completed Aimee’s dressing change was astonished at Aimee’s insistence to avoid morphine during the procedure, as was her mother and I. I know the pain was significant, but Aimee’s courage is greater.


Another important development occurred on Tuesday following her surgery: Aimee was upgraded from critical to serious condition. This was a noteworthy event that I shared with Aimee. Her response was typical. She looked at me and said, “Really?” In Aimee’s mind, her condition has been stable for some time. She can breathe on her own, the trache is gone, she no longer needs dialysis and she is able to eat on her own. Although her major organs are all online and functioning well, Aimee still needs supplemental nutrition through a stomach tube and she needs help with her bladder and bowel control. I suspect that this will continue to be the case until Aimee develops an ambulatory capacity of some kind. All that said, Aimee’s upgrade is a major victory that cannot and should not be diminished.


Today Aimee will undergo an additional muscle/skin graft. This procedure should be the final initial graft procedure to close the open wound. I say “final initial” because I understand that skin surfaces continue to break down over time and that Aimee will need follow-up surgeries to repair those areas in the weeks, months and years ahead. Aimee’s wound repair is a life-long process that will require ongoing attention and medical care, however, the surgery today will bring her one step closer to her biggest challenge yet: rehab.


Rehab is where Aimee will regain her independence and learn to function without assistance. Although she is anxious to continue work on her master’s thesis, it is more important for Aimee to learn to take care of herself. This includes transferring from a wheelchair without prostheses as well as learning to use prostheses. This important step in Aimee’s recovery process will take months to complete, but I have no doubt that she will give it the same focused effort and determination that she gave to attain an A average throughout her master’s program – the same effort that, thanks to God’s help, has allowed her to recover to her current condition.


Unfortunately, we know that not all victims of necrotizing fasciitis recover like Aimee has. I learned last night on Erin Burnett’s show “Upfront” that Methodist pastor Lynda Snyder of Sacramento passed away yesterday after a lengthy battle with this horrendous infection. My heart sincerely and deeply mourns her family’s loss. My prayers will be with them as they endeavor to make sense of that which is beyond comprehension.


God bless you all.


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  1. 6-15-2012

    God Bless her and all of you…She is an amazing person….she is special for sure!

    • 6-16-2012

      Aimee, our heartfelt prayers go out to you. Hopefully the infection has totally been eliminated and your treatment progresses well. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

      Colloidal Silver or Hydrogen Peroxide have proven very effective in killing MRSA / flesh eating bacteria.

    • 6-16-2012

      Aimee, Donna, Ken and Paige,
      There is no other example that will ever compare to your conviction to strength,hope and the genuine conviction to the power of love to each other and to Christ. You have been true peaceful Warriors…powering through all odds and always winning…Miss Aimee has great things ahead of her. This world better look out, there is no stopping this one! I do feel so compelled to reach out to you, I am Beth Rakestraw’s Mother and have fought everyday to go to Augusta and be with you…to do what for you? I have no idea other to just be there as this connection runs somewhat deeper. I know the time was not appropriate, but I do want you to know I have followed every word you have wrote, sent you continuous prayer and profoundly encouraged blood donation through my connections. I had the pleasure of working with Aimee with the Good Vibes Festival and what a pleasure it was! Just pure Sunshine! Needless to say, Beth is very anxious to just be at Aimee’s side…their conversation the other evening calmed her so much as she has so struggled “with why did this have to happen?” and “why Aimee of all people?”, “how could I have helped her more?”. I know at 25 years old these young people do not have the life experiences to help understand what life gives. As I have watched you guide Aimee, and I have tried to guide Beth, it only empowers the profound statement that no matter how old your children are…your guidance and wisdom never seize to affect their lives. I reach out to all of you with a open heart and helping hands….my prayers are continuous…my hope is never ending. May strength prevail and may this miraculous recovery continue and if I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me or Beth. Please tell Aimee we love her and we are there for her in any way!
      vickie webb

    • 6-16-2012

      I am so thrilled to hear she is doing better!!! I have been trying to stay up to date with Aimee! I feel like I know her! I wish I did…she seems like a spectacular person!!! Everyone is so proud of you Aimee!!!!We’ll keep the prayers coming!!! =] Sending love to you and your family!!!

    • 6-17-2012

      Besides offering prayers for Aimee’s recovery and gratitude for her bravery that will illuminate others in their times of need, I also want to offer personal identification with her decision to not allow morphine. Having been in a vehicle accident I very barely survived (1996), I can say that the worst part of the entire ordeal was the morphine induced coma. The nightmare and hallucinations were so real and horrific that they live as part of the memories of my life today. I write this because some of what I have read make it sound as though Aimee’s decision is less than balanced or rational. For me personally, it makes perfect sense and I hope that somebody can identify is of some value to her. God speed Aimee.

      • 6-21-2012

        I have never had hallucinations from Morphine. I have lived 27 years in chronic pain and have undergone more than 30 orthopedic surgeries, including losing my left leg below the knee due to Dr. supidity. I know what it is like to live with one prosthesis and I cannot begin to imagine the pain, rehab and horror that Aimee has in store for her. My prayers go out to her and her family, but sometimes I wonder if she is kept alive more for her sake or her family’s sake. I pray to God that they have made the right decision for Aimee’s life ahead.

      • 6-27-2012

        Dear Jennifer Doering,
        How dare you write such a message. Your pain or overuse of pain medication has obviously impaired your sense of compassion! If you had a tenth of the heart, faith in God, a loving family, and determination that Aimee has then perhaps your own journey would not have been so painful! You should never question God’s will nor suggest that Aimee’s family and doctors had anything but the very best intentions for Aimee! I am sure she would rather endure the upcoming trials and tribulations to inspire hope in others and spend time with her loving friends and family in lieu of death. While someday she will live in God’s eternal garden, now is her time to live on Earth to do whatever greatness God has in store for her. Good luck Aimee in your recovery!!!

      • 7-4-2012

        Different people’s experiences with morphine & other narcotics vary widely. Everyone’s chemistry is different. At first, reading of Aimee’s reaction to the morphine caused me to think “Gee, there are so many other narcotics they could have tried to try to find one she tolerated better.” Then I thought “maybe they did try others and she just had undesirable effects from them all” – from what Andrew says of the excellent care she has received I don’t think they wouldn’t have tried. I totally respect Aimee’s decision to deal with the pain using other modalities and give her kudos for having the dedication to stick with meditation…..people can spend years sitting and not achieve her success. One other thing I felt compelled to say is that Aeromonas Hydrophila isn’t the only organism that can turn into NF, and it isn’t really known why sometimes an organism leads to NF and others times just a “plain” infection. This is such a horrible, often fatal condition – I hope a lot of research is being done to find ways to prevent & combat it. Aimee is truly a miracle !! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. 6-15-2012

    Aimee, You are truly an inspiration. I admire your courage and pray for you daily.

    • 6-26-2012

      Dear Aimee I wish you happyness. I am more afraid of things now than
      when I was younger,by the way I’am 68. You inspire me to forget the trivial things and enjoy life. Your smile lites me up.You seem to
      have a nice family & friends too.



  3. 6-15-2012

    I am stopping here to say that my prayers and love have been with you from the start. Your strength has been inspirational! It is amazing to me that Aimee has come so far so fast but that spirit of hers which you speak so fondly of along with the love and support of her friends, family and strangers who are watching is what has created this progress. But mostly, It’s Aimee Love. Kudos Kiddo!? ? ?

  4. 6-15-2012

    Aimee is correct in her assessment of pain meds, I went through that struggle for a few years. Back accident. Anyway, her mind will be the best control for pain, and getting used to that does take a while. But it does happen with work. Take Care Aimee! Rooting for you!

    • 6-16-2012

      I think your comment about pain meds doesn’t really relate. Your vague statement makes it sound as though you were on pain meds for a long time – well after you left the hospital.

      Narcotic pain killers help the healing process, it’s a well known medical fact.

      That is one reason if you go to the hospital for, let’s say a broken bone, the doctors will give you a small supply of pain meds and insist that you take them regularly till you run out. Same with surgeries in or outpatient. They help the bodies natural healing process. Being on them for a short time is a lot different than taking them for several months once one has been released from the hospital, etc.

      Also, comments like this only encourage the ideology that pain meds are bad and will turn a person into an addict.

      However, it is her choice and I am not saying it is a bad one. Having a strong and sound mind also is
      Helpful. I commend her fortitude. She is a strong willed survivor.

      She will overcome this and her fortitude is inspiring.

      People like you who make comments like this are the type of people who have helped make pain meds in general nearly taboo in our society.

      The right choice is HER choices. Not because you got addicted to drugs ‘because you had a back injury’. A lot of
      the folks who are becoming addicts when being treated for pain is because they are being over or
      now more commonly, under medicated.

      Her choice was because of her convictions and faith in holistic treatment for pain. I too like the hollistic
      approach much better. However, I have a constant pain level of 8-9 without a low dose of an opioid. I have been on a low
      dose for a decade. I hate it, wish I didn’t have to, but it’s the only thing at this point that allows me
      to function. Never enjoyed any ‘feeling’ nor had any sedation effects. All I notice is my pain level dropping.
      Other than a lil nausea now and then and the discrimination and judgement I get all the time are the only negatives.

      I still suggest as I am sure doctors are as well, at least a low dose of some opioid to help the healing process.

      Despite my suggestion, I commend and have great admiration for this strong willed young
      woman who is one ‘helluva fighter’. I know in my heart that she will overcome this hurdle.

    • 6-17-2012

      let me understand your assessment.Antibiotics saved her life but pain medicine is bad?

      • 6-17-2012

        Antibiotics do not make her groggy and confused and it gives her unpleasant hallucinatory episodes. As pain medicine will.

      • 7-7-2012

        It’s not about being bad or good! I can fully understand why she doesn’t want narcotic pain meds. Some people may be abke to deal with or even like the feeling you get but I completely understand why someone hates the feeling of not being able to have a clear mind.
        If Amy has found a way to help her pain without having to take pain medication in a situation like that, I am happy for her that she can avoid this horrible feeling.
        That doesn’t mean than anyone who takes pain meds like that is doing something wrong.
        When I was in the hospital I had to ask them to stop the morphine, too, because the pain relief was just not worth the horrible, horrible feeling I had.

  5. 6-15-2012

    I’m so glad to hear that she is recovering so well. I know that her healing process overall will be an extensive one. Aimee has inspired me to keep my head up when I am feeling bad for whatever reason. If Aimee can get through this, then 99% of other people have absolutely nothing to complain about. God bless her and her strong spirit.

  6. 6-15-2012

    I am so proud of her I think about her everyday as I have two daughters and would hope they would be that strong she still has a long way to go mentally and physicially her sister works with my grandaughter she kept me updated god bless you and you family shes a fighter and will learn to deal with the cards she was dealt

  7. 6-15-2012

    this is wonderful news, and I am so happy for all of you. Aimee is in my thoughts and prayers, and I so admire her strength and positive attitude. I know that God will give her whatever else she needs to get through this and will also provide for you as well.
    Thank you for this update and please know that strangers all around the world are lifting you up in prayer every day!

  8. 6-15-2012

    Aimee’s courage, determination, and non-nonsense attitude is an inspiration. Best wishes as she enters the rehab phase of her recovery.

  9. 6-15-2012

    Your description of Aimee’s progression brings back haunting memories of my own recovery. While not the severity of Aimee’s injuries, the whirlwind day to day changes during treatment and recovery are really still in a fog for me. I’m glad I did not know at the time how bad it really was. I knew it was bad, but my faith in God was greater. I continue to heal, press forward toward the mark of the high calling that God has designed for me. I pray for Aimee’s continued recovery and for the strength of your entire family, because she definitely needs all of your support, even though she might not admit it 🙂

  10. 6-15-2012

    Peace, Love, healing, strength, comfort and Light to all. Aimee, you are more than an inspiration, more than a story to read, you are One with the rest of us and I am honored to “know” you. A beautiful spirit I will never forget. Namaste.

  11. 6-15-2012

    My prayers continue to be with Amy and the rest of your family. Her courage and drive are an inspiration to all. May God continue to heal her and restore her to good health. Thank you for your continued updates.

  12. 6-15-2012

    Aimee, your accident I was very moved, that’s why I wish you great recovery. My thoughts are with you all days for to support you.
    God bless you.

    Greg from Paris (France)

  13. 6-15-2012

    It’s nice to hear that Aimee is doing much better. Her life will be challenged in a different way now but by the sounds of it, she’s up for it!! I will continue praying each and every day for your family!! Stay Strong Miss Aimee!! 🙂

  14. 6-15-2012

    I am praying for Aimee. What brave and wonderful people all of you are.

    God bless all of you,

  15. 6-15-2012

    Aimee, you are an inspiration of courage, determination and grace. Keep up the good fight. Wishing you continued good health and may you go from strength to strength.

    Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  16. 6-15-2012

    We think of you every day and are so very proud of Aimee’s progress. Hang in there! Please tell Aimee hello for us. I hope Paige is doing well, I know she has been with you all the way.

  17. 6-15-2012

    Wow!! The only thing I can think of to say. Again, Wow!!

  18. 6-15-2012

    Thanks for sharing Aimee’s incredible journey with us! As a Cancer Survivor & Coach, I’m a huge believer in faith, determination, the power of positivity and meditation! Aimee is a living, breathing example of a bright, beautiful soul in action and I’m blessed to share her story with others. Love to you all!

