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May 27…


…is AIMEE DAY!!!


Today Aimee has finally spoken her first words. I will follow with details tonight.




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  1. 5-27-2012

    Beautiful Andy! Prayers of thanks and for further healing for Aimee!

    • 6-1-2012

      Sorry this is the only way I could post. My name is nicole I live in Nebraska.. I have been flowing Aimee’s story since this has happened. I wanted to tell you and Aimee how much you are in my prayers. So many prayers. I pray you will get better really soon. Know God is with you at all times.. Much love and prayers

  2. 5-27-2012

    That is so Awesome….and look forward to the details later….

  3. 5-27-2012

    WOW! Great news

    Yesterday, when I went to sleep and was lying in the bed I visualized how I give Aimee the power to recover, how she gets stronger and stronger

    I believe with Aimee’s willpower, with the help of doctors and prayers around the world she is well soon

    Eduard Truman from Estonia

  4. 5-27-2012

    Wonderful news!

  5. 5-27-2012

    Praying for Miss Beautiful Aimee.

  6. 5-27-2012

    Congratulations! You’ve got an amazing daughter (two, I trust).

  7. 5-27-2012

    What a thrilling development! I know you are all overjoyed to hear her voice again. We are continuing to pray for strength for all of you and healing for her. <3 Heather

  8. 5-27-2012

    I am so happy to hear it’s Aimee Day!!!

  9. 5-27-2012

    I look forward to see how Aimee is progressing. Thank you so much for sharing the well being of your daugher.

  10. 5-27-2012

    Dear Andy and family. What AMAZING news!!!! I do not know you but I wish I did because you are what faith and love of God is about. Everyday I check to see if there are updates on Aimee and every single time the news has just gotten better. I truly believe that God is holding Aimee in His arms and creating a miracle for her and your family. I will not stop praying until Aimee is well and your family is healed. Aimee and your family has touched my heart and millions of others as well. God bless Aimee who is a fighter and a miracle and and an angel on earth and may God Bless your family,

  11. 5-27-2012

    I admire so much about your family’s unity and love. The love of a mom and dad and sibling for their sister.

    I pray for your little girl and am so happy she is such a fighter. I lost my son, Chad, age 18, on Sept. 4, 2009 in a car accident. The world stopped for me, my husband and three other children.

    It has yet to restart.

    Your daughter’s life is so precious to many but to no one more than her family.

    May she rise and overcome the obstacles in her way … guided by the love of her family.

    God Bless.

    Lisa Holbrook
    Uxbridge, MA

    • 5-28-2012

      Lisa, I will keep you and your family in prayer that God will fill your life once again with joy. He does, after all, promises eternal life.

    • 5-30-2012

      I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your son two years ago. You’re in my prayers, that your family will be able to heal and have joy again. I’m sure your son wants you to be happy.


    • 5-30-2012

      Fishing for sympathy is not appropriate here.

  12. 5-27-2012

    That is awesome, Andy. The Lord continues to hear our prayers.

    To Aimee,continued success and happiness. You are in a lot of peoples thoughts and prayers every day.

    With Love,

  13. 5-27-2012

    I have been praying for Aimee alot. It is great that she is making progress. I hope and pray for her to have a happy, and full life.

  14. 5-27-2012

    Thoughts and prayers to Aimee, Andy and the rest of your precious family. God has a plan for this young lady that will unfold in time. What strength you all have and you must know how many lives have been touched through your story. My prayers are with you!

  15. 5-27-2012

    All the way from sunny california–congrats!!! xoxo

  16. 5-27-2012

    Praying for total healing and complete restoration of your beautiful Aimee!!!! Also praying for you and your family for strength and peace that even now that you will know, through all this God loves you, He loves Aimee and is in control! God bless you and your beautiful family! -Lisa

  17. 5-27-2012

    Praise God!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOO happy and excited for Aimee!!!! CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR!!!

    Love & prayers for all of you!!!!

  18. 5-27-2012

    Can’t wait to hear, praying for you all!

