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It has now been seven months and twenty days since I received that fateful phone call from the Carrollton, GA emergency room. Our family came face-to-face with a villain called necrotizing fasciitis and that villain tried to steal our daughter’s life away. We fought that thief with the only thing we knew; a heap of love and the power of prayer. The result has been nothing short of miraculous.


One of the first media interviewers I met asked me, “how do you  deal with this horrific tragedy?” I was a bit surprised at the question, mainly because I did not and I still do not consider our situation to be a tragedy. Sandy Hook is a tragedy. The senseless loss of life that shook our country on December 14th is something that cannot be imagined. Our enemy, a rare bacterial infection, was nothing compared to the hate of a mad gunman. Our hearts mourn the losses of those families and our prayers will forever remain with the survivors.


As I told that reporter, our situation is a demonstration of the power of love. The way we see it, God’s love permeated not only the cities and communities around us, but it engulfed the entire world. Letters came from Asia, Europe, Australia, North and South America, all saying that Aimee had been lifted up in prayer. Complete strangers felt like lifelong friends, lifelong friends felt like family and our extended family was akin to the warmth of the womb.


The media became our instant allies during Aimee’s recovery. I believe the media was instrumental in perpetuating the circle of love that surrounded us. Even at the height of the media frenzy, none of us were blind to the fact that a strange aura of love encapsulated our family. It was this “prayer bubble” that kept us going. We immediately made a commitment to put the past behind us. There was nothing that could change the events that had transpired. History had been written. Our only purpose was to focus entirely on the present and ensure that Aimee received whatever she needed to survive her ordeal. As for the future, we placed that squarely in God’s hands.


We were extremely blessed to have Aimee in the care of the best team of surgeons and doctors I had ever met. As someone who grew up very close to the medical profession, I knew a good doctor when I saw one. I kiddingly nicknamed one Patch Adams and another House. Although their personalities varied, they all had one main concern and that was the life of our daughter. They served as further proof of what a beautiful world we live in.


The community drew even closer to our side as Aimee gradually recovered. The community leaders of our awesome city of Snellville rallied to our aid and pronounced “Aimee’s Weekend”. The city leaders raised funds that would later be used to purchase an elevator in our home. My good friend, architect Rob Ponder told me that he would see to it that Aimee would return home to an environment that met her new needs. A lo