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Was Aimee not everything that I told you she was? You saw her smile, you heard her laugh, you caught a glimpse of her intellect and I know you enjoyed her immense love of life. I know you were captivated, but guess what? You only saw a brief snapshot of who Aimee really is.


I actually thought Katie Couric did a wonderful job bringing Aimee’s personality to the surface. She was able to capture Aimee’s determination and passion for life in a way that no one else could have done.  I feel that Katie’s commitment to Aimee was extraordinary. I had previously thought that Aimee was going to be a brief 15-minute vignette during a one-hour show, so imagine my surprise when I learned of Katie’s decision to make the entire show about Aimee and our family. Katie has also told us that she wants to follow Aimee’s progress over the coming months and bring her back to update viewers on occasion. Cool stuff.


There will be a lot of progress. Aimee has yet to be fitted with a prosthetic on her still painful left leg (or residual limb as we call it). She has to learn to drive. She has to complete her thesis, which she cannot do until she learns to drive, simply because she has a lot of field research to do. On top of all this, Aimee has to regain her complete independence and she is still in the healing process.


There’s so much to talk about and share with you all, I wish I had the time, but alas, I don’t. I have to get back to my career and give ample attention to my clients. Donna and I have friendships that we have neglected. We