  19. 5-27-2012

    Dear Copeland family,
    We’re keeping track of Amiee’s progress. Briefly, our daughter had a bout with a bad infection complicated by diabetees 2 years ago. We were told she would loose a left leg in order to save her but through the miracle of God given talents to a team of amazing doctors & nurses, she is fine today, leg is fine, just diabetic. This story line is all to familiar to us & our hearts go out to you. I don’t know what to say, other than our prayers are with you all. May God bless your family & especially Aimee. We agree, the power of prayer saved our gal, plain & simple. And, keep up the posts dad, that was this dad’s job also when our daughter was sick.
    So much love from our Missouri family to yours!!
    The Hartman’s
    California, MO

  20. 5-27-2012

    FABULOUS news!!!

  21. 5-27-2012

    Wonderful — so happy for Aimee & your family — she is a brave hero!

  22. 5-27-2012

    Keep fighting Aimee! So happy to hear you spoke today. The world is praying for you!

  23. 5-27-2012

    Looking forward to your latest blog. I left a message the other day but it never posted. Hoping this one will reach you tonight.
    Your strength and stamina through these many weeks is amazing and beyond comprehension. I pray that as Aimee continues to heal and become whole again she and her entire family will find that what doesn’t ‘break you’ makes you stronger. I find myself thinking of Aimee many times a day. Please know that even though I am a stranger, who you do not know, personally, you are part of my heart now.

  24. 5-27-2012

    I just want to say that I so admire the strength and courage Aimee has. Keep it up! You have your whole life ahead of you. God has special plans for you. I pray for you every night and I am so happy that you are making amazing progress.

  25. 5-27-2012

    I am so happy that she is coming along in her recovery. Continue to be there for each other and we will continue to send our prayers and best wishes!

  26. 5-27-2012

    that is fantastic! she hasn’t left my thoughts for a minute and wish her continued strength and courage during the days and weeks to come.

  27. 5-28-2012

    Ih my gosh!!! Yay!!! Praise the lord!!! I have been reading about aimee and she is so inspiring as are you and your family!!! So happy to hear this news!! Way to go Aimee keep fighting!!!

  28. 5-28-2012

    I am so happy this day has come for y’all. I’ve been thinking about Aimee everyday and constantly reading your updates. Your family’s faith in the Lord is outstanding and because of that I know God is listening to each prayer you and the many others have sent up for Aimee. May God bless y’all in the days that follow for Aimee to have a full healthy recovery. I too am from GA and not far from Aimee’s age, so I have been very interesting in keeping up with her. I have been praying everyday and will continue to do so.

    Love in Christ,
    Julie Lyles (Macon, GA)

  29. 5-28-2012

    Andy, I am glad to hear the progress Amiee has made, It’s your great strength that has made Amiee so strong.I have been hooked on prayer for the Copeland Family since first being captured by Amiee’s story in the very beginning.
    One step at a time is progress that adds up. Keep up the posting it’s good to hear as I am a disabled person myself.

  30. 5-28-2012

    My husband told me that he had read of Aimee in the news. I decided to google today and found your blog. I am so glad that you already know of the greatness of our Saviour. My family will be praying for your precious child and for each of you as you rest in the Comforter during this time. I cannot imagine what you are going through. But I pray you see His hand each step of the way.

  31. 5-28-2012

    Such fantastic news and a huge accomplishment! Wishing that things progress at this phenomenal rate every day 😀
    <3 Randy from Massachusetts

  32. 5-28-2012

    I have been praying for Aimee and your family since learning of her story. I read an article this evening that I thought was so inspiring and thought it may be something that would be an encouragement to Aimee. I copied and pasted the article below if you care to read it. It came from CNN.COM and I will put the link here also in the event you would like to go there directly as there are 6 pictures of the man and his bride. The link is:

    God bless you all and I was so glad to read that it is Aimee’s Day today!

    Airman loses both legs and hand but finds new life

    Editor’s note: This Memorial Day, as many remember those who died in war, take a look at one airman’s story, one of the many war wounded.

    By Tom Goldstone, executive producer of ‘Fareed Zakaria GPS’

    If you look at the photo above, you would be forgiven if you thought it shows some new form of affection between man and machine (or woman and machine, as the case may be).