  19. 6-15-2012

    I just wanted to you to know that I am sending prayers from Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Though I don’t know you, Amy, and your family, I think of you often and you are all in my prayers. Amy’s strength and perseverance is miraculous and inspiring. 🙂

  20. 6-15-2012

    To me and no doubt others who do not have to go through the changing daily ritual of treatment as you have described, your updates can almost sound routine. But when we (as best we can) put ourselves in Aimee’s place mentally, we can feel a small part of the anguish she and those close to her go through. I will not discount my significance just because I am one of a million supporters (or however many she has now). Thinking of you all.

  21. 6-15-2012

    I am praying for Aimee and for all of you who are caring for her. She sounds like an amazing young lady.

  22. 6-15-2012

    You say “Aimee despises the use of morphine in her treatment. Although that drug effectively blocks most of the pain associated with her condition, it makes her groggy and confused and it gives her unpleasant hallucinatory episodes.”
    Let me say that I can absolutely understand her reluctance. Some years ago I underwent a surgical procedure (radical nephrectomy) that required the use of morphine during recovery. The experience was awful. To this day I still have vivid memories of the absolutely ghastly hallucinations. For the longest time I was unable to differentiate between being awake and being in a drug induced stupor. The mental pain caused by the hallucinations was far worse than the physical pain.

    Thank you for this blog – and our sincere best wishes to Aimee and her entire family.
    Dave and Mavis Aldworth
    Severna Park MD

  23. 6-15-2012

    I think about Aimee and your family everyday. You are an inspiration to us all. I send you all of my love and prayers. I am amazed at the great strength you all exude. Continued prayers and strength….

  24. 6-15-2012

    I have been checking on Aimees progress continuously and praying for her. She is so young and has so much to look forward to in her life, the unfairness of it all is heartbreaking and unbelievable to me. She is such a brave and strong girl (woman) and I just want you to know she is always in my prayers and thoughts. I know that prayer really does work! Have a wonderful weekend, and tell Aimee I am out there on her side and hope she continues to recover and grow strong.
    My sister is fighting a foot infection right now, not the same but very dangerous still. We pray she doesn’t lose her foot soon too.
    Again tell her we are out there rooting for her!!!

  25. 6-15-2012

    To Aimee and her loving family:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. May God give you strength and peace during these difficult times.

    Aimee, I spent last Tuesday with your Grandparents, Pam and Sam, at our blood drive in Inman and look forward to seeing them Saturday in Boiling Springs. I can see where you got your love, drive and concern for others. God Bless you girl.

    Will be thinking about you and your family.

    Ben Cromer

  26. 6-15-2012

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. Aimee is in our thoughts and prayers daily. This helps us to understand much better what she is going through and it is so encouraging how strong and optimistic she is.

  27. 6-15-2012

    thank you so much for the update. She is such an inspiration, and I cry whenever I read this blog. May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, bring her more and more peace, and without Him, we are nothing <3

  28. 6-15-2012

    Again and again God gives Aimee the courage and determination she needs to fight. I can’t tell you how I love hearing of her progress. You and your entire family are in my heart and prayers every day. I look forward to Aimee entering into rehab. God bless her and keep her.

  29. 6-15-2012

    Aimee has made us all so proud. Her strength along with your family’s is all the inspiration anyone would ever need. I am continuing to pray for her progress in this long battle ahead. Thank you for sharing her story.

  30. 6-15-2012

    Once again, after reading this update, I am astonished at the courage and positive attitude Amiee has. She is an amazing woman! I continue to keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the fight Aimee!

  31. 6-15-2012

    Healing thoughts and prayers go to Aimee, a most courageous young woman. Thank you for these updates.

  32. 6-15-2012

    You totally inspire me as a parent. I hope, should I have a situation with one of my kids that I would be able to face it as you have. Never blaming anyone and allowing God to take the wheel.

  33. 6-15-2012


  34. 6-15-2012

    How proud I am of Aimee if that’s even close to what I feel. I do not have the words to express the courage and strength Aimee possesses. She is beyond inspirational. I wish I possessed the eloquence needed to describe the Copeland Journey. I guess its best described possibly that God never gives you anything you can’t handle. Exceptional people get exceptional trials. I realize how trivial my trials are in comparison. May God shower you all with extraordinary blessings through out Aimee’s recovery and life. May God bless you with strength to endure the pains of seeing your baby go through this. Only good can come from something so horrific. God as extraordinary plans for Aimee and you’re whole family. Probably helping others! What a fabulous place in Heaven awaits you all!

  35. 6-15-2012

    You can do this this Aimee – we are all pulling for you – lots of prayers on the way.
    You go girl!

  36. 6-15-2012

    Thank you for your updates! As a nurse, I am amazed at Aimee’s progress. As a mom, I am overwhelmed, overjoyed, and stunned into your reality. As a follower of Christ, I am humbled beyond anything I have witnessed. Continued blessings to you all.

  37. 6-15-2012

    Thank god she became better,,wish her to become more healthy ,,I really always pray for her and her family,,god bless you all,,your another brother =kareem=

  38. 6-15-2012

    Aimee, I have been following your story since day one. I have prayed for you. You are an inspiration for all. God bless you!

  39. 6-15-2012

    Thank you for the update. We will continue to pray. Lead the way, Aimee; you are an inspiration!

  40. 6-15-2012

    You mentioned Aimee’s phantom pain. Just thought I’d pass this along: I watched a TED seminar on TV. There was a doctor speaking who cured people’s phantom pain by using a mirror. For instance, if you were missing your right arm you would use the mirror to show your left arm in its place. It allowed the brain to send the correct signal to the missing limb. I know I didn’t explain it well, but most TED speeches are online and maybe you could research it for your daughter.

    • 6-16-2012

      Aimee and I have discussed this technique, however, she has no “good” limb from which to draw a reflective comparison. Therefore I’m not sure if this technique is possible with a quad-amputee.

      • 6-16-2012

        I was thinking about making the same suggestion and due to her not having an opposing limb I came to the same conclusion as you, however there might be a way around this.

        Researchers are making excellent progress with brain-machine interfaces where paralyzed people are controlling robotic limbs using only their mind. Perhaps Aimee can be connected to a robotic arm that resembles a human arm, and then she can use her mind to open and close the robotic limb as if it were her own.

        The paralyzed subjects who have used this kind of device report that they “feel” as if the robotic limb is their own… this might be just enough to trick her brain into believing the arm is her own.

      • 6-16-2012

        I believe the mirror technique has been used with an artificial limb in the mirror — I’m glad you are aware of this possibility.

      • 7-2-2012

        You should contact V.S. Ramachandran, MD, PhD. He is the one that they are talking about. The bottom line is retraining the brain and establishing new neuro-pathways. As a psychology student I am blown away by his brilliance! He and his team do much more than just phantom pain. Also, with Aimee’s educational focus it may be an experience that can really help and impact her ability to work with patients.

        Center for Brain and Cognition @ UCSD

        TED interview –

  41. 6-15-2012

    My continued prayers for your healing. You are a very brave young lady.

  42. 6-15-2012

    Aimee, you are so inspiring. I have been following your recovering and sending positive thoughts and vibes to you and your family. I am also an east coast native and just wanted to express to you how brave and courageous you are. I may not know you but I know stength when I see it. In this case, when I hear it! Your life is just beginning and it seems to me you were meant for great things, this is only a chapter in your book Aimee. You are in my thoughts 🙂

    You got it Girl!!!!!

  43. 6-15-2012

    Thank you for this update Andy. Please let Aimee know that Tracey and Terrance are always thinking of her and can’t wait to speak to her and eventually see her again. My father sends his love and prayers daily as well. She has always been a beacon of light to us, everyone who has met her, and now countless others. Let her know her friends love her and are infinitely proud of her strength, courage, and patience. We are all here for her.

  44. 6-15-2012

    I am keeping Aimee and all your family in my thoughts and prayers….You must be so proud of your daughter and the strength and courage she is showing through these tough times…continuing my prayers for Aimee for a swift recovery.

  45. 6-15-2012

    Praise God for the progress Aimee has made. May God’s hand continue to heal her. God Bless you, your wife,and her sister as you continue ministering to her. I am a member of First Baptist Snellville and will continue remembering all of you as I have from the beginning.

  46. 6-15-2012

    Thank you for the update Andy. Aimee’s progress and strength is amazing. My prayers for even more strength and progress for her are intensified and guided by your updates. May God bless you, Donna, Aimee and Paige on each step of her recovery.

  47. 6-15-2012

    Peace and blessings to you all. Courage, peace and strength are my prayers for you all.

  48. 6-15-2012

    I cant even begin to understand what your family and your daughter are going thru.She sounds like such a strong young woman and I pray that God is by her side every step of the way to her recovery. i have followed this story from the day it hit the news and I was shocked that a wound could do this. I am more aware of this and have been educating my children on as well.Please let your daughter know I am praying for her as well as i am sure so are so many other people

  49. 6-15-2012

    Thank you so much for sharing this truly wonderful news with all of us. She is truly a courageous young woman, and she has a wonderful family. I look forward to meeting you all one day. Maybe at the 5K? I have been amazed to see God’s Favor as this 5k is being planned! And seeing God’s hand in all of that is evident that He has plans for her! We in Augusta will continue to keep her and your family in our prayers as she continues her journey into Rehab.

  50. 6-15-2012

    I have been following Aimee’s progress via your blog updates and share them on my FB page. Her progress has been miraculous and I will continue to uphold you all in prayer for each add’l step. I would like to say how inspirational your writing is. Your faith and strength as a father shine through despite the unspeakable journey you are on. The Lord has touched you to do a mighty job. Blessings to you & yours.

  51. 6-15-2012

    Aimee, it is great to read the progress you are making. I have been following your story since the beginning. I’m a sorry about your accident and wish you well with a great recovery. Reading your story is an inspiration to me. God bless you and your family.
    Freddie from Hudson nh

  52. 6-15-2012

    My name is Jackie and I’m from Canada. I have been following Aimee’s story since the beginning. I am a single mom of three and a college student. It was only 3 short months ago I fought this very same battle. It was tough, one of the toughest things I have ever done. Traumatizing experience, and a life changing one at that. Doctors say my case is nothing short of a miracle. Anyone who survives NF should feel very proud, we are all warriors. I knew from the beginning Aimee could fight and I am so thrilled to see how far she has come. I think about her regularly, as I can relate to her pain. Takes a major toll on your body and mind, but she will most certainly come out on top…she is already a SURVIVOR!

  53. 6-15-2012

    May God continue to Bless and that you ALL feel His presence!!!

  54. 6-15-2012

    My prayers are continually with you and Aimee

  55. 6-15-2012

    We as people could learn so much from your daughter, she is a incredible young woman with strong spiritual beliefs. My prayers are with Aimee as she continue to heal and work towards her rehab. God Bless Aimee and her family as they will stay in my prays.

  56. 6-15-2012

    Good morning to all,
    Thank you for keeping us updated on this miraculous journey with Aimee.. I continue to pray for all of you. I have spread to many of my friends and family Aimee’s story and have so many praying for your family. Peace in your Hearts and Love your way..
    Kim Follano

  57. 6-15-2012

    Aimee’s strength and courage continues to amaze me! Thank God for such wonderful progress! I continue to pray for you all daily. Thanks for keeping us updated, though we have never met, I feel like we are old friends.
    God Bless You All,


  58. 6-15-2012

    I have been following Aimee’s progress since the accident and continue to include her in my prayers. I am happy to hear that she is doing better. I have two little girls (8 & 4) and can only imagine what you must be going through as parent. Your blogs have really been inspiring to read. God Bless you and your family.

  59. 6-15-2012

    Aimee is an inspiration to us all. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. I have never met Aimee but my roommates daughter, Abbey Swanson, is studying with her at West Georgia. She has so many wonderful things to say about her I hope one day I will be able to meet her. Take care and God Bless you all!

  60. 6-15-2012

    Thank you so much for writing an update! Aimee is very strong. I look forward to hearing about her progress. My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

  61. 6-15-2012

    You are an inspiration to the world!

  62. 6-15-2012

    What an encouragement Aimee is. I went to West Georgia too and I recently took a trip to South Carolina and everyone there is talking about her recovery and story as well. It is amazing. Her life is speaking volumes to people everywhere about God and her faith.

  63. 6-15-2012

    I can only imagine the gifts Aimee will share with her clients! Much love and support go out to Aimee, her friends and family who love and support her. This is a miracle.

  64. 6-15-2012

    I thank God for Aimee’s courage! As a daughter, sister, wife, and mother myself, I feel great empathy for you and your family. I will continue to pray for you all and read about Aimee’s progress! Be encouraged!!

  65. 6-15-2012

    God bless you all and especially Aimee. I pray for the doctors to have the wisdom and discernment they need to help Aimee continue on her road to recovery. I also wanted to suggest that perhaps Reiki would be a great help to Aimee in her healing process. It is an aide in both pain management and healing and I think it would be a perfect match to her beliefs. Find a Christian reiki master who can help you — I am one, and my master, Beth Chadsey is a methodist ordained minister who taught me reiki and is phenomenal.

    Praying for healing and the warmth of the Holy Spirit in all you do. thank you for your inspirational blog. I read it through Keri Klein.

