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“I hate my physical therapist.”




“My therapist hates me.”




“She is a sadist.”




“Just watch and see.”




“She loves to see me grimace in pain.”




“She says my torture is my own gain.”




“I hate my therapist.”




“Can’t you see?”




“Because of this punishment, how can she love me?”





Alright, I know what you’re thinking: “Oh my goodness, that poor Aimee! She hates her therapist? What are they doing to that poor child?”


Not quite.


The above is a brief glimpse of a typical moment of rehab. I must add one important factor: Aimee loves her physical therapist.


During each of her physical therapy sessions, Aimee does two hundred crunches in seven minutes. Every ten crunches, Aimee is required to say a complete sentence with each repetition. Hence my rhapsodic poetic rendition, which is basically my take on what Aimee says, based on my discu