    You see a shapely pair of tanned female legs, that part is clear. But what is this metal and carbon fiber thing holding hands with the woman? Is it a robot, a machine? Look closely: there, resting tenderly on her left thigh is a sign of humanity, a human hand. That hand belongs to Brian Kolfage – a human being, for sure, and a rather incredible one, at that.

    By all rights, Brian Kolfage should have died on September 11, 2004, and instead of celebrating him, we should more likely be solemnly remembering Brian Kolfage this and every Memorial Day. September 11 has become a key date in Brian’s life. No, he’s not one of the myriad military men and women who enlisted right after 9/11. Brian enlisted before the attacks, and September 11, 2001, was his first day at his first posting in the Air Force – at Goodfellow Air Force Base in Texas.

    The impetus to enlist came to Brian on the beaches of Hawaii. Since moving to the Aloha State from his hometown of Detroit as a teen, Brian admits he had become a beach bum.

    He had tried a bit of college, but that didn’t work out. And although he loved surfing, Brian knew there was more to life … and he knew he needed to get his life on track.

    His answer was the military. But with that beach bum spirit shining through, Brian was looking for the easiest military experience he could find. He decided that lay with the Air Force. He had no aspirations to be a fighter pilot, he was just looking for a good military “job.” He thought he’d found it at Goodfellow, working in “security forces” – the law enforcement of the Air Force – protecting the branch’s assets.

    After 9/11, of course, came the invasion of Afghanistan, then “shock and awe.” Brian was in the first Air Force team – a team of just 13 airmen – on the ground in Iraq. They were part of a mission to open an air base and refueling station in Nasiriya, so that American jets didn’t have to go all the way back to Kuwait to re-fuel. Not the cakewalk he expected, for sure.

    Brian says his next deployment – in September 2004 to Kuwait – was supposed to be relaxed, but he wasn’t looking for relaxed any more. He had caught a bit of the war bug in Nasiriya: he wanted to see more action. Shortly after his unit arrived in Kuwait, a call went up for volunteers to go to Balad Air Base, north of Baghdad. Brian raised his hand, but wasn’t chosen.

    So Brian found one of the newer airmen who did get picked and tried to scare him, telling him that if he went to Iraq he would get blown up and lose his legs. The eerily prescient scare tactics seemed to work. The recent recruit was soon off the list of personnel bound for Balad, and Brian was on it.

    And it was there at Balad that Brian found himself working the night shift in the early hours of September 11, 2004. He and his colleagues were assigned to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, doing customs enforcement work. Their mission was to make sure nobody was taking any ancient Iraqi artifacts, any of Saddam Hussein’s gold-plated AK47’s, or any other illegal Iraqi contraband out of the country.

    Some U.S. Marines were flying out of Balad that night and when Brian was checking their luggage, one of them told him to watch out: there were rumors of a planned attack on Balad for that very night.

    Attacks on Balad were practically every day occurrences, Brian says, so he thought little of it. When he got off work at 6 a.m., he and his bunkmate and best buddy Valentine Cortez made a plan to get up at 2 p.m. to go work out.

    But Brian woke up a little earlier – at about 1 p.m. He was thirsty in the scorching desert air, and needed some water.

    Throwing on some clothes, Brian walked out of his tent, took a left turn, walked about 20 feet and suddenly heard a deafening sound of a turbine engine … and then a huge explosion.

    When he came to, he was on the ground. Everything was smoky. He had sand in his mouth and he heard another deafening sound. It was a woman screaming – and not just any scream. Brian says she was screaming “like somebody had been murdered.” That “somebody” she was screaming about was Brian.

    A mortar shell had landed just feet away from him.

    His first thought was that he was dreaming. Brian was taking malaria pills that were causing him to have wild hallucinogenic dreams. This must be just another one of those, he thought. It wasn’t.

    Brian was horrifically wounded. He says when his friends raced out to help him, they found him face down on the ground, but with his feet pointing toward the sky.

    Despite it all, he says he felt no pain. In fact, he didn’t feel much of anything at that moment. And the only real injury he himself could see was that his right hand seemed to be barely attached to his body.

    Brian’s friends and fellow airmen sprang into action. Brian tried to sit up to see what had happened to his legs, but a friend shielded his eyes so he couldn’t witness the bodily devastation. Another friend, Brian says, was busy stuffing towels in the holes in his legs – to try to stanch the bleeding.

