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Here’s a quick update on a really huge development: Pulte Homes is donating the construction of a 1970 square foot addition to our home that we are calling “Aimee’s Wing”. What blows me away is that the construction should be complete in roughly 40 days, hopefully in time for Aimee’s “graduation” from rehab.

Aimee’s knocking it out in rehab. I sat with her today, watching her determined effort as she exerted herself through her exercise regimen. Her face was red and the vein in her neck was bulging as she pressed herself into her repetitions with serious determination. It’s like she was training for the Olympics.

She goes through several half hours a day of this kind of workout. I think her effort is on a par with the effort displayed by our Olympian athletes. She never slowed her pace, she never complained and she even laughed with us  as she went through her paces.

Tomorrow Aimee gets fitted with test sockets for her prosthetics. No, she will not quite have prosthetic limbs just yet, at least not until the test fittings prove successful. Perhaps she is a couple of weeks away from her goal of having “a thumb” once again. That’s how she views having a hook-hand.

As I sit here and type I realize just how fortunate I am, we are, to have hands. Take a moment tonight, tomorrow, every doggone day, to thank God for what you have. Taking time to realize your blessings makes life all the more worth living.