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Aimee @ UWG

Aimee is a masters student at the University of West Georgia Psychology.  For more information on the department see the psychology student website or the psychology department website.



  1. 5-29-2012

    Dear Aimee and Family, I wanted to offer words of support and prayers for you at this difficult time. In July 2010, I had to have a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. After the initial mastectomy, all of my skin died and I had to have five more surgeries to repair the damage. I still need more surgeries. this entire ordeal has been devastating and painful, both physically and emotionally. My family and friends have been very helpful and supportive. I am proud of you for your
    and good attitude. We don’t get to choose the challenges we face, but we can choose how we deal. God bless you in this difficult time. In Jesus name, I pray you recov