    God Bless — Lori

  66. 6-15-2012

    As a father of 3 children, I am struggling to fathom what you and your family are going through. I see that you celebrate each small victory and remain focused on the big picture, Aimee’s recovery. I admire your positive outlook and the support you have shown your daughter. Aimee’s inner strength and conviction must make you so proud. We pray for Aimee’s improvement and that God makes every day just a little bit easier for you and your family. Our troubles seem so pale in comparison. Aimee has been a beacon of inspiration for so many. Keep the faith.

  67. 6-15-2012

    God Bless you all during this. I have so much admiration for not only Aimee (which is great in depth) but also to the parents, for their strength during this ordeal as well. Thank you Aimee and your family for sharing this as it may help give others the incentive to NOT give up and how life CAN go on if one has faith.

  68. 6-15-2012

    My thoughts have been with Aimee in this terrible ordeal. I know she has had many thoughts and prayers with her in her recovery. I am astounded by her braveness and her will power to recover. May God be with you all every step of the way. Prayers…Nancy

  69. 6-15-2012

    My prayers are with Aiemm and the caregivers.
    She has a long way to go but with giving it to god he will give her the strength even when
    she doesn’t think she has it. I’m so happy to hear she’s doing alittle
    Better everyday. God bless you<3

  70. 6-15-2012

    I have been following Aimee’s progress since I first heard that she was involved in the zipline accident. My family and I visited Sunnyside Cafe-as we do most Saturdays or Sundays-where we saw a picture of Aimee on the sandwich board out front, a picture which bore the caption, “please pray for Aimee”. Gary, with heavy heart, filled us in on what happened. “They think she may not make it through the night”, he said. I was affected deeply. I mean, you don’t want something like this to happen to anyone, but when it happens to someone so full of life, and as young as Aimee, well, news like that is devastating even when you don’t know the person.

    I feel that I know Aimee on some level. Not just as the instantly likeable waitress from Sunnyside, but also as a kindred spirit. I can see her meditating, and meditating successfully, through the bandage change. I don’t think one only has to have had a little interaction with Aimee to realize this.

    My wife and I, along with our band, interacted with Aimee when the psychology department at UWG hosted the Good Vibes festival. Aimee was instrumental in getting us a spot on the band roster. On the day of the festival rain moved everything indoors. We all managed as best we could with the change. Aimee remained a smiling, calm reminder of dealing with change. Little did anyone know what life-altering change would be happening to Aimee soon after.

    Before we played, Aimee shared with me what she was going to do after graduation. It is my sincere hope that she goes to Hawaii and fulfills her dream. She can do it.

    • 6-16-2012

      Donna and I were at the Good Vibes Festival, and we had a blast. We were very proud of how Aimee pulled together that festival. I have a Good Vibes tie-dyed t-shirt that I now wear with pride.

      The storm that came that day may have driven us inside, but it did not drive away the spirit of love that we all felt. I believe that day was a premonition of things to come, because although the storm swept through, it did not last. All things must eventually pass and Aimee understands that her illness will be short-lived given the full scope of potential that she has in life. There will be roadblocks and difficulties, but Aimee’s life will be full and her opportunities will be many. We can now see the sun shining and we hear the birds chirping as the remnants of the storm wither in the distance.

  71. 6-15-2012

    To The Copeland Family,
    I haven’t been able to get this off my mind, as I have sons the same age. I cannot imagine this happening to ANYONE in my Family. I pray God gives Aimee the courage and wisdom to go on to do mighty powerful things!!! Besides, this life is only a vapor compared to eternity! My prayer for her is to take it day by day…and in the end Change and Inspire Peoples lives. Amazed at her meditation to deal with pain!!! She is making a good choice! Any pain meds are going to leave anyone depressed, however I do understand there will be times she MUST have them. Noone in their right mind would disagree with that. I think she has a bright future!!! Easier said that living with such a Tragedy but her attitude is already amazing! Such a Beautiful Girl She is!!! She is probably gonna shine like never before and help millions. Her journey is just beginning and as a parent I know you all have broken hearts but God spared her for a reason. I have asked God, Lord I do not know what to pray for….could you please just listen through my heart…Please let her know that there are millions of people praying for her!!!!! There is no greater Power than Prayer. I do not understand how people live their lives without a personal relationship with God. Counselors???? no….God knows us Perfectly. He knows her future, he holds it! There is a verse which helped me in a very trying time which goes like this….Pray for PEACE that PASSATH understanding. It was a moment for me that DID give me peace! Please know that your entire Family is in mine and so many others HEARTS~ There are truly good people in this world!!!!
    GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND AIMEE DEAR, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!! WE AREN’T GONNA LEAVE YOU. YOU ARE IN OUR HEARTS!!! There is Nothing I wouldn’t do for your family…God Bless You All!!!! <3<3<3 Pam Weeks

  72. 6-15-2012

    Prayers continue for Aimee, her family and the Doctors & nurses taking care of her. God Bless you all.

  73. 6-15-2012

    I have experience with skin grafting as I am a childhood cancer survivor. I have been following Aimee’s story from the very beginning and she is always in my prayers.
    I had to have a massive section removed from my left shoulder when I was 11 in 1969 (down to the muscle). There were over 200 stitches holding the skin graft in place. Like you said that don’t always hold properly and mine developed a large gaping hole that had to be repaired with another graft about 2 weeks later. This one held and that was the last of my 3 surgeries in 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas that year. Now, both areas (my shoulder and my leg) look more like scars from a very bad burn. My parents had to decide between the massive section and amputation (which was suggested by all the specialists). They chose the lessor and I am cancer free after all these years. I will keep Aimee in my thoughts and prayers as she continues her journey of lifetime recovery. She is a miracle and God spared her for a reason.
    Vicki Jewell

  74. 6-15-2012

    My Prayers are with Amiee and you all. Thank you for keeping us update on Amiee progress. we serve a mighty God. I know He is true and faithful.

  75. 6-15-2012

    So glad for the update. I will pray for you all this am. Hang in there. Sounds like things are really beginning to look up. May I encourage you and your family. What an inspiration Aimee is and you are a her father! Thanks for your transparency. Will be looking for updates along as i follow your journey.
    Love and Prayers.

  76. 6-15-2012

    I am so grateful that Aimee is doing much better. I love you guys.

  77. 6-15-2012

    My Thoughts and Prayers ARE with you, ans Aimee as this is the time to say i am recoveing myself from a very severe accodent in 2008 that devistated and changed my world as it put me in the center ring of a four year battle that i know first hand what it means to be a fighterfor life and limb. I also can relate to the plight of using moriphine. In my vest for recovery and to show my “bravery? i opted to have them remove the pump and tried to go back to “normal” in that i opted to take my medicine oraly and like before..but the pain was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH great I could not, and i suffered SO Horribly until they reinstated it i will NEVER foeget! my situation was a M/C accodent and I went 167 FEET down a stretch on36 West Lost Five inches of bone in my left leg it just reduced to powder on impact! the people that caused it took off and left me on the highway to die. BUT Prayers Under GRACE is what saved me. ALLLLL the WAY I BELIEVE in the POWER of PRAYER and I KNOW THAT GOD CARES ABOUT US! My Daughter NOW 36 Years Young,WAS Diagnosed TWICE with Systic Phybrosis as an Infant, but i REFUSED to Believethat God would take the Precious BABY I HAD PRAYED to Concieve and put ALLLLLLLL my FAITH IN HIM! the 3rd set of tests came back NEGITIVE where allll the tests in the Battery they gave her (Litterally) had came back Positive, STANDING on the Promises Of GOD NEVER FAIL US. 0:D My MOM Recieved a COMPLETE Healing From a HOSPITAL BED that they were going to have to do an Angioplastie (she has an enzime defiency that cause her to code with anistesia) and The LORD Himself was their when the hospital staff and strangers Joined in with Family in PRAYER Circle around her bed when they had taken one more look see before we were moved to the waiting (Praying) room,and alas they said there WAS Exceedingly MORE Blockage than Orrigonially Thought,(test revealed) and oh about 5-10 mins. into the wait My Aunt Told me, (Loretta has just recieved a COMPLETE Healing..and the Lord had just explained to her heart that the Dr would come in tell us they coudnt find ANYTHING Wrong with MOM and she would simply juat be able to go home, she also added the DR would come through as she put it”THAT door”and Blame the lab” but NOT Give GOD and/Nor “ANSWERED PRAYER” a bit of Credit as they NEVER do!” and I tell yo YEA IS” YEA BEFORE THE LORD! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT DID HAPPEN!Mom as did my Daughter COMPLETE HEALING!I RECIEVED a HEALING FROM POLIO as a child, and On and ON i CAN TELL YOU OF THE VICTORIES and TRYUMPHS BEFORE the LORD, even my husband REcieved MANY BLESSINGS of GRACE as in he was Diagnosed WITH LOU Garrigs Disease, but like Alll of US HE HAD THE ANOINTING Ceramony thats In the BIBLE (IF ANY AMOUNG YOU become ILL CALL the ELDERS TOGETHER To RuB Anointiing OILS on your Forehead and Pray Gathered around you and you will be made well..The LORD IS TRUE TO HIS WORD! HE IS ALWAYS TRUE and QUICK To KEEP HIS PROMISES! IF we TRUST in HIM and CALL ON HIM.



  78. 6-15-2012

    Congratulations on the improvement all around!!! Keeping you all in my thoughts & prayers. Give Aimee a hug for me, and tell her I think she’s one amazing lady!

  79. 6-15-2012


    Thank you for keeping us up to date on Aimee’s progress. That is awesome about her using Mediation as a substitute for Morphine. She is truly living what she knows and focuses on in her personal spiritual life and graduate studies. She is an inspiration. We all miss Aimee and will continue to send her prayer, positive thoughts and encouragement though each stage of her progress to recovery. I am requesting that the Angels send you, your family and Aimee love strength, and healing along the way. Sincerely, Shaye Hudson

  80. 6-15-2012

    Thank you for the updates. Prayers are with you and the family. Aimee is a strong young women and will continue to do well. Your love and support will add to the healing process.

  81. 6-15-2012

    Good morning!

    Someone remembers, someone cares;
    Your name is whispered in our prayers.

    Until the sun comes out again for you,
    GODS umbrella is big enough for two.

    I think about you constantly,
    whether it’s with my mind or my heart.

    Whether a good day or bad,
    happy or sad,

    It never hurts to say,
    God is with you today.

    God has not promised you smooth sailing,
    but He has promised you a safe landing.

    I am standing with you all believing, trusting, waiting, hoping…praying for you all.

  82. 6-15-2012

    Andy and Aimee, I am in tears. The detail Andy has shared, I know, is only an inkling of the daily circumstances you face personally, physically, emotionally. My continued prayers are sent your way.Your sharing in such detail has given me a huge appreciation for my own life and health, and how precious life is. I am very grateful to know Aimee is recovering and focused on the future, and that her wound and organs are healing to the point of ‘next step’. She is amazing, her courage and tenacity inspiring. The world is a better place because she is here, and her story and experiences will only make her a better healer as she finishes her thesis. Powerful woman, powerful message. One first right step at a time. Warmest of hugs to you Andy, and to your amazing and beloved daughter. Sher

  83. 6-15-2012

    Aimee, Reading your story is giving us hope. We are in day 3 with my 27 year old nephew. I pray he can have the same strength you have displayed. I am praying for him and you. Sheila

  84. 6-15-2012

    Im happy to read some good news! I will continue to pray for you all!! God bless!

  85. 6-15-2012

    Dear Andy, Donna, and Paige, I was thrilled to read this update ….I have been down this week from chemo, but I am on my way back up….As you were describing Aimee’s desire to show you her wound, it reminded me of the need to share my mastectomy scar with my family. That is a huge step for her. It was a huge step in my healing process as I’m sure it is for her as well. She is a mighty strong young woman ….you and Donna have raised her as God would have you raise her. I understand being tired of the pain meds too. God is giving her the strength to go another route when she wants to, as long as she knows it’s okay to lean on what the doctor’s provide when she needs to. It will not make her a traitor …..I continue to pray for you all in the middle of the nights when I am up ….love to you all ….tell Donna I miss seeing her…..:))…love Jennifer

  86. 6-15-2012

    I am praying for all of you. Amiee, all the family,and all caregivers. Thank you for sharing the information and the strength during this challenge. Thank you for sharing your faith. So many will be blessed by this. My our Lord bless you all with healing and comfort and peace today.I am so happy to hear of the progress. My love to all of you.

  87. 6-15-2012

    Our prayers continue with you daily. So thankful for the progress Aimee continues to make. May each of you continue to feel God’s loving arms surrounding you.

  88. 6-15-2012

    Donna and Andy,

    I am so glad to hear of Amiee’s progress. We are all praying for her through this difficult time in her life as well as in yours. Donna, I remember when you prayed for me each Friday at Norton Elementary and now I pray for Amiee and your family.

  89. 6-15-2012

    Aimee, You’re amazing (and gorgeous)! Live long and prosper.

  90. 6-15-2012

    Every time I start to feel sorry for myself that my husband passed away 9 weeks ago of a brain tumor I read what Aimee is enduring and I feel her strength and courage run thru me. She has no idea how much she is helping people she does not know and will never meet but I certainly am one of those people and I thank her. I also thank you and your family for your strength and courage. You are just as much an inspiration as Aimee is.