    Brian had a lot of bad luck that day. The one stroke of good luck was that his tent was right near by the base hospital – the main military trauma center for the entire area.

    When the ambulance arrived and he was loaded onto the stretcher, the pain set in. Brian says it was the most intense thing he can imagine anyone ever feeling.

    His friends later told him that to move him to the stretcher, they all had to hold on to different body parts – for fear of them falling off.

    The last thing Brian Kolfage remembers of his time in Iraq was looking up in that trauma center and seeing the looks on the doctors’ faces. Their expressions told him all he needed to know: they “looked like they were scared shitless,” he remembers.

    Two weeks later, he woke up at Walter Reed’s Ward 57. That’s where the amputees from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were sent.

    He was groggy and couldn’t open his eyes. But he heard the voices of his friends and family in room. That’s all he needed, he says: he was happy to be alive.

    Brian says his military doctors told him he is the most seriously injured airman ever to survive his wounds. He had lost both legs and his right hand, but – again – he was alive.

    During his recovery, Brian was shown pictures of what he looked like after the mortar attack. He says, “If you saw those pictures, you would say ‘There’s no way that guy lived.’ Everything looked like it went through a meat grinder.”

    The only thing Brian says he was “pissed” about was that he wouldn’t be an athlete again. He had been a hockey player back in Michigan. In fact, prior to the attack, he had a hockey scholarship lined up for when he was done with the military. And that beach bum life? It is over. At least, in his estimation, the surfing part is.

    With none of his old lives to fall back on, he needed a new one. And whatever this next incarnation was, it needed to be something that he didn’t need either legs or his dominant hand for. That certainly limited Brian’s options. He had always wanted to work for the FBI, but says he knew that wasn’t possible anymore.

    Friends and family encouraged Brian to go back to school. After all, it was free under the GI Bill. But school and Brian had never gotten along so well. Brian had an architect friend who encouraged him to come see what he did for a living. Brian took him up on the offer and liked what he saw.

    Brian enrolled at the architecture program at the University of Arizona at Tucson. There, he says, 400 students try out for the program the first year and that number gets brutally whittled down to 50 students for the next four years of a five-year degree.

    Brian had survived brutal before, that’s for sure. But he was missing his right hand, his dominant hand. He was up against much younger students who did have their dominant hands.

    Brian says he could barely even write with his left hand, let alone draw. So he thought his chances of making it to the second year were slim.

    Putting in 12 to 15 hour days working on assignments, his left hand grew stronger. Not only did he end up making the cut, he says, he was in the top 5 in his class.

    Brian, the man who once couldn’t hack college, now hopes to go on to get an advanced degree. He says he wants to do so in the Ivy League.

    Amazingly, Brian says he has no regrets. “I wouldn’t say I’m glad I got injured,” he says, “but it made me the different person I am today.”

    Brian today is a different person – in body, for certain, but also in mind. He says that he believes that everything he went through “was a big life lesson that no matter how grim something might be, you can make something positive out of it.”

    In his little spare time at school, he reconnected on Facebook with a woman he remembered from his days at Goodfellow AFB, back in Texas. Ashley Goetz was a waitress at Chili’s and they ran in concentric circles of friends. He says although he never dated Ashley, he used to tell his friends that someday he would marry her. When they reconnected, Brian says, “she accepted me for who I am today.” Brian and Ashley began a long-distance relationship.

    Brian harkens back to an incident at Walter Reed – just about six weeks after the attack. He says he had been given a power wheelchair and started taking it on excursions around the ward. One day he stopped in front of the open door of a patient’s room. Inside he saw a doctor asking the patient who the other people were in his room. The patient had no idea. The people, it turned out, were the patient’s friends and family.

    Brian says that nowhere in his whole experience has he ever felt sorry for himself – not for a minute. But watching that hospital scene “put everything in perspective.” “I had my brain, my head,” he says, and now Ashley has his heart.

    Brian, in his Air Force dress blues, married Ashley, in a classic white wedding dress, on Memorial Day weekend in 2011.

