Buy Personalized Felt Art & Support Aimee

100% of the profit will be donated to Aimee


Blue Felt Art for Boys


Pink Felt Art for Girls

This handmade colorful felt art for children is made by Mrs. Lewis, friend of Aimee and wife of this site’s webmaster.  The material is 100% New Zealand wool.

Felting is a process of using heat and agitation to bind the wool together.   As it is felted, the grass and flowers, rainbows and clouds,airplanes and stars, all come together to make a beautiful rug/wall hanging.

The child’s name is made with white felt that is fixed to the art.  You can also order one without a name.

As each piece is handmade and unique, the size fluctuates.  Expect around 22″ by 35″, give or take.

These artistic rugs are beautiful on the wall and floor alike.  Children and adults alike love the vibrant colors