  91. 6-15-2012

    Rejoicing over these milestones with you, humbled by Aimee’s courage, and standing with you all in prayer!

  92. 6-15-2012

    What courage you have Amy and such a courageous, loving family. God go with you. Sandy

  93. 6-15-2012

    Thank you for the update. I’ve been extra concerned about Aimee’s wound area and praise God that she doing so well. My wife is totally on the same page as Aimee when it comes to pain management and medications. I respect and admire them for that. Aimee is in my daily thoughts and prayers. Given my own narrow escape from a life threatening infection such a short time before Aimee’s accident, I have an incredibly strong empathy and concern for her. I’m also a big fan, cheering her progress and looking forward to updates about her continued recovery and rehab.

  94. 6-15-2012

    You can be so proud of Aimee… I would never have been able to be as strong as her, she’s incredible. This story deeply affected me, and I go on the website every day to have news of her situation, Thanks andy to hold us informed. I wish you all the best, and will continue to support you. Lot of kiss from Paris

  95. 6-15-2012

    Que maravillosa padre es usted.
    Gracias por compartir la rehabilitacion de Aimee, su proceso y dura batalla que le espera, pero ella es un aliciente para miles de personas que esperan ver la luz algun dia.
    Este diario que usted ha hecho deberia hacerla en un libro, tiene dotes de escritor, mueve los sentimientos y hace a uno apreciar la vida y sobre todo sostenerse en el amor. Que tengas un buen dia.

  96. 6-15-2012

    Thanks for the update Andy! Tell Aimee-someone in Michigan is wishing her good vibes.

  97. 6-15-2012

    please let Aimee know that “Dutch” has and will be praying for her

  98. 6-15-2012

    Wow! Praise the Lord for His mercy! I’ve been keeping up with your blog and appreciate you taking the time to compose such thoughtful and thourough updates. Sincerely praying for Amy and her recovery.

  99. 6-15-2012

    Aimee’s courage inspires me!!! God bless and love you all!!!!

  100. 6-15-2012

    What a courageous young woman! My prayers are with Aimee and her family. With God all things are possible! I am sending a donation to The Aimee Copeland Fund. God bless all of you.

  101. 6-15-2012

    I have been following your and Aimee’s story since it first became public. I just want you to know that Aimee and you guys are an inspiration, a testament to faith, and a real blessing to all that have heard your story.

    A boyfriend and I were in a terrible hit and run motorcycle accident several years ago. He lost a leg below the knee, and I came as close as I ever want to to losing a leg. We both dealt with the wreck very differently. He literally went through hell with skin grafting, tissue getting infected and dying, and of course the mental and physical anguish of losing a limb. I was thankful to be alive, he felt his life was over. I cannot comprehend all that he went through, but I watched him suffer through it for a year, and left when he began finding comfort in some very unhealthy things. He was missing a couple things that Aimee has an abundance of – loving supportive family, and faith.

    Aimee is so blessed to have you all – you have clearly established wonderful coping mechanisms in her (plus the ones she has developed on her own through her own strength and beauty.) The hospital life is difficult on the patient, and also so difficult on the patients family…and you ALL are handling it head-on together – strong as ever. You should know that you and yours are inspiring hundreds of thousands of people – and restoring faith in so many. THANK YOU! Stay strong!

    There will be tough roads ahead. They did not tell us about the inner battle my ex would face with his amputation. It is unimaginable for anyone who is not an amputee. For anyone who has not had to use a prosthesis. It became a loathed but necessary security blanket for him.

    Hang in there – you all with Gods help are what will get your family through this. Through all this crap – you are truly blessed, and I am honored to know your story – and see you all share your knowledge of your blessings with all of us.

    You all are witnessing to so many people. Your struggle – as horrible as it is – is bringing hope, love, faith, and strength to an uncountable number of people that find themselves without hope, and without faith – in God and humanity.

    Sending prayers and thanks your way – God bless. (((hugs)))

    Bozeman, MT

  102. 6-15-2012

    Dear Andy and family, I have been following Aimee’s story, as so many people have. My son was in the same hospital, 14 years ago, being treated for meningococcal meningitis. What happened to Aimee’s limbs, happened to my son. It’s the same process with the gangrene. My son had both arms and legs amputated, but it still wasn’t enough to save his life. In the course of being a founder of the National Meningitis Association, I have made wonderful contacts in the prosthetics field, and I know of some survivors, with similar or worse amputations, who would be thrilled to talk to Aimee or you. Please e-mail me at, and I can put you in contact. I think it would be helpful to all of you.

  103. 6-15-2012

    God bless you and your family during this taumatic ride. Aimee looks like a lovely human being that anyone would be priviledged to know and love.

  104. 6-15-2012

    WoW, Aimee you go girl. You make me feel like a woosy. Geez, I’ve been poping pain pills since march for my injury. You’re makeing great progress. I hope you consider writeing a book even posting some of the post. Keep it up!

  105. 6-15-2012

    Thank you for the update, I have been checking almost daily to see her progress and was concerned not seeing an update. I know many are praying for her.

  106. 6-15-2012

    What a remarkable strong woman Aimee is and we know who is giving her the strength. She is blessed to have loving parents,family & friends by her side through this. I pray for the whole family especially Aimee.
    In His love & care,
    Monica I Peter 5:7 Casting All you care on HIM, for he careth for you.

  107. 6-15-2012

    Thank you so much for sharing your family’s journey with us. I have been a RN for many years and understand how serious Aimee’s illness is. But more importantly as a mother I am encouraged by your family’s faith and strength. It gives me hope, that faced with a similar situation, I too could make it through.
    I check on Aimee’s progress every morning. I’m so happy she is improving. It is really generous of you to share such a personal experience with strangers. I thank you again, and I’m sending all my positive energy your way.

  108. 6-15-2012

    I am a 24 year old female, finishing my Masters degree as well. Coming from this perspective, I am just absolutely amazed, impressed, and filled with respect for Aimee. She is clearly an incredible young woman, who is strong in her beliefs and determination. She is the type of woman the world needs more of. She will inspire and change the lives of many people through both this journey ahead of her now, and what she does as her life work in the future. God bless her and her family.

  109. 6-15-2012

    prayers for Amiee and your family.Thank you for the update I look forward to them. Prayers from Alabama

  110. 6-15-2012

    Isaiah 25:9 And it shall be said in that day, Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, and he will save us: this is the LORD; we have waited for him, we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation.

    God Bless You Aimee and your family. You are such an inspiration and proof that God takes care of his children. Prayers to you and your family!

  111. 6-15-2012

    Yeah!!! You go, Aimee. We are all focusing on your recovery and cheering for every improvement in your condition. You are in inspiration. karen

  112. 6-15-2012

    Our prayers for Aimee will continue. Our daughter, Cynthia, has kept us up to date on all that has happened and through her progress.As you already know better than I; the cause and magnitude of the injury and how it spread through her body was unimaginable.
    So is Aimee’s courage and faith. Only God’s love and power is greater; and we continue to trust in Him; and in Aimee’s unbelieveable courage and confidence. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.
    aLL OUR LOVE, Bill and Janice Hinson

  113. 6-15-2012

    Praying for Aimee and your family. If interested, I’d like to give Aimee an eye-tracking device that allows her to use a computer without her hands (via eye movement). Please e-mail me ( if you think she’d be interested.

    God Bless!

  114. 6-15-2012

    Aimee, Your story has touched the world. Your courage is mind-blowing. I hope you get better each day. I would say I hope you can return to a normal life, but what is normal?? Years ago it was a setting on a clothes dryer, but I don’t believe its even on that any longer. Instead I wish you a long and healthy life! You have many people praying for you. Please know we are all sending you love. Love, Margie in Mississippi

  115. 6-15-2012

    Andy, thank you for the illuminating update on Aimee. I, like, countless others, continue to pray for her healing. It is obvious Aimee has wonderful family support. I pray for Aimee and you all as one to another, but also, through the family connection I mentioned in an earlier post: my grandmother, Cornelia West Patterson, was the oldest sibling of Ned West. I’m sure you saw the great West Reunion pic with all the Aimee Believe tees.

    The Aimee prayer network has made me aware we truly are created by God to be a community of believers. All the ways people are reaching out to support Aimee and your family through blood drives, fundraisers, song, etc…it’s a God-thing!

    I look forward to the book I believe you and your family will be led by God to write. I know it will help not only those with life-threatening situations through health issues but also those with other life challenges. May God give you all strength and wisdom in the days ahead.

    Blessings ~

    Debra Patterson Baker
    Greenville, SC

  116. 6-15-2012


    Thank you for keeping us updated. There is not a day that I don’t think about Aimee. I find myself checking for a new blog daily and I suspect I’m not alone.

    Aimee continues to amaze me with her strength. She is grounding me and teaching me how to examine my own value system and life perspectives.

    I am so happy to hear of the progress and my best thoughts and prayers remain with Aimee, you and your family.


  117. 6-15-2012

    Good news! One more small victory for Aimee. I am learning much from Aimee in that the mind is a powerful tool and I need to upgrade my thinking in many areas of my life.

    ~~ Stay strong ~~

    Life is beautiful!

  118. 6-15-2012

    Aimee, you and your family are a huge inspiration to me as I move through my daily life. I feel profound respect and admiration for you all. There is no doubt that you have what it takes to transcend these circumstances and continue to live a full, meaningful, and joyful life. By your example, you have changed my life for the better. Thank you for your courage and inspiration. I hold you in my thoughts and prayers.

  119. 6-15-2012

    I do not know Aimee but have been to church Larry and Linda Hines on several ocassions when I visited them and want you to know that your family is in my prayers and will continue to be.

  120. 6-15-2012

    GO AIMEE!! I think I’ll always be following Aimee’s story, it is so awesome to hear of her progress, her courage, her will, her drive, and her determination to still be herself, after so much adversity. She has helped me put life in perspective. There is a 60 year old man who sits next to me at work who is dying of cancer – he’s hoping to make it through the summer. Life is precious, no matter what form it takes. Al has helped me see that, and Aimee is proving it. Love to all, and initial sentiment repeated:

  121. 6-15-2012

    Glad to read that Aimee is improving. I did receive an e-letter from Dr. Robert Rowen at, where he describes hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) as the preferred way to treat the flesh eating syndrome. According to him, HBO is only approved for certain conditions, and the flesh eating syndrome is apparently not one of them. I just wanted to pass this info on. There are however doctors listed who do perform these oxidative therapies at

    “May 30, 2012

    How to kill flesh-eating bacteria fast

    You may have heard about the recent tragedy of Aimee Copeland. This beautiful Georgia graduate student recently went on a zip line adventure. During the activity, the zip line broke and she fell in the water below the line. During the fall, the line cut her leg. It was a minor injury. But, she became infected with flesh-eating bacteria. Doctors treated her with antibiotics, which failed. Now, the bacteria have claimed both hands, both feet, and one leg. What’s incredible is that she didn’t have to lose any of her limbs. Let me tell you why.
    After the antibiotics failed, the doctors were afraid the bacteria were going to take her life. So they finally wised up and belatedly turned to hyperbaric oxygen (HBO). Now, she is making a slow recovery. Any doctor who understands this infection should have instantly applied hyperbaric oxygen. Why? These bacteria destroy tissue; hence blood supply and oxygen delivery. With no oxygen, there’s no immune system to fight the infection! It effectively shuts out the immune system, allowing it to take over your entire body and eventually take your life.
    Undo years of damage
    to your heart, brain,
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    This powerful antioxidant is a veritable electron-trapping, free-radical killing machine!
    So what is this amazing discovery?
    Read more here to find out

    Aimee’s story really saddens my heart. I think it’s maximum gross negligence NOT to give either hyperbaric oxygen, oxidation, or both to save a life threatened by infection. We know that when faced with infection, your immune cells require up to 100-times more oxygen to respond than when things are normal. Yet infection creates inflammation and tissue death which reduces oxygen delivery. Oxygen therapies can renew the oxygen delivery and kill the infection in almost every single case! Aimee didn’t have to lose any of her limbs.
    But here’s the problem: The FDA has approved HBO only for limited conditions like carbon monoxide poisoning and osteomyelitis. Well, if it can help osteomyelitis, which is a bone infection, where oxygen tensions are low, it makes sense to use it in most any serious infection, since all of them will reduce oxygen availability and raise oxygen demands. More oxygen will help all infections. You don’t need to be a nuclear scientist to figure that one out. You just need to not fear for your livelihood (regulatory agencies) or bank account (malpractice). (Even cancers are less aggressive when there is more oxygen).
    As for other oxidation therapies, such as “ozone” and “ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy,” reports on these therapies are plentiful in the current worldwide literature. Just go to and type in the words. You’ll be shocked at what you find.
    And I can tell you this: They work! I recently treated a woman with MRSA, the deadly infection that is often antibiotic resistant. I gave her one treatment and it almost completely healed her in one session. Another woman I treated had a rapidly progressing cellulitis after a tick bite. One single ozone treatment totally healed her in only a few hours. Imagine what we’d see in hospitals if they would only use these treatments.
    You don’t have to suffer from infection. Make sure you have access to a doctor who uses oxidation therapy. You can find a list of doctors at If you come down with an infection, go straight to your doctor’s office, not the hospital. Like Aimee, your life may depend on it.
    Yours for better health and medical freedom,

    Robert J. Rowen, MD”

  122. 6-15-2012

    prayers your way to all that love aimee that she gets better fast her spirit seems like one of the strongest i have seen she has great promise yes she is very pretty but it is in the heart the way she is i have seen the best looking girls or men that were so ugly you did not want to be near i will stop now sending a bag full of prayers keep the faith.