  33. 5-28-2012

    Hallelujah! I know what it’s like to sit at the bedside of someone you love and watch them fight for life. Have been following Aimee’s story and praying for her and your family that God will grant healing, strength and grace to each of you for whatever lies ahead.

  34. 5-28-2012

    We have been following Aimee’s amazing progress. Praying for her. Wasn’t sure if you know about Nick Vujicic, but just watched his skydiving video(!) and thought of Aimee and though y’all might like to see how wonderfully inspirational he is. OH – and he gives hugs without limbs – which is also awesome =).


  35. 5-28-2012

    That’s wonderful! She’s a beautiful girl, and certainly strong. Our prayers are with your family for Aimee.

  36. 5-28-2012

    Oh good I am glad to hear that Aimee spoke her first words, I think of you ever since I heard about this story when it first happened. Your in my prayers..I pray now to give Aimee the strenght to go on with life as it is now and have a happy life as best as she can. Just tell her it is like the little engine that says
    I think I can, I think I can…and she can……..Bless you and your family..

  37. 5-28-2012

    Keep Fighting Aimee, Everyone is Praying for you Across the country

  38. 5-28-2012

    there is no force on earth, more powerful, than the will to live

  39. 5-28-2012

    I will continue to pray on a daily basis for your beautiful daughter Aimee! I am so happy to read the latest update and will celebrate each year with you on “Aimee Day”. I am sending loving, happy, healthy, positive vibes and prayers to Aimee and your family! All my love to you guys,

    Melanie x0x0

  40. 5-28-2012

    this is amazing! have been following your families story and sending lots of prayers and good energy in your direction. so happy that Aimee Day arrived for you and your family. looking forward to hearing all about it.

  41. 5-28-2012

    Praise the Lord!

  42. 5-28-2012

    Yay Aimee!
    We’re all rootin’ & praying for you and your family.

  43. 5-28-2012

    Very best wishes to all the family!!!


  44. 5-28-2012


  45. 5-28-2012

    I hope the flesh eating bacteria is not doing anymore damage.I assume it has been stopped in it’s tracks and no more amputations are needed.I hope there are no setbacks.I will keep checking on your progress. I have two grown daughters who wish you a speedy recovery as does my wife.Hang in there girl — high fives!!!

  46. 5-28-2012

    That is so awesome!! I can not wait to hear the details. I have been following Aimee’s story since it was announced on the news the day after the accident. I pray for her several times a day. I look forward to checking your blog every day in hope of good news. I have never met your daughter but I feel as though she is my sister. Your blog is so emotional for those of us drawn to your family. I thank you for sharing your love with us. On May 20, my grandmother passed away. I have felt such anger and frustration. I am not sure how to bare the feelings I have. But your regular updates have given me hope and courage. I go back and reread your posts and you make me smile. I tell myself that if you and your family can endure these challenges then I too can make it through my own pain. Aimee has been used by the Lord is so many lives. I am not sure if she will ever know how important she has become to so many. When we hurt and question our own faith, your words of inspiration push us closer to God. I find myself smiling throughout the day thinking about Aimee mouthing “I want a treat”. Thank you. Thank you for exposing yourself to us. For letting us see God through you. For showing us what unwaivering Faith looks like. Thank you. I can not wait to hear the details of Aimee’s first words.

  47. 5-28-2012

    Good Morning Andy…looking forward to hearing about Aimee. Praying for your family today. Be strong and know you are loved.

  48. 5-28-2012

    God is Good!

  49. 5-28-2012

    Happy Aimee Day! I can’t imagine a sweeter sound for all of you.

  50. 5-28-2012

    Please tell Aimee I am thinking about her every day. She is such a strong girl, if anyone can beat this she can. I admire her so much.

  51. 5-28-2012

    Andy, I’m a member of the Greene and Putnum Rotary club. Just letting you know we’ve all been pulling for Aimee. Many positive vibes sent your way this morning. Please extend my prayers for recovery to Aimee and my hopes for strength to your wife.

    Pat Ware

  52. 5-28-2012

    I’m praying for her!!!

    I had the same illness 6 years ago but they were able to contain it. I should have died but God

  53. 5-28-2012

    God bless you Aimee! Keep on fighting. We are praying for you!
    Much Love.

