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Sunday morning was an incredibly beautiful day. The sky was filled with a hazy sunshine and a nice steady breeze gently massaged the clouds that dotted the horizon. The day had a special feel to it, but I felt that way because it was Memorial Day weekend, a time to honor our fallen heroes.


I told Donna and Paige to enjoy the first visit with Aimee while I visited Warren Baptist Church in Augusta. It felt strange not traveling with them for the first visit as I have done nearly every day since Aimee arrived in Augusta. I felt that at least one member of our family needed to be in a place of worship to give thanks for Aimee’s wonderful and miraculous recovery. I was actually late arriving for worship, because I ignored the GPS and thought I knew a better way to get to the church. I didn’t. Computer trumped man.


I arrived at the church around 9:25am and I quickly called Donna before I walked in. No answer. I wanted to get an update on Aimee’s condition and I figured Donna and Paige would have phones at the ready. They didn’t. Paige didn’t answer her phone either.


The first ICU visit starts each morning at 9:00am sharp. Maybe Donna and Paige couldn’t get to their phones. I shrugged it off and went into the worship center and slid down the empty back pew to my left. The special music was just concluding and the pastor was stepping up to the pulpit to deliver his message when I noticed my phone buzzing. Someone was leaving a voicemail. I opted to check it later.


The longer I sat there, the more I wondered who had called me. Curiosity took over, so I checked the number. It was Paige. Hrmmm…maybe she was just returning my call. Nothing important. Posssibly…but what if it was important?


When my family calls, I usually jump right on it. It doesn’t matter if I am in the midst of a client meeting, I ask the client to excuse me and I take it. What if one of my daughters was stranded on the side of the road? What if Donna had an accident? Thinking such thoughts cause one’s mind to wander. I wanted to be able to concentrate on the sermon, so I grabbed my phone and started typing. Ah, the wonders of texting.


Me: I’m in worship now. How’s Aimee? Sent: 9:43 AM

I set the phone in my lap and listened to the sermon. Pastor David McKinley was talking about success and how the world is so engrossed in achievement. I have always considered my family to be my greatest success. I made certain early career sacrifices so that I could spend more time with my wife and daughters. I smiled when I thought about that, because our family is really a very tight and cohesive unit, and I believe it was that God-blessed cohesiveness that helped pull Aimee through much of her illness.


My phone hadn’t buzzed. For some reason my text message