  123. 6-15-2012

    Aimee, you are such an inspiration. My heart goes out to you. Sally Brittingham, Wilmington, DE

  124. 6-15-2012

    Your daughter is an inspiration. My heart goes out to all of you. You are in my prayers.

  125. 6-15-2012

    I cannot express how much love and respect I have for Aimee and the entire family. The courage she has shown is humbling and an example for anyone who thinks they can’t overcome extreme adversity. Aimee is brave beyond description and I pray for her and the family always. May God bless you every moment of every day. I would hope that I could show as much courage in a life threatening situation as Aimee has demonstrated but I doubt it. Continue to stay strong.
    The statement you have made to the world is resonating loudly.

  126. 6-15-2012

    Hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver have had extensive medical research and may be of help in fighting bacteria. Bacteria do not get resistant to them. But I am not a Doctor and ask yourself if the medical companies can make money on something they can not patent?

  127. 6-15-2012

    Thank you Andy for sharing Aimee’s progress. I continue to pray for Aimee and your family. Your Faith is an inspiration to us all. God Bless you.

  128. 6-15-2012

    My heart aches for Aimee. I DO wish I could help. I knew her great uncle, and great granparents, Bess & Ern. grandparents as they were former residents of Buffalo, where I lived with my family. I retired from the military, moved to Florida and since, have developed a blood disorder similar to leukemia, and had a foot amputated, as well as other health problems. I wish her all the best, a wish her a speedy recovery.

  129. 6-15-2012

    Thank you for sharing your story. How do we know what exists out there and what could happen, etc. without stories like these. We all need to be grateful for our life and not sweat the small stuff. We don’t want to be scared to live life as vivaciously as Aimee. We just want to be aware that each experience counts. Such a wonderful young woman. I don’t know if you are religious or not; I am not real religious but I do talk to the lord with various things at times. Your whole family will be a topic for me. I did donate on the Paypal. I know every bit helps. I wish you great success with your fundraisers. I wish great success for Aimee.

  130. 6-15-2012

    I am writing a paper for my microbiology report on Necrotizing Fasciitis and I am putting in a bit about Aimee. I just wanted to say that Aimee is amazing and I pray everyday for her and her family. She is so lucky to have such a strong support team and I will continue to follow her story. Keep up the fight and God Bless!

  131. 6-15-2012

    I have no words really. I think of Aimee every day and hope she can fully recover from this. You are a wonderful family and your love and faith will pull you through this ordeal. God bless you all and I will continue to pray for Aimee.

  132. 6-15-2012

    You are all so amazing! Aimee – what courage you have and faith at such a young age! You are all covered in prayer. Andy, you and your family hang in there!

  133. 6-15-2012

    Aimee made it to national news here in Brazil, then I found your website. I have been praying for her. God is right there by her side and I am sure He will provide all the wisdom and peace she needs! Rest assured that He has the BEST for all of you, despite the circunstances you are in!

  134. 6-15-2012

    We are sending prayers for all of you, and especially your brave daughter. May all the angels come from Heaven and help this beautiful young woman heal from this tragedy. We cannot imagine the pain you are all suffering and can only pray that you all come through this horrific ordeal safely. Will donate what we can.
    May God Bless you during this time.

  135. 6-15-2012

    Still praying for the young lady! Please keep the updates coming, there are many people in the wings waiting to someday stand up and clap as she enters the room on her own! God bless your family.

  136. 6-15-2012

    I am praying for Aimee. While I am going through my own trials, thought not as traumatic and life-changing as Aimee’s, I can see that God works through these “interruptions” in our lives. I’m in a Bible study about Jonah, and I would love to know Aimee’s perspective on it.

    God has a plan.

  137. 6-15-2012

    What a miracle. Gave blood and will attend a concert for her tonight Will keep praying.

  138. 6-15-2012

    Unbelievable! I am amazed at her courage to face the pain without any medication. That is quite a spectacular thing in itsself. I am glad to hear that she is doing so well. I have been following this story from day 1.
    I pray that she makes a strong recovery and that she will be out of the hospital soon so she can be a source of hope and inspiration to others.
    God bless!

  139. 6-15-2012

    God Bless to you and your family. Thank you so much for keeping us informed. I look for daily updates to your blog. I pray for Aimee’s speedy recover and Thankful to God that she is still alive! Aimee is still here on earth to serve a higher purpose. I believe that with all my heart.
    Praise God!

  140. 6-15-2012

    What a courageous beautiful daughter you have. My heart has been touched by her story. She is an example of triumph over tragedy, and the resilience of the human spirit. I think so many people can learn from her story; sympathy, empathy, courage, perseverance, patience, faith, hope, gratitude- the lessons are endless. Thank you (and Aimee too) for sharing her journey. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


  141. 6-15-2012

    Dear Copeland family,
    I have been keeping tabs on the story since it broke out on the news. All my friends have been reading as well because they have all been by my side for my horrific episode and recovery; I had very similar initial “accident” in Oct 2010. I was fortunate enough to be admitted to the hospital 4 days after my initial cut so the doctors could keep an eye out for what was a mystery in my leg; and even though I was scheduled for a leg amputation, the AMAZING doctors were able to save my leg and my life! There is so much to share, but I know right now is not the right time. (but please read the local article about my story) All I can say is how reading your stories brings tears to my eyes because I, for one, have BEEN THERE and I know the pain and recovery that you are all going through. I also heard about the pastor in Sacramento the other day who was not as fortunate as we are! My heart goes out to you all and I hope to talk to Aimee one day!!!
    My prayers are with you.
    -Nicole Young
    Shingle Springs, CA

  142. 6-15-2012

    Aimee and family,

    You are a strong individual. Prayers and thoughts with you and your family. Never give up.

    Jeff Friel

  143. 6-15-2012

    I am amazed at the strength of Aimee! I will be praying for her and your family as ya’ll continue to fight this horrible bacteria. May God speed her healing and rehab and be with ya’ll as you help her.

  144. 6-15-2012

    Aimee you lift us up with your amazing strength. We are grateful to God for your healing and keep you and your family in our prayers. You have the love and prayers of the church members of Nazareth Presbyterian Church in Moore, SC as well. Best wishes as you all continue to heal.

  145. 6-15-2012

    I can’t help but admire the courage and determination your daughter has. Aimee is a true fighter and we will be praying for her here in Wisconsin. God works in mysterious ways and every little obstacle overcome is a gift! Congratulations on the gifts you have been given and we will be eager to hear of more to come!!

  146. 6-15-2012

    God Bless! What an amazing example of the will to live! My heart goes out to her!

  147. 6-15-2012

    Dear Aimee,
    Your strength, determination and love of life has helped me get through my rough patch. If god needed a spokesperson, I am sure he would hire you without fail.

    Thank you, God Bless You and may you continue to make leapes and bounds in all that you set your mind to.

  148. 6-15-2012

    may God bless, so glad doing better

  149. 6-15-2012

    I have been following Aimee’s story and I have been praying for her, to have courage to face the days ahead and for the peace of God to be in her heart. I am praying she knows Jesus Christ as her Saviour and puts her full trust in Him to see her through whatever she must face. I am praying for the family, too, because they are going through it with her. God bless you, Aimee!
    In Christ,
    Cherie Carnes
    Mother of 1 in Ohio

  150. 6-15-2012

    She is an example of strength and courage. My prayers continue to go with you all and Aimee as well. I gave blood today in Suwanee at The Tilted Kilt with LifeSouth. I only hope many people do the same.

    God Bless,

  151. 6-15-2012

    Your blog is exceptionally well-written, informative and its contents heart-wrenching.

    Your family, and Aimee in particular, exemplify courage, honor and integrity.

    Rest assured you remain in my prayers.

    In Peace,
    Susan Fernandez
    Arvada, CO

  152. 6-15-2012

    Hey there Copeland Family!!

    I have been reading and keeping up with Aimee’s story since it first happened. I am so sorry that this happened to your daughter, but from your posts she is the strongest person I have ever heard of. I know that if I was in that same position I dont think I could be as strong as she is. Her story has really touched me and like many others have said she has changed every inch of how I look at life now. I had a cousin that committed suicide in 2009 and I thought life was going to end. I thought it might be better just to go be with him then live at all. But you Aimee have inspired me to not feel sorry for myself or my cousin but to give awareness about people who are depressed or might become suicidal. Life is special and I believe each and every person should live it to the fullest and you are. When I read that you just looked at your hands and said “Lets do it” I broke down in tears. Not many people can say they would not care of missing their hands. I am so proud of you and I have never even met you. Keep up the fantastic work and keep that positive attitude that everyone is falling in love with! You are an inspiration to each and every person that has read your story. America needs to wake up and realize that maybe if they looked and read at what others and their families are going through…just maybe their life is not that bad. Because I see now after my cousin and all of the other down hill falls my life has brought there is still someone suffering so much more. Thank you Aimee you changed another person’s life just through your Dads inspirational posts. I will keep you in my prayers and hope you have a speedy and healthy recovery.

    P.S. I am also from good ole Georgia (the most southwest corner) so maybe one day I will run into this inspiring young woman!

    Lots of Love,
    Haley L.

  153. 6-15-2012

    I have just read about your accident and your last 42 days here on earth… I’m so,so sorry that all of this is happening to you!!! I am a man of great faith in God, Christ and the Holy Spirit and believe that ALL things are possible through HIM…. I’ll be lifting you up to our God everyday by name along with your family!! I’m not sure if your a Christian but will pray that you are and if you aren’t I’ll pray that through this seemingly hopeless situation that faces you that you will discover who HE truly is. I would be honored if you would like me to come and visit you and your family to lead you in discovering who our God is and the true love and healing that HE offers. Please let me know as I am very serious about coming to meet you my friend if you would like me to. I will leave you with my life verse as I have had to overcome many seemingly hopeless things in my lifej as well. This verse gave me hope in my darkest days….
    2 Corinthians 12:9 & 10:
    Christ said to Paul, My Grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness. Therefore, I will most gladly boast all the more about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may reside in me. So I will take pleasure in weaknesses, insults, catastrophes, persecutions, and in pressures, because of Christ. For when I am weak, then I am made strong!!!!!
    Again, please let me know if I can come and visit you and your family to help you with your spiritual jouney! I will come! Take care, live and love intentionally and be blessed! Love you!
    tom longshore

  154. 6-15-2012

    My heart goes out to your daughter and family. I just recently went through surgery and they gave me morphine…I stayed in the hospital for two more days because of it, I believe. I think your daughter is onto something!! I pray for Aimee. As a parent of two children, my heart goes out to you. She is a strong young woman with a bright future. My faith in God tells me so. God will hold you all close to him through all of her healing.

  155. 6-15-2012

    i will pray for amiee and her family everyday from now on. such a sad story.

  156. 6-15-2012

    I have the utmost of admiration for your family. Aimee amazes me with her grit and determination to live victoriously through all this. I pray for you all always. Aimee epitomises the verse “I can do all things through Christ who streghtens me.”. I only wish I had a tiny bit of her courage and faith. The Lord be with you all. Mary Strickland

  157. 6-15-2012

    sense this happend I have ben keeping up with her progress.She is some fighter. So much courage my heart goes out to her.May God Bless her and your family. You are thought of.

  158. 6-15-2012

    Hello Andy-
    I stumbled accross your daughter’s story today and I was brought to tears remember the heartache and helplessness that our family experienced in 2006 when my sister contracted necrotizing fasciitis. Please know that my thoughts and prayers go out you you, your daughter and the rest of your family. Much like my sister your daughter sounds like a real fighter and a very brave young woman. We will keep you in our thought and prayers in MA.

  159. 6-15-2012

    I am praying for your family and Aimee.God bless you.

  160. 6-15-2012

    Thank you for the updates. It must be difficult for you to spend the time and recap the anguish that you all endure. It greatly helps your “prayer warriors” to be specific in our continuing prayers. Aimee is an amazing young woman with an amazing family. God Bless you all.

  161. 6-15-2012

    Thanks for the update. She remains an inspiration to us all.

  162. 6-15-2012

    Aimee, your story is one of courage, beauty, faithfulness, and survival. Whenever I feel discouraged by trivial matters, your battle comes to mind and it has scorched in my brain the literal image of endurance. These lessons will be passed on as your life, through His guiding hand, ripples outward and touches so many.

  163. 6-15-2012

    soo sorry. If I may suggests for her to take Cellect . you will find it on Good luck. Madeleine

  164. 6-15-2012

    It never ceases to amaze me how our own brain (psyche) can adjust and adapt to continual and ongoing pain. She is at a wonderful facility, JMS Burn Center is where I’ve had several skin grafting procedures, tissue expanders placed and done. I am currently recovering from my latest skin grafting procedure that was completed last week. The physicians, PA’s, RN’s, LPN’s and many others involved in the day to day care as well as maintenance of the ICU, as well as the 4th floor in the main hospital.