  54. 5-28-2012

    We are anxiously awaiting the details!!!!!

    I continue to pray for Aimee and her recovery…and for you all.


  55. 5-28-2012

    Great news! I do not know you all but I have been praying for your beautiful daughter since I first heard of her illness. Praying God continues to work miracles and gives you all the peace that surpasses all understanding. God is going to and already has used this extremely hard time for His glory. Still praying in Texas!

  56. 5-28-2012

    I met Aimee briefly through a friend a few years ago. Aimee and those close to her have been in my thoughts this last week. I was wondering if you will be having any upcoming auctions? I am an artist and I would love to donate.
    Sincerely, Laura

  57. 5-28-2012

    Lord thank you for everything you have done for Aimee and please continue to bless her and her family Amen

  58. 5-28-2012

    I live in Green Bay, WI. We pray for Aimee and your family at our church. We will continue to do so until we get the “all clear” from you. This is so tragic;it is hard to figure out the whys of it all. I pray that somehow all of you will find the courage to move on. Aimee is such a brave young lady. God bless all of you.

    Thomas Lawton

  59. 5-28-2012

    Happy belated, “Aimee’s Day”!!!!


    Stay strong, beautiful!

  60. 5-28-2012

    I am so thrilled to hear this! The courage that your daughter has shown is truly, truly incredible. I know plenty of people that would just fall apart in circumstances like yours but Aimee hasn’t given up!

  61. 5-28-2012

    My prayers are with Aimee and your family.
    I am a nurse for many years and pray God will give you all strength this very serious situation.

  62. 5-28-2012

    Aimee keep your head up!! you’re an inspiration to me and every human being!! Keep being strong! Our Lord will get you through this ALIVE!!

  63. 5-28-2012

    May 28 th—Monday
    Hi we hope Aimee is doing okay. She has been threw so much and all of your Family. Where hoping she is doing okay. She has had to go threw a lot as You as her Family has had to too. Aimee is a Wonderful Woman.We all Hope that she will get over this all the way. She is one Tough Gal. I want to Thankk Andy which is Aimee,s Dad for doing this BLog so we know whats happening with Aimee. Aimee,s Family is all Wonderful and very Loving Family.
    Sincerley Mrs Tony Sammons and Family
    P.S. To all of Aimee,s Family again Thanks for posting things on here so we can know how she is doing.

  64. 5-28-2012

    Tears… because I have two children around Amiee’s age.
    A smile and hope because she is amazingly strong right now.
    What a daughter you have!
    As a nurse I want to remind you all to remember to keep hydrated and rest when you can. As a mom I want to pass on hugs.
    Good luck and best regards.

  65. 5-28-2012

    l came across the current situation of Aimee and being a Buddhist the first most important, but fundamentally precious quality Aimee has shown is the capacity for humility and a natural abundance of selflessness but even in such times generates her own inner smile to you her family and the world. l give Dharma blessings to Aimee to continue to be the vibrant young woman she truly is, May her life be blessed by her zest to confront suffering with spiritual selfless wisdom who has attained more at her age than many can achieve in their own lifetime. DHARMA THOUGHTS

  66. 5-28-2012

    Our thoughts and prayers are with your family! Roswell GA Family

  67. 5-28-2012

    Dear Andy and family,
    How wonderful it must be to hear your daughter’s voice again. May God continue to give Aimee strength and healing as every day goes by.

  68. 5-28-2012

    Talk about inspiration! The whole Copeland Family is inspiring. Aimee is beyond belief and her sister and parents are unbelievable. Thank you for sharing. I think about Aimee every day and pray that she leads a very happy, independent and proud life. What a great individual. Truly. Great, great, great person. Aimee, you will never be alone.

  69. 5-29-2012

    This is great news! I pray for you and your family Aimee. Continue to be strong and stay positive. You are such an inspiration!

