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It has been a week since my last blog. At that time, Aimee was suffering from intense pain from at least eight areas of her body. Today her pain is concentrated in only one area of her body, primarily her abdomen, the donor site of her muscle flap. Aimee’s other donor site, her right thigh from which the skin was taken to complete her skin graft, is healing rapidly and her pain in that area has subsided significantly. The area where she received the skin graft is healing well and the grafts are adhering as expected. Her progress from where she was a week ago is as night is to day.


I love the night and day comparison when referring to Aimee’s progress. Nighttime¬† is full of uncertainty and often evokes fear. Bad things usually happen at night, good things happen during the day. Sampa always told me that nothing good happens after midnight and he encouraged me to always be home before then. I have dispensed that same advice to Aimee and Paige and I believe there is much wisdom there. Daytime is when you plant and sow, it is a time to seize opportunities and embrace new challenges. I am happy to report that as of this past Friday, the sun has once again begun its ascent.


The readers and followers of this blog represent Aimee’s daytime. I believe that you are one of the key reasons for Aimee’s improvement. I read to her many of the emails and blog responses that you send in and she is encouraged by your words and well wishes. Some of you send cards, which we also share with Aimee. A gentleman in Ohio even sent Aimee a Cabbage Patch doll named Sasha Eden. Sasha made Aimee’s rising sun shine even brighter.


Aimee has had celebrities reach out to her and she was amazed to learn of a recent star-studded event during which many renowned stars and musicians reached out to her with words of encouragement. Ann Curry, Katie Couric, Kirs