    I am a survivor of a near fatal MVA 10/08, struck by a drunk driver and I was ejected even wearing my seatbelt. I battle phantom pains hourly if not every second due to having my right arm amputated. I have learned to overcome many of the pains and I have been able to alleviate some (not all) with the nerve blocking medication. Aimee has been and will continue to be in my prayers daily as she faces each new day and overcomes each hurdle no matter the size.

    Thank you for sharing with us on your daughters recovery and battles.

  165. 6-15-2012

    Dear Andy,
    I am a Respiratory Therapist at MUSC in Charleston. I work in the Medical ICU and see this and other life threatening illnesses every day. I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult this journey has been for Aimee and your family. My heart and prayers go out to you all. I am amazed at Aimee’s tenacity and will to fight. She is an extraordinary young woman! Please pass on to her that there are many people following her progress and praying for her. May God be with you all and give you strength and courage during this difficult time!

  166. 6-15-2012

    Mr. Copeland – I have followed Aimee’s trials and tribulations since her story first appeared on I am both horrified that this can happen to anyone and at the same time amazed that there are people on this planet with the strength, faith and inner strength to overcome a blow like this to their life. I am an old man now and I have not had to deal with an issue even close to the situation your daughter is dealing with. She is a beautiful woman inside and outside and I am inspired by her. Thank Aimee for me! She is my Hero!

  167. 6-15-2012

    Aimee and family,

    Just want you all to know that you are in our prayers from Woodstock, GA. What an inspiration you are to so many!!! Hang in there sweet young lady—God definitely has big plans for you!!! I know some days are trying…but keep your Faith and know that God has you in his arms!!!!

    Best Wishes,
    Deborah Williams

  168. 6-15-2012

    I have been seeing the news reports on your daughter, but this is the first time I have read your blog. I wish you and your family all the best that God has to offer you. You are in my prayers and thoughts as you go through this terrible time. I can only imagine how hard this must be. I have one daughter and cannot begin to think what life would be like without her. God Bless your family!

  169. 6-15-2012

    Thank you for the updates. Your daughter’s attitude and courage is amazing. I will keep all of you in prayer.

  170. 6-15-2012

    We pray daily for Aimee and the family. She is always on our minds and in our hearts. Such an inspiration to all.

  171. 6-15-2012

    I have followed Aimee’s condition since her injury occurred. What a wonderful testimony this is of the spirit to survive and conquer what befalls us. You all are in my daily prayers.

    As a parent of two adult children, I can only imagine the pain that you and your wife have suffered. Aimee is a delightful young lady and has a tremendous spirit and strength obviously instilled by loving parents and a gracious God.

    I continue to prayer for your encouragement and strength as as a family, as well as her continued recovery to a productive life.

  172. 6-15-2012

    Thoughts and prayers continue with you Aimee, as
    you face each new day’s challenges.
    May God’s presence be with you in great power as HE
    loves you thru those who minister to you and thru
    your family and friends.
    You are a shinning light to many of us who are watching
    this unfolding journey, and feel in some way that we
    are taking it with you.
    Stay strong and so close to Jesus that you can feel HIS

  173. 6-15-2012

    I have followed Aimee’s condition since her injury occurred. What a wonderful testimony this is of the spirit to survive and conquer what befalls us. You all are in my daily prayers.

    As a parent of two adult children, I can only imagine the pain that you and your wife have suffered. Aimee is a delightful young lady and has a tremendous spirit and strength obviously instilled by loving parents and a gracious God.

    I continue to pray for your encouragement and strength as as a family, as well as her continued recovery to a productive life.

  174. 6-15-2012

    I am elated at the progress that Aimee is making. God indeed has a plan for her.

    Continued blessings to the Copeland Family.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Katy Pérez

  175. 6-15-2012

    My prayers are with Aimee and your family daily, she is an inspiration and such a source of strength for all of humanity. I wish all the best to her and to your family.

  176. 6-15-2012

    Dear Aimee and family – While I have not commented more that once before, I have continued to follow progress when I could find it and have waited less than patiently for blog updates. As I said earlier, (and I am certain you do NOT remember)I am a Lay Speaker for the Methodist Church. Also as per earlier, I used your story(ies) in my sermon this past Sunday in talking about what faith is and how it acts. I could think of no finer example than your faiths and I am certain the angels dance and God smiles when your names are brought before Him! Prayers for continued healing will certainly still flow from here. I love you all for what you are and the work you do in this, His world. And all of God’s people said…….”AMEN!”

    • 6-16-2012

      Thank you David.

      You need to know that I have not planned nor written one speech. I only speak the words that the Holy Spirit puts on my tongue. You should also know that I have studied scripture and prayed as a Christian for 42 years. My scripture reading has not been a daily occurrence, although I sometimes hit the Bible in large doses. Even so, after all these years, the scriptures have come alive to me and they have been illuminated in ways that I never understood them. It is as if you walk into a room you’ve lived in all your life and suddenly all the familiar furniture looks new. My point is that for 42 years I have been practicing my faith, but today I am living it.

      I am not denigrating the practice aspect – had it not been for practice, I would never have had the spiritual depth to know where to turn or what to do. Practice will build your spiritual muscle so that you have the power through Jesus to accomplish anything your heart desires (Phil 4:13). This I know to be true.

  177. 6-15-2012

    Thank you so much for the update. Praying for all of you. With love from California.

  178. 6-15-2012

    Thanks so much for the update……. still praying for Aimee every day and as I pray I always wonder how she is doing? Let her know that I think of her often and I love her so much! I know that the Lord is healing her daily! God bless you Dad and thanks so much for sharing your daughters life with us! By the way Happy Father’s day…..God bless Ya’ll!!!!!!!!

  179. 6-15-2012

    I understand your fears and convictions in regards to pain meds.

    I just thought I would suggest that you at least be taking some form of opioid, even in small doses, as it is proven to help promote healing.

    • 6-16-2012

      Aimee is taking opiates now. The pain following her last surgery is very intense and it has reached a virtual crescendo. The doctors have expressed concern over her rejection of opiates and they have emphasized the healing properties of those drugs in the proper doses.

      Today Aimee has pain at 8 major sites of her body. She has all the amputation sites (4), plus the wound to her left side (5), plus the area of skin removed from her right thigh (6) and now she has the area of her stomach that the muscle was taken from to create the flap (7) and then area of her groin where the flap was implanted (8). God bless her, that is a lot of serious pain to overcome.

  180. 6-15-2012

    I just think that ya’ll are an amazing family!!Praying for all of you.

  181. 6-15-2012

    Thanks, so much for the update. I find myself thinking often about Aimee….. wondering how she is doing.

  182. 6-15-2012

    Dear Andy,
    I am moved by Aimee’s spirit as well as your own. I have connections to an MD who is the world’s foremost expert on the mangosteen fruit..Dr. Fred Templeman. I am wondering if you have ever heard of the natural supplement called Xango? (xanthones plus mangosteen) My husband(a chiropracctor) and I have been using it in our office for over 8 is a natural anti-inflammatory and has done wonders for my pain.(I don’t have it anymore…and used to have it all the time. I do not take medications, either) Please, if you are interested in finding out more about this…it very well could help Aimee. E-mail me for my cell# and I would be happy to connect you to Dr. Templeman to hear more about it. Pray about it…as will I. God’s Blessings to you all! Meredith Shea

  183. 6-15-2012

    I am in awe. Praise God!

  184. 6-15-2012

    God Bless Aimee and your entire family. We our not wealthy by any means but we sent what we could and if we have extra money we will send it! Aimee and your family is a weekly prayer in our church and with our family,everyday!!!
    Love and God Bless:)

  185. 6-15-2012

    I have been following Aimee’s story from day 1. I am so amazed in her continued faith. It would be so easy to be bitter and self absorbed given her situation. Aimee is an inspiration for all of us. May God continue to be Aimee.

  186. 6-15-2012

    I just started following your blog and am still crying – because you and your family are so brave and because my mom died of NF – even though it has been 5 years – it’s still a raw wound for me. 20 some hours after my mom was diagnosed she died – she had strep G bacteria they didn’t determine this type in time.

    The thought of everyone thinking that my mom was “dirty” or had “ugly” skin embarrassed me – because it wasn’t true. She was a healthy vibrant woman who got a bruise deep in her hip that caused the NF.

    She endured pain for over four weeks before she would go to the doctor (my mom hated pain pills and even let the dentist drill without novocaine) – so I know the pain your daughter is feeling and hope that God stays with your daughter and your family.

    God Bless!


    • 6-16-2012

      I am so sorry about the pain your mother endured. I cannot imagine what it was like for you to lose her to strep G. I am very sorry for your loss.

      Deep bruises must be treated aggressively. I have heard of others who died of strep from similar bruises. Somehow we all need to be made more aware of the dangerous impact of invasive bacterial infections.

      • 6-18-2012

        By telling Aimee’s story you are raising the awareness not only of impact of invasive bacterial infections but also spiritual awareness through your familys story of courage, strength, hope, and faith. Aimee is touching the hearts and souls of countless others including me. What a gift she has given us all. We a gift, Andy, you have given us through this blog. God bless.

  187. 6-15-2012

    My prayers are with you and your family. Aimee seems to be a very strong person. I hope she continues doing better. Her determination and positive attitude will get her far. Again, my prayers are with you and your family.

  188. 6-15-2012


    You are an inspiration, sweetheart.

    God bless you and your family.

  189. 6-15-2012


    I read through your blog and my heart goes out to Aimee and your family. I wonder if the original hospital visit include a prescription for antibiotics? Did her holistic preference keep her from taking antibiotics; antibiotics that perhaps would have fought the offending bacteria to begin with.


    • 6-16-2012

      No, Aimee understands the importance of taking antibiotics. When she was prescribed them 2 days after her accident, she took them as prescribed. The problem was that the bacteria itself had not been properly isolated and identified at that point.

  190. 6-15-2012

    I have been reading the blog since the beginning, but have yet to comment. I am a physical therapist who works in a small hospital where I have the opportunity to work in the intensive care unit, recovery floors, as well as a rehab unit. Your blog has helped me understand patient’s and family member’s perspective and has given me additional patience and has encouraged me to take extra time to make sure all questions are answered to the best of my ability and, if not, find out the answers. Aimee’s experience has also increased my spirituality. I have often been afraid to bring my faith into the hospital, but I have since began to pray with and for patients, which I hope has helped them and I know has helped me. I pray for Aimee and your family daily and hope that her transition to the rehab portion of her care is smooth and continues to be successful. Rehab is a challenging experience, but I see so much success each day, each session with patients in rehab. Even the failures or trials are learning experiences which eventually lead to success and independence. Many prayers and blessings on you and your family. Thank you and Aimee and your family for your inspiration and for sharing your story, for it has taught me so much. God bless y’all.

  191. 6-15-2012

    God bless her for being so strong. God bless you all. I am always thinking her and your family. She is my sons age and it is heartbreaking. But with prayers and her family always by her side and her strength she will pull thru this. She truly is an inspiration, a very strong woman. Sending her lots of love and prayers always and thank you for the updates.

  192. 6-15-2012

    Andy and Aimee,

    I am SURE you know that Mom and our ENTIRE FAMILY are praying for you continually! We are glad to hear of every advancement that Aimee is making!
    Like you, I am totally puzzled by why GOD allows this type of thing in the lives of His Faithful Followers. And I struggled with this question, and the feelings associated with it, this week as I taught young children at our Church’s Vacation Bible Camp. My class ‘station’ was about David and Goliath, and how David was confident to oppose Goliath because he knew that God is with us wherever we go. {Joshua 1:9} And as HE is with our troops today for those who trust in HIM. Even though I truly believe this, as you do, I AM confounded by the times when GOD’s Plan seems so contradictory to what makes sense to us in our ‘natural’ minds. I will have to ask HIM about that when I get there to be with HIM forever… (o:

    An ‘extra’ word of encouragement… Our Minister in charge of the Bus Ministry (which I am a part of) has faced necrotizing fasciitis, and is now doing fine, although he still has to be cautious of ‘flare-ups’. But, of course, his infection was caught very early, and was not nearly as expansive as Aimee’s case. But he HAS been able to gain control. {He lost part of his left knee-cap, and needed skin grafts.} But he has now been ‘stable’ for almost 4 years.
    ~ Floyd ~

  193. 6-15-2012

    My husband is also a survivor!! Please contact us!! We would love to share r story with u as well!!

    • 6-16-2012

      I took your number and deleted it from your post. Please be careful about posting your contact information on a public blog. I will call you when I get a chance.

  194. 6-15-2012

    The story of Aimee Copeland has touched my life profoundly. I dedicate my prayers and sincerest wishes to her.

    Thank you for sharing the story of Aimee; a story of strength, faith and determination.

    Kindest Regards,

    Fernando Reyes

  195. 6-15-2012

    Had same thing through elbow and they cut it out before it travelled. Aime has made me realize how lucky I was. Aime is so courageous. I too refused any morfine and used deep self hypnosis to heal and channel all my energy from the rest of my body to heal the surgery. 18 days and no pain. The body is a really amazing healing device, isn’t it.

  196. 6-15-2012

    God Bless Aimee & her family everyday! Today I ate lunch at a place in Villa Rica and they had an AIMEE FUND! We were so thankful to have the opportunity to give!! I pray GOD will multiply each and every penny given!