  70. 5-29-2012

    I sympathize with the pain of the young woman, I know an African traditional healer who can cure the student before the bacterium moves forward on the rest of the body, in short it will act quickly to save her, thank God

  71. 5-29-2012

    This is “Great” news. I have been following Aimee’s progress since I first heard and even though I don’t know her or the family personally, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  72. 5-29-2012

    My prayers are with you and your family. This broke my heart when I saw this then humbled me to see how she responded to this so far. What a strong young woman you have raised. I baked up cookies to sell at a bake sale to raise money for her. (i’m told my baking is terrible so i was really careful to go by the directions lol!) but with my great friend that has even taken them tonight to work to get donations as well. Not sure if I get ya fifty bucks or a few hundred but it’s the least I could do. And I love the idea of ‘Aimee Day!’ which will be celebrated on that day yearly from now on FYI! Hope nothing but a fast recovery for Aimee from Aimee in VA! : ) Can’t wait to hear an update : )

  73. 5-30-2012

    I have been following Aimee’s story through the news and praying every day for her recovery. What an amazing experience it must have been for you, her family, to finally get to hear your daughter’s sweet voice again! Wishing you all the best from Iowa!

  74. 5-31-2012

    Here from Brazil We are praying for you.
    The world are waiting for your recovery.
    The power of love overcomes the love of power.

  75. 6-1-2012

    Positive Strong Energy is being sent your way Aimee! I have been following this story and it makes me realize how strong you are and how much of an amazing person you are if people all around the world are cheering you on for your full recovery! You can do it!
    I’m wishing you and your amazing loving supportive family all the best in the world from BC Canada.

  76. 6-1-2012

    Hello! I don’t know the family but I know this is a tough time for the whole family I want you to know my heart goes out to the family of Aimee. She was a beauitful child and she still a beauitful daugther inside and outsde. It doesn’t matter no leg or hand th matter is to love her for what she is now. Once she is out of wood please don’t judge her for what she say but also make sure she doesn’t feel there no hope. Listen, laugh and love her as always. I am pray for recovery. Lastly don’t let her disability make it hard for her and the family. As you know I am disability myself but not like her. All in all I wish you all the best and the angele are beside her her. Get well SOON!

  77. 6-3-2012

    When I heard this story I thought this girl has to be an amazing human being and it looks as thought that is absolutely correct! God works in amazing ways and her story has and will continue to inspire so many people- I work at an upper extremity rehab clinic and her situation has been brought up often though out the past month- patients have been praying and hoping for her. Success in life will sure follow! 🙂

  78. 6-3-2012

    hi i just wanted to let you know i think of Aimee and I feel so bad that she is such a young beautiful person that had her whole life ahead of her and for something like this to happen to her is beyond my understanding. i guess everything is for a reason. i just wanted to let you know she is in my prayers and thoughts. Anna, Frankford,Delaware

  79. 6-4-2012

    I am so happy for the good new’s, I have prayed for Aimee every day in hopes that she get better what a wonderful and pretty girl. God needed this Angel here on earth.And she is that an ANGEL…. 🙂

  80. 6-5-2012

    For Aimee Copeland

    Dear Aimee,

    I send you all my best wishes & prayers:
    May you get better as soon as possible! –
    Soul & psyche – they both are invincible,
    For they are the Divine love’s strong layers!

    The wisdom of your youth is impressive:
    Psyche & spirit belong together
    Like an archangel’s wing to each feather!
    Thanks to your insight SCIENCE stays progressive.

    Be confident! After recovery
    You’ll help & heal many people around you,
    Each single piece of experience will be new,
    Every moment a great discovery!

    written May 17th, 2012
    signed: Afonso Queiroz

  81. 6-5-2012

    Pray for you,aimee……. *warm hugg from Indonesia 🙂

  82. 6-5-2012

    The next 2days Venus will cross the sun the energy this is suppose to produce is Love and this is perfect ,you create the same energy and we Love you for it,you have stirred up so much Live on the planet at the perfect time.People with challenges can do anything my nephew Shawn Beam Bowled a perfect Game bowling from a wheelchair he been in a chair all his life and it never stopped him from doing anything he sets his mind to.I’m an artist and would like to do your portrait and send it to you to reproduce and sale to help pay your bills.I would not want any payment and my name would not be on the painting, I want no fame fron this just want to help. HARRY

  83. 6-7-2012

    Leí su historia en las noticias. Realmente admiro su valentía y fuerza de vivir por sobre todas las cosas. Arriba Aimee!!
    Dios te bendiga a tí y a tu familia.
    Un fuerte abrazo desde Uruguay.

  84. 6-8-2012

    Keeping Aimee in my prayers. I know it is hard for her to see the good in all this. But all things are to the Glory of the Lord. I know that if she keeps her eyes on her faith that she is going to be a very strong testimony to the Lord. She is goiing to touch hundreds and thousands of people in her life with her story. She is going to be a hero to many. I am praying for her and I hope she will soon see the end of this story and why she has been chosen to walk this path…God Bless u all!!!

  85. 6-14-2012

    I am a humanitarian, not selling anything. I have spent 1/2 million $ getting people well in Africa. We use a form of Bovine Colostrum to return aids victims to perfect health in about 3 months.

    Everybody asks “why doesn’t everybody know about it” and the answer is Big Pharma and FDA. We have used it to treat people with terminal skin conditions, I can send you pics tomorrow if you wish.

    No doubt Aimee is overwhelmed not only with the condition but all kinds of publicity etc. WE CAN HELP HER, and it is with a natural substance not a pharmaceutical.

    My oldest daughter is an M D and a homeopath and has used it to heal MRSA in 48 hours.

    Please call me, I believe it will save her life! It’s free and safe. My daughter is Dr. Kathi Fry 480 695 1383,

    Dick Kolt
    520 248 2935

  86. 6-18-2012

    I hope for strength, peace, progress, and fast-healing for you and your family, Andy. My heart goes out to all of you.

  87. 6-18-2012

    My prayers are with Aimee and your entire family.
    I know there are long days ahead and challenges to overcome but I do believe a loving God will heal this beautiful young lady and use her as an inspiration with her life of love and courage. God bless you all!

    • 6-18-2012

      I do not understand what needs to be moderated in my previous remarks that are offensive, I made a error which I corrected. Is it my faith and not my well wishes that are offensive! I still wish Aimee well but do not deny my faith!

  88. 6-18-2012

    I feel so bad for you. Heal soon! 😀

  89. 6-19-2012

    My blessings out to you Aimee,and check too. Holy Father bless this child.(Aimee)

  90. 6-22-2012

    Dear Aimee, though I feel really sad for what has happen to you I am so proud to see such a courageous and amazing beautiful young girl who’s determine to fight on with life. You have inspired me so much in many ways. Thank you & may God bless you always. You are always in my prayers. 🙂

  91. 6-26-2012

    I will continue Fasting and Praying for Aimee and know as I have trusted in The Lord for so many other’s healing, I serve a God that hears my/our prayers and He never lets me down, He is an awesome God!Lean not to your own understanding, but in All way, aknowledge Him and He will direct your path…Amen!God Bless You All.

  92. 6-27-2012

    just saw you giving an update on tv. aimee is such a brave girl. please help her get her thesis done. It seems so important to her.My prayers and thoughts have been with ya’ll and I know God has a special purpose for her. God bless.

  93. 6-27-2012

    Hi Aimee,

    I am glad to hear you are doing great,God does wonders. You hang in there and don’t take no for an answer. I just got though sending a prayer to you and your family.Oh, Before go I live here in sunny California About and hour north of San Diego in a city called Oceanside,Ca.You take care and hang tough you can do it.

  94. 6-27-2012

    Dear Mr. Copland I know how Aimee Feels and what she is going through, I know because I caught the Flesh Eating Bacteria in 2007, and I’m still hurting because of the nerve pain, I am Trying to start a Foundation to get the word out about this Nasty Bacteria, I would love to talk with you and Amiee to help her through this ordeal, its going to be a long hard work ahead to use prosthesis, Because I’m a double amputee, if you like you can call me day or night if you have any question’s for me, Remember Aimee and your family is in my Prayers………GOD BLESS YOU AND GOD BLESS AIMEE……..Thank you for your time………Daniel Chambers Athens,Alabama…….my number is 256-278-0822, really hope to here from you.Bye

  95. 6-28-2012

    Hola soy de venezuela y te deceo que tengas siempre ese animo te felicito dios te cuide y te siga bendiciendo.

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