  197. 6-15-2012

    Everything is sounds pretty good to me Andy. God bless you all too.

    Also, may I add..? To everyone that reads the blogs and posts here. Please don’t forget to help support Aimee financially through monetary donations. Wheather a little or alot,you know every little bit is going to help. And with that, God bless you as well.

  198. 6-15-2012

    Dear Andy,
    I am a survivor of necrotizing fasciitis. Aimee is such an amazing girl. Even now I still know little of the effects of the disease, but I’m sure that Aimee could write a book (at least 1 volume!) on her experience. I’m glad that you are telling the world about the disease as you are an eyewitness to the effects and procedures. Being a photographer, I shot photos every day of my progress, but they seem to have disappeared. They were quite grotesque but they were my story. It started on my right footin a tiny blister on a dive in the Keys. In less than 40 hours it was at my knee. It took 2 months to heal enough to wear shoes. I still have the leg thru the Lord’s grace only. My doctor knew immediately what it was and sent me to the hospital.

    Oh, I wish I could have been at that river for Aimee. I’m 65 now and my incident happened on 31JULY2005 and was in the military for 32 years and never saw or heard of a person as brave as aimee going thru this nightmare. I do pray for each day and constantly look for articles about her. I am so glad I found this blog site of yours.

    Thank you for you time AND your news of your daughter.

    May the Lord bless you and yours,

  199. 6-15-2012

    I am so happy to hear that Aimee’s healing is progressing. I have been following your updates and Aimee and the Copeland family remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  200. 6-15-2012

    A few weeks back I emailed sunnyside cafe with info on true colloidal slver from Invive that killede every fungus; virus; and bacteria in which in came in contact. The suppressed info was done in the early 1900’s. In light of Aimee’s holistic philosophy; I hope the silver was used. Sovereign silver and Healthy Habits silver defense claim somewhat similar results.( they make a hydrolyzed form). I don’t know what form of silver the original Invive is; but was involved in all the successful tests done last century. I pray that Aimee survives and that the Lord will comfort you’all.

  201. 6-15-2012

    Andy, YES, I already knew that Aimee has a TALL MOUNTAIN to climb ahead of her but to read this up-date really put her climb back to health in forcus!! WOW! What a strong and courageous young woman Aimee is!!!!!! I CONTINUE to pray!!! Without HIS love around her and her loving JESUS so much she could not make this climb. Thank Andy for sharing. You and your family are a blessing to me.!!!!

  202. 6-15-2012

    Thank you for the update! I am still praying for Aimee and her family.

  203. 6-15-2012

    We continue to pray often for Aimee and her wonderful family. The witness of God’s power and love is being heard around the world. Thanks again Andy for taking so much of your time to explain what is going on with Aimee. This week Aimee’s picture has been posted all around Snellville. I get excited to allow my mind to go on an adventure thinking of all the possibilities of how God could use Aimee in the future. The reality is how God is using her today as His messenger to give hope to a lost and dying world. Just think of all the people that are on God’s critical list as it relates to their spiritual condition!!

  204. 6-15-2012

    I have only just now stumbled onto Aimee’s accident. Your family will be in my prayers.

  205. 6-15-2012

    Thank you for keeping those of us who truly care for your daughter and her family posted on her care. First of all, we are all witnessing a miracle with your daughter. She is an amazing, beautiful young lady that is so courageous and brave. The fact that she is able to be positive in this situation is incredible. God has GREAT plans for her and for her life. She will do great things. What they will be is any body’s guess but God has a plan for her!
    I am a nurse and am very concerned that she is experiencing a tremendous amount of pain (especially after reading your description of her abdomen wound) that she wouldn’t have to go through. I understand not liking Morphine especially with her having hallucinations. However, there are a lot of different medications they can use that probably will not give her that reaction. She will more than likely be a little sleepy or groggy depending on what medication they use. She is very strong but she needs all the strength that she has for her body to heal and it takes a lot of energy to deal with constant pain. Also, mentally she needs a break from the pain. Sleeping is good, it gives the body time to heal. I do admire her but I hope you at least can have her reconsider. It breaks my heart to think of her in pain.
    Aimee & your family have been & will continue to be in my prayers. You have an amazing daughter!

    May God Bless You All,


    • 6-16-2012

      I was wondering about that, but I’d imagined they’d have thought of other medications. Could they use something like IV valium during the dressing changes and treatments?

      Poor child.

  206. 6-15-2012

    Thank you for posting this blog. I’ve been praying for Aimee and her family since I first heard the news. I wanted to send a card or something but couldn’t find an address. I admire her steadfastness as you report her progress. Family blessings to you all.

  207. 6-15-2012

    Andy, so glad to see this update on Aimee. She truly is a miracle of God. I still know He is going to use her in a mighty way. I know she is the best Father’s Day GIFT any Father could claim. Love to you and your family. Continued prayers coming your way. God bless all of you.

  208. 6-15-2012

    I love that you have started a blog so that we all can be apart of Aimee’s recovery. I thank GOD that she is doing so well, GOD has her in his grasp and as long as he is at the helm of her ship, Aimee will recover and go on to be successfull in all aspects of her life. Stay blessed and strong.

  209. 6-15-2012

    What an amazing young woman! I hope that one of her goals will be to write a book…maybe MANY books…revolved around her meditation techniques. She and her books can be a great educational resource for her form of pain management. The medical field and all of would benefit from her techniques. Can she start keeping some type of diary…maybe an audio one that she can refer to when she starts “writing?”

  210. 6-15-2012

    wow! i love aimee!! much love to the entire family and wow what an INSPIRATION yall are.

  211. 6-16-2012

    Checking in to see how Aimee is progressing. It’s great to hear she is going so well. It’s clear that she has a wonderful character and has a loving family supporting her every step of the way. I particularly found that her insistence on not using the morphine due to her convictions resonates of extraordinary personal strength in such extremely testing circumstances. Aimee certainly is an illustration of the human spirit at its most inspiring. All my best wishes for the future.

  212. 6-16-2012

    Dear Aimee,
    Faith in God begins with faith in yourself. Please continue to believe that you will be able to beat the disease, because that will give you the strength to do it.
    I will pray for you and your family.
    I am a cancer survivor and I wish from the bottom of my heart that you can say in a few years, “I am a survivor of fasciti necrosis.”
    From my distant country Paraguay, a big hug for you.
    My desire is that God continue to bless you with much love, strength, wisdom and good sense of humor.
    Buena suerte y que Dios te bendiga, Cristina

  213. 6-16-2012

    I feel honored to learn of such a good person. The medical community will be there to help Aimee and conquer this problem. The rest of us will help however you ask us to help.

  214. 6-16-2012

    Hi, I just found out about Aimee today on Youtube I believe. I am deeply moved by her courage! It is a most unfortunate thing that this happened, I can’t imagine how difficult these past days have been for the family. Please tell Aimee for me to stay strong. Others here have suffered similarly and are now here to give her support and courage! Praying for Aimees full recovery. God bless you all. -Sergio

  215. 6-16-2012

    From the Govea Family, we pray for you and your family. As an infantry man in the Army, I salute you for all you represent.

  216. 6-16-2012

    Your daughter is an inspiration and will be a great witness to the world of the healing power of God! I have followed your story for weeks now and look for updates! I have been so touched by her strength. Your family is already changing the world through this accident! You are all being used and are a blessing to the world through this!!! Stay strong in the faith for He will not forsake you and will see you through!

  217. 6-16-2012

    so happy to hear aimee is doing better,aimee is such an amazing person,i check every day to see how she is doing!!!!for all of us that had to go thru something like this makes me realize more and more how lucky we are to be here today!!!!so happy andy that you blog about this,awareness is everything!!!i never even heard of this until i had it myself.stay strong aimee!!!cant wait for your dads next update,praying every day for you and your family!!

  218. 6-16-2012

    Happy Father’s Day to you Andy. You are an amazing Dad. Your daughter and family are amazing as well. Keep up the good work. Hat’s off to you .

  219. 6-16-2012

    I can’t imagine having such strength, faith and courage. Amy, you’re an amazing young woman- I hope you know how many people are praying for you and supporting you everywhere.

  220. 6-16-2012

    Been following your story on the news…..then came to this website. I am thinking about Amiee and her family. I am keeping positive thoughts that she pulls through this and gets a whole lot better. Keep strong and never give up Amiee! from Long Island, NY

  221. 6-16-2012

    Andy, thanks so much for updating everyone about Aimee. I have been following her story since day one. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Her courage inspires me daily. She is in my prayers daily along with you, Donna and Paige.

  222. 6-16-2012

    I have followed Aimee’s ordeal from the beginning and am very inspired by her positive attitude through all of the pain she has suffered, both physically and mentally. My prayers are with her and her family every day.
    Having experienced treatment with morphine during a hospitalization myself, I know how right Aimee is about the side-effects of morphine and the hallucinations it causes. Very distressing, and I understand why she would rather try to deal with the pain without the morphine, but hope that she will allow herself the use of some other pain meds that don’t cause such severe and troubling problems, just so that she can get some relief and sleep soundly, which is so important to her recovery. Considering the magnitude of what she is having to endure, I hope she knows that it surely does not show any betrayal of her beliefs to use other means along with her preferred method of meditation to handle the pain.
    Aimee will be in my prayers every day as she continues her journey towards recovery. God bless her and I wish strength, peace and happiness to all of you in the days and years to come! I know that with Aimee’s positive energy and will to live, she will go on to have a very full and wonderful life!
    With love and prayers,

  223. 6-16-2012

    Regarding phantom limb pain, from sites like this:

    It seems that a mirror or having an intact limb isn’t necessary to help with phantom limb pain. In fact, using prostheses seems to help; maybe that’s because it gives the nerves something to do?

  224. 6-16-2012

    While it may be a long while before I get back to Buffalo, there are a few residents there in Buffalo who remember Sam, Harold, Bess and “Ern”, and we, though I no longer live there, wish her the very best and for a speedy recovery. I had to have a foot amputated a few years ago, and the morphine did nothing to ease my pains so we had to find an alternative regimine to ease my pains. Best of luck to Aimee.

  225. 6-16-2012

    I have heard that certain varieties of honey are very good at reducing bacterial infections. For example, Manuka Honey has been known to be a very beneficial anti-bacterial treatment. This is only a suggestion as the body has its own way of regenerating healthy skin cells.

  226. 6-16-2012

    We are praying for Aimee. My 12 yo daughter battles resistant skin infections often as a result of what we are told is a rare immune disorder (Hyper IgE Syndrome). On May 3rd, she was diagnosed with strep throat and the antibiotic set off a horrible secondary skin infection attacking her neck and all of her her joints. She is on her third round of antibiotics and continuing therapies and  topical ointment regiments. We are praying for God to heal these precious girls. When  Halle heard Aimee’s story and the word “strep”, she immediately became scared. I reminded Halle that she has recovered from similar skin infections and even MRSA in the past, to try not to fear. I remind her of the mind-body connection and to try to stay positive- keep faith that God does ALL things for the good of his plan. Working toward that mindset will allow God to use her in ways she never dreamt. Aimee is an amazing example of this!! Some ask how you can say this to a little child that suffers and how not to fear?  Our awareness of the world and lacking innocence breeds fear. Courage and the childlike mind allows us to face those fears and trust God. As parents, we battle the concept we must protect our children and fix all things. I had to lay those burdons on the alter and realize that before she was mine, she was God’s child… She still is His.  To Aimee- I pray you FULLY recover and the world sees the amazing power of God, the ultimate physician. I pray the world sees your strength and courage. I appreciate your holistic approach to healing.  Little blonde blue eyed Halle (& my entire family) will continue to pray that God will mount you up on wings like an eagle so this world will watch you soar!

    To the parents- I pray God heals your daughter and fills your heart with the courage you need. Stay positive as we pray!!

  227. 6-16-2012

    “Our God is an Awesome God” and Aimee’s determination and courage prove that. I have checked daily for updates since your last post on June 5th and I’m so glad to see she in continuing to improve. Thoughts and prayers that she will continue in this upward direction. May the Lord bless you and your family.

  228. 6-16-2012

    wishing nothing but the best for Aimee and her family

  229. 6-16-2012

    I have found that acupuncture, when done by a licensed acupuncturist, provides an effective anesthetic counter to pain without the disorientation.

  230. 6-16-2012

    Aimee, Andy, and family,
    My family and I went through this horrific experience 10 years ago when I contracted this disease. I have so much to say, in terms of advice and support from someone who has “been there”. However, I would prefer you contact me privately as I don’t wish to share in a public forum. Please know that I am thinking of you all and my prayers go out to you. I remember my doctor telling me that “rehab is the hard part” – which was a real shock to me. It certainly was the most challenging aspect of the experience in so many ways…But Aimee has such a great spirit and strong love and support, so I know that she will be just fine.


  231. 6-16-2012

    Absolutely wonderful news! Much love to Aimee and the Copeland family. Being a survivor of NF in itself is a miracle. It has been one year for me. I thank God everyday for my life. Aimee you are beautiful and keep the faith.

  232. 6-16-2012

    Hi Aimee,

    I cry for you some tears. Hard to say from a hard man but I am glad you are here. Take care.

  233. 6-16-2012

    Jesus is holding you in His arms, Aimee. He promises He will never leave nor forsake you (Josh 1:5,Heb 13:5); you can do all things through Him who will strengthen you(Phil 4:13) and His grace is all you need (2Cor 12:9). I am so thankful you believe and are facing your recovery with a more natural/spirtually based approach.
    His grace is “woven” throughout the day as we live each day. One day at a time is all you need to think about. Just tackle today. HE’s got your back! I’m praying for you constantly. Keep the faith, Aimee.

  234. 6-16-2012

    I just want to wish Amy’s dad a Happy Father’s Day!! Your daughter is an amazing person! God bless you all!

  235. 6-17-2012

    I donated some money, not much, but I hope it helps. I zip lined once, last October. It was one of the more fun times I’ve had in my life. Good, honest fun, being in some ways, free as a bird. I’m sorry to hear about Aimee’s result from it.

  236. 6-17-2012

    Aimee you are a very admirable person. I wish you a speedy recovery, and will keep your family in my prayers.

  237. 6-17-2012

    Hi Aimee I am another one who see your story and look forward to see good news always when you have relief ,
    Take care and get well soon Aimee .

    Very far cyber friend from Thailand

  238. 6-17-2012

    Aimee, you are such an amazing and brave young lady. You are an inspiration to so many. Praying for your recovery.

  239. 6-17-2012

    Thanks should be showered on this medical team. Aimee is on my mind every day… along with the amazing doctors, nurses, and techs who work round the clock to save her life and help her to recover. They are a testament to science and to education and to the human capacity for love. Brave Aimee.. there are no words–dear child.

  240. 6-17-2012

    Just remember….God is allways faithfull…..miracle happens today… his stripes we are healed and no weapon formed against us shall prosper……God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow:-) Glory be to God…Bless you all..
    Love in Christ Jesus

  241. 6-17-2012

    I feel badly for the next person that doesn’t share your belief and is denied pain medicine because you prove it’s not necessary.Maybe they can provide you with recordings of crying pediatric burn victims to inspire your non belief in pain medicine.

  242. 6-17-2012

    My thoughts goes to you Aimee and your parents who are in this mess with you. I feel for you all. I am a mother of a child that survived meningococcal disease.

    I am also a student of homeopathy, I study in London England.

    I have great respect for your feelings towards morphine and other medicines too I’m sure. And I just want to make sure you know about homeopathy? It will not be able to take pain away like morphine but there are plenty of homeopathic remedies that can help you. It’s natural, has NO side effects.

    As I am only a student and also too far away then however much I would like to help you then I can’t. But maybe you can find a local homeopath that can help you?! And please get in touch if you have any general questions about it!

    I will keep you in my thoughts and I am sending you prayers.


  243. 6-17-2012

    While reading the dramatic development of the past events, my eyes won’t stop shedding endless tears. On the one hand I feel deep sympathy and pity for Aimee and her family, on the other hand I am so impressed because of your bravery and undestructible faith in God.

  244. 6-17-2012

    Sending to you all prayers we will continue to pray thoughts love to Aimee…

    Delicate petals of life’s blessings
    With dreamy renderings one vibrant color lace
    Azure blues filter the flight of angels
    Gardens of Rose filled lights gather

    Hope faith love, your loving courage

    Ruby elegance from blossoms sweet

    Floral fantasies colorful wings
    Heirloom hummingbird, families love

    Aimee’s sweet heart from blossoms sweet

    Enchanted saucers fill with butterfly dreams
    Surrounded with serene canopy retreats of caressed rain
    Each angels wings creates a symphony of beauty
    Prisms rainbows amethyst colors fill life’s stage elegance from blossoms sweet

    Enchanted saucers fill with butterfly dreams
    Surrounded with serene canopy retreats of caressed rain
    Each angels wings creates a symphony of beauty
    Prisms rainbows amethyst colors fill life’s stage

    love you sweet angel deborah..dedicated to you and your family

  245. 6-17-2012

    Pure fire from the soul ignites

    Never meeting

    Solace in one breathe, in treasured thoughts daily

    Each soul feels the blue flame, healing one step at time

    basking in the golden warmth ~ of a soul so innocent yet loving

    Balsam she rocks to the souls beat

    feeling warmth giving, sweet natures sound

    lasting rain, azure earths ground temple

    breathe aura of soft tranquil blue

    for you ..your heart..your love of family friends

  246. 6-18-2012

    my prayers are with ammie. i to have suffered from this horrible disease it is no joke its messes with you physically and mentally. she is brave and strong for not taking pain meds. dont worry aimee you will beat and overcome this bad expierence

  247. 6-18-2012

    We manufacture an all-natural, topical, botanical pain relief system. Typically we do not recommend it for open wounds.

    As a topical relief, Reunion is superb and virtually instantaneous.

    If you think is could help Aimee, I’d be happy to send you several bottles … gratis of course.


  248. 6-18-2012

    Our family has been praying for Amy since we heard about the accident. We have wept and rejoiced with you. May the Lord keep on giving you strength. Your witness is truly inspiring. Amy, don’t give up. You are an incredible, brave and beautiful young lady. We will no stop praying. God bless you!

  249. 6-19-2012

    My heart goes out to you Aimee and your family. I know what your family is going through and I cant imagine the pain that your in but a few years ago my daughter was hit by a drunk driver and spent almost three months in The ICU Trauma Unit in Chattanoga Tn. She had the trache and is still battling the affects of what it has done to her throat. We know first hand what miracles God does and that he has a reason for everything, We may not understand but my daughter has decided she is still here because God uses her to witness to others and if she helps just one person she has done her job for the day. She had lost most of her right shoulder and breast and of course after one year she had her right arm amputated..She has had four skin graphs done there at Doctors hospital in the Burn/wound area. The doctors there are wonderful and so are the nurses. My daughter is going 6/21/12 to have a balloon put in her throat to help her get more air. She used to sing Christian music and I believe she will sing again. Please know that you are in ourr prayers and that God is always there with you. We pray that you too will overcome this. May God bless you and your family.

  250. 6-19-2012

    My prayers to you Amiee and your family. Be strong, God bless.

  251. 6-19-2012

    Praying for Aimee and your family from Richmond, Virginia.

  252. 6-19-2012

    I just recently heard about your story. I have been praying for your family everyday! Miracles happen; you all are proof of that!! I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Sending love from Arizona!!

  253. 6-19-2012

    I continue to follow Aimee’s progress,I am thankful to God she is making strides. I will continue to pray for her recovery and to pray for the strength of her family, those around you all, and the doctors, nurses and other staff that provide care for Aimee, and those dealing with tihis ordeal around the Globe. God Bless you all, Renee’

  254. 6-19-2012

    My heart just aches for Aimee. I think of her all the time, wondering how she is doing…Idon’t know how she does it. She surely is an inspiration.God, what strength.

  255. 6-19-2012

    Your daughter is a trooper and a TRUE blessing to the world. I’ve read your post here and my heart is broken for all that she has been through and will go through over the next few weeks, months and even years. But trust in God and know he IS the healer. God has GREAT plans for your daughter (His child) and out of all the suffering will come healing and your daughter will do great things as a result of her own suffering. Praying for you and your entire family. Your daughter AMAZES me, I will continue to life her up to my Father and ask for favor over your daughter ~Pam~

  256. 6-20-2012

    ~ I have been a will continue to pray for your daughter~ i know what it is like to have a child go through a life changing accident~ this a marathon & you are at the beginning of this race but i know just from your words & faith you will all finish stronger & more blessed then you could ever imagine~ i say ALL because it takes family & friends, a village and people that are reading this now.. who do not even know you but feel you~ you will heal & your beautiful daughter will be even more beautiful, & will continue to give & receive unconditionally love by all that have the pleasure of walking this journey with her~ BE~LIVE~N~MIRACLES~

  257. 6-20-2012

    How fantastic to learn that Aimee is going to survive. I’ve been following the situation for long. Best wishes and hopes for the recovery.

  258. 6-20-2012

    Aimee, we’re praying for you every day. God will carry you! Courage!

  259. 6-20-2012

    So blessed is your family – so blessed. Prayers flowing & flowing! God is working through you, Darling Aimee!

  260. 6-24-2012

    Dear Aimee,

    Keep going, praying for you and your family. You are a fighter, and you are doing so well. Keep following your heart. You made the right decision when you refused the pain meds, and you also made the right decision when you decided your body needed them. Sending you love and positive energy. Hoping the pain will subside soon so you get to focus on the rest of your recovery. Praying for you. A big virtual hug from the Netherlands!

    You are the sunshine of your families life, and you are definitely the apple of their eye!

  261. 6-26-2012

    Dear Aimee and Family,
    By sharing your story with the world, you have acheived anyone’s highest goals. #1 YES WORLD THERE IS A GOD! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!
    Who of us can say we have witnessed all of these most gracious gifts to others, such as Aimee has. You are a wonerful example as a women and a person. There’s no doubt in our family’s mind you will achieve any goal that you set out to .
    Love and Prayers,
    The Mays

  262. 6-26-2012

    Maybe I can’t write so well, and so nice, in special terms as some of the people did before me (but I could if it were in my language)..even that, I wanted to try saying some things, because I read about Aimee today, as i was signing out of my email and the news site i always read appeared..I was really moved by all of this ..i don’t know how to name it to not sound in a bad way..i was moved about all this things she is going thru, i was really amazed about the way she is taking this part of her live, the clearness of her mind and thinking, the hope and streight she is not just inspireing, it’s beyond of what people can understand(not those how had lived a similar “story”), and I now that because, i can’t imagine how i could deal with what Aimee does..and i am a really positive and happy kind of person, a student of medical school(dental medicine) knowing some things about illnesses and understanding it in another way like those who doesn’t went to a such of university, a person who gives advices to friends in need..for all that, I don’t know if I could have her attitude..But Aimee is blessed by God for having such a great family that sustains her, and all her friends too, and why not WE, the people around the world by following up her way to recovery, praying for her, and write her some good thinks to encourage her and I hope from the bottom of my heart that she always remains as positive she is know, and if God is more kind with her, like he did until know, maybe she could remain the same person she always was(i don’t kno wher in person, but i don’t have to know much about her, it’s enough to read about all she is going thru and the way she handles it, and I already kow what kind of person she is)…
    I really want you Andy, to let her know (i know i am just a tiny person to compare with some of the people her who maybe are much important than i am, or wrote greater things than i did), but please let her know that even I know about her experience, and i am gonna pray for her and for your entire family to defy and to win this battle and call Aimee a real uncommon survivor that she already is..
    I send her all my positive thoughts, all the hugs even if i’m a total stranger for her, my prayers and the sustains from far far away..I ‘m goona keep folowing her process by reading all the new informations you write Andy, thank you for letting us know.
    I wish you Aimee a fast recovery, full of hope and believe in God, He won’t leave you, that’s for sure.
    Noemi, from Romania..”The land of Dracula”(it’s just, “that Dracula”might never been here for real)..:)))Smile.

  263. 6-27-2012

    Aimee, I am very sorry about what happened. You were dealt a bad hand for sure. You are very beautiful and will doubtless be an inspiration to millions of people all over the world. It is amazing what they can do with prosthetics these days and the technology will only improve over time. You will get to the point that no one will ever even know unless you tell them. I hope you write your story some day. Others of us have our darkest moments and it really helps to inspire me that you continue to “fight for your right to party”, the party being “sorry, world, but you won’t beat me today, and you won’t beat me tomorrow either”.

    I fully expect to see you on a talk show soon saying “How do you like me now”. If this didn’t kill you, nothing will. Now, you are invincible. That is something not many people can say.

    You will be fine. I have no doubt. Many people will now worship the ground you walk on. And, yes, you will be walking and writing and doing whatever you want to do. I’m sure of it.

    We all have to remake ourselves at some point. You can remake yourself into whatever you want to do. Since you have survived this, everything else will seem like cake from here on out.

    Best wishes for you, darling girl.

  264. 6-28-2012

    Dear Aimee,
    you’re such a beautiful and strong girl. I follow your blog everyday. Often I’ve to cry, I feel so so sorry.
    Many hugs from Germany,…. you’re so so strong!

  265. 7-2-2012

    You must be such a proud father, your little girl is so strong, I’m a 27 man “tough” man and there is no way I could go through such trauma with such bravado. I don’t have much to give, but I will be paypaling what I can. Stay strong.

  266. 7-2-2012

    Aimee, I saw your picture today as you were leaving the hospital! God Bless you! You are very beautiful, incredibly strong, and so full of love and life. WILL YOU MARRY ME? You take care and continue to set an amazing example!

  267. 7-2-2012


    You and your family are truly inspiring. I can’t begin to imagine the suffering you’ve all endured, but
    I can see that no amount of suffering will break those strong family bonds. Something tells me that great things are in store for you. I wish you lots of love, happiness and strength in the coming days. But I can see you’ve got a big store to draw on with that great family of yours. We’re all rooting for all of you!

  268. 7-2-2012

    My Husband and I have kept updated by aimee’s status. God bless You ( AImee) and your family. you are one special woman. and we know God has a plan for you. We pray for comfort for you as you enter your next step in Getting back to life as it will. my hubby just underwent surgery. he had kidney failure got a kidney/pancreas transplant. we are as well getting back to life as well. keep your head high and may you enjoy your blessings. Love,
    Scott